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on July 4, 2012
I purchased DA:O about a month after its release. I had just started playing video games, and this game got me hooked on RPG's. Two and a half years later, it remains the best game I've ever played. While I enjoy good action and combat scenes, the story is just as (if not more) important, and this is where DA:O shines. The game is extremely re-playable, with a nice variety of lead characters and origin stories from which to choose. I recently played through on my newer laptop, and the game feels as fresh as when I initially played. (It also highlighted the disappointment of Dragon Age 2 [Download]).

Anyone who enjoys RPG's should try DA:0.
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VINE VOICEon November 30, 2009
I like Dragon Age Origins a lot. I played it all weekend, got pretty far, and had a very good time doing it. The story is very engaging, and music is superb. The gameplay is also very strong. I think it's saying something when you can play for 10hrs or so and not encounter a single crash or hang or any sort of technical problem with the game. I'm impressed. The world seems to be massive as well, which means lots of longivity. And I'm already contemplating making a very different character to get a different gameplay experience.

Now the drawbacks...

1) I was really appalled by the fact that I'm playing along in the game, encounter an in-game character, and agree to do some adventuring on a little quest that he has, only to have the game tell me that I lack the funds in my online account to "purchase" this content. To me that is unprecidented in a non-mmo game, and I really hate where this sort of thing may be leading.

2) The character art is kind of shoddy. The artist really has trouble with hands, noses, and ears in particular, which leads to some pretty odd looking characters.

3) The game seems to be surprisingly linear. For the first 10 hours of play or so, I really didn't seem to have all that many choices of where to go or what to do. I felt like I was "on rails" (even though they were very good rails admittedly).

4) The "goody-two-shoes" factor. In similar games I've often felt gratified to play "bad-boy" characters, or at least characters who periodically chose to do anti-hero kinds of activities. But in this game, I felt very strongly compelled to "toe the line". This is because it seems like in order to achieve goals, recruit a party, and so forth, you need to be a "goody goody". And I don't like that aspect of the game.

Anyhow, these complaints are sort of minor in the big picture, but do keep me from considering this a truly excellent game.
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on November 25, 2009
This game is completely immersive. It's so well acted and written that you constantly look forward to the next plot reveal. And the amazing character interaction is addictive. I am an old Baldur's gate fan and reformed WoW addict. The plot of this game is the best I've ever encountered, and the story is right in step with classic fantasy (Belgariad, LoTR, Shannara). My one complaint is that some of the cut scenes are a bit long. However, the conversations are priceless and there is plenty of humor to be found. Game play is quite nice and very simple to configure. Group battling is wonderful, and thanks to pausing you can micromanage. Solid and classic RPG. I can't wait for expansions. :)
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on March 27, 2017
The download didn't work for me at all.
I'm very upset that I spent 10 dollars for this and I couldn't even play it.
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on November 4, 2009
The idea of origins is that you can start as any of one "origins" - each origin has its own story line. My understanding is it is several hours of totally different stories at that. I'm playing a mage, which includes traveling to another world where demons struggle to possess you, and you must prevent it by pure force of will. Its extremely refreshing to see something actually putting something about your magical powers instead of just saying, "Oh, here you go. You can cast magic missile at the darkness."

Graphically, wow. And I mean WOW as in awesome, not as in a certain online game we've probably all played entirely too much. Definitely some of the best graphics I've seen to date. Think how good Oblivion was when it came out - Dragon Age crushes it. Not only better graphics (one thing I've noticed in some newer games is when they "focus" on the characters that are active and "unfocus" the background - really makes a difference.), but leaps beyond previous games of this depth.

The sound is top notch. Voice acting is very good (and very wide spread so far), music is top notch, and general ambiance is really well done as well (hearing the wind blowing down through the mountain valleys, and dogs barking in the distance. People having conversations that get louder as you get closer, etc).

And the story line - when I finally forced myself to quit playing last night so I could get up for work today, I sat back thinking EPIC. As in LOTR epic (not LOTRO, but the books/movies). I just felt like something really big was coming, and I was going to be right in the middle of it. And the twists and turns that are already occurring as the story unfolds - I don't want to give anything away. Let's just say you HAVE to experience this.

This is one that will be mentioned for years to come. I can only imagine what is going to happen, but so far it is extraordinary.

If you didn't order it yet, do it. If you have other games on your plate, quit playing them. If you have no time due to RL, quit your RL.

Seriously. M'kay?
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on March 5, 2010
I hesitated buying this game because the ads for it seemed to put a lot of focus on the bloodier aspects of it. However, I had someone tell me that you can turn off the persistent blood splatters. So, I plunged in and I had very mixed feelings. The overarching story is absorbing, if not groundbreaking. I found the graphics just fine. I have an awesome gaming rig though so everything was set to the highest settings. The voice talent was so good-it really helped make the game. I enjoyed the combat system which gave me time to plan my attack. I was satisfied with the armor and the weapons. Most of the quests were interesting enough, but parts of it were a bit tedious-namely the dwarf city.

The aspects of it that I did not like so well were not so many that it ruined the game, but it prevents me from wanting to go back and replay. While I like the overall story, the individual conversations are often juvenile and frustrating. For a game that is supposed to be for adults, I thought a lot of it was geared toward 13 year old males. The ridiculous buckets and pools of blood everywhere are distracting and silly. Fortunately, you can turn most of that off in the options. Also, most of the women are big breasted male fantasy characters-including the demons with nipple jewelry, no less!! I noticed there weren't any males walking around with their parts only covered by a tiny bit of jewelry--not that I want that either. Of course, you can pursue a romance or friends-with-benefits relationship complete with painfully animated sex scenes. No full nudity, just underwear, but it's just cringe inducing. If sex must be included, why not just do like the classic movies and leave it to our imagination? But, games are made by males for males--mostly, so there you have it.

I think there were too many party members to choose from without enough reasons to use all of them. Also, I did like a few of the characters really well, but I would have liked to have been able to influence them to some degree by my behavior. Also, I found some of the NPC's more interesting than my own party members. I thought they did a good job with Duncan, Riordan,Bann Teagan, and Loghain. I also find the moral ambiguity of the game unbelievable. If you choose, you can be an evil warden but still end up being the hero of Ferelden. That makes no sense. I didn't play as evil but I have heard from people that did. They didn't like it.

And another positive for me was the fact that this was a long game, but I only experienced a couple of crashes. I think that shows that they spent a lot of time and effort to turn out a good product. I also like the DLC. I think it's great because you can purchase if it you are interested, but if you're not, you don't have to. The really big negative part to that is that the DLC is kept on THEIR server, so when my internet went down for a weekend, I was unable to play the game because all my saves had DLC content in it. That is a BIG NEGATIVE to me.

Overall, I think it is an entertaining game, I just can't help but wish that they would concentrate on a riveting story with great writing, good combat, and interesting quests that build the relationships in the game and move the story along at the same time, and leave out the more juvenile parts.
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on May 2, 2011
I am still in the beginning stages of Dragon Age: Origins, only at level 8 as a mage, but I like it so much
that I ordered Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition as well.

The first pleasant surprise was that it ran at all on my system: Pentium 4D 3.00GHz, 2048 GB, Nvidia 7600 GS (AGP),
Windows XP SP3. I ran the diagnostic tool and it showed a usable resolution of 1280x960. I play it at
1024x768 to be on the safe side and the images are stunning.

The game has a very good tutorial part, easing you in, while providing some challenge, it is up to you to try
to complete all quests in the tutorial part (I did), one of them proved quite a challenge. The game saving
system is good, save often if you know what's good for you, the game also autosaves before trickier situations.

The party composition changes, some changes are up to you, some are built-in to give you a flavor of other
spells/talents and their effects.

The journal system is outstanding, keeping track of quests, information about the world (codex), recent dialogs
with people or creatures, the map is very helpful in following the path of the active quest.

To cut a log story short, I regret every time I have to end my game session, and I look forward to resuming it,
this game is addictive!
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on November 15, 2009
Dragon Age is genuinely revolutionary. The Baldur's Gate series is probably the closest thing to this game, but even it seems downright tame compared to some of the innovations here. Not everyone is going to like it (although, judging by the current reviews, I would say that number is going to be very small).

The biggest innovation is the ratio of plot to combat. You will spend A LOT of time...talking. Do you get to kill things? Of course, but this is the only game I have ever seen in which you will actually spend a lot of time in camp, chatting with your companions. Some of this is unnecessary, but some of it is actually essential to the gameplay. Your relationship with members of your party effects the outcome of the game in a number of ways. You can probably zip through much of it, but then you miss the point of the game. If you want a hack-and-slash, look elsewhere. The best way to enjoy this game is immersively. Listen to the dialog, learn the history, become part of the world.

The characters in the story are genuinely worth getting to know. They are not simply stereotypes, they have true personalities and even moods. They can be funny (at one point there was a squabble between two of my companions over a dirty sock in a bedroll). They can inspire actual pathos. I can't honestly say I started crying at any point, but Allister's affection for a fallen companion is actually quite touching.

If I have any complaints, it is that the world may actually be a little too open-ended. I have oodles of items I'm sure are useful somewhere, but I haven't a clue where. I'm afraid to drop them, so I am constantly having to re-organize my pack in order to accommodate. Also, the various specializations for each class are someone difficult to find. Some of them can be purchased, but others have to be found, and there is no logic to it. Even though you can specialize as early as level 7, my mage was level 13 before she actually found something to specialize in.

One other note: this game is rated M and it absolutely should be. After a fight, your party will literally be splattered with blood for a time, and the corpses of your vanquished foes actually decompose. There are several opportunities to have sex, including sex with a demon and sex with prostitutes (although there is nothing shown). Finally, there are concepts in the game that are positively creepy. I recently met up with a disturbed young woman in the story who had turned her true story of murder, rape and cannibalism into a nursery rhyme in order to keep herself from going insane from the memories. Great for atmosphere, terrible for insomniacs. Keep the kiddies away!

Overall, this is a spectacular game. It is the first time I ever pre-ordered a game, and I am very glad I did.
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on November 22, 2009
Hello everyone. This is for those of you Mac Bootcamp users who are wondering if this will run on a Mac. Well, I'll share my experience so far, in case anyone is on the fence about buying this:

I've got a 2-year old iMac with a 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and 2 GB of RAM, and I'm running Windows XP with SP3 on Bootcamp, and this game runs flawlessly. I've got it set to a high screen resolution, and "medium" detail for graphics, and it runs very nicely.

In about 15-20 hours of playing, I've had one QTD error ("quit to desktop"), and that's it. I've seen none of the slow load times or any other glitches. The graphics are beautiful on my settings. Better than NWN2 on highest, and and as good as or better than The Witcher too (which was stunningly beautiful IMO).

From a gameplay standpoint, there's plenty of reviews, but I think Dragon Age is great. I'm one of those that has done Baldur's Gate I & II many times, including their expansions, NWN 1 with all it's expansions, and NWN 2 (without expansions - I have the Mac versions, so the expansions aren't available).

I'm not sure Dragon Age is the "spiritual successor" to Baldur's Gate, but I don't know that it needs to be. It's definitely at least as good or better than NWN I or II (in my limited play of Dragon Age so far). I also was skeptical it would top The Witcher , which I've recently played several times through, and which also runs flawlessly on my Mac Bootcamp setup as above. So far, I'm forced to admit Dragon Age at least equals, if not succeeds, my beloved "The Witcher".

So for anybody with a fairly recent desktop iMac running bootcamp and Windows XP, feel comfortable giving this game a go!
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on December 30, 2009
First off, I am having a ball playing this game. The storyline is great and the backgrounds (I have played one and have seen parts of two others) are well developed and help to pull you into the game.

As a parent to other parents: Believe the mature rating! Not only is there a LOT of blood and gore in this game, there are many mature themes that I consider too much for children. I am not saying this makes it a bad game, but as a parent you need to be responsible for the things to which your children are exposed. My younger children (ages 9 and 10) are not allowed to watch this game being played. This means I do not get nearly as much time playing this game as other games because I want to spend time with my children. Just be aware of what is in the game and make sure that you are comfortable with your children (whatever their ages) being exposed to it.

That being said, this is one of the most fun games I have played in a long time. I am a fan of having a lot of story in an RPG and like it that the combat system allows for pausing and and careful thought. If you are less interested in story and more interested in fast-paced hack and slash you might be disappointed (or maybe not, you might get sucked into the story anyway). The only complaint that I have is that they went so much for splattering blood around that in some cases it is almost silly, which somewhat detracts from otherwise intense moments in the game.
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