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on February 28, 2016
I'll be going overseas for a few months and want to keep up with my piano practice. I considered borrowing an electronic keyboard and shipping it ahead of me. But, I saw this and thought what the heck, for $42 I'll try it.This device makes piano like sounds and the keys are close enough to in-tune for my purposes. It'll take up less space in my luggage than a pair of rolled up jeans. This is a novelty item and I would only recommend it for niche applications; such as where size and portability are paramount. Other wise you'd be better off with an inexpensive regular keyboard.The tactile response on this 2D keyboard is not even close to a real keyboard (it's actually pretty horrible).

If your expectations are reasonable (i.e. don't expect a piano for $42) and you have the right application in mind, you may be satisfied.
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on February 4, 2013
Original Review:
Sound is a bit tinny but otherwise it serves the purpose of having a portable instrument for German choir practice where the accordion player plays by ear, which causes occasional problems. I hope that with this instrument, I can eliminate some of these problems (I am not choir leader).
Added a year or so later (10-2013): The tone level is a little off (off key), so while it served the intended purpose for a while, since it is no longer properly tuned, it no longer serves the purpose as intended although I can still at least show the accordion player which equivalent key to use on his small keyboard on the left of his accordion. Also, and one reviewer mentioned this already, it needs a hard surface underneath. Because of its length, a fairly long desk or table needs to be available to lie absolutely flat because every bit of "bulge" will distort the sound even more. The keys on mine have not been stuck together, as some people mentioned but are fairly small, so someone with wide fingers would have difficulty hitting the right ones or just one key at a time. I said originally that it sounds A BIT tinny. I would say that was an understatement -- it sounds VERY tinny but that can be expected since there is no resonance space. I thought the price was not outrageous but would have preferred something a little more thought through.
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on May 1, 2017
This works fine for brief on the go practice. However, be prepared, the sound quality is not very good and there is also a lag between pressing the keys and the sound actually ringing out. Also, the spacing of the keys is a little awkward but works fine once you get used to it.

That said, if you are playing a little slower it works. The headphone jacks work well if you need to practice quietly. This was useful for practicing fingering for songs even with the sound down low or without sound in preparation for band rehearsals. Overall, this is fine for the price but I would recommend trying to get to a real piano if you really need to practice more seriously.
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on May 13, 2012
The construction is of poor quality, with headphone ports having constant feedback, and all three connector ports being loose. The power adapter and the product are not UL listed and as such may pose a hazard. To describe the sound quality as terrible would be far too lenient. The company who constructs this apparently fails to exist on a google search which is beyond disconcerting. For $50 I expected something at least solid and tolerable, what I received as an Asian knockoff of more expensive versions. Don't be fooled! Don't waste your money! Mine is being returned.
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on November 18, 2013
I am a professional musician, author and educator. I purchased this product knowing it's a "toy" just to work out basic musical ideas and determine fingerings (slowly and hands together) while stuck in a hotel room. I found the tactile sensation and keyboard responsiveness so weak that I could barely achieve either; it's too frustrating to work with. The faults mentioned in these other reviews are accurate. If you're a one- or two-finger plunker, this product is probably okay, but if you actually have keyboard skills this thing will probably drive you nuts. Beware of these "Flexible Piano" models. I am generous in giving it 2 stars.
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on February 21, 2014
I am someone that takes written reviews with a grain of salt on the premise that a lot of people are stupid idiots, and I am only a SLIGHTLY stupid idiot. Considering I had pretty low expectations, I took a chance and ordered this product anyway.

I purchased this as a composer because I just needed something cheap and simple that I could take with me on the go just to plunk out a note or two at a time and write it down. The only reason I gave this two stars instead of one is because it actually does accomplish that to a degree. My problem is that every time I try to play a CMAJ chord, they throw an Eb pitch in there just for kicks and giggles, and that happens with every inversion in EVERY OCTAVE. So, it plays notes, and I can write songs, as long as I never want to write a song in the key of C. Good thing that key is so obscure no one would ever want to use it.

Headphone ports work fine, and it was kind of fun to screw around with for giggles at work with my coworkers. Would not recommend for any kind of piano playing or practicing. Will play 3 notes comfortably (unless its CMAJ), will drop out with four. The presets with all the sound effects and drum beats are more of a novelty than useful. And whoever said it actually sounds like a real piano has obviously never played a real piano. The ability to use it with batteries when not near an outlet is useful because the adapter is fairly short and awkward to plug in. Decent volume.
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on February 18, 2013
I bought this for my 12 year old who is learning piano, just a muscle memory practice pad for around the house and travel. After a dozen or so uses it began to make bizarre noises when the keys are pressed and then we need to turn it off and on again to reset it. When it blips out the rhythm options disappear. Very fun looking but not very useful if you want any sound at all. We are returning this.
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on May 22, 2015
I understand it will not give the feel of the real keyboard keys since it's quite flat and thin. It's fair to compromise that to have a "flexible/portable piano". I am fine with that. But I don't think it's fair to lose/sacrifice the sound of it. The keys are not working properly. You hit once, it makes multiple noise. I contacted both Amazon and the seller. NO response from the seller AT ALL. Amazon's customer service is good. I really need it during my vacation to let my girl keep practicing piano. So I chose partial refund instead of returning it.
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on January 19, 2017
too soon, these guys rushed to market, it sounds like crap even with speakers...
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on November 12, 2015
Making chords and playing a melody does not work at all. Everytime you switch notes for the melody the chord tones freak out and repeatedly make striking sounds. In addition, some key combinations do not work. While pressing three keys and fourth tone will sound from a section of the keyboard I am not touching. Overall, I am very disappointed with this product and would not recommend it.
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