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We are so disappointed that this did not work. From the 5 star rating, I thought I found the perfect record player for our son, with MP3 encoding. He was very excited about getting our record collection onto his MP3 player. We ended up donating our working 12- year old TEAC record player combo while waiting for this to arrive. I feel like an idiot for doing that.

The Electrohome Wellington record player looks amazing, real wood, metal front, so lovely. The sound, when it worked, was pretty good. It plays very old records just fine. But lo and behold, if we try to play a newer record, it wobbles real bad, sounds awful, and skips. I read comments on Amazon about workarounds, but we should not have to do that to a brand new record player. This should work out-of-the-box. I read a comment that the company is aware of the problem. Why continue to sell this if it has a defect? Then there are the comments regarding the 1-year warranty, having to pay shipping to have it repaired, that they do not repair this problem, and the slow turnaround. The literature that comes with it asks that we do not return it to Amazon and contact Electrohome. But I cannot afford losing the ability to return it to Amazon for a refund while hoping they fix it, and also pay for shipping something I just bought that should work.

What really upsets me, is there seems to be nothing dependable out there with decent ratings. So this is it? Electrohome came so close to making something really worthwhile. They should fix the problem they are obviously aware of. There is no excuse for this to not play records, old and new, without a wobble that ruins the sound and makes it skip. I had a 12-year old system that did so marvelously. Why can't we find companies that care about making a great product anymore? Seriously.

So, to sum up, the bad reviews here are legit regarding the turntable wobble. I am posting this review to let you know it is a gamble buying this record player. And if for some stupid reason your record player works out of the box, remember their wonderful 1-year warranty is useless.
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on October 5, 2017
 Looks great but what is the point if the turntable wobbles badly and is slow while playing records? The pros of the device: It has a great look and is made of sturdy wood. It has good speakers and sound when it comes to the cd player the Mp3 USB player and the AM/FM radio. Cons: the turntable is unstable and wobbles badly. This causes not only damage to your disk but the sound to be distorted very badly. I cannot recommend anyone buy this item.
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on September 7, 2017
Buyer beware! Another customer review stated the CD player was dead on arrival, but I took a chance based on all the good reviews.
My unit arrived with a dead CD player, it doesn't even spin, it just displays "no" on the CD display.
I contacted customer service (only available from 9-5, and on chat) to troubleshoot the problem. Their solution was to unplug the unit for one hour and then try again. Anyone with any electrical knowledge knows that unplugging for an hour will do nothing more than a simple reset for a small period of time would do. I believe this is their tactic to push me off and hope I didn't contact them again during their skimpy customer service window. After that, I was only allowed to email with serial numbers and full printed pdf forms of receipts with all kinds of nonsense required for a unit I only had for 3 days.
I purchase many things online and have never had such a problem with a defective unit. I could understand if I had had the product for a year and was trying to use the warranty, but for something that came dead on arrival, I expect a fair exchange with a working unit. They want me to send it back for a repair. Ridiculous!!!

Also, this isn't really as nice of a product as they let on. They state in the description the acoustics are great with the lid open, but it doesn't sound any different one way or another. I'm going to return the item and use a different company. So disappointed.
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on September 12, 2016
I wasn't expecting a concert-like sound from this little record player, but rather I wanted some nostalgia and a bit more clarity than I had with my Fisher Price record player in the 80s. It didn't disappoint. The mechanics of the phonograph are nice. It starts the record spinning as you move the arm over the record, and when you "release" the arm, it gently lowers onto the record. Much better than the awkward shaking hand attempts I remember from my youth.

I haven't tried recording to USB, nor have I used the AUX port. I'm not sure I really understand the desire to digitize a vinyl record, since getting away from the digital alternative is sort of the point of buying a record player in the 21st century. I don't have many CDs left anymore, but it's nice to have a place to play them I suppose.

The radio works, but the tuning knob is far too sensitive for tuning anything but the strongest stations. It does look nice though, with the tuner on the front looking 50 years old. Still, adding a gear to the knob would have been nice for a bit finer control.

The only real downside is that records stick out of the back a bit through the slot in the wooden case. You can see the slot in the photo. It plays fine, and doesn't rub, but taking records in and out requires some real care so as not to get stuck in the slot and bend the record. It's only a minor complaint though, and perhaps that nagging reminder to be really careful is a good thing!

The sound fills a room nicely, and doesn't distort. Again, it's not something you're going to fill an auditorium with, but the sound is loud and clear enough even for old ears that need a bit more volume.
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on January 28, 2015
I'm so glad I read reviews because it's times like these where it really matters. This record player is really great, arrived packaged well and much sooner than anticipated. I haven't tried out all the features yet but the record player and radio work well. It looks great in my living room and plays all my old records perfectly.
review image
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on January 1, 2016
This review needs to be prefaced with three bits of information.
*Skip point 1 if you just want information about the item itself.
1.) I know for a fact that when I purchased this product the description from the manufacturer said "Made in Canada." When I receive the big brown box from UPS I am greeted with "Made in China." Huh? Seeing a record player manufactured in anywhere but China was a plus, but with the apparent "100 years of craftsmanship" from my neighbors in the great white north, this piece was especially appealing.
I entered the web address into the Wayback website to see what the internet archive said, but unfortunately this page cannot be archived due to "bots." The Canada claim is no longer there, but I know what I saw and truth in advertising should be taken very seriously. Respect consumers. And please, don't hide behind the "Well, it's DESIGNED in Canada" nonsense. That doesn't answer the question. I automatically deducted 1 star for that reason alone.

2.) I've never owned a record player before, so I can't exactly compare this piece to the sets from the good ole days.

3.) Thr company or seller sent me an email afterwards stating they will award me with a 1 year warranty for reviewing the product. It's a nice incentive and I appreciate the gesture.

Sound Quality: Don't expect audio Nirvana. These are small speakers that aren't claimed to be Bose quality. They do what they're supposed to do. The sound will fill the room and the noise is considerably enough unless you have MANY guests over for a large gathering. Then it may not be sufficient. Easy listening for one person or a small group of people. No crackling noises, and I could hear the music in the kitchen while washing dishes, next to the living room where this player sits.

FUNCTIONALITY: You've got to love the Radio/CD/Record/iPod option this provides you with. A lot of record players on the market only play records but do not include anything else, possibly not even speakers. This is a plug and play set, which I appreciate.

RADIO - It's a radio and it does well in picking up signals. Initially, I couldn't pick up the sports talk station I listen to. I consulted with the manual and failed to notice that there is an FM wire I can adjust on the back of the unit. Once I made the adjustment I was good to go. I live in a major city, so I can't speak on behalf of how well it will do if you live out in the country.

CD PLAYER - I haven't used this yet so I cannot say how it performs. (Will update).

iPOD - I haven't used this yet so I cannot say how it performs. (Will update).

RECORD PLAYER - Since I never owned a record player prior to this set, I really needed to consult with the manual to ensure I did everything correctly. When I blindly set in a record it sounded like the chipmunks, but once I switched to the correct speed "Riders on the Storm" resonated as it should have. Granted, this set is for my wife, and I personally think the digitally remastered version sounds better overall. However, there was something enchanted about hearing that thunder booming over these little speakers in vinyl format. Just a different experience, maybe it's apples and oranges.

CRAFTSMANSHIP- So obviously I was bummed that this was in fact manufactured in China instead of Canada. That being said, at a glance this set seems to exceed expectations. The wood is thicker than I expected, but the unit isn't too heavy. I really like the finish/color. The metal on the front of the unit creates the nostalgic look, and the way the radio dial lights up is neat. I do feel like the record portion bobbles more than I expected it to, but sound quality has so far not been compromised. I am keeping an eye on it.

VALUE: I believe I paid $120 for this unit. The versatility of the system provides a good bit of entertainment options, and it's a nice conversation starter when people visit. I'm not going out of my way to show it off though. A big thing I am concerned about is longevity, so that will truly determine the overall value in time.

I plan on updating the unit when I try out the iPod and CD player capabilities, and also once I've had time to test the longevity of the set. If it meets expectations then I will almost certainly bump the review up to 4 stars.
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on March 20, 2016
 I love this player!! It's not this highest end, but for just an average home user it's perfect with it's built-in speakers. Plays my dad's old vinyl records perfectly and they sound exactly as they did way back when. It's made a little sloppy, but that's the only real complaint I have. (The front plate is screwed on crooked, but it doesn't affect the player at all.) I haven't even used the CD player or radio....I got this specifically to listen to old vinyl. It has a vintage look, which I love. I did read some really bad reviews for this, but I think I high-end audiophiles are the ones who didn't like the quality of the sound. Enjoy!
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on August 29, 2016
We've only had it for two weeks, but it's been quite a hit with the person I bought it for. It looks good for how it's molded plastic, the recipient felt like it made the room look better, and didn't notice at all any of the cheapness to the components that make this up. I wouldn't have been thrilled to have this as my main way to listen to music, since half a turn of the stereo tuner goes across the whole band, making it harder than with 1970's or 1980's radios to tune in on a station, but the person I gave this to had no problem. I might not want to give this to an older person with shaky hands. It's also worth noting that it doesn't have any back-lighting behind the buttons or dials, so there is no way to know which controls you are press if the room is dark, but the person I gave this to uses a small flashlight or turns the light on. The sound is about as good as something from the 1970's would have, but not as good as anything I own from the 80's or 90's. Having the speakers inside of it was a great way to save space and the tweed speaker coverings looked great, even if the one on the left wasn't totally vertical like the one on the right.

I read one review about all records skipping, and I think that was probably because the person forgot to tighten the shipping screw in the record player area, releasing the shocks. If you get this, follow the simple instructions or read the warning sticker stuck in the record area. I would buy this again as it perfectly suited my need. I'm only taking a star away because it's not a perfect product and I can't rate 4.5 stars. I'd give 5 if there was a drop of wood in it or if the tuner knob took several rotations to cross the FM band.
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on April 15, 2017
We love this record player. It plays both old and new records quite well, though it is sensitive. If there is any debris, such as dust, on the record it will skip. I recommend keeping some compressed air handy to make sure that the records are clean.

It's beautiful and functional. It can record CD's and records to a USB. It will record the entire side as one track, so you'll need to break out the tracks on your own.
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on March 30, 2017
I got this to replace two other retro stereos my dad had that the turn tables didn't work in. This one worked fine. The record to usb while playing a record only records one file for the whole side of the record. CDs record just as you would expect. Each track is a different file but those files are titled File one, File two, etc... The stereo is turned on and off by use of a rocker type switch on back of unit. I would suggest leaving the rocker switch on, plugging into a power strip and using the power switch on it to turn the stereo on and off. The CD player worked fine. The Turntable worked fine. The radio worked fine. I like this unit and would recommend it to a friend.
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