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on November 3, 2012
This clock was somewhaat difficut to set up, but once done it works well. The internal temperature was accurate as long as there were no other external heat sources near-by like lamps or a heat register. The time display is reversed, but that was not a problem once you get used to it. The FM sensitivity is not as strong as I would have liked, but this is not a high priced stereo just a reasonably priced clock radio.
The projection display does have a focusing adjustment, and while it cannot be seen during the daylight hours, it is very readable at night.
One other plus to this unit is the dimable display light. Set on high you can use it as a night light, and on low if it bothers your sleeping, while letting the display to be read easily in either setting.
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on January 20, 2013
I received my clock very quickly, Amazon shipping can't be beat. The clock was a little difficult to set up but that was only because I hadn't read all the directions. Once I did that, it was a breeze. I love it. You can set how bright the clock is for those who have trouble sleeping with any light in the room. The projection is terrific, just what I wanted. I would definitely recommend this clock to anyone who has trouble seeing the clock on the bedside table.
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on January 31, 2014
It did take a little time to set up, but the instructions were clear enough.

However, setting the alarm is awkward and a pain if you change the alarm time frequently. There are an excessive number of button presses to set the alarm, and the buttons are fairly loud themselves if you're trying to be quiet. Even pressing the buttons requires that the alarm be held in an awkward fashion to avoid accidentally pressing other buttons or moving the projector inadvertently.

The FM reception seems very poor (at least for me, compared to another radio in the exact same location), and the alarm beep itself is a little piercing (although I'm accustomed to an alarm that gradually gets louder over time).

I found the temperature was off by 2-3 degrees, even with nothing turned on around it. The display looks nice in the daytime, but is quite bright at night, even on the dimmest setting.

UPDATE 4/21/14: I purchased this on 1/27/14, and I came home on 4/21/14 to find the unit had "died." The display went out completely. It's worth noting that I haven't even been touching this unit since I decided not to use it for an alarm. Just letting it sit for less than three months -- not a very good lifespan. Not even worth asking for a replacement.
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on August 1, 2013
Overall I like this product. The ability to adjust the focus and rotation of the projected time was easy to set up, and is a perfect brightness for nighttime. The regular clock has a lot of useful information, and is presented very nicely. My only two small nits are I wish I could moderate the clock's brightness on the non projected face. It is pretty bright for nighttime . Secondly it would be incredibly helpful if they also projected the temp. Other than that the price is great and certainly great for what you are getting.
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on December 7, 2014
When it worked, it was nice. However, after about 4 months of use, it began to randomly reset the time - sometimes forward, sometimes backward, as if it was automatically adjusting for Daylight Savings time. This resulted a couple of times in me getting up WAY earlier than I needed to, and once a close call to be at work on time. Last night, it decided to advance the day a couple of days, as well, messing up the "Weekend Skip" feature. Don't take the risk on this one, ladies & gentlemen. As stated on other reviews, it is difficult to set up and alter times, made even more so because the buttons are inconsistent: one time, you push it, and it turns the alarm off, and the next time you push the same button, it will change the year. I may have gotten a lemon - I can't conceive of the monkeyed-up wiring that must be going on inside this unit to produce these results...
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on December 21, 2013
The alarm clock is nice looking and has many neat features. There are only a few negatives I have about the alarm clock.

The alarm clock of course projects the time onto a surface for you. There is an option to rotate it if it is not orientated correctly. There are 2 alarms, both are able to sound with either a digital beep or the radio function for the alarm. The cycling buttons for the alarms are on the back side which was different from any other alarm clock I've bought. It's easy to use once you know where the buttons are. The beep alarm is nice in that it starts off with single beeps and moves to more urgent beeps if you don't shut it off. There seems to be a snooze function although I have not figured it out yet. In the options you can select from a range of options from something like 1/1 to 7/4. I believe these are snooze in minutes vs number of times to alarm. Can not verify this as the instructions do not list it very well. You can disable the screen's back light. This is a great feature since the screen can be very bright at night.

The negatives not already listed are as follows. The projection of time only works during the night. The LED or light used to project the numbers is pretty weak. You can see it perfectly in a semi dark room but if light starts to intrude you can not read it. The orientations are only interchangeable in two ways, this is hard to explain but basically you can only rotate the numbers once. The temperature only shows in Celsius. I could not find an option to change it to Fahrenheit. It's not very intuitive to change the time, I still have not remembered how to change alarm 2 after I had 1 changed. There is a button sequence but I'll have to look in the manual as I don't do it often enough to remember. I'd suggest keeping the manual close by and not throwing it away.

All in all, the novelty has turned into a very nice feature. My wife amazed my kids several times by just thinking of the time (looking up) and knowing what time it was. It is a nice looking clock. The settings menus are a bit wonky but I can live with them since I still have my manual and can look up how to do things. I would buy this again in a heartbeat.
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on September 1, 2014
This is a great clock for the money. Two alarms is extremely convenient. Radio is fine. Projection time is more convenient than I thought it would be. I always wake up a few times through the night and have a habit of leaning up to check the time. Now I just have to look up and there it is. It is not distracting at all.

My original review stated that the face of the clock was too bright to sleep with, even at its low setting. What I did not know at the time was that you CAN turn off the face light so only the projected time on the ceiling is visible. There is a switch in the side of the clock that allows you to toggle between normal brightness, low brightness, and auto, which will automatically turn the light off after about ten seconds. When the alarm goes off, the light comes back on. If you need it on for a brief time, you just hit the radio or snooze button, and the light comes back on.

The instructions do not mention this, which is why I missed it originally. To me this is a perfect clock, short of allowing you to pause time to get more sleep.
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on April 1, 2013
All of the functions work well, and are easy to set. The only problem is that the screen is too bright at night even on its dimmest setting. If you set the screen to blank out, the time projection also is turned off, which is disappointing.
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on August 16, 2015
The light on these is great. One disappointment though is when the power is off I was hoping the internal battery would keep the time showing. sadly, it did go dark as the everything else. So, if you wanted a clock or alarm with no power , just using a battery, this is not the clock to buy. I still like it because the blue face is easy to read from a distance and it has a strong glow at night. And, though I have been without power twice for 4 days recently it did internally keep the time running so it was one less thing to reset. I actually bought two of these.
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on April 1, 2014
My wife and I are "old school" when it comes to alarm clocks. All we wanted was a good alarm clock that had a reasonable radio,(we are talk radio junkies). We did not want an iphone dock, extra speakers to play our ipods through, "white noise" producers or any other techno gizmos. All we wanted was an alarm clock with a radio. We searched everywhere, but apparently nobody is making them anymore. it seems that everybody had to throw in some extra "gee whiz" feature to get us to buy. The closest thing we could find to what we were looking for was the Electrohome EAAC600 projection clock radio. We thought it was as close to what we wanted as we'd ever get, but gosh darn it, they had to go and add that projection unit that projects time on the ceiling! We debated for a while and finally decided that what the heck. We'd bite and buy it. After one night we discovered that projecting the time on the ceiling was the greatest thing ever. My wife loves it. She no longer has to get up and roll over me in the middle of the night to see the time! Next night she wanted to know how soon it'd be before I turned the projection unit to the ceiling. The clock is well-made, radio sound is good, and the alarms work well. I'd recommend this clock to anyone. Thanks!
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