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on June 4, 2016
God bless this game. This is by far one of the most progressive, creative, cleverly thought out games I have ever played. The attention to lore, detailed, and realism in this game is so massively impressive, there is unbelievable amounts of love put into making this game that I am constantly reminded of while playing. The relationships with party members almost feel real, the story is so engaging I can't help but study the lore as passionately as I do my own history, the morally gray play of the game is very magnificently done, you find out while playing this game that no decision can be truly good or bad for everyone, everything is morally gray when viewed from multiple perspectives, which is true for every aspect of life. The sexuality of the party members is diverse and refreshingly progressive, the options and stories are so diverse the replay value is huge. The combat isn't the best ever, nor extremely engaging, but can still be very difficult and require great strategy. I have recommended this game to everyone I love.
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on February 8, 2016
Perfectly paced, great characters, and strong plot. This is the second PC game that I ever played (the first being Civ) and my first RPG, but the gameplay is very intuitive and easy to pick up. The characters and plot are very engaging and I think everyone will adore Alistair. Every decision you make will change the final possible ending for the game, so be careful! In my first playthrough the ending was so shocking and unpleasant that I had to play the game over twice to get an ending I could live with. This isn't the kind of game where doing the right thing will lead to the best result. And that complexity and having to make hard choices is what makes this game so great.
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on May 4, 2017
Outstanding game! Loved it so much that I'm behind on my sleep playing it. I also bought "Wardens' Keep" Premium Content [download] and the Dragon Age Origins "Awakening" Expansion Pack [disks]. Its nice to find fun older games that will run on Windows XP to Windows 10 PCs. Dragon Age: Origins [Download]
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on October 17, 2016
I'm not a big fan of Multiplayer games and it's not easy to find a real good Single Player rpg game...So I can easily say that right now... Dragon Age Origins is absolutely my favorite! The story line is great ...It is well constructed all the way through...The voice acting was not only high quality but also well delivered and very entertaining...The action during the fighting scenes is superb, most always very challenging and the interaction between you and your warriors during battle will determine Victory or Defeat...The slow motion monster kill scenes are a great climax to the end of a well fought battle...The End Battle was fantastic and the visuals were the " Icing on the cake"! Great job Electronic Arts and Bio Ware ! Easily 5 Stars! David King
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on July 4, 2012
I purchased DA:O about a month after its release. I had just started playing video games, and this game got me hooked on RPG's. Two and a half years later, it remains the best game I've ever played. While I enjoy good action and combat scenes, the story is just as (if not more) important, and this is where DA:O shines. The game is extremely re-playable, with a nice variety of lead characters and origin stories from which to choose. I recently played through on my newer laptop, and the game feels as fresh as when I initially played. (It also highlighted the disappointment of Dragon Age 2 [Download]).

Anyone who enjoys RPG's should try DA:0.
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on November 26, 2012
I'm a throw-back to the late '90s, so I'll succinctly describe this game as Baldurs Gate in 3D; however, the graphics aren't isometrically painted backgrounds where you annoyingly struggle to see your party members around walls, cliffs and other obstacles half the time. We now have lovingly created 3D environments in a large game world that is currently on track to deliver well over 150 hours of game time (I've played about 65 hours already and am only 29% into the game) and although this is an older game, on the highest resolutions it might as well be a 2011 title because it looks and sounds gorgeous. The music is epic, the sound effects are fantastic, and the sounds this game puts out never get tired.

Highly polished and well finished, there are a few tiny bugs that pop up here and there that don't disturb the game play and are gone in an instant. For instance, while confronting the demon in the Fade while rescuing Connor, if you click too fast on a party member after combat is over, the game loops back into a dialogue you already had, with the demon you just fought invisible on the screen. The sound didn't quite catch up to the graphics in this case, but just clicking through the dialogue and the game returns to where it's supposed to be.

The game mechanics are the best I've ever seen in a role-playing game. This game could just as easily be labeled as a strategy game considering the infinite ways in which you can respond to the hundreds of different tactical scenarios it throws at you. When taking into account the options, including what party members you choose for a particular mission and the high degree of variance in their individual attributes (there are only three classes, but specializations can create very different characters within a single class), and we're left with a game with insane amounts of strategic fun and replay value.

All told, this game has all the right stuff. It does everything well, if nothing best. Not making a bigger and better followup game worthy of this original would be a travesty to the large group of diehard fans of this great game that I am now definitely a part of.
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on August 14, 2014
The game itself is amazing. I've played it through several times. Such great character development and back stories. This is one game you should not miss out on. The only problem I have is that with the instant access through orgin, you can only downloaded it on one machine. I have 2 computers I like to use at different times and this version will not let me install on both PCs. Also won't let you play with out active internet connection. I tried using on my laptop so I could play on the road but the game won't even start with out a connection. With such restrictions I wish I would have just bought the Hard copy and waited for it to arrive. I get it that the company wants to protect from pirates, but it seems like only the honest customers are penalized.
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on May 2, 2011
I am still in the beginning stages of Dragon Age: Origins, only at level 8 as a mage, but I like it so much
that I ordered Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition as well.

The first pleasant surprise was that it ran at all on my system: Pentium 4D 3.00GHz, 2048 GB, Nvidia 7600 GS (AGP),
Windows XP SP3. I ran the diagnostic tool and it showed a usable resolution of 1280x960. I play it at
1024x768 to be on the safe side and the images are stunning.

The game has a very good tutorial part, easing you in, while providing some challenge, it is up to you to try
to complete all quests in the tutorial part (I did), one of them proved quite a challenge. The game saving
system is good, save often if you know what's good for you, the game also autosaves before trickier situations.

The party composition changes, some changes are up to you, some are built-in to give you a flavor of other
spells/talents and their effects.

The journal system is outstanding, keeping track of quests, information about the world (codex), recent dialogs
with people or creatures, the map is very helpful in following the path of the active quest.

To cut a log story short, I regret every time I have to end my game session, and I look forward to resuming it,
this game is addictive!
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on March 5, 2010
I hesitated buying this game because the ads for it seemed to put a lot of focus on the bloodier aspects of it. However, I had someone tell me that you can turn off the persistent blood splatters. So, I plunged in and I had very mixed feelings. The overarching story is absorbing, if not groundbreaking. I found the graphics just fine. I have an awesome gaming rig though so everything was set to the highest settings. The voice talent was so good-it really helped make the game. I enjoyed the combat system which gave me time to plan my attack. I was satisfied with the armor and the weapons. Most of the quests were interesting enough, but parts of it were a bit tedious-namely the dwarf city.

The aspects of it that I did not like so well were not so many that it ruined the game, but it prevents me from wanting to go back and replay. While I like the overall story, the individual conversations are often juvenile and frustrating. For a game that is supposed to be for adults, I thought a lot of it was geared toward 13 year old males. The ridiculous buckets and pools of blood everywhere are distracting and silly. Fortunately, you can turn most of that off in the options. Also, most of the women are big breasted male fantasy characters-including the demons with nipple jewelry, no less!! I noticed there weren't any males walking around with their parts only covered by a tiny bit of jewelry--not that I want that either. Of course, you can pursue a romance or friends-with-benefits relationship complete with painfully animated sex scenes. No full nudity, just underwear, but it's just cringe inducing. If sex must be included, why not just do like the classic movies and leave it to our imagination? But, games are made by males for males--mostly, so there you have it.

I think there were too many party members to choose from without enough reasons to use all of them. Also, I did like a few of the characters really well, but I would have liked to have been able to influence them to some degree by my behavior. Also, I found some of the NPC's more interesting than my own party members. I thought they did a good job with Duncan, Riordan,Bann Teagan, and Loghain. I also find the moral ambiguity of the game unbelievable. If you choose, you can be an evil warden but still end up being the hero of Ferelden. That makes no sense. I didn't play as evil but I have heard from people that did. They didn't like it.

And another positive for me was the fact that this was a long game, but I only experienced a couple of crashes. I think that shows that they spent a lot of time and effort to turn out a good product. I also like the DLC. I think it's great because you can purchase if it you are interested, but if you're not, you don't have to. The really big negative part to that is that the DLC is kept on THEIR server, so when my internet went down for a weekend, I was unable to play the game because all my saves had DLC content in it. That is a BIG NEGATIVE to me.

Overall, I think it is an entertaining game, I just can't help but wish that they would concentrate on a riveting story with great writing, good combat, and interesting quests that build the relationships in the game and move the story along at the same time, and leave out the more juvenile parts.
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on January 4, 2012
I am stunned by the breadth and depth of this game. My best guess is that I'm only 1/4 of the way into it but...Wow. While the story isn't exactly "new" - sort of a blend of Game of Thrones, LOTR, and many other fantasy series - it's still engrossing and pulls you in. I'm stunned by the work they put into creating a cohesive world complete with history, people, and culture. Not only do you have your main quest, stopping the Blight, you also have dozens of side/supporting quests that you can optionally complete. One thing I liked over similar games like Fallout is that they did limit the extended dialogue with non-critical characters. In Fallout it seemed like you could get into long drawnout conversations with darn near any/everyone even when it didn't really advance the story. That isn't the case with DA:O.

And your choices (quest/dialogue) will affect how your party members feel about you. And kudoes to the game maker for making those choices affect members differently. As in real life, you can't please all the people all the time.

The graphics are top notch, even for a 2+ year old game. I love the fact that the character you create in the beginning appears in the cutscenes in all his glory. The voice acting ranges from acceptable to excellent and the dialogue options are, again, amazing when you think of what must have been involved in coming up with them.

The combat mechanism is the only area that I felt could use improvement. While the Tactics option, which allows one to program a party member's tactics during battle, is a neat feature, I thought it was too limited. I still ended up doing a lot of switching between characters during battles to get the full benefit of their various talents/skills.

There are some other cons:
1. The game did not come with printed manual which is very disappointing.
2. Lack of an in-game tutorial. Yes, the game is easy to use/learn but it took me a while to get the hang of the tactics system. Even after playing the game for 10+ hours, I still feel like I'm missing something in that area.
3. I'm playing as a human and I thought it odd that the death of the main character's parents was dropped the way it was. It was all about the Blight, Leilana's story, and Allistair's story, and...I mean, hey, if we can go and take a detour to do all that, can't we stop and avenge MY parent's betrayal?
4. I know I'm asking a lot here, but it would have been great to have included the main character's voice responses. Having just the onscreen text dialogue followed by the NPC voiced response was the only thing that kept me from becoming fully immersed in my character. Now that I think about it, that might be a good thing as I might never have stopped playing.

If you're looking for an engrossing story with engaging characters, rich backstories, and challenging quests this game must be tried.

My system: Laptop i7 Quad with 1GB GPU & Win 7 64 Bit OS

Update 01/17/12: If you're going to get this game, get the Ultimate edition instead. The game has a bunch of downloadable side quests that would cost major bucks for you to buy them online which you'd have to do if you bought this particular version. So getting the ultimate edition for about $10 more only makes sense.
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