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on March 12, 2017
I really like this dvd. My issue I have had in the past with yoga dvds is trying to get into the pose, hold the pose and have time to feel it, I usually get stressed out trying to see what they are doing and keep up, just flailing around unproductively (yet I'm sure comically if anyone were to watch). He is easy to follow, gives enough time to breathe into the pose and feel it. The poses are also good for beginners introducing their body to yoga or if you have been out of practice.
Lately I've been using the slower paced session to complement my workout plan as I'm just getting back into it and doing HIIT (just started 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels) and this has helped with recovery and flexibility.
Update: I just attempted the flow session, it's definitely much more challenging. I guess that must be why I don't really remember it much, since I barely ever do it. It's too challenging for me at my current level. but maybe as I build endurance I will be able to try it again. I definitely laughed at myself tangled facplanting in one of the moves, I think I'll come back to that one lol
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on April 27, 2016
Great videos. I feel really stretched and great afterwards like I just got done with a chiropractor except less popping and all. The only thing I can think of that I did not like is that some of the moves you're doing you have your head down or are facing down. Then he starts talking about doing the next thing, I mean you "flow" into the next movement. Well, I have to lift my head up to see how he's flowing or what's next, etc. It's not very flow like. I guess after a few times, you just figure it out. I am yet to that stage though so my flow looks more like amateur hour. Some day though, victory will be mine. I liked it though. Great flick.
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on November 29, 2016
I love this guy. The flow kicks my butt and the hatha is not wimpy either. I dont this this is a great beginner set though. It's physically demanding. His teaching is great though. I imagine after a few watches a beginner could pick it up quickly. It's just having the strength, endurance and breath to finish. It's a power packed quick workout!
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on January 13, 2015
I loved it. I love the pace, I love how I was relaxed yet felt like I accomplished something at the end.

Understand I am a fitness guy but what I do doesn't carry over to Yoga; Yoga is my rehab. I loved the strength aspect of Ashtanga but was still suffering from physical issues so I met with a Yogi and she had me do Hatha. Due to her cost I didn't return but she got me thinking, maybe I should turn my focus from Ashtanga to Hatha. Well between the reviews of this DVD, the low cost, and the fact I was able to get a discount on it I bought this with reading very little of the reviews. I figured for a little over $5 what do I have to lose for we spend more on gas right? So I tried it this morning and I was pleasantly surprised on how much I enjoyed it.

There are many styles and one in particular I will never do: Bikram. The idea of being in a over heated room isn't my idea of a good time. I love the physical aspect of Ashtanga but I have many fitness focuses and they just clash with my present interests and push-comes-to-shove my Yoga practice will take a back door to my passions. So I then tried this style and again I love it.

He actually goes at a decent pace. I was concerned at first when he spent several minutes on breathing and thought "Oh here we go again" but then once we got into the physical aspect and the use of a towel/band/belt was a HUGE help. I personally used a towel and I love it for positions that I struggled with in the past, the use of the towel made it that much easier to do. Also note, you don't have to buy some overpriced Yoga band/belt, anything long and strong will work hence my cheapo beach towel.

Also, those that make comments such as "by the time I check the position he is already into something else" which I completely disagree. His pace in comparison to many others I have used is perfect. Also, lets say he is onto the next move, so what! Just rewind. It's a DVD people.

In short, I think it's worth the small cost.
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on February 3, 2013
I have had minimal yoga training--only a few live classes--however, I have had a lot of dance training. I think that, without that training, I would have had a difficult time following these routines.

There is almost no guidance for the beginner in how to do the poses properly. This seems to be common with these yoga DVD's that claim to be for beginners. I think this can be dangerous, because a person could injure him/herself if they don't have adequate instruction.

However, if you do have some background, then I think you will enjoy these routines. Also, the instructor is very pleasant and the background is beautiful.
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on December 26, 2015
I Love this video and recommend it to all of my clients that need to begin a exercise program or become more flexible...

I've used it for 6 months straight (The Flow) which is the one that all newbies should start with is perfect and I'm firmer, my arms look as though I lift weights and my breath and conscious breathing is so much better...

I look and feel better...Ignore all reviews that say that it's too much...this is the reason to do Yoga to stretch out and feel better, calmer and stronger..
It does all that with a great Hawaiian view, beautiful music, and the calm, peaceful voice of a lifetime of Yoga...Wonderful!

How much does it take/cost to feel better? Whatever the price is of this Tamal Dodge DVD!
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VINE VOICEon September 6, 2013
My main issue with this DVD is that the difficulty level of the two workouts is really quite extreme and some people might not be prepared for that.

The Hatha session is wonderful, soothing, and relaxing. It will definitely relax you at the end of a long day and help work on flexibility. I encourage everyone, beginners and advanced yogis alike, to use the strap as the instructor demonstrates. I didn't because I never use straps or blocks in my yoga practice but one day for the hell of it I did and it really adds a lot to this session. You feel and stretch your muscles in new ways.

The flow session is quite a power packed little workout that those new to yoga, overweight, or new to fitness in general will find very challenging. It is miles away from the ease of the Hatha session. There are some great strength building sequences, very good core and balance focus, and you will get a decent full body workout in 30 minutes. I would hesitate to call this a beginner workout though. You will need a beginning understanding of basic yoga poses and knowledge of proper form.

If you approach the flow session by going easy on yourself, taking breaks when you need to, and focusing on doing the best you can at that moment I think you may like this video and will be encouraged by your progress the more you do it. Use the Hatha session as your reward for putting in a good effort.

The instructor is encouraging and manages to strike a good balance between being motivating and babbling on and on to the point of distraction. His focus and guidance on breath, the essence of Yoga, is excellent.

For those brand spankin new to Yoga I recommend the beginner Yoga Zone dvds. They are, IMO, the best at explaining proper form, giving a good background on Yoga, and guiding you as you learn about this great form of exercise that nourishes your soul at the same time. For beginners with a basic knowledge of poses and alignment but wanting a little bit more challenge (not quite as difficult as the flow practice on this DVD) I recommend Baron Baptiste Power Yoga Level 1. Don't be scared by the title. You will work up a sweat and get a good workout that is very accessible and easy to follow.
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on December 12, 2013
This is a good introduction to yoga. The instructor, Tamal, has a very nice demeanor and gives good, clear instructions. His voice is very calming and soothing, too. The only problem is that he talks a little quickly, which can be problematic when you're moving from pose to pose (and you've never done them before). My advice: The first time or two you go through the workouts, plan a little extra time and keep the remote handy. You'll want to pause and make sure you're getting into proper position. Once you've been through it once or twice, you'll probably be able to move along with his instructions better.

Other than that, I like that the moves are not too terribly difficult, but there is definitely room to challenge yourself as you progress. I also like that there are two workouts, one relaxing and one more strenuous, which you can do separately or together, depending on your mood or time.
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on January 21, 2015
This DVD is fantastic. Hatha and Flow Yoga. Bit challenging for beginnings but not too much, I do what I can and for as long as I can. I'm sure if you are already a runner, workout or anything like that it would be just fine if you are a yoga beginner. I am an overall beginner, I had not worked out in about 2 years or more, so like I said a little bit challenging, but the host is amazing and the exercises and ambiance are great.
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on February 5, 2013
I had the most wonderful yoga instructor when I lived in Miami for 10 years. I attended an intermediate class 3-4 times a week and felt connected to my body, soul and spirit through it. Over time my body was looking fabulous - but my centeredness was most valued. Then my life took a FAST turn - engaged to a high school sweet heart after reconnecting at a 20 year reunion, getting pregnant naturally at 40 ( I swear it was due to my years of yoga and healthy eating,) leaving a job I loved, a home I purchased on my own and moving across the country to Los Angeles to have our baby and be closer to our family - surely to find a yoga studio as grounding as the one I'd loved so dearly. Three years later, a toddler in tow and I have not yet found what I need. So - I thought I'd try yet ANOTHER yoga video - in particular looking for yoga flow. I could almost cry right now - after simply one 30 minute practice - this stiff and stale, post later in life baby delivered body, feels at peace and strong. Ok, I'm going to need to do this quite a few more times to feel strong - but this video absolutely hits on a simple but very effective practice for a beginner or someone trying to find their way back to their BODY. I am out of shape, but a yoga teacher in Topanga Canyon told me my body and muscles would have memory. Following this video is what helped me find that memory. I'm surely going to do it daily and hopefully find another of his videos that is a longer flow version. I just want more of it - but for now - it's perfect. Thank you Tamal.
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