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Release date March 22, 2011
Customer Reviews
3.1 out of 5 stars 215 customer reviews

3.1 out of 5 stars
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Product Description

From the Manufacturer

The Sims Medieval is a brand-new direction for the popular single player Simulation game franchise, as the familiar gameplay mechanics of The Sims are blended with light Role-Playing (RPG) elements in a Medieval European setting. In this new incarnation PC and Mac players must both assure the happiness of their Sims on a day-to-day level, as well as support the aims of the kingdom they build and engage in all manner of quests which Sims can take on singularly and in groups up to three. New features include: a wide range of available Sims hero types associated with buildings constructed, each with a fatal flaw to overcome; a leveling system for characters based in replayable quests; and an overall player-chosen goal for kingdoms.

The Sims Medieval game logo

The Sims Go Back in Time and Get Medieval

The Sims Medieval takes The Sims franchise into the Middle Ages with all new features, new graphics and new ways to play. For the first time, players can create heroes, venture on quests, and build up a kingdom all their own. In an ancient land of adventure, drama and romance, players will be able to get medieval like nobody could ever have imagined.

A female Sims character in Medieval garb in The Sims Medieval
The Sims go Medieval on you combining classic play mechanics with RPG functionality in a Medieval setting.
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Gameplay: Kingdoms, Heroes and Quests

As with all The Sims games, The Sims Medieval is primarily a Simulation game where the player is responsible for all aspects of their sims' lives. But The Sims Medieval expands on the classic The Sims gameplay formula by affecting the focus of players and their Sims via a change of environment and game mechanics. The game adopts a "what if" scenario, placing your sims in a Medieval setting, complete with castles, monarchs, knights, peasants, intrigue between kingdoms, etc. Thus the question is: What if a The Sims game was set in a Medieval European time period? The answer to this is that although the player must still be very concerned about the day to day happiness, or unhappiness, of their Sims, there are also other concerns appropriate to the time period, or at least the game's interpretation of the time period. This equates to the three-tiered approach to gameplay centered around: kingdom, heroes and quests.

Life in the kingdoms of The Sims Medieval revolve around castles and the other buildings and facilities that are added to a kingdom. As a kingdom is established players codify the overall ambition of their kingdom. These ambitions can reflect a variety of concerns, including political, military, economic, etc. and will serve as a sort of mission statement for everything that transpires among the Sims that populate a kingdom. In the end this initial decision affects both Sim happiness and the overall fate of your kingdom. With each building that is added during the game players gain access to specific hero character types associated with them. These range from lofty roles like rulers, knights and wizards, all the way to the more humble physicians, craftsmen, etc. These different types of Sims can be customized in ways familiar to players of earlier games, including apparel and temperament, as well as the new fatal flaw customization, which must be worked out if players choose to work towards their sims prospering. The cumulative experience of this customization makes up the building blocks of a Sim's day-to-day experience, actions in the kingdom and happiness. Once the player's Sims are established, the game opens up into an additional crucial gameplay area, quests.

Quests in The Sims Medieval contains a certain level of role-playing game mechanics, which is new to The Sims franchise, and which offers players the opportunity to earn skill points, experience points and kingdom points. Following standard RPG game mechanics, points allow for leveling up of Sims characters and kingdoms. Thus, quests are also a crucial element of the game that drives the story of the game forward, depending on their success or failure, the temperaments of the participating Sims and the goals of the kingdom. Simple quests can be taken on by a single Sim while more complex endeavors can require up to three Sim heroes. All quests contain multiple paths towards completion, which are further varied by the fact of the differing strengths and weakness of your chosen heroes. This type of flexibility in quests allows for maximum replay value of the game, as the outcome of quests can vary widely depending on the Sim heroes utilized.

Key Game Features

  • Classic The Sims gameplay set in an exciting Medieval European setting full of adventure, drama, and romance
  • Gameplay requires a balance between the day-to-day wants and needs of Sims heroes, as well as the quests required of the them and the declared goal of the kingdom
  • Light RPG gameplay as players create heroes, send them on epic quests and level up their skills and abilities
  • Quests allow for extensive replay value as players use a combination of up to three Sims heroes, then replay quests using different heroes
  • Fantastic customization options including extensive Medieval attire choices and building creation and decoration options
  • Win/Mac software release allows for play on PC and Macintosh computer systems

Additional Screenshots

Romance from The Sims Medieval
Classic Sims play.
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A knight hero threatening with a sword in The Sims Medieval
Quests & character leveling.
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A Sims executioner holding an other Sim in stocks in The Sims Medieval
A wide range of roles.
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A Sims clergyman dramatically accusing an other Sim of something in The Sims Medieval
Kingdom centric gameplay.
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System Requirements
  Minimum Specifications:
OS: Win 7, Vista and XP (Note: This game is not yet Windows 8 certified by the manufacturer at this time. Please confirm Windows 8 support via updated patches with manufacturer prior to purchase.)
Processor: 2.4 GHz
Hard Drive: 5 GB
Video Card: 128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
Additional Info: None


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Verified Purchase
This game deserves a good rating for being an original remake of the classical SIMS. It takes elements of questing across a static map, similar to the game mechanics of Heroes of Might and Magic and combines it with the nature of the SIMS game play. It is a niche in its own right.

Basically, the game centers around nine hero characters you can customize. Each hero represents a certain class or job type and their day to day tasks and quests will differ based on it. A knight will do things like sharpen his sword, practice on the dummy, patrol the forests, duel a challenger. A blacksmith will make metal-forged items. A physician or healer will perform surgery, attend to his patients and craft tonics and salves. A monarch will attend court and hear petitions, write new laws, sign treaties or hunt down a great bear. A mage will craft potions, memorize spells, gather herbs. A bard will write poems, gather inspiration, write plays, play his lute and perform on stage. A spy will craft poisons, eavesdrop, make secret drops, pickpocket, break someone from the gallows. A Peteran and Jacoban priest will convert villagers, bless them, hold sermons.

Each of these nine heroes have different duties. Everyday at 9AM there are tasks they must fulfill before the end of the day to maintain a focus bar. The focus affects their mood or how they perform their duties. Someone with low focus can fail at tasks such as fishing, crafting, surgery. hunting. This is also coupled with the main quest on the story. Every quest has one or two heroes that must complete story-line quests while completing their daily tasks. Ignoring their daily tasks might result in low focus that will adversely affect the completion of the quest.

Every hero can advance ten levels.
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By Jane on April 11, 2011
Verified Purchase
I really enjoyed this Sims installment. Nah, it's not like the others, but it's really cute and fun to play. It's quest based, so don't expect to be able to just hop in and out of households as you please.

Also, you're unable to choose quests after you finish a "motivation" for a kingdom. So it's.. very different! I am a hardcore player of all types of games, and it took me several kingdoms to get all the nuances of the game. So it's very complicated in comparison to other sims, but even if you DON'T know everything that's happening, it's still a lot of fun.

The tutorial is.. totally necessary, though, so all you naysayers will learn a new reason to be enraged once you escape it and have no clue what's going on.

Anyhow, I like it. Gameplay is smooth, it's fun to balance, still pleasantly addictive, but not based on needs.. and you don't feel that inclination to cheat all the time like you do in the traditional Sims games.
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Verified Purchase
The Sims Medieval is a really fun, newly styled Sims game.
Instead of doing your daily tasks of waking up, cooking lunch, going to work, going to school, etc... You actually have a daily set of tasks to complete. It's a lot like Runescape in a way. It's a medieval setting, and you choose from a list of quests to do every day. It's a really new spin on the average Sims game. I was getting sick of the same old same old routine, so I checked in to this game and was instantly surprised by how fun it is!

You start off the game by creating your "monarch" of the kingdom. You control your queen/king for the first couple quests, and rack up your Quest Points and Resource Points. Using the Quest Points, you can "purchase" different quests. Using the Resource Points (RP), you can purchase new destinations within your kingdom - which opens up various other playable characters (ex. Bard, Knight, Spy, Jacoban Priest...)

If you are interested in continuing with the Sims, but in a whole different setting, this is the game for you! It offers a new view of the Sims.
Some of the negatives, i'd say, are the limits to the clothing you get to choose from (and hairstyles!) - Also, you miss out on other daily things like Hygiene, Bladder, Entertainment, etc. which used to provide a nice moodlet for your Sim. But all in all, it's worth it!
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Verified Purchase
This is game is similar to the Sims in several ways, but in other ways it is more about time management and task completion. I really enjoy the game, but I'm glad that I was made aware not to expect it to be the Sims with medieval themes. If I had been expecting that, I probably would have been disappointed. All in all, I think it is worth keeping an open mind and giving the game a try.
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Verified Purchase
This game has been out for a year, so I'm not really going to be revealing an ground-breaking information with this review.

I found this game to be a refreshing and relaxing break from the MMO's I've participated in during the last few years. There are no griefers trying to hunt me down. I don't have to grind out monster after monster for experience or quests. And it's not particularly importatant what level your characters are.

The game has just enough complexity in the political and building systems to provide a need for good strategic decisions, and enough complexity in maintaining your characters during quests to keep you on your toes regarding "daily" tactical decisions.

The quests themselves are pretty hard to mess up. You know what to do next, and in virtually every case there is a marker on the map showing you where to go to do it. The key is to balance just how quickly you complete quest steps with doing extra things to level up your character. It isn't hard to figure out, but it will keep you on your toes the first few days of play.

I found it amusing to create my own private goals for each character and try to achieve those at the same time as keeping up with the character's daily needs and quest progress. That added to the fun from my point of view.

Even a year later, there are still a few bugs in the game, but they don't really detract from overall game play. This is a solid gaming product with much more play value that it would look to have on first glance.
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