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on March 20, 2016
I loved this game. I bought it to try and challenge my PC upgrades (GTX 970 4GB, 24GB RAM, i5 3.2Ghz) and it did not disappoint. It was a bit short, in fact I played it straight through in about 7 hours, on a lower difficulty setting. Visually the game is stunning. I did feel that there were a bit too many cut scenes. That said, the addition of the bow was awesome. And having to go and collect the arrows from the dead so you don't run out was awesome. I love that this series allows for so many different ways to complete the tasks with the suit's capabilities you can go full stealth or just run and gun. I like the addition of the suit upgrades as well. Overall I enjoyed this one more than Crysis 1 or 2. Will definitely be playing it again and again.
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on June 12, 2013
Well, this is it. I waited years and years after playing the first Crysis to feed my hunger for stunning visuals, great gameplay, and intriguing storylines. Crysis 3 exceeded my expectations for every one of these categories:

1 - Visuals
When I heard that Crysis 3 would be using the same engine as Crysis 2, I was initially disappointed. The difference in graphic quality between the first and second installments of Crysis were incredibly apparent and it seemed as though the third installment wouldn't have that same leap, although once again, Crytek proved me wrong. Crysis 3 distances itself from it's predecessors with it's amazing lighting. The way the sun hits your visor makes you cry, and die, during the game because it's so breathtaking. When your gun passes lights, it bends around to create the rainbow effect just like in real life. These graphics CAN NOT be equaled in any other game.

2 - Gameplay
Once again, the introduction of the compound bow was startling for me. It seemed as though Crytek were taking a step back in their progression. I thought that same thing all the way until I started using the bow... then it became my closest friend. Sniping suddenly becomes a thing of the past, it's all about the bow and arrow now. Crytek contrasted Crysis 2's close-quarter combat with stunning open fields and complexes, filled with lots and lots of enemies to take down. At times the gameplay can get quite chaotic, but then again, that just makes the experience more realistic. Another upgrade from Crysis 2 is the re-introduction of the use of Ceph weaponry, as well as the streamlining of the more rare guns such as the L-Tag, Gauss Rifle, etc. (all of which were very rarely allowed in Crysis 2). In short, Crysis 3 did everything with their gameplay that we were hoping they'd do; they brought the fun from the original Crysis back and made it even more interesting!

3 - Storyline
I have always applauded the Crysis series for it's intriguing storyline. We all know that the alien invasion has been used endlessly in movies, videogames, books, and every other type of media possible, but somehow Crytek have been able to make it completely original about it. Crysis 3 has, by far, the most integral videogame storyline that I have ever encountered, with pages and pages of "data" that you can pick up to fill in the gaps between the first and second games. The Ceph are explained like never before in a very realistic way that makes me even wonder if they aren't out there right now, waiting to pounce on our planet like a plague. As the story unfolds in the game, and twists are revealed, the gamer becomes completely immersed in the futuristic reality of the earth and it's perilous state. The ending is very dramatic and fulfilling; it almost made me forget that I won't be seeing any new Crysis games in the future, almost... (although I can't wait to see what Crytek come up with next)
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on July 16, 2016
Well I have to say crysis 1 and crysis warhead beat both 2 & 3. But Crysis #2 is the worst.
Crysis 3 is good! I liked the bow. I will play it again.
The story line is very confusing and is really not a continuity. They could do a better job. What I liked in crysis 1 and warhead that the other two lacked.. was the realistic gameplay and by that I mean. how the objects react to certain things like explosions and stuff. crysis 2 for example. you throw grenades/bazookas on buildings/objects and they dont get affected. crysis 1 is more realistic in that matter and I like that in a game like this.
Also i dont like in crysis 2 & 3 that you can not save whenever you want. unless there is an option about that that I missed.
overall crysis 3 is ok and I would play it again. Crysis 2 Nope. and Crysis 1 is the best for me.
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on December 26, 2014
Let's start off by saying I am a huge fan of the Crysis series. I still think Crysis 1 was the best, but Crysis 3 is certainly an excellent addition to the series. I purchased this recently at an incredible price ($4 bucks!) and enjoyed the game. First time using Origin and had no problems installing or playing. All my other games are thru Steam so I am pleasantly surprised.

Note: Playing on a gaming PC I built about 4-5 years ago. AMD Phenom X4 965 BE, 4GB RAM, GeFORCE GTX 470 GPU, 256 Samsung SSD, Windows 8.1, Logitech G430 Headphones result in the game looking amazing and running smoothly on High settings. GPU fan certainly gets loud though!

The franchise is know for great graphics so expect nothing but beauty here. Everything from the characters, enemies, shooting effects, and backgrounds look polished and stunning. The sound effects, music and voice acting helps deliver an immersive gaming experience

Slightly tweaked as you can shoot "from the hip" a lot easier instead of using the sights. It makes for more action oriented, guns blazing gameplay if you want to breeze through an area. They tried to add elements like hacking into gun turrets to control them, but the "hacking" is boring/simplistic and in many cases, not worth it.

The campaign was short (6-8 hours) but more enjoyable than Crysis 2, but not as good as Crysis 1. I didn't expect an overly deep plot here, but there are times where the story leaves you scratching your head. The gameplay kept me engaged enough to forgive the plot holes though.

Overall, I'd highly recommend giving Crysis 3 a shot, especially if you are a fan of the series. I haven't had any performance issues with the game (even running on an older rig) and Origin seems to work fine for me.
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on December 11, 2017
Great looking video, but not as much fun as the original Crysis. I wish these guys would spend more effort on playability, and less on graphics. I also wish it used Steam. Electronic Arts is definitely a second-tier game distributor.
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on August 15, 2015
The Game itself is good. But the installation of the game from the two disc that it came with is very problematic. When you try to install from the disc it automatically start to download the game which makes no sense what so ever. I went on all the forums searching for a solutions to this problem and realized that it was a problem to a number of other people who bought the game on DVD's.You are bombarded with all sort of solutions you then have to try them all to see which one works for you , and the game makers don't make it any easier for you. It seems like Origin just don't want you to have a pleasurable experience when installing their games.
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on February 17, 2015
Crysis 3 plays identical to Crysis 2. I don't think anything, in terms of gameplay has changed. Suit powers and weapons remain the same. The graphics does look better than its predecessor, so it has that going for it. So if you played the second game, this will be deja vu; which is either a good or bad thing.

For me, a good story-line within a video game is what keeps me intrigued and engaged. But this game lacks coherency, with many plot holes and the likes. Questions that I kept asking are what happened to the US government/military, why am I a rebel and this story/plot makes no sense. None of the characters are memorable.

As for game performance, it runs smoothly on my PC on MAX settings at 2560x1440. I haven't noticed any considerable drops in frame. Also of note, I did have issue running the game while my video cards were overclocked. They lagged and crashed constantly, so I reset to the default clocks and the game ran fine afterwards.

Overall, Crysis 3 is definitely better than Aliens CM, so if you had to chose. I would recommend this game but I suggest waiting for a price drop, there's nothing noteworthy or a must play in my eyes.
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on May 12, 2014
I really did enjoy the original Crysis game. I loved the island theme and semi-open world design. Crysis 2 was a flop IMO... The urban theme just didn't do anything for me, and the whole alien thing started to get a little old. Crysis 3 shows that Crytek clearly wanted to stay in their comfort zone as many of the design elements were transferred over from Crysis 2. The game does feel a lot more polished than Crysis 2 though, which is nice. The controls are fantastic, and the game is well optimized (running at nearly 99% on both GPU and all four CPU cores). Getting ~26-40 FPS on a GTX 560 @ 1920x1080, "very high" resolution, FXAA, and "high" system specs. Not bad.

Now that Crytek has nailed the technical aspects, they need to be more creative with the setting and storyline. The storyline in Crysis 3 is so dry... The campaign feels over-designed.

All around though, it's not a bad game. It is very beautiful, graphically, and feels well made. They just need to add some spice!
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on April 22, 2014
I wasn't too keen on having to install EA's Origin software, but I just built my first PC and wanted to see what kind of punishment it can take. Being a long-time fan of the original Crysis, I figured there's no better way to test what it's capable of than with the latest installment in the series.

Let me say it right now - this game looks phenomenally good. The visuals are absolutely incredible. From the way the light gleams in reflections, to the ferocity and boom of a grenade explosions, this game will not disappoint in its aesthetics. I have noticed, however, that it doesn't scale very well. You notice this particularly when moving from in and out of structures. You better have a top-of-the-line graphics card if you plan on turning on anti-aliasing higher than the MSAA 2x setting. I have 2 Radeon HD 7850's in crossfire, and on MSAA 8x, the game went from 32fps indoors down to 12fps outside. I typically keep the game on MSAA 2x, which still has huge jumps in frame rate. I'll be outdoors and the game will run at 28-34fps, then when I move indoors everything will jump to a super-snappy 47-54fps. As much as I love improvement, I wish the game was consistent...because it is kind of distracting.

I won't spoil anything, but the story is 'meh' and the campaign as a whole is quite short (I breezed through it on Veteran mode in about 8 hours). The gameplay itself was fun...but like I said, short. However, as a tech demo for my PC, it wasn't bad (I picked it up about a year after launch for $16). Like other games in the series, Crysis 3 has Xbox 360 controller support, so if you prefer to game like that, Crytek has your back. All-in-all, Crysis 3 is a pretty good game. If you've got the hardware to run it, give it a go!
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on March 25, 2013
Being a huge fan of the Crysis series on pc, I was eagerly anticipating part 3. Unfortunately, as a whole, it feels more like an extended dlc pack for Crysis 2 than another game in the series. The new bow is a blast to use with all the different types of arrows but makes taking any area with it a cakewalk regardless of game difficulty. You also gain the ability to use Ceph/alien weaponry with only a couple of them having a good, powerful feeling to them.

The Story: Although many have griped about the story in this one, I feel it's the strongest in the series mainly because of your partner, Psycho. His wrestling with the fact that he's no longer got his nano suit and the psychological trauma he faced in its removal creates a deeper layer than any in the Crysis series. The one thing that could have set this game on fire is if it were a global stage and not just New York...again. Some of the levels are excellent in their design while others seem empty and boring.

Graphics: This series has been a benchmark for pc graphics for years now and visually doesn't disappoint provided you have a pc that can run it maxed out. I upgraded to a 2gb gddr5 gtx 680 with an i7 processor and 16 gb's of ram and with all settings on the highest, it runs super smooth. Prior to that I was running all medium settings and even on that the game still looks really good.
The one thing that was a let down in this department for me was that there were no "WOW"! moments visually that Crysis 1 and 2 had. Like seeing the sunrise for the first time in Crysis or seeing Central park being uprooted and lifted into the sky in Crysis 2. Outside of a dam collapse and looking down on the earth, there's really nothing in 3 that is a breath taker. Also, some of the death animations of Cell soldiers are on the slightly choppy side.

Audio: Solid throughout with decent voice acting all around and some really nice musical cues although I felt some of the alien weapons lacked the sonic punch they deserved.

Gameplay: If you're a fan, then not much will be new here save for a few new customizing features of your suit and attributes and a hacking ability which is really just like a rhythm game that allows you to use enemy turrets unlock special weapons crates and manipulate certain ceph aliens. The biggest fail in terms of gameplay is a dune buggy style vehicle that you get to drive. It really feels tacked on with clunky controls all around and thankfully it's not a consistent thing you have to do for the majority of the game. The after credits scene clearly hints at another Crysis game, possibly in the vain of another Crysis: Warhead with you taking control of Psycho again.

Crysis 3 is a good game and I would recommend it, just not at full price. Luckily, it's on sale somewhere nearly every week so it's worth it especially if you're a Crysis completest.
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