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on November 21, 2009
A delight to use. Excellent controls, the best oven racks I have used, and an excellent DVD on the care and use of the range and its many features. The blue oven interior probably does nothing to improve the function of the range but it is very attractive and distinctive. The packaging of the range was very good and it arrived without damage. The price is a little higher than the competitors but I believe well worth it. If I was doing another kitchen, I would buy the same Electrolux range again.
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on May 24, 2010
I ordered my Electrolux Wave Touch Range Model EW30EF65GS from Abe's of Maine online. At first, I was concerned about buying such a large appliance from an online dealer, but Abe's turned out to be great to deal with. My first Electrolux Wave Touch Range was delivered in a timely manner and, after professional installation, everything seemed to be working well. However, one evening we returned home to hear an alarm going off on the range. I assumed the power had blinked and this was a loss of power alarm or something to that effect. There was a specific error code message blinking and, upon researching it, I tried the various "fixes" mentioned in my owner's manual, but to no avail. I would press the cancel button on the wave touch control panel and 30 seconds later, the error message and accompanying alarm would return. The only recourse I had was to turn off the circuit breaker to the oven. This was the beginning of a long journey for me.

Electrolux customer service gave me the names and numbers of local authorized repair centers and I scheduled a repairman to come out. Electrolux overnighted a replacement control board to me. The technician installed the new control panel and the result was a new error code and the same annoying alarm. This process took about a week and a half. It was time to schedule yet another repair and a new part to be shipped out. Electrolux shipped out an entire new control panel. Once that was installed, the result was the same. Again, this was another week or thereabouts.

The third time the repairman came out, he took parts from one control board and put them on the control panel and basically created a third control panel - parts from the original and parts from the replacement. This actually seemed to work, however, I was not comfortable with a Frankenstein control panel on my new oven. I also had another cosmetic issue with a defect in the glass cooktop ( a small milkly spot that was about the size of a quarter ) that could only be seen at an angle.

During this process, I dealt with one customer service representative at Electrolux named Kendra who was outstanding. For the inconvenience of not being able to use the oven, she sent us out a check for $100 to cover the costs of eating out. It didn't really cover the costs, but it was a nice gesture and one that she offered without any asking on my part. She also made sure she kept me informed of the status of my request to have a replacement oven shipped out. She handled escalating my case to the review committee that handles these issues and, within a few weeks, a brand new replacement oven was delivered to the Electrolux Authorized Repair Center and they came out and installed it.

This second oven has worked flawlessly since it was installed. Everything has functioned perfectly and as expected. The oven is absolutely wonderful. Despite having an obvious lemon the first time out, I still rate this oven 5 stars because I'm rating the one that is functioning properly and as designed. I'm willing to give Electrolux a pass on the first one. Perhaps it was damaged in freight shipping or perhaps it was just a lemon. Those things do occur. I must say Electrolux was absolutely top-notch and professional to deal with once I had a problem. At no time did I feel I was treated as unimportant. The people in the Electrolux Customer Service Center in Atlanta, GA are worth their weight in gold. I spoke with several reps before Kendra took my file and every single one was outstanding.

I haven't used the Perfect Turkey feature on this oven, but I've used just about everything else. The convection feature is great. It's not too noisy, but you can definitely tell when the convection oven is operating and when it isn't. The lower oven is great for keeping foods warm while others are finishing cooking. The eyes on the cooktop heat up quickly and have a nice feature to warn you when they are too hot to touch after you've turned them off. I also enjoy the adjustable burner size. This is a neat feature that, once you use it, you'll wonder how you ever got along with it! The convection convert feature will automatically convert temperatures for conventional recipes to convection temps. and there's even a timer that will sound when you should start checking your food (due to convection cooking 20% faster). I have found the temperatures in the oven to be very even and accurate. There are no "hot spots". My baked goods have been better than ever. The easy glide oven racks are brilliant. I also like the oven door which stays put at whatever angle you leave it. That's a very nice feature! The sheer number of controls and options available on this oven can be intimidating at first, but with the manual and a product CD available for free from Electrolux, the learning curve is very quick.

Based on this second oven, I'd have no problems purchasing this range again or recommending it to a friend or family member. I am very confident in Electrolux should any problems arise with this oven based on their handling and ultimate replacement of my first problematic range.


The Achilles heel for this range has continued to be the glass cooktop. Over a few years, the cook surface has suffered many scratches at the hands of our Caphalon and Stainless FLAT BOTTOMED cookware. We've never used anything but cookware that is COMPLETELY flat. That hasn't mattered. I pampered the heck out of this thing and it has not made one bit of difference. Apart from the cooktop scratching by merely looking at it, it also allows for build up. I'm not sure what it is, but I've tried scrapping it with the Cerama Bryte razor and I clean the cook top regularly - almost daily. It hasn't mattered. There has been some sort of buildup that you can feel around the eyes that are used regularly. It's almost like burned on food, but it isn't. If it were, I'd have been able to scrape it off. I don't know if it's something that boiled over and caused the glass to warp or what. Whatever it is, it mars the sleek appearance of the cooktop.

The oven, however, has continued to bake well and cook well. I've really go no complaints with the convection feature or the baking features. That has been pretty solid. The only caveat with the oven is that the easy glide oven rack has become anything but that. It's a chore to get that oven rack that at one time would glide so effortlessly to come out now. I am very careful with the oven and I rarely, if ever, have anything spill over while baking. I'm not sure what happened to the oven rack, but not too many months after the review, the rack became discolored and became difficult to operate.

Overall, if I had it to do over again, I'd buy something else other than this Electrolux. In my opinion, it was overpriced and it's not all that it's cracked up to be.
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on July 4, 2009
I managed to find this stove at a severe discount and jumped at the chance to own it. Plus we needed to replace an older stove in the house we just bought that didn't match our other appliances. It was also a glass cooktop stove so we had something to directly compare it to.

In any event, it's a joy to use, and the controls are quite simple. I really like the backlit electronic readout as it makes seeing what's happening very simple -- only the burner which is on is lit, or only the function which is working in the oven is lit. Quite handy, and the blue LED clock looks very classy. Also, the burner displays are great since the temperature/power is represented by a blue dotted line which goes in a circle -- the more blue dots, the higher the setting. No more numbers or Lo/Med/High! The burners get hot very quickly, and the various sizes make it easy to match your pot or pan with the proper size to avoid wasting heat.

The oven door is great -- very high quality. The lights inside are also amazing, extremely bright and the best lights I've ever seen inside a range anywhere. The "luxury glide" rack is also very nice and works very smoothly exactly as they advertise. One caveat...our luxury glide rack had some plastic on it (some sort of protective coating) that may have been left there by the guys who installed the range. When we used the oven the first couple of times, the plastic burned and started smoking, necessitating a cleaning. Check yours before you use it. Apart from that, the cooking has been efficient and even, and we really like the lack of an exposed heating element on the bottom, which will make cleaning up spills MUCH easier. We haven't used the warming drawer yet, nor have we tried the convection aspect.

The only downside we've found is that the glass surface seems to scratch quite easily. We had one non-stick pan with a slightly textured bottom that we had used with the previous range (GE Spectra) without any problem. With the first use on the Electrolux, we had a couple small scratches in the glass which was disappointing. However, the instructions do tell you to only use flat-bottomed pots and pans. That being said, the GE Spectra wasn't affected, and I would have thought the Electrolux would at least be as durable. In any event, we gave away that pan and haven't had any problems with our other pots and pans (mostly All-Clad and Calphalon), and the Electrolux beats the GE Spectra in every other regard without question. Just a small word of warning. This is the reason I gave it a 4 instead of 5 stars. I wish I could have given it 4.5, actually, because it really is a fairly minor consideration compared to the overall quality.

Bottomline is that we're very pleased with our new addition. It looks great and works great, too. The only problem is that it looks so nice that it makes our cheap microwave look just that -- cheap! We may have to upgrade the microwave to match the sleek lines of the range.
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on July 7, 2016
We purchased the gas cook top version of this range at Lowes in 2011. It was a huge splurge and as other have said we were hoping it was an investment and would be worth the high price. In reading the other reviews all different error codes were mentioned but no error code 14. Thought we should write about our error code 14 saga. We live in an unincorporated area on Lake Michigan with lots of windy electrical storms off the lake. After a recent storm we got the error code 14 on our range and a loud beeping noise that would not stop. After cutting off the circuit breaker we called Electrolux service. A repair person was sent out from a local authorized service company in the area. We were told due to the electrical storm our touch panel needed to be replaced. Of course we were out of warranty so the replacement cost of the touch panel $600 and installation $300 would cost a total of $900.00 dollars! We thought long and hard about replacing our range. However, we were able to get Electrolux to pay for 50% of the control panel, overnight it and then my husband was able to install the touch panel himself. Now thankfully, it works five star beautifully. The problem is because an authorized service person did not install the control panel, we are not able to get an extended warranty. So now every time stormy weather is predicted or we are away from home we are cutting off the circuit to the range. Luckily the range is on its own circuit and we can do that. My advise to anyone who owns this range or any Electrolux appliance is to have an extended warranty!
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on September 21, 2013
We have left Electrolux voice mail messages, even made contact through Facebook. Two days later still no call back. These are the actually messages to Electrolux.

Their Facebook response was:

Hi Randy, we're sorry to hear about the difficulties that you are having with your product. We ask that you please email chris.polk@electrolux.com with your full name in the subject line, purchase date and product serial number so that we can have our customer service team look into this issue. Thank you.

The sad part is our original message (below) included the warranty numbers for both our stove and convection microwave. Warranties we purchased after having no confidence that your "top of the line" products will continue to perform as guaranteed.

We do not own a single extended warranty program except Electrolux. And we purchased that only because your products have proven to be DEPENDABLY UNDEPENDABLE.

Your Facebook contact people could have found out all the information they were asking for from our warranty numbers but instead are asking us to recreate again for you. They just didn't care enough. Instead of doing everything they could to solve the problem for the customer (especially since this is the second time in a few short months) they expected the customer to do the work. This is service is pathetic!!! This not a problem with a few errant individuals or manufacturing mishaps. The problems are systemic.

I understand you have your policies. I already had a long argument with your customer service agent the last time we had a problem about your policies. Please train your people to never to lecture the customer about your policies. Your policies are your problem.

Our policy is simple. If we are mistreated and people do their best to fix the problem we are happy. If people don't make it right then our only option is to make it painful.

Now that your company has forced me for the second time to battle your staff to fix the same problem that many of your customers have had ([...] I will do what I can to make sure others don't make the same mistake we have.

Our original message is included below. This is not how I wanted to start my Saturday morning but since we will be without a stove for the next week I can't use this time to prepare the nice brunch we had planned. I have included our original message below.

For only the second time since we owned our range we have used the self-cleaning option and again it is dead. I purchased a warranty (and then had to fight about it the last time this happened). We followed the directions from our last repairman. We cleaned at the lowest setting, fan on, doors open to enhance cooling and it is locked up again. We purchased what we thought was the best, but our experience has been the worst. I see from our online search we are not alone. I am upset I was forced to purchase a warranty because the product is so undependable. I am angry I will have to wait to have it repaired. I wish I could return both the stove and microwave convection ovens. My Stove Warranty #61196769
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on April 7, 2014
We have had this range for seven years. During that time I have loved using the range. I love the features on the range. The oven racks simply glide out, it is a delight.

Now for the 1 star rating. Six years ago we were foolhardy enough to try the self-clean feature. It locked up, gave a F20 error and the cooktop controls were fried. After much effort and the wrong parts sent to us we finally received the right part. My husband had to load it up and haul it to the repairman since they won't come to our house. Now six years later I thought perhaps it was just a fluke that this had happened. I tried the self-clean cycle once more. SAME PROBLEM. Once again we have spent hours on the phone to only receive the wrong part once more. When we called about this problem my husband was on the phone and they hung up on him. He called back and was working through the phone system once more when he got a message that they had closed and he could call back in the morning. Unbelievable.

I can go on knowing that I can never use the self-clean feature but it is important for those considering a sizable investment in an Electrolux appliance to seriously reconsider that thought. The service is pathetic. You are likely to experience a problem with the electronics and don't expect the issue to be handled the first time without considerable effort.
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on April 29, 2014
After reading this review board I feel lucky that I've gotten 4 years out of the Electrolux EW30EF65GS without much problem. Now to start with, I did have the motherboard fail after 3 months. Since I bought it from a local dealer and not online or a big box, I was able to get friendly, timely service with a replacement. Since then I have had no electronic problems. Being such an expensive item, I did buy the extended warranty although I usually never do that. I give Electrolux credit for offering a very fairly priced warranty. We also took the precaution of putting in a whole house surge protector given all the computerized kitchen appliances and home entertainment equipment one is forced to buy these days. My main complaint is the fact that you can't leave the oven racks in for the self cleaning cycle. The racks take the brunt of a lot of spatters that get baked in and there's really no easy way to clean them. On the positive side, the oven keeps a wonderful even temperature for baking, the bottom oven really cooks...it's not just a warming drawer as people complain about on other ranges (though you aren't supposed to bake in it). I love the double timer and its many other features, though I confess I haven't used most of them. The choices are a bit overkill, but I could say the same about my iPhone...
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on November 4, 2013
My parents have bought this range expecting great results and a future of great cooking on the holidays and special occasions. What they got instead was a seriously ill conceived contraption. One that can't handle a families used to home cooking. Of all days, the first incident was 5 months after purchase on Thanksgiving. All was well, then the range went completely out. Nothing worked on it and they ended up having to rush out a counter top cooker. Almost ruined our holiday. Since then, it's had to be "repaired" more than once a year since. This last time took 6 weeks, and it only lasted 8 days! Electrolux clearly knows they botched this design since they only offer refurbished parts and no longer make new ones. If you're in it for looks and have money to throw away and hardly cook.... go for it. But if you're serious about cooking, STAY AWAY! And don't expect this company to do anything about it as they just left my parents high and dry....thanks for nothing.
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on February 23, 2011
On one hand, I love the range and its features. On the other hand, it has been nothing but trouble. Starting within a few months of purchasing, we started having trouble with the Control Lock feature. This is a required feature for this oven in a house with 5 cats who know no boundaries, as they often walk across the stove, which can cause it to turn on or off... So, we lock the controls on a regular basis.

One day, the lock stopped working. It would try for a few minutes and after 30-120 seconds, it would start beeping and flash an error code. Cancel would get rid of the error, but the controls were not locked. AND, just to make it worse, the primary oven was locked, permanently. Could not get it open under any circumstances. Neat.

So, now, three repair trips later, it seems to be working again, for now. Not once has Electrolux offered me anything to make up for the issues or lack of a working oven. My toaster oven is getting some serious use, though!

Oh, and the problem with the stovetop scratching easily - that is an understatement. I have owned glasstop stoves before, but this one is incredibly sensitive, and none of the cookware I am using is old or messed up, but scratches keep appearing. And, Electrolux will not do anything about it, or even respond, as they only cover "cosmetic" problems for 30 days. Even though we originally reported the issue within 30 days, Electrolux is claiming they have no record of the call, and they are no longer responding to attempts by the appliance store to reach them. Wow - GREAT customer service.

Now the over-the-range microwave is having issues, they sent the wrong parts, and have told us not to use it until fixed. Sweet! Such wonderful products.
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on November 15, 2013
We purchased this range about five years ago along with an extended warranty which we've needed to use a couple of times to have bad circuit boards replaced (it's true that repairs require two service visits - a major inconvenience when one has to take off work to get a repair done). I love its features, specifically the ability to change element sizes on the cooktop, and the many options for oven use....the Perfect Turkey, timed cooking, the probe, defrost cycle, keep warm are all wonderful. However, the numerous service complaints about Electrolux products have me concerned enough that when it's time to buy a replacement, I will likely look at other brands.
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