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2.7 out of 5 stars 35 customer reviews
Rated: Teen
Metascore: 65 / 100
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Product Information

Release date April 26, 2011
Customer Reviews
2.7 out of 5 stars 35 customer reviews

2.7 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

From the Manufacturer

Darkspore is a Sci-fi Action-RPG game from Maxis that uses the development houses award-winning Creature Editing technology from Spore to bring a whole new franchise to life. With this unique customization functionality players are able to create genetically altered heroes which are in turn used against a mutant horde that has terrorized the galaxy for 1,000 years in an RPG like none before it. Additional features include hundreds of enemy types, multiplayer support including co-op, exceptional replay value

Darkspore game logo
Zrin from Darkspore
Utilize Spore Creature editing technology in an all-new Sci-fi action RPG.
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Gameplay within Darkspore is set in the aftermath of a scientific experiment gone disastrously wrong. After unstable "Exponential DNA" (E-DNA) escaped the lab, it created mutated hordes of Darkspore creatures who -- under a mysterious leader called The Corruptor -- overran the galaxy. After eons of hiding in hyper-sleep, you have been awakened by your spaceship computer with a message from a long dormant computer network: E-DNA has been stabilized. Use it to upgrade a collection of Genetic Heroes and fight back against the Darkspore. Each of these has their own unique abilities that can be used in combat. Switch between each of these heroes as you play through different levels and fight different Darkspore enemies. Upgrade your heroes by collecting parts that add stats to make your heroes more powerful. Customize your heroes and parts in nearly infinite ways. Organize your heroes into squads of three, and decide which squad has the best combination of heroes to defeat the enemies on each planet you encounter. Use "squad abilities" to combine attacks from different heroes simultaneously. Play through a loot-driven campaign against the Darkspore in solo or co-op modes, as the game is designed for co-op from the ground up. Discover and unlock ancient Crogenitor obelisks containing bonus loot. In addition, players can compete against other players in online matches.

Key Game Features

  • All-new 3D graphics engine with stunning visual effects
  • Collect Genetic Heroes from three character classes (Sentinel, Ravager, Tempest) and five Genesis types (Bio, Cyber, Plasma, Necro, Quantum)
  • Hundreds of unique Genetic Hero abilities that can be combined in squads and co-op gameplay
  • Unparalleled customization using the award-winning Creature Editor technology from Spore
  • Unique alien planet levels with hundreds of Darkspore enemies, including player-created enemies, each with their own attacks and behaviors
  • Innovative risk/reward campaign that lets players push their luck to earn better heroes and upgrades
  • AI Director technology that provides deep replayability by dynamically altering the spawning, difficulty, and behaviors of NPC hordes, by distributing loot drops, and by controlling dynamic placement of destructible objects throughout each level
  • Persist your collection online, and access it from the Darkspore.com web site

Additional Screenshots

Gameplay screen from Darkspore
Co-op and PvP options.
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Gameplay screen from Darkspore
Hundreds of hero abilities.
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Gameplay screen from Darkspore
All-new 3D graphics engine.
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A creature creation from Darkspore
Risk/reward campaign.
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System Requirements
  Minimum Specifications:
OS: Win 7, Vista and XP
Processor: 3.0 GHz P4 or Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz or equivalent or faster
Hard Drive: 10 GB
Video Card: 256 MB Video Card with support for Shader Model 3.0
Additional Info: DirectX: 9.0; this game cannot be added to Origin

Persistent internet connection, EA Account, registration with enclosed serial code and acceptance of End User License Agreement required to play. Software registration is limited to one EA Account per serial code and is non-transferable. You must be 13+ to register for an EA Account. EULA, EA online PRIVACY POLICY AND TERMS OF SERVICE can be found atwww.ea.com. EA may retire online features after 30 days notice posted onwww.ea.com/2/service-updates.


Customer Questions & Answers

Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews

By Brian T. Kessler on October 1, 2011
Verified Purchase
This game requires a internet connection. However, most of the time I cannot connect to EA's servers.

I have rebooted my computer, turned off my firewall, and even deleted and reinstalled the game. Still, most of the time I cannot connect to the servers. I have played about an hour's worth of time, and I have spent almost as much time trying to log in.

The game itself is fun. It's a simple hack-and-slash, much like the original Diablo. However, Darkspore gives hack-and-slash an interesting twist. Traditional fantasy themes give way to a technological/bio-organic sci-fi world. The character customization is its strongest feature. The plot isn't particularly compelling, however hack-and-slash games aren't meant to be gripping.

On gameplay alone, I would give this 3 stars. However, 2 stars is generous given the connection issues. Ultimately this was a bad purchase.
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Verified Purchase
I got this game for my son who loves Spore. I downloaded it and installed it on his computer. It worked long enough for him to start a game (about 15 minutes). He left the game and later went back in and it started an update. After the update every time he started the game it said the game has crashed unexpectedly. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it said the same thing. I tried running the game with admin privileges and it was able to start the update again. After it updated, it still won't start. I looked online and found that this game is full of DRM which lock down the game so it can't be played if you don't have an internet connection. It also has problems with parental controls and firewalls. Rather than make it harder for pirates to play their game, they have made it impossible for actual customers to play. This game is a great example of how bad DRM can ruin the game for people who are willing to pay money for products.
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Verified Purchase
Alot of people are comparing this to Diablo II, but I don't really think thats fair. While Diablo 2 has 7 different playable characters there were many, many possible builds you could create. This game boasts 100 different playable heros, but there are really just 25 different heroes with a measly base attack, 2 abilities, a third 'genesis' ability that alternates depending on which of the 4 different color variations of a hero you are using, and a passive ability.

I included Torchlight in the title of my post because thats what the levels feel like. There are about 5 or 6 different stages with slight variations that you fight in. It really feels like a multiplayer Torchlight. They try to add a story, but its horribly explained in game and you're not really playing through it. A computer pops up every once in a while and gives you a history of stuff that happened, but it doesn't personally engage you.

Speaking of the multiplayer, if you're not the ideal level for a stage, you can go back to previous stages and play them again in hopes of getting better gear. Unfortunately, you will need to plan on doing that alone. In an effort to make it more "fun" to play with your friends, your hero will be nerfed to a point where you are substantially weaker than your friend, despite having far superior gear. Basically, only play with friends or never play with friends, because once you shoot ahead of them you will be at a huge disadvantage. The matchmaking system is pretty bad too, you may or may not get the level you want to play, and once the matchmaking system finds one person the game pretty much always starts after that. You can't tell it to always find four people or try to search a little longer.
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Verified Purchase
The game would not connect to the EA servers which is a requirement to run the game. I spent hours re-downloading, contacting EA support and working through the troubleshooting steps, but it never connected. This was a total frustration and not worth the $10. In fact, they should pay me for all the wasted time I spent on this game that never worked.
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By Nat on November 5, 2011
Verified Purchase
I have a lot of fun play this game and its pretty cool. I mean you control a squad (3 monsters) at one time switching them out as desired or needed. There are 100 different kinds of monsters and you get addicted kind of like pokemon.

*Replay is pretty high due to the fact you want all the "critters" to see what they do
*Pretty much customize your ENTIRE (including the look) character all throughout the game after every mission.

*Game patch was about half the size of the game(means poor programming and they just wanted to put something out there)
*to play you need to be online at all times(if you lose connection your game shuts off... this is very disappointing because they are trying to stop thieves and hacking but it's horrible that EA is going to this new system. Such a pain)
*UI could be better, like i don't know, maybe not only using your mouse to move the monster but also using wasd and using other keys like 1,2,3 on the num pad to switch?
*Lack of players online

Over all its fun but needs more players.
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Verified Purchase
I used to play darkspore about 8 months ago and I had tons of fun playing it. Though the game slowly lost interest for me as it got a bit repetative. A friend and I were planning on picking the game back up again but now that we go to play, the error code 73003 arises when trying to login. I've been looking for a solution to this issue via forums and customer support and I have yet been able to find a solution to this problem that has been plaguing the game for months. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS GAME AS THE SUPPORT FOR THE GAME NO LONGER EXISTS AND THE GAME DOES NOT WORK. If you manage to find a solution please post it here. Sorry for the bad news.
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