Customer Reviews: Crysis 3 [Download]
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on February 26, 2013
Crysis 3 is a beautiful game. Let's get that out of the way first.
There's no denying it looks stunning and you'll often stop to look around at the environment you're in. You'll likely want to play certain checkpoints over and over again to take everything in. With that said, Crysis 3 plays just as well as the others.

The A.I. isn't any smarter and make for easy targets. With the new Predator Bow that allows you to kill without going out of Stealth, you'll often feel overpowered and maybe even cheap. If you're only interested in the Single Player experience, you're in for a short ride. The Campaign isn't very long following in many other FPS footsteps offering a fun ride but one that ends too soon. Crysis Vets will likely play the Campaign a few times to find all the hidden goodies and Nanosuit upgrades but for casual players that will play this once, you'll be paying for the beauty, not the substance.

Graphics don't make the game, they just enhance it. The game is better than good but it's not great. The AI is stupid (better than Aliens Colonial Marines though), you can simply be in stealth mode the entire game and wreak havok on any enemy you come across. I'm sorry, but the first crysis is still both the most fun and the best game overall out of the series. This one has the "best" multiplayer yet in the crysis universe, but compared to other multiplayer FPS's cmon now, it just simply doesn't compete to something like BF3. It boils down to this, this is a remarkable looking game and truly jaw dropping even on modest settings, but that gameplay is trite and mediocre, which is a shame.

The campaign also has a better pacing, with 6 to 8 hours gameplay. Crysis 2 was indeed a bit longer, but had some very boring parts. Some gameplay features are a bit useless, like that hacking which is very poor. The vehicles sections are painful, the handling of the buggy is hard.

Crysis series continued with prophet and Psycho.Most wonderful art design for levels and great lighting effect,very good textures,awesome dx11 effects and solid gameplay.

The story is the perfect finish to a fantastic trilogy. If you liked both the Crysis games for what they were, you'll love this third addition. The multiplayer is great fun if you're a fan of the Crysis mechanics and various cloaking maneuvers, and I'd definitely give it a shot if you're a CoD fan as well, as it's much like a crossover between it and Halo. So, without hesitation (even if it is on Origin), give this game a few hours of your time. You won't be disappointed.
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on March 1, 2013
Having loved Crysis 1 and 2 I of course pre-ordered this along with many others who may also be wishing they hadn't paid top dollar for it. I haven't played multiplayer yet so these comments are just for the campaign:

1. Next generation graphics and slick UI

2. Munitions and enhancements

3. Allows for adaptive gameplay, from stealth sniper to in-your-face tanking

1. So short! Less than 15 hrs of game play to win.

2. The plot lacks intrigue, is highly predictable, and doesn't really offer anything new, just borrowing concepts like Hivemind and mind control from other games and movies. Also due to how short the game is, the character development is pretty shallow

3. Childish screenwriting e.g. "I am better than you" no where in the same league as Mass Effect or Assassin's Creed screenwriting

4. Poorly balanced and tested gameplay: some zones are way too easy and overall "Veteran" difficulty was a cakewalk. The hardest parts were more due to some frustrating non-combat element like finding the switch for an elevator in a huge control center

5. Poor graphic optimization, perhaps intentionally. Like many others with top-end, overclocked systems, my framerates dropped below 30 on Very High settings in may outdoor environments like the opening zone of the game. I have read articles spotting reasons from grossly unoptimized ropes to intentional lack of optimization to make Crysis seem like it is pushing the envelope and also drive sales of newer graphics cards, which I'm sure NVIDIA and ATI don't mind.

6. No spoilers but the ending was just so disappointing for me

I may add some more comments after trying out multiplayer, but I wanted to get this up there for those considering purchasing this mainly for the campaign.
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on February 19, 2013
Crysis 3 is to date the most graphically advanced game ever created. One should seriously look at the water ripple when you walk in bodies of water. This game, I though I would never ever say thus, looks so much better than Crysis 1 and warhead now. It is cool that Crytek did not put consoles before PC, and this is what CryEngine 3 should look like. Destruction is better than Crysis 2 and in some places Crysis 1 too. The game play combines the good of both Crysis 1 and 2. I seriously recommend this game to everyone who like a sci-fi fps which allows you to do almost anything you wish on the map.

No spoilers here, but dang the ending is mind blowing. Definitely much better than Crysis 2 and one of the best story I have ever played even though I hope it could be longer.
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on February 28, 2013
Crysis 3 plays identical to Crysis 2. I don't think anything, in terms of gameplay has changed. Suit powers and weapons remain the same. The graphics does look better than its predecessor, so it has that going for it. So if you played the second game, this will be deja vu; which is either a good or bad thing.

For me, a good story-line within a video game is what keeps me intrigued and engaged. But this game lacks coherency, with many plot holes and the likes. Questions that I kept asking are what happened to the US government/military, why am I a rebel and this story/plot makes no sense. None of the characters are memorable.

As for game performance, it runs smoothly on my PC on MAX settings at 2560x1440 with SLI 670s. I haven't noticed any considerable drops in frame. Also of note, I did have issue running the game while my video cards were overclocked. They lagged and crashed constantly, so I reset to the default clocks and the game ran fine afterwards.

Overall, Crysis 3 is definitely better than Aliens CM, so if you had to chose. I would recommend this game but I suggest waiting for a price drop, there's nothing noteworthy or a must play in my eyes.
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on March 26, 2015
So I put the 1st disc in and have to go through the routine of installing Origin, which I don't want. I enter the product key and Origin finally starts and "installation fails". No reason given. I restart the installation process and then it complains that my key has already been used and I must download the game from Origin. So now, instead of playing a game, I get to spend who knows how long troubleshooting this issue. I think I'll just skip it and toss it in the garbage.

Screw you Origin and EA.
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on March 19, 2013
Played entire series again - Crysis 1 through Crysis 3, and the game interface is much more improved, better handling of game, I love the AI and better game play. People say how its just another Crysis game without anything revolutionary -- well it doesn't have to re-invent first person shooters to be an excellent game. The introduction of the bow was revolutionary enough, it's by far the best weapon out of the series. I've played the game 10 seperate times on all levels, and the highest level gave a good challenge.
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on July 8, 2015
The title description should state you need an Origin client and account to download and install this game. It's a deal breaker. If you don't want to create another stupid account and download another stupid client don't waste your time with this.
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on February 21, 2013
Edit: I've beaten the campaign

This is definitely more story driven, which I like. It's not as invasive as Max Payne (gah gives me headache just thinking about it), and you can skip it if you like.

So some people say it's short and you're getting ripped off. Really? They built the crytek 3 engine for this, the amount of effort to make this game, and release it with a stable build (so far, no weird bugs for me) at day one launch should be expected and it does. (personal perspective, I think they did a great job as far as the whole package and I don't feel ripped off, maybe I only have 7-9 more hrs to go, it's a FPS i'm not expecting a RPG). I had 2 crash starts so far, and it seemed to be an issue with Origin (which is... meh, if this is your first game with Origin... don't expect much if you use Steam)

So far, impressed. Graphically speaking, it's breathtaking, especially the jungle parts. There is a certain part (which they have videos of before launch of some of the power of cryek) when you're in some tall brush and it's like Jurassic Park, when those raptors are hunting the people. I haven't figured out the scale of the maps (Crysis seemed so large... but I can't remember that long ago) the effects are amazing. Seriously... the water... WOW. Crysis 2 seemed a lot more "flat" in terms of graphics, dulled out engine so it can run on consoles. This game def has more focus to PCs. Destructive element is... meh. It's decent, better than 2, I can't recall 1, but I feel like in 1 it was crazy.
The world is well done, a better HUD layout but not too different from the previous games. I haven't checked my framerates or my comp usage during in game, but it's pretty smooth so far. I'm running high on everything at 1680-1050 or whatever. I figure my gpu will choke at 1920 by 1200 (i have an older series LCD that's 16:10)

Smooth so far. Def better written than the previous games. (It supposedly accommodates low-mid ranged gpus)

Rig specs are i5 2500k at stock, 16gbs of ram, g1 sniper mobo, gtx 670 ftw 2gb edition. running on IRST (ssd cache) so load times aren't bad.

am considering buying another 670 to see how it runs on SLI but... no money T^T

Story wise, I'm very curious on where it goes. So far, impressed. If you liked the previous games, I'm pretty sure you want to finish the story... SO GET IT.

If you want a game that pushes a gaming comp, get it. It's gorgeous.

if you don't like sci-fi or shooter... don't get it.

oh one more thing, the crossbow (which is on the cover) you can recover the normal arrows you use. from enemies or if you miss and hit the wall (and you can reach it) :D just a small detail i really like.

Edit: So I finally beat it. Total time 7 hrs 20mins. Though I think the total actual time is about 7 hrs. Pretty short, but not unexpected. Enjoyed it much more than 2. Gonna have to dig around to find my 1 and warhead and play through those. My first playthrough was on normal, and... in certain areas... I died. A lot. Now it's time to play the multiplayer.
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on April 1, 2015
I bought the DVD package so I wouldn't have to download 11GB from Origin. But, noooooooo, that ain't gonna happen. As soon as I start Setup from the DVD, it opens Origin and wants me to login (which I did), and then asks for the game code. I entered it, and continued on with trying to set it up. A message then pops up stating that setup can't continue, but I can now download it from my library. WTF?!? So I cancel out of setup and try to restart it. But now when I enter the game code, I'm told that that code has already been used. Really? Now I have no choice but to D/L the 11GB file and let Origin install it. Good luck to me if I have to reinstall it for any reason; I've been through that crap before :-(

On a positive side, if the game play is anywhere near as good as the original Crysis or Crysis 2, I'll be pretty satisfied. I just hate having to go through stuff like this when I paid NOT to have to.
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on February 19, 2013
I downloaded this game around 8 PM today PST. Key works fine, Just put it in Origin and all 3 contents will be unlocked (i.e. Brawler, Hunter Edition and Crysis 1)

Downloading 14GB of content took bit of time (Around 2 hrs), Installation happens automatically, Origin did all the work. I have Windows 8 installed and I got nice shortcut on Home Page along with Desktop. Started the game and this time Crysis is endorsing AMD (in Crysis 1 they were with nVidia),

Menu is pretty much streamlined and looked like lot of information was taken automatically by game just by opening it. Game took default resolution and some other system information as well. I started with 'RECRUIT' mode to understand if any new capabilities have been added to nanosuit and YES there have been some cool features added (I wont reveal here). After RECRUIT mode, Game starts with 'EASY' mode (4 Modes in CRYSIS 3 are EASY, NORMAL, SUPER-HUMAN, DONT EVEN DARE). Game starts with some movie and its no cheap graphics here .. trust me . Videos are very HQ. Graphics Settings & Advanced Graphics Settings options give you enough option to tweak and play with your system hardware limits.

I use GTX 690 along with i7-3930K and 16GB RAM, So I went with 'VERY HIGH' Settings (i.e. MAXED OUT) and the game takes you in differen world itself + I have Samsung SB970 27" Monitor and the colors are so vibrant. Faces of characters look so real. I was kind of stunned. I just started with 1st mission where Pyscho comes to rescue Prophet to inflitrate Libert Dome and blah ! blah ! (I dont wanna reveal more here).Water effects, Light effects are awesome and Yes I do own Battlefield 3 and Assasin's Creed 3 as well. Crysis 3 Graphics are higher than both of them but so is the Hardware Demand as well.

I think one needs pretty powerful machine to play at MAX settings. Even my GTX690 dropped below 30FPS on certain places where too much water & rain effects were present. But overall its a very nice game !

Atleast I loved the graphics, I sometimes kill the enemies and then go back and check all stuff (Just to see the details of the graphics) each brick has been rendered so perfectly.

Awesome Job by CRYTEK ! Still I have completed just 3 missions but I already loved it !


Just to call out I am not overclocking anything

Base i7-3930K, GTX 690, GSkill Trident 16GB 1600Mhz (This one I overclocked), Intel 520 Cherryville (256GB) HardDisk, ASUS Rampage IV Gene Mobo, SUGO SG 09 Case
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