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on August 17, 2015
This review is strictly about ordering this game as a PC download from Amazon. I hope the game is awesome but I haven't gotten to play it yet. I bought and downloaded the game. I have never purchased a PC download from Amazon before. Everything goes smoothly until you open the game menu and hit Play. Then a program tells you that it has to check the release date. Takes about 45 seconds to then tell me ERROR, 'Release Check Date Failed'. with no other option then go to a website that then asks you to download a support tool if the game isn't working. Well that program froze and wont download at all. I'm bummed about it all not working and loosing money as I cannot return the product.
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on December 24, 2015
As this is a digital download, it's ridiculous that SecuROM is included in the download, thereby making it very difficult to play on anything newer than Windows 10 as the program is entirely incompatible yet is required to run for the game to be played. Additionally, this means I now have plenty of programs to uninstall simply because I (*gasp*) just wanted to play the game.
I'd suggest looking on the EA site; probably won't have this issue.
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on February 22, 2014
I debated buying this because of everything I'd heard about the game. It went on sale for $5 and I figured, why not. I went in knowing the common complaints about this game and with expectations set accordingly.

- So, yes, there are endlessly recycled dungeons. It's cheap and lazy -- I can understand having multiple quests in the same location to maximize reuse, but it would be nice if different cave systems had different layouts.
- I miss the camp system from DAO, where you could talk your companions as much as you wanted -- now each romance path has fairly few scenes and development before it jumps into the relationship.
- the battle system is faster and not as slow and tactical as DAO.
- not as epic or heroic as DAO -- in DAO I felt like I made an actual difference, in DA2 it felt like everything went to hell regardless of your choices

So, that's quite a list of cons. But I went into the game knowing all of these things in advance, and with the right expectations I managed to enjoy the game. I love Hawke's voice acting and personality development -- sarcastic Hawke is very fun to play. I loved Varric and Fenris, and the party banter was still as funny as DAO. I connected to my Hawke's struggles, even though they played out on a less epic scale. I think that Hawke having a more defined background and personality helped with the writing -- I like being able to pick a gender, and that's about as much self-insertion as I need. And I got used to the battle system and started enjoying the cross-class combos.

Ultimately, I play RPGs to experience a story and be immersed in another world, and DA2 managed to achieve that. Just lower your expectations and don't expect anything as good as DAO.
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on January 26, 2014
I had already owned the xbox version and most of the DLC. In preparation for the next one in the series, which I will be buying on the PC, I needed to replay through the PC versions. Got this one on sale for 5 bucks at Xmas 13.

The game does however use origin, which is ugly and bad compared to Steam. I wish it had used steam also but EA had to use their own system when steam was already doing it right.

This did come with the bonus DLC if I remember right, as in the DLC for the extra store called the emporium is included along with the mabari hound I believe but I think thats it.

I loaded the game to make sure it worked and everything seems fine. I have to play through the PC version but with the ability to use mods and more to improve graphics etc it is much better then the console versions.

The gameplay itself compared to the first in the series is drastically different.
1. The actual fights are faster and much easier even on higher difficulties.
2. The default attacks for each person are much better then the first and you feel as if non ability attacks actually do some damage.
3. The level design is much simpler in this version, places are constantly reused, the same texture gets used hundreds of times for level designs.
4. The ability to use mods is a huge improvement. I am able to use a texture mod to make everything in the game use 4k resolution textures.
5. The gameplay itself much the same as the first in the series.
6. Conversations are now much more limited. This is where I start taking points off. I loved having 6 or sometimes even more choices in a conversation with anyone, there were many outcomes for each choice and it branched off in huge ways. Now the conversations use the Mass Effect style of choice and give you 6 options and tells you which ones are good or bad for companion talking.

All in all I enjoyed this game MUCH more then the first in the series because I could replay this one faster and easier and see all the endings/achievement hunt. Now I need to prepare for the next in the series with a new save to continue from.
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on October 21, 2013

I originally came into contact with the Dragon Age games due to my friend. She went on and on about a certain elf named Fenris and I was dying to know what she was talking about. And, so, I sat down and watched her play...and thus my addiction began.

Very differently than most other people, I enjoy Dragon Age 2 more than Dragon Age: Origins. Origins felt slow and when I played it, I felt like I was stuck in the castle forever. I wasn't very keen on the looks of the characters or of how hard it was to use a mage. As a result, by the time I got to the second game, I was not fond of mages in the least and still sucked at playing as them. I am a rogue through and through. But that is an opinion and preference and I'm talking about DA2, not Origins. So, I suppose it is best to simply dive right in.

Plot/Story Line: 10/10
I greatly enjoy the storyline of DA2. It isn't as in depth as some would like and I even find it falling short in some areas in comparison to others.
Dragon Age 2 takes place about a fifth of the way through Origins, give or take. In the beginning of Act 1, Hawke (you) and your family are fleeing the destruction of Lothering during the fifth Blight (this is after the beginning cut scene with Varric and Cassandra). After you flee your home and make it to Kirkwall, you spend a year working off your debt to get into the city. When the year is complete, you are looking to make some coin and that is basically the whole goal of Act 1. This act is where you find all of your party members (save Aveline and either your mage-sister, Bethany, or your warrior-brother, Carver) and begin your journey. Act 1 is focused mostly on the Deep Roads Expedition. There are various side quests (like "Bait and Switch," "Tranquility," and "Fools Rush In") that gather who is to be in your party along with simple fighting or find-and-deliver quests that both save up money for the Deep Roads and help to level up Hawke. To cut down on spoilers and save time, you basically save up 50 Sovereigns, complete several quests and then go to Bartrand (Varric's brother) and insert yourself into the Expedition. Who you take in can also affect several outcomes so it is wise to plan your party carefully.
I won't delve anymore into the story to keep from spoiling excessively. As a general overview, there is much time that passes and it all syncs relatively well with its predecessor.

Various Tasks (Quests): 9/10
I know most people find the Quests annoying but, again, I seem to be different. Yes, I will admit that some of the quests are pure Hell. (DO NOT ACCEPT ANY QUESTS FROM THE HERBALIST!! It is just awful!!) There are a lot of quests, however, that can be really entertaining depending on who you take along. For instance, "The Long Road" quest centers around Aveline trying to court Guardsmen Donnic and, though monotonous and a bit tedious, it is very entertaining to see such a woman as Aveline falling over herself and flailing about like a fish. The flirting options are also very entertaining with Aveline, though she refuses your advances. The end result is worth the work and, if you're an Aveline-loving fan, be sarcastic when she says "I don't know how I can every repay you..." (or something to the affect) and she kisses you. I shocked prior-stated friend by disproving her theories of Aveline. Back to the important part--most of the time, who you have on your team can bore or entertain you. With "The Long Road," Isabella is a must-have. Her witty comments are just amazing and her argument with Aveline is priceless. I take Isabella everywhere just to hear how funny she is.
Overall, there are several quests that are very entertaining and some you just wish would end. That's how it goes and every game has those love-hate moments.

Development of Characters/Character Profiles: 10/10
The characters in this are amazing. I love them so much. However, you can tell that this game is geared more towards men than females because of how farther the female story lines are.
The "main" characters (excluding yourself) consist of Varric, Aveline, Fenris, Anders, Isabella, Bethany/Carver and Merrill. "Varric" is a rogue-dwarf and the storyteller of Dragon Age 2 who is always seen with his trusty Bianca. He makes his wonderful reappearance in DA2 by being drug in at the beginning to be questioned about the Champion (i.e. You). You cannot romance Varric. "Aveline" is a woman Hawke meets when running at the beginning of the game. She is a complete warrior type woman and you are there when she loses her husband to the Dark Spawn. You are relatively close to her which is good because she eventually becomes Captain of the Guard in Kirkwall making her a huge asset. You can flirt with Aveline but I don't believe you can be with her. "Fenris" is a former slave and an elf. He escaped his captor Danarius but, as time goes on, you learn that Danrius is still searching for him. He is the quiet one that, being a warrior, is very strong. His story doesn't really evolve until the Second Act in the quest "A Bitter Pill." You can romance Fenris and there are two sexual scenes with him (that I know of). "Anders" is a mage housing an entity known as Justice. He makes his reappearance as the "Grey Warden" in the quest "Tranquility." Anders is the softer type and is VERY easy to romance. You can romance with him often and the results bear fruit very early on in Act 2. He does deceive you so, unless you ask the right questions, you'll never known. "Isabella" is definitely one of the stronger, female characters with an absolutely amazing story line. She is a rogue-pirate who makes her reappearance in "Fools Rush In" at the Hanged Man. Her dealings with the Qun are interesting to say the least. She is very flirtatious and loves to tease others. Out of everyone, her in-game banter is the funniest. But her more feminine side is sad and she has a lot of inner turmoil. "Bethany"/"Carver" is various. If you are a mage, your sister dies but your brother lives. If you are, say, a rogue then the opposite occurs. Overall, Carver has a more defined story addition but neither really matter since you lose them for some time after the Deep Roads. So there isn't much to tell about them. "Merrill" is arguably my least favorite character makes her reappearance early on in DA2. She is a Danish Elf who does use blood magic on occasion. There are two or three quests specific to Merrill and you meet her when executing a task given to you by the Witch of the Waste, Flemeth (who is MUCH prettier in DA2 than in Origins!).
Overall, the characters are interesting and they develop and grow nicely through the prolonged time of DA2.

Cut Scenes (Both Clean as well as Sexual): 10/10
There are many cut scenes in the game which play important roles in the overall point of the game. Cut scenes are mostly used in this as important places and highlight interesting options. As strange as that sounded, basically...they are one of the best parts and what makes DA2 my second favorite game of all time.

Graphics: 9.5/10
The graphics are very nice. But what else would you expect of a PS3? On the PC, the graphics can be set to look more like the PS3's but even unadjusted, they are still very nice. The fluidity of the characters could be a bit improved but it isn't awful. Overall, they heighten the game more than cause problems.

Weaponry: 9/10
The weapons are nice but I wouldn't say great. With how hard it is to level your character, if you don't put specific attributes is certain places, adding weaponry for some characters can be really hard. They weapons function effectively enough but I just wish they would ease up a bit. Then again, this could just be a person view compared to how it actually is.

Attributes/Abilities: 9.5/10
There are so many abilities! That is my main thing when I first started the games. I was surprised at how much there was...and then I read into them and learned and pointless some of them were. I won't list any because everyone has their own preferences but there are some that are just not worth adapting--that's not to say that there aren't any amazing ones. There are some abilities that function wonderfully and can make/break a duel. The attribute system is much easier in DA2 than in Origins, in my opinion. Overall, there is more good than bad in this area.

Voice Overs: 10/10
I love them! The actors portray their characters well and some of them are familiar voices that many of us know and have come to love. This is one of the better voice acting-work I've seen. Each character is very distinct and they don't lump together. You know when you see Merrill you'll have a high-pitched panicking voice coming your way versus Isabella's expecting deep, seductive sarcasm. It's very nice to see the lines cut so neatly.

Character Banter (Background, specifically): 15/10
The score goes over for the banter. It is absolutely wonderful! You can find out so much about each character just from the banter or you can have fun little voices making jokes in the background as the time goes by. For instance, if you have Bethany and Isabella on your team, you can eventually hear them talking about Isabella and how she was once married. This is a fact that you don't really know for sure until the background banter. Another example of a more entertaining one is of Isabella and Fenris when Isabella speaks of how slavers sometimes covered the slaves in oil to make them glisten before asking if Fenris used to glisten. The result is strange, disturbing and truly a laugh-out-loud moment. The banter moments are completely worth stopping and listening to.

PC versus PS3: XX/XX
The PS3 version is very nice and I love it's controls much more than the PC--for the most part. The Abilities are easier to access in the PC version rather than the PS3 and it is easier to pause the game in the PC version. I'm not very fond of how the camera and attack units work on the PC at all. You use the right-click of the mouse to both move as well as attack. If you are a mage/archer, you can be attacking an enemy before suddenly running off to that area and into the midst of a fight. They should have had the movement on the left-click and the attack on the right. One of the better features is the loading time. The PC occasionally lags and stops responding on the loading screen but that's only for a few minutes and it isn't a problem with the game play. Meanwhile, the PS3 takes forever it seems to load from place to place! I hate waiting so, on that instance, I prefer the PC.
Overall, they both have their pros and cons. I prefer some things on the PS3 version in comparison to the PC. That's just how it goes. And everyone is entitled to their own opinion. For those wondering what this review was about--it was simply my own little snippet on Dragon Age 2 and what I enjoy/do not enjoy about the game. :)


Best Story Line: Isabella

Best Quests: Fenris

Best Graphics: Varric

Best Weapons: Varric

Best Attributes/Abilities: Hawke (Warrior)

Best Banter: Isabella

Best Voice Over: TIE--Fenris/Isabella

Best Cut Scenes: Fenris

Best Romance (Male): Isabella

Best Romance (Female): Fenris

Best Sex Scene (Male:) Merrill

Best Sex Scene (Female): Anders

Best Line Final Act Line: Fenris

(All of the Best Categories are purely opinionated. They are by no means official and strictly my own views.)
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on February 24, 2015
The next installment of the ground breaking Dragon Age RPG delivers increased special effects at the cost of talented writing, storytelling, and role-playing. Gripping adult moral themes that were introduced and explored in Origins are largely abandoned-- save for excuses to start fights that do not advance the storyline. Racial selection and other character development options have been dumbed down from Origins and removed. All custom content based on character selection has been removed, effectively eliminating replay value. The writing of most non-player characters (NPCs) will not strike a cord with the average player, who as a result, will not care about their fate. Role-playing is all about decisions that matter, but at no point does the PC make any decision in Dragon Age II that has any meaningful consequence for the storyline. The plot is clunky, uninspiring, and has little sense of urgency. It is an extreme contrast to the compelling, immersive, and epic story from Origins. Dragon Age II turned a great RPG into a superficial arcade game like Diablo without the loot and item tables. None of the downloadable content, which the player can purchase at significant additional cost, addresses the fundamental flaws in the game. Overall DAII is a big step backwards in the Dragon Age franchise.

Enhanced special effects including "finishing moves" in combat
Better object collision engine
Introduction of PC stronghold
Cameos of the DA Origins NPCs the player actually cared about
Simplified loot management system for junk
addition of downtime for more realistic character development

Plot is convoluted, uninspiring, and uncompelling.
Most NPCs are two dimensional and do not draw the player in.
The same tactical boards are repeated again and again, with little change, other than making some areas the PC can see off limits. This frustrates mapping efforts and leads to boredom.
Graphics are cartoon-like and completely inappropriate for a mature product.
Heavy moral themes and decisions that characterized Origins have largely been removed.
Character advancement system has been dumbed down.
Character Inventory has been dumbed down.
NPC social interaction has been dumbed down.
Monsters spawn from thin air all around the PC multiple times every fight like an arcade game now. This makes tactical area-denial strategies pointless. combat is largely a slugfest now.
Some bosses require ridiculous, counter-intuitive, strategies to defeat.
There is no way to customize the PC stronghold.
Sex scenes have been sterilized and are not fulfilling.
Items no longer have multiple uses which forced the PC to make difficult decisions in Origins.
PCs can no longer craft away from home or a special craft vendor.

Who the game will appeal to most: Fourteen year old males with lots of time on their hands who want an arcade experience where you kill everything that moves without worrying about a plot getting in the way.
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on February 12, 2014
I have not played this game in a while....

But that which I could remember is that they revamped the combat system. Combat is much more fluent. And it seems you can do everything on the fly.

The game-play itself other than the combat goes like this. It plays like a storybook and I am not talking just about acts of chapters. Think of it as a living breathing adventure game without the adventure part and still an RPG. Most of the time you will be in a town searching for quests. As you accomplish those quests your character levels up just like in a typical RPG. I do remember dungeons and sorts but not as many. Everything seems to be more streamlined. More simple. While some players will give this game 1-3 stars because of this I found myself enjoying this new style it seemed less complicated it focused on the story a lot more.

If you can stomach the new game-play, You will enjoy this game. If not and you enjoy Dragon Age I . I recommend to wait till Dragon Age III. I don't know for sure but I think the 3rd one will combine the best on the first one and the second one.
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on January 2, 2016
This game is beautiful and the story is excellent. I loved the first Dragon Age. I loved it so much that I didn't mind the second one. However, this entire game is ruined by the AI that controls your companions. You can't use any strategy as your companions will only charge in and attack (and die.) There's no way to issue more detailed commands or set up action trees like in the previous games. Your archers will charge right up next to a dragon (and die.) Your mages will move in front of your tank (and die.) Your rogue will try and use backstab as a frontal assault (and die.) Most major boss fights the entire party except whichever character you're controlling will die instantly. Everything else is great.
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on October 31, 2012
Dragon Age claims to be the spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate, but DA2 is nothing like Baldur's Gate or even Dragon Age Origins. While BG, BG2, and DAO were epic, tactically engaging RPG adventures that were carried by the strength of their characters, story, and atmosphere, DA2 stands in contrast as a bland, colorless, mindless button-masher. It feels rushed, cheap, and much more like a console action game than a story-rich RPG.

More specifically:

* The storyline is flat, and not engaging at all, both in terms of the overall plot and the scene-by-scene execution.

* The characters are forgettable and poorly constructed. I felt only boredom when I watched my own brother die, and I'm the kind of guy who will cry for half of Forrest Gump.

* This game is not an RPG -- it's an action game. Action games are fine, but this is marketed as a classic Bioware RPG. It's not.

* Graphics are slightly poorer than Dragon Age Origins. Why did the graphics get worse?

* Recycled environments -- every cave, house, and dungeon is the same. Exploring the same cave 20 times is not fun.

All of that said, the game is not terrible. It is an ok, mediocre action game, designed for console and not pc. If you want a console-based action game, and you don't care about the story or characters, then you will probably enjoy Dragon Age 2. But if that's what you want, just get Diablo and be done with it.
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on May 22, 2013
This is not my favorite of all times Dragon age origins. It has many faults apparent from moment 1. It is extremely restrictive and even mods don't help. It made me wish i could just beg Alistair to go to denerim to Origins with him when i met him. Which i can and will do to kill the sour feeling.

Yet still i recomend any on the fence, buy it. Play it. It is a good game. If it anoyingly didnt use the names and likenesses of my 2 friends and i say that and not NPCs, who cares, I'd be fine with it. Story presentation still beats ANYTHING anyone else has done, new companions are fine. With another year and more money put in, they'd be as good as Origins team. Same with any regular conversations you have with NPCs. I can also tell some parts were cut out, half there, not finished being programmed. You'll see. I don't doubt the $$$$ in the eyes of shareholders and corporate idiots played it's part. Game still is the best non Origins game for true RPG fans.

Story if you do sit through the first bit is great, tragic, but great. My ending i thought was great, didn't compromize with my concience, still got through with those i cared about with me, liking me.

Compare that to Skyrim, story is second place to 0 place, its what you do that matters, story is beating something up.
This is not so, though it is sort of stripped of the finer more expensive to create ellements. Why they didn't just use the Origins engine with new Locs and new actors I've no idea, Origins elves looked 200% better, dwarves too. This has a bit better fire effects, though ice looks way worse and so does lightning.

Those things you ignore though, its a few solid days living in a new Bioware rpg world, its enough to pay for the price.
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