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on February 27, 2013
The good:

The graphics are fantastic. The interiors are meticulously crafted with great attention to detail, and the exteriors are absolutely breathtaking.

The game works fine on Windows 8. This is one of the few games where I bought the initial release and did not experience major performance bugs. In fact, I have played through twice without incidents which are not related to internet connectivity.

The custom weapons crafting is great. You can construct weapons with two fundamentally different functions. My personal favorite is a rivet chain gun with a force gun. There is a LOT of intense, close combat with multiple creatures. The force gun blows them back several feet, and the chain gun wipes them out with great efficiency. There are also instances (although relatively few) where a long range weapon comes in handy. A Seeker Rifle with a missile launcher is tremendous for these opportunities. One can create a very wide variety of different, very effective, weapons that have their uses in some of the unique situations in the game, and are just plain fun!

This game is SCARY! I'm over 50, and easily startled, but I still find a certain exhilaration from the creative (and often unforeseen) ambushes by some extremely well-designed monsters which come in a refreshingly wide variety.

The game provides a number of different strategies and tactics for different players' personalities. Oldsters like me with bad reflexes can beat the game just as well as the younger players.

The Bad:

So, why only 3 stars?

There are two design flaws in this game that I find extremely annoying, and make no sense, whatsoever.

First, the game has an automated progress save feature, and no manual progress save feature. There is NO excuse for this. It should be up to ME when to save my progress, not the developers.

Secondly, the game requires an active internet connection to start and play. I have a wireless network, and when my connection gets interrupted the game freezes during combat sequences. This just serves to magnify my irritation with the automatic saves, since I have to exit, reconnect, and then restart at a point BEFORE I lost my connection. There is no excuse for this, either. In the single-player campaign, there is NO practical reason to require an active internet connection.
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on July 12, 2015
Definatelly it DID NOT meet my expectations. Ea couldnt be more incredible s...upid and sale a game on steam that actually works fine and then sale dead space 3 on origin. Purchase the game and spend more time trobleshooting the game that actually playing it. The support from origin sucks big time since everytime you contact you have to start trobleshooting from start everysingle time. Even if you provide a ticket number to the agent he will not....... And i can assure you he or she WILL NOT check on the notes of the case and you have to explain your issue every single time you contact them after finishing the TS steps you did as advice from the previous agent. So you go on a never ending loop. After a week pkayed the game for 2 days as its really short. Btw... One of the agents gave me a code for origin as a gift for the issue had with the game. The code never worked..... Request a supervisor.... Never got one.
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on February 19, 2017
Got bored quickly as the in-game progress was repetitive - by shooting swarms, unrelenting swarms - of enemies. I do admire the designs, texture and action (PC)... works smoothly... and always like to offer kudos to the programmers and artists. However (perhaps I'm getting too old for this kind of game)... exploration is practically non-existent. Puzzles are fine but not enough to entertain me. Perhaps this is your kind of game.
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on September 11, 2015
I have Dead Space and Dead Space 2, but I gotta say I was most excited for this game because of the co-op.

I have actually only played it co-op, so I can't speak to the experience of it solo, but I really enjoy it. It has quite a different feel than playing solo-there are still jump scares and the horror ambiance is there, but with another person at your side it becomes more of an action shooter at times. Kind of reminds me of the path that Resident Evil has taken, but this is more of a RE5 compared to the previous games than an RE6.

Both the friend and I enjoyed the custom weapon builder and have spent more than a little time messing around with the different kinds of craftable guns. I personally enjoyed crafting a gun good for both close range and long range attacking--a plasma core with a diffraction torus and a military engine with precision tip, with upgrade circuits to increase the clip size of the rifle half. My buddy decided to go with shotgun and machine gun style weapons. The beauty of having a partner in this game is that you can complement each other--assuming you get along!

The side missions were a nice addition, because I like to explore we diverted from the story to do these quite often. Nothing special to say about them though.

Overall I liked the game, but didn't find it to be particularly challenging. We've started playing it again on a more difficult mode, but it is still fairly easy. I think once I try Hardcore mode or Pure Survival mode I will find a difference. Took that one star off just because I expected the base difficulty to be a little higher. Still, I quite enjoyed it and would probably buy again if given the choice.
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on July 6, 2015
I've been a fan of the series from afar since the original announcement for the first game. Zombies terrify me, and the thought of playing against space zombies frayed my nerves, but I got the original Dead Space when Origin had it as an 'On the House' promotion, and liked it enough to buy DS2 and DS3 when they went on sale on Amazon.

DS3 is probably my favorite of the bunch. The story is fairly well done if you've been a series fan thus far, but not completely accessible if you're coming into it for the first time. I recommend checking out the DS wikis as you go to help fill in the gaps, minding spoilers. As for the action in this game, it was top notch, and some new cinematic story telling methods in this game set it apart from the others.

Also, I came out of DS2 with ungodly upgraded weapons, and coming into this game with its new crafting system threw me for a loop at first, but then quickly became the most enjoyable part of the game. (AFTER you get decent parts and figure out the system, of course. It takes a while, but it's worth it.) The crafting system allows you to manage your weapons in a style that fits you, instead of trying to figure out which weapon works 'best' or relying solely on which weapon you have ammo for. Ammo is universal this time around, so you're encouraged to make weapons that you like playing with. Seeing your new creations mow down necromorphs until you find another new part you want to try out propels you forward into the darkest corners of the game to see if you can find better upgrades. Even a coward like me kept pushing forward to see what else I could find, and enjoyably so.

So what kept it from getting 5 stars? Well, the first note would be about the co-op game play. I played solo, but this game DEFINITELY feels the bite of co-op design; every ambush you get caught in catches you from two directions. As a solo player, you understand very fast that this game was meant for two people as you constantly are being attacked from both sides in lieu of having another player watching your six. For the solo campaign, you feel the sting as the challenge level increases A LOT from level design that had a volume of enemies made for two people with two sets of abilities and ammo. It's still workable as a solo player, but expect a hell of a lot of jump scares and some nasty deaths as you get quickly surrounded, flanked, or mauled. The cutscenes will feel more awkward too as the other player character 'appears' for a line of dialogue and then disappears like a phantom of your imagination.

And with the save system changed, some players may find that death gets frustrating; in some places, only your inventory is saved, so if you fought like hell through an optional area but died, you may find yourself going through it all over again but with less ammo, medpacks, and resources than you did the first time. Since you can't manually save, you have to be VERY judicious about when you start and stop, making sure that you have seen the auto save icon before shutting down.

Still, even with all that, I found myself immediately rolling up a new game + and steamrolling through necros with my now powered up guns from the first run and laughing giddily as bad guys fell before my onslaught. The game was tense, moody, atmospheric, and a heck of a lot of fun. I'm definitely going to play it again, and for a coward like me who's scared to death of space zombies, that's really saying something.
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on October 22, 2013
The Dead Space series is one of my favorite game franchises. This as like the others is very entertaining. If you've played the others then you'll find the game play, story, and events to be very similar. This didn't bother me, as it's just like a continuation of the other games. I like the space maneuvering chapters in this game, always seemed like the others was lacking much of the actual EVA space scenes. Just be prepared to not stop playing this game once you start, really captures your attention and keeps you on it's toes with it's random "horror" moments. A truly unique third-person shooter.

This game has very good graphics (PC version played at max settings), and is very smooth - never noticed any jitters or frame loss. It runs great in Wine/CrossOver under a Linux OS (as all the DeadSpace games have). However I deducted one star because of EA/whoever not selling this version on Steam and forcing users to install/run Origin just to play this game. The Origin client is the biggest waste of software development I've ever seen. It is horribly buggy, slow, and in no way will ever compete with Steam. This is one of only a couple games I own that aren't on Steam, they need to realize the market potential there and give up on their failed products. (The previous two DS games were available on Steam).

The only other issue I had with this game is there were several bugs/glitches throughout it that could become annoying. Saved game/chapter corruption, unable to advance in a level and having to go back, etc. There are plenty of threads on it, if you come across any. Unfortunately they decided to fire most of the DS3 developers a long time ago, and these bugs will never be resolved. However you are able to continue playing with slight delays working around them.
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on January 25, 2015
Dead Space 3 gets a lot of negative reviews because it strays far from its roots. Yes, its not survival horror in the purest sense like its predecessors, but is that a bad thing? Some might think so and they wouldn't be entirely wrong. In my personal opinion I think this is a fantastic game because my mindset when I play it, is different. Singleplayer is ok in this game. The jumpscares are predictable and the story mills along in a predictable way. The story (Which isn't bad) suffers from a love triangle of three people. I am not a fan of this kind of drama, but it doesn't detract too much from the underlying arch. (Which is really cool!) This game isn't meant to be played in single player mode however. Multiplayer is where it shines. Grab a buddy (who owns Dead Space 3 or coerce them into buying it) and prepare to have a blast. It is obvious Visceral Games wanted people to play this in Coop and it shows. In this regard the game moves away from survival horror to action game. It still has some creepy moments and some "OH S***! KILL IT KILL IT!!!!" moments which are priceless. It is unfortunate that EA didnt hit their quota with this game because it leaves me with many questions and I hope to God that Dead Space 4 gets announced soon. In conclusion this game does have its detrements, but if you can get past them, it is a worthy addition to the Dead Space series. 9/10
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on November 13, 2014
I really enjoy this game

like its predecessors, there's replay value to this installment.

the weapon crafting at the Benches, is well designed, and allows for you to make weaponry from the previous games, or entirely new weapons you think of. in addition, the weapon crafting arena allows you to alter or build weapons with out having to boot up the campaign first.

the crouch, roll and dodge features are implemented well, and if you don't want to use those features, they've been implemented in such a subtle way, that you forget they're there (I went through an entire playthrough of this game and I forgot about the crouch and roll features entirely)

Co-op is well implemented and feels like it adds substance to the campaign. it also gives advanced players a chance to aid less experienced players in real-time.

the visuals are really good, even on my 64-bit Lenovo T510 laptop (with 8gb of ram).

the story is great and the ending to the Awakened DLC will leave you speculating as to how they'll fix the mess they're in.

my biggest gripe is that the "pc instant access" option, wont download the limited edition of the game, as it only downloads the standard edition. I'm not willing to buy a game card for a broken game service (origin).
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on March 13, 2013
Dead Space has evolved from the horror of the original. The third installment is a straight-up action game, despite a few scares and surprises along the way.

That said, it's a well-executed action game-- the game is polished, the story integrity is maintained from the first two installments, and a lot of exposition goes into what the 'markers' really are. You are given enough motivation to keep moving forward and you never feel like you're just wandering about aimlessly. Co-op is actually handled very, very well, including offering up incentives for co-op play. The space-walk element is fantastic; it's so good that I wish there was much more of it.

If you play through at a decent clip, you'll likely spend about 12 hours on it, and there are incentives for a second (or even a third) play-through.

What I didn't like about it? It has very little actual 'horror' left, instead substituting a few surprises to provide shock value. I suppose that you could argue that Resident Evil isn't horror anymore either, but I believe they could've really ratcheted up terror with just a few different design choices. (Of course, apparently they were forced to shift to an action focus by EA management, so they probably saw the possibilities as well, given that they're professionals and all.) The microtransaction system also is totally unnecessary-- I'd be surprised if EA made $30 on it total, since fortunately, you don't have to spend any money to complete the game.

My biggest complaint would be the weapon/ammo situation: weapon-specific ammo has been done away with in favor of a generic 'clip'. This completely removes any incentive to use more than just the one weapon you really like. It also reduces the amount situational decision-making that needs to be done. (Do I have enough ammo? Is this gun the best for what I'm probably going to run into?)

The bottom line-
Did I have fun playing it? Yes
Did it keep me playing? Yes
Did it look good? Yes (but I have a high-end rig and had all the settings at 'max')
Do I feel like I got my money's worth? Pretty much.

That said, I'd only give it 3.5 stars, because it really had a chance to set itself apart, and instead we got a forgettable Dead-Space themed shooter.
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on January 20, 2015
Let's be perfectly clear--I did not buy this expecting it would be as good as, or even on parity with the rest of the series. I purchased it solely because I wanted to have the story resolved. From that end, it sort of half-delivered. I still don't quite get it.

The mechanics of the game were wonky at best. While still the same re-skinned game from days of old, there were some aspects of the game that I found myself dreading. The weapon creation system took a long time to figure out, and I found myself dreading having to return to the bench, an activity that was often the most satisfying part of the previous two installments.

All in all, I played through it just to be done with it. It's basically a sci-fi survival horror adventure with all of the sci-fi survival horror elements removed and replaced with components of a shooter. Though it was nice to have Gunner Wright's acting chops make a return, they felt like the only shining aspect of an otherwise bland, cannibalized experience.
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