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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$16.48+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on November 24, 2015
I can't say enough about Elder Scrolls open world RPG's as a gamer. This is an amazing game. I love open world RPG's and the Elder Scrolls series are one of the few major open-world western titles available in the USA. The developer is amazing. Open world role-playing games are never bug free, so if you can get past nitpicking that (I mean HUNDREDS of people work on these titles and the game space is vast!) then you will enjoy the game. Sometimes large games like this can get a really bad blocking, or game-breaking bug, that prevent a quest from progressing, etc., but with modern games usually the developers will fix those with a patch. I never even had this issue with the game, but I absolutely love it. It took me awhile to get used to the new UI (updated from the last installment of the series, "Oblivion") but now I actually really like it after years (literally) of playing this. I play role-playing games very slow because I craft a lot and sneak a lot, and try to uncover every nook and cranny, so I thoroughly enjoy large open world games, because I more than get my $60 worth on any title like this playing it for years!
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If you already have or played the previous Elder Scrolls games then this shouldn't surprise you with either its vast open world exploration and massive quests or the feeling of actually being in this world. What makes this so enjoyable to play is you aren't stuck as a fixed character class or fixed appearance, like with the earlier games this one allows you to choose your race,sex and appearance before truly starting the game meaning if you want to be a male dark elf or female redguard it's your choice to pick. What's also appreciated about the game is that there is no fixed time allotment meaning you can explore or do as many quests as you what before going back to the main quests which is also pretty much expected to help you garner experience to level up and to gain reputation and property ownership of houses and the like in different villages.

Just remember to also use your head, don't go taking on a group of giants with a short sword head-to-head build up your character because if you think it's easy to defeat all these creatures and find out it isn't all you'll feel is annoyed. So for fans of fantasy RPG vast open world games without the trouble of going online to play it here's a great game to buy.....
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VINE VOICEon July 8, 2013
I'm a huge fan of these games. I loved Oblivion. I couldn't wait to play this. I don't pay $60 for a game on principle, so I waited for some time and got this for under twenty bucks, used. It's so awesome. My 360 died and I recently picked up a new one - it's designed like the XBox One and runs very quiet, but I've been having issues with this game on there - video glitches and wait glitches. Now, I didn't apply the update - because as we all know, doing that wipes out a lot of the cool cheats / workarounds! I hate worrying about gold! I just WANT it! Anyhow - I digress. This game is so excellent, it's hard to imagine it being better. The graphics are astounding, the load times are nothing - especially when compared to Oblivion (maybe it's my new 360?) and it's just SO much fun! I'm having so much fun doing the side quests that I don't even care about the main one. Exploring, looting, etc- it's just so fun! It can get a little tedious at times, like when I try to do one thing (get at a particular witch, for example) but just get killed over and over. Or if I mistakenly steal something. But - that's part of the deal with this type of game. I know this review doesn't do it justice, I just wanted another 5 stars up there for this EXCELLENT game!!!!!!
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on May 3, 2012
Having my head down in books and work, this release pleasantly snuck up on me. Having ultimately (it became an acquired taste) really enjoyed the previous Oblivion title (I managed all achievements, so that must mean something?), I immediately picked up this title. It was a mixed experienced.

The good:
* WAY improved inventory/menu system.
* Improved combat system.
* Longer, more involved leveling (previous cheats were removed, such as acrobatics).
* Larger monsters.
* Improved mapping system (the last was so incredibly painful).
* Improved visuals.

The bad:
* Cooking was added, however, it seemed pointless.
* Story is not as tight as the previous, no Patrick Stewart, however, it is still interesting.
* The graphics were a step up, just a little step.

The ugly:
* I encountered at least 3 completely broken sub-quests.
* Direction is often lost, "What was I doing? Why?"

Summary: A must buy!
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on March 27, 2013
This sequel rocks, it's far more involved than previous versions with a lot more to do and see. Plus you now have access to various companions to help you in combat. Everything about this game is fun. I'm an older gamer in my 40's and it's totally enjoyable, you can choose to think or just play your own way. You can battle everything in sight or figure out ways around things. The dungeons are far more elaborate with tricks and traps that keep you on your tows, reminisent of the old prince of persia games for me. Plus the scenery is spectacular, the world they created is beautiful. Most of the game is pretty easy to follow but sometimes you can get stuck so I bought the guide as well to help me when I'm clueless which can happen.
Characters can be built any way you like and you get to face off against dragons now. If you like the previous versions of Elder Scrolls you'll love this newest edtion. Plenty to do for months of play. I've had several all nighters already and haven't found even 10% of the world. It really has something for just about everyone.
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on December 12, 2011
I think this game is 4.5 stars out of 5, But since there are 1 star reviews for the PC version of this game listed on here, I thought I might try and make up for the difference. I gave it 4.5 because regardless of how infatuated I am with the game because there are minor flaws with the graphics and some small glitches. No game breakers though, not even close.

MORROWIND. This was my first Elder Scrolls, and it took me four years to finally beat it. What captivated me was the lack of limits. (Read my review of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Game of the Year Edition) When Oblivion came out I had very high expectations. Unfortunately they were not met, at all. But this review is about Skyrim, THEE best game I have ever played, and the details I never got from any other reviews.

It's in the game, but only for dragons. :( There's no levitation, nor hop-toad spell. BUT, you don't need it because you can climb whatever you put your mind to. Hardcore Parkor style. And there are Gigantic mountains in this game. You'll feel like a mountaineer. :)

Unlike the Elder Scrolls III and IV, merchants buy and sell goods at a flat rate, strait across the board. No haggling. Also no disposition meter to manipulate. The value of items aren't extreme. I'm a level 48 and the most valuable item I've found in the game is around $9,000. (Similar to Oblivion's price scaling) You can invest in shops though, which affects pricing, and there are other ways to change the cost of things. Can anyone say enchantments?

Leveling up.
This is the best thing Bethesda did with this game. There are 19 different skills and ALL OF THEM go toward leveling up your character. :) This means the level cap is very high, and becoming a demi-god is inevitable. You also don't have to rest to level up. You can do it anywhere, even while in mid-swing of a battle axe. I'll let you know what the cap is when I get there. I've heard 81 but I'm skeptical...

I'm not sure how many there are, but I'll say there are already more than Oblivion had. So far I know of: Thieve's Guild, Mage's Guild, The Companions aka fighter's guild, The Dark Brotherhood, The Stormcloaks, The Imperial Legion, and one more that I can't remember. But I've done hardly any faction quest's. Speaking of quest's, I haven't even been searching for quests and I currently have 35 active. They are all neatly cataloged and waiting for me whenever I decide to do them.

It's more limited than Morrowind, less than Oblivion. There are new enchantments too.

I'm a warrior. I like sweet swords and axes. I've never been a mage, nor had a desire to be one. Skyrim has changed that. I have a spell equipped in my left hand 30% of the time because spells are amazing now.

You can only sell stolen items to a fence, so you'll never have to worry about selling someone their own stuff.

That's all I can think of for now. Please comment if you have any other questions you want to know about before you buy this game.
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on August 5, 2015
This and Destiny are my favorite Xbox 360 games ever! Skyrim is the ultimte RPG/Fantasy and is filled with multiple quests and storylines roughout the entire game and not just the main camapign questline. Skyrim can be extremely addicting at times. For example when I had spent about three hours on a quest, two new ones popped right up for me to do. All in all I give this game a 5/5 star review. The graphics in this game are top notch for 2012 standards. Skyrim may have a bit of outdated graphics but it makes up for it in the amazing gameplay and overall feel of the game. Even if you're not into RPG or Fantasy type games, you will definitly enjoy Skyrim. All in all this game easily deserves well more than 5 stars, but the maximum rating that I can give it is only 5 stars :)
In conclusion, this is a great RPG/Fantasy game and just a great game in general and I think that it is easily (along with Destiny) the best Xbox 360 game ever!
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on January 31, 2014
First time playing an Elder Scrolls game, heard a lot about Skyrim so I wanted to try it. Loved the immense world, but leveling up got tedious, and the inventory management left a lot to be desired. Dungeon diving also seemed repetitive.

My biggest problem with the game was caused partly by my TV though. For some reason the game display was shifted down about a half inch, which caused the bottom bar with my health and stamina, weight carried, and compass to get cut off. Couldn't play it like that, and nothing I could do in the TV settings would fix it, and the game settings didn't have a horizontal / vertical positioning that some other games have to fit the screen.

May eventually go back and finish this game whenever I get a new TV, but frankly, I don't miss it,
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on October 23, 2015
Awesome game! Wide open spaces, you can go literally anywhere you want at anytime. Sunrise comes you can make your way over to River wood for a little exploring around the town, maybe stop for a drink. Then when all goes quiet and the moon shines his face across the land you can rent a room out for the night, or go hunting for dragons. I prefer getting them at dark, don't know why. More fun I guess :) Then if you like vacations pay a carriage and hitch a ride to Riften, a sort of.. rat hole town. Still, it has it's qualities. Moist air, great folk, well, most of them are ;p And, if you're ready, find yourself a wife/husband and get married at the Temple of Mara. Choose wisely though, divorces in this game consist of killing who you married. Shouldn't be a problem if he or she is annoying XD. Anyway, in the beginning you choose almost every detail of what character you wish to be, color, race, gender ect. But overall I just really love the freedom in this game, choosing how I want to be, how I want to live. It affects the story therefore, it becomes my personal playground. You'll love this game, I'm sure of it. And if this review don't help I don't know what will. :)
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on November 15, 2011
This game is amazing!! The wait was well worth what we got here. I just hate having to share it with my husband, looks like he's getting the PC version for Christmas, or his own xbox! Graphics are amazing, the characters are great...I love that some of them sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger, lol. I don't have time to write a detailed review right now, but I wanted to give it my five stars because it really deserves it. I only wish I had no life so I could stay home and play this all day!
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