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on December 30, 2012
So I am giving this Game a 3/5 because to get the game running took a very long time almost 6-7 hours. The first time i downloaded it from the Amazon client the game wouldn't install because i guess one or some files were corrupted. So I tryed downloading it from origin and this isn't Amazons problem but the download speed on origin just wasn't fast only like 500kb/s. Next after i saw that origin speed wasn't fast I re-downloaded from Amazon over night leaving my computer on. That time it downloaded correctly. :) After that all i had to do was make an origin account (unless you already have one) install it and THEN! origin gave me a update patch.. With origin's internet speed it took over 2-3 Hours to update and apply the patch. After all the waiting and re-downloading I got the game to work and i love it. I would give the game an overall 5/5 but the work to get the game running would be a 3/5. Amazon could add the update patch to the first download from the client? But other then that the game is very nice looking and if you played Battlefield 2 before then this is a game to get. This had loads of customization and different ways to play.
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on November 8, 2011
I've been a battlefield fan for a really long time. I was looking forward to this with eager anticipation. I should have kept in mind what EA and DICE have done in the past and been ready for it. I expected them to release a product that was done, tested, and good. Instead they released a half baked, barely playable, buggy as all hell, payed Beta version. Actually I was in Beta and it was more fun. I am severely disappointed with the release. There is so much missing that made the other BF games what they were. Squad usage, communicating, and teamwork are near to non-existent. The maps were clearly made to pander to a COD style meat grinder with no thinking involved. Sorry, but this was a flop. Hopefully they'll patch out some of the lameness and maybe the Karkand release in Dec will help with some old school maps...unless they change those a bunch too...
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on August 3, 2012
DISCLAIMER: Let me start off by saying that Battlelog and Origin are external programs, and therefore are not part of this review. After having used both for a few weeks I can find nothing wrong with either, and they have never given me any problems. Also, I will be using Bad Company 2 as a basis for comparison, as opposed to Battlefield 2, considering BC had an earlier version of Frosbite and is also a prequel.

The campaign consists of 12 missions following the stories of playable characters Henry Blackburn, Jonathan Miller, Jennifer Hawkins, and Dima Mayakovsky through flashback of a Russia-US conflict/misunderstanding relived by Blackburn during a CIA interrogation. I won't give you the full story, but I will say, though lacking in story and originality, the campaign was still a blast. It loses one star for being predictable and unoriginal, and another simply because I found myself in a cutscene every five minutes being prompted to hit either Space, E, or LMB at the right time, or else restart from the last checkpoint. That being said, the single player still has those "I feel like such a bada**" moments, like skydiving out of an AC-130, riding in the gunner seat of an F-18 during aerial warfare, crawling, running, and jumping on, around, above, below, and in a speeding subway train, and, most comically, riding shotgun through Paris with a driver who wouldn't know a traffic law if it hit him in the face with a flamethrower.

On paper, BF3's multiplayer is easily the best of any game in history. The center of everything are reinforcement tickets. Each respawn costs the team a ticket, and the team that reaches zero tickets loses. In certain modes, any team that controls more than half the objectives also bleeds the other teams tickets at about one ever 2 seconds. Thanks to Frostbite 2, amost everything is destroyable, any vehicle you see is driveable, and the map sizes are incredibly large. You will find that unlike some other games, your playing style has to change to suit each map, and different game modes within it. There are 7 game modes and 10 maps in this non-premium version, but that increases to 11 and 17 respectively with addons and premium. Since this is non-premium, I will overview only those maps and game modes.

Grand Bazaar - Real world replication of a city in Iran
Caspian Border - Fictional Location at the border of two European countries. A rural area, fun in any game mode and allowing for all different types of play.
Operation Firestorm - Fictional Middle Eastern oil refinery in a desert valley.
Noshahr Canals - Foggy seaport area, most likely fictional. US deploys from an aircraft carrier.
Operation Metro - Not sure if real or not. In and around the metro in Paris, France. Can get pretty intense in 64 player conquest.
Tehran Highway - Real world replication of an area in Tehran, Iran. Featuring large overpasses and roads, also taking place at night.
Seine Crossing - Real world replication of a few blocks of Paris, France, on the Seine river.
Damavand Peak - Fictional mountainous setting featuring space telescopes/radar beacons and several thousand foot cliff base jump on Rush mode.
Kharg Island - Fictional Middle Eastern desert island seaport/industrial area. US deploys from an aircraft carrier.

Rush - The attacking team tries to destroy pairs of M-COM stations, basically computer terminals. The attackers must arm explosive charges on 3-4 pairs of M-COMs to win. Once a charge is set, the defending team has 15-30 seconds to disarm it before it detonates. Once both have been destroyed, the map opens up a bit more, the defenders fall back to the next pair, and repeat the process. The attackers have limited tickets, and the defenders have infinite tickets. If, at any point in the game, the attackers run out of tickets, they lose.
Squad Rush - Refer to above, but with squads instead of teams.
Conquest Large - For higher player games. This focuses on the capture and control of various flags throughout the map. A flag is captured by being with 30 meters of it for a certain amount of time. This time decreases as more friendlies are within range, and increases if enemies are also in range. Controlling more than half of the flags (each map has a odd number) will bleed the enemy's tickets, and respawns cost one ticket. First to zero loses.
Team DM (Death Match) - Kill ALL of the enemies. Same deal with the tickets, but no control points to hold.
Counquest - Smaller version of large, usually for less players with fewer control points.
Squad Deathmatch - With multiple squads of four, see second previous.

The more points you rack up (that's right, points, not necessarily kills) with a certain vehicle or class, the more stuff you get. This includes accessories, addons, ribbons, medals, etc.
-Playing with a certain primary weapon will eventually unlock 10 core accessories like sights, tactical lights, laser aimers, etc. Every primary in the game has 10 core unlocks.
-Playing in choppers, either passenger or pilot, will unlock things like missles and flares and other things for the that type of chopper
-Same goes with tanks and mobile/stationary AA.

That's a basic explanation, there is a lot more to each vehicle.

With all the awesomeness I mentioned before, reason would show that the actual multiplayer would be just as awesome. Well reason be darned because every server is chock full of idiots who can't fly a chopper for their life, don't understand how to control objectives, refuse to drop ammo or med kits, and couldn't spot an Abrams if it left a track mark on their face. You will often times find yourself capslocking obsenities that you didn't even think you knew into the chat. After a few weeks, I've decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. It makes it a lot more fun, and trust me, your W/L or K/D ratios aren't a big deal. You don't lose points for dying or losing.

Vehicle spawns are hugely different than BC2. BF3 offers you the option to spawn directly IN to any air vehicle. This is not always a good thing. Nowadays, whoever has the fastest mouse hand gets the jets and helis, even if they completely suck at flying. This is different from BC2, where whoever ran fastest or actually WANTED the plane could get to it ON FOOT. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a skilled pilot waiting patiently for a jet to appear only to have a complete idiot spawn into it about a billionth of a second after it appears, only to crash it into a tree at the end of the runway. Repeat. Repeat. Rage Quit.

This game offers four different class to play, each with unlockable stuff as you level up.
Assault - Assault rifles, Medical kit, shock paddles for reviving dead people, etc. This would be good if people actually dropped kits and revived dead teammates. A good class for n00bs to start with. Also, the shock paddles must be unlocked, which is an improvement from BC2 where the medkit also had to be unlocked.
Support - Heavy machine guns, Ammo kits, and unlockables like C4, Claymores, and a 22 MM mortar. When the mortar is set up, you get a section of the minimap, and crosshairs to aim your rain of death. Very effective for killing people who are bunched together.
Recon - YOU ARE NOT A SNIPER. You just have a sicka** rifle with a high power scope. But it's much more than that. Deploy a spawn beacon to make a place for your squadmates to spawn, like near an enemy base or on top of a tower. Pilot an MAV drone to get a view of the battlefield. Throw down a SOFLAM to laser designate stuff for your teammates. The recon class is what it says, reconnaissance. There is no sniper class.
Engineer - Assault rifles, and a choice of unlocks like a blowtorch to both fix friendly vehicles and destroy enemy ones, RPGs and IGLA missle launchers for taking out air targets, AT mines, and, most comically, a little Wally Bot (EOD Bot), which is basically a treaded bomb disarming bot with a blowtorch attachment that has the same effect as a repair tool. You can bring down enemy vehicles, arm/disarm M-COMs, blowtorch enemies to death, and, incredibly, disobey physics. I have been able to drive one off of the Caspian border antenna, which is 450M tall, and have it bounce twice, and drive away. Going up mountains is like it has afterburners on the back, and it just generally does not understand the concept of gravity. A very fun and effective tool.

If you use your class as you are supposed to, you will find yourself progressing faster than everybody else through the ranks, and people wont hate you.

Battlefield 3 is only a great game if played correctly. There is a lot of stuff to unlock, and be wise when equipping yourself. The campaign is fun, but nothing to die for. Don't fly a chopper filled with teammates if you suck at flying. Spawncamping/Baserape is 99% fixed. The enemy base will always be in the out of bounds zone. Only air vehicles can enter the out of bounds zone. You can only baserape with air vehicles, but seeing as the enemy base always has a .50 cal that shoots 5 bajillion rounds per second, it probably isn't a good idea.

If you are still reading this I salute you for putting up with my rambling, and, as you can see, there is way more to this game than you ever thought. I reccomend checking out youtube.com/usarmybf3 (not my channel) for some short videos on how to vastly improve your skill in Battlefield. Definitely worth the money, and if you install correctly, Origin and Battlelog don't ruin anything.
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on April 10, 2013
When I first bought the game i was incredibly excited to start playing as I wasted countless hours playing BF2. This was my first EA game i had bought SINCE BF2. So when i kept reading about Origin, i thought it was an add on that was included in the game (like Punkbuster) and such. But once I found out that its like Steam, only 100x worse I became incredibly dissatisfied with the product. I no longer play it. Everytime I attempt to play there is always something going wrong with Origin. It either crashes on my system, There is always a new version of Origin that i need to download. Their online service is offline or won't allow me to connect. Cannot sync my game to their server, or the infamous 3g download to update the game. It's annoying. That is simply just Origin in it of itself. The game itself is fun once you eventually get a chance to play. However what detracts me from playing it is this web browser to access your game. You manage everything from this website. Single player, multiplayer, your stats, everything. Then there is the constant update of the java plugin that constantly needs to be downloaded every time you start up the game. Its frustrating. I loved everything BF2. BF3 once you get a cross all their crap in between you and the game and its a reminder how fun it is. But in my opinion what holds it back is this new menu style, Origin, and well because it's EA. Since when does BF have a single player campaign!? BF is known for multiplayer and the 64 player "Battlefields". Anyway, those are my 2 cents on the game.
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on January 10, 2012
First off, this was purchased as a digital download from Amazon. Instead of just viewing the game key, then running off to install Origin from EA's website, then have Origin install BF3, I decided I'd download all 10GB through Amazon. Bad choice.

After managing to use the Amazon installer to install Origin, it basically petered out and wouldn't install anything else. I had to go to the folder where BF3 had been downloaded to and manually run that setup to get it installed.

This is where the Amazon problems stop and the EA problems begin. And continue....

Next, the install itself took about an hour. This isn't running on a PS3. This is a quad core, 16GB of DDR3, Sata3-wielding beast of a machine....and the install still took an hour.

Once the game finally installed, I launched it! Yay! Finally I can blow stuf...oh...wait. Patches. About 3GB worth of patches. At this point, I decided that I should probably get some sleep. That was at 12:11am. It is currently 8:18am.

And this is hilarious...I woke up at around 7:30am, and tried to launch the game. It should work, right? Of course not! I'm greeted with the most infuriatingly vague error message ever; "There is a problem with your game's setup. Please reinstall your game." Why is there a problem with the game's setup? Why do I have to waste more time and bandwidth (I'm on Comcast, so downloading this game twice from two different sources has already eaten up 10% of my monthly bandwidth allowance) on this?

Being the gaming geek that I am, I try the "repair" option when you right click on the game....which says my installation is fine. I try launching the game again....and am greeted by the same error message.

I google the error message and get a plethora of suggestions ("delete these folders, then repair!", "re-install 12 more times!", "it just worked after a day!", "Set IE as your default browser, because the developers apparently haven't ever used any other browsers! In fact, the whole game might have been developed with IE6 as its core, so it does tend to get absurdly jealous when you use other software AND forget to sacrifice a goat to it!")

After setting IE as my default browser (with no luck), then trying to delete choice files within the BF3 folder (also with no luck), I'm here at 6.92% downloaded from Origin, ready to start this whole process all over again. Maybe I'll actually be playing in another 12 hours?

Thanks, EA, for putting out one of the absolutely worst experiences that I've ever had while trying to install a $50 game. I've seen Indie devs give away games that were exponentially more polished than this turd of an experience.

Update: After re-installing, it still didn't work. I do have to throw a disclaimer in here, because I run a server OS. Normally, this isn't an issue (I've installed loads of games from Steam with no problems) - this time, though, it's what caused the issue. I apparently was missing a filed called, "xinput9_1_0.dll" - found an article with an automated install script, and that fixed the game launching issues. I've been happily playing for about an hour now. :D

So...as for the actual game? Looks like it's going to take me a while to level up to unlock the various upgrades. It's seriously deep. It's also absurdly beautiful. I'm only giving it 3 stars, though, because it should never be this hard to install a game.
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on July 2, 2013
I have had the game about two weeks. I bought it for the multi-player which is fun when you are actually playing it, however getting there can be a pain through the browser based system. This is not a little flash game, it is completely inappropriate to be running it through a browser.

Like most other games I focus on the multiplayer, but I do usually take the time to run through the campaign at least once. This is by far the worst campaign I have ever played. It is clear that campaign mode wasn't even on the list of important things to do. Terrible pacing, confusing maps, triggers failed to go off a number of times forcing a restart.

The thing that clearly was number one on the list was dogtags, maps, and new gun skins. I appreciate the need to make money, but the good companies make more money by making better games. Quality was clearly not a priority here. Selling the regular version of this game by itself is deceptive. If you don't have premium you cannot play with 90% of the community. I am a bit disappointed in amazon for the way it was presented. BF3 Premium is the full game not anything special, BF3 regular is a lite version which most companies would have made FTP by now.

I regret my purchase.
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on December 26, 2016
I'm pretty new to gaming and got started on Call of Duty. Those games were so fun that I decided to give Battlefield a shot. HUGE mistake! Not only does the Origin program hardly ever work, but even when I get to play the game it's complete crap. The graphics are awful. The weapons are pretty much all the same. It takes about 2 or 3 shots and you're dead. And it's just an overall big disappointment after being used to Call of Duty. The real bummer is that Amazon doesn't give refunds on download purchases either. Maybe this game is better on Xbox or PS, but on a PC it's horrible. Don't waste your money on this worthless game.
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on December 9, 2012
I loved Battlefield 2. It had objective-based gameplay, teamwork was key in large battles (although individual players could sneak around and help the team), and vehicles felt powerful enough but not unbalanced. Even new players without the unlocked weapons could help. The Bad Company series has their merits; they're fun and have a bit ridiculous gameplay (relatively high health, destructive terrain to the point of silliness, sniping people out of helicopters), and that lets them stand out from other MMS (modern military shooter) games (e.g. every Call of Duty game since Call of Duty 4). Battlefield 3 tried to combine these two ideas, and make it feel like Call of Duty - to a not-so-good result. It DOES feels like Call of Duty, with higher-level players with better unlocks usually doing better in both vehicle and infantry fights, and very quick deaths from firing guns that have almost no recoil. But it doesn't feel GOOD in an environment like Battlefield 2. Everything from Bad Company 2 they toned down - no more massive destructive terrains, no more over-the-top gameplay, instead electing to have equipment like Bad Company 2 had, although these no longer felt as fun because of the lack of ridiculous gameplay. They took the objective system from Battlefield 2, but this no longer felt right either - capturing flags seemed to be more of a chore that allowed you to spawn closer to the fight, rather than an actual objective. All in all, it was a disappointment considering how people truly expected a sequel to Battlefield 2, and got a weird mash of games that didn't come together in a very nice package.
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on August 15, 2013
The rateing is for the game graphics {from what i have seen on screenshots} as I am still jumping thru the hoops to get installed on my hard drive.there is no problem with amazon there great its EA. I have to wait 44 hrs for the game to download at 96 kb ps. thats a 9 gigabyte download WTF.
EA support was worse than the support from microsoft in bangaladesh. The support man had NO CLUE what i said as with any cpmputer tech you start out with the faq right well found the problem but the support person was like please send me the dx diag. man i have been messing with comps. for 20 years. have my own buissness . but what do i know. EA is on the road to ruin . i told him that the problem , might be that the activation code was for a digital download maybe ? well he comes back with it s a good actvation key, duh homer but for what u cant install a game from the disk if its in your hand it s downloading a 9 gigabyte file from the web. oh well so help me if rockstar screws up and sends gta 5 to the platforms and not the pc i will quit buying games altogether.be prepard to pull hair on this one if you have any left.
just an update it will take me 131 hours to download the game because iI paused it and turned my machine off and then went back to download it and to add insult to takeing my money it said only 21 hours to go then jumped back to where I had paused it at 20 megs. EA SUPPORT WILL NOT LISTEN OR THEY ARE NOT IN THIS COUNTRY. This is really one of the most irratateing things a buisness has done to me in a long time. even newegg has representatives from there products reply to people on there comment section. all I can say is if you want this game for the pc be prepared for a load of crap from EA support .I was so looking forward to playing this game waited 2 years till the dam thing came down to 20 dollars , because I,m not in the upper 1 percent. Rant done......UPDATE at 8/21/13 got the thing to download update to 94 percent and then it reset itself to 71 percent went back to ea support they more or less put me on hold . end of story SENT IT BACK TO AMAZON..again not AMAZONS FAULT GREAT SITE BUT EA MEANS EATS A@@. will definitly not be buying anymore games from ea till they starighten up there act....took there stars away even for the graphics.
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I got the game for X-Box 360 as a gift, but don't want to pay for live right now. So, I got it for PC to play online and was certainly NOT disappointed! The game runs extremely smoothly on my laptop, which isn't exactly set up for gaming. Which means that any computer set up for gaming will run this like a dream! I didn't have any issues with the download or installation, the activation key was promptly emailed to me, and nothing has stopped working since!
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