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on May 19, 2012
I have to say, this drive has surpassed my expectations. It is well made, compact and doesnt come with any bloatware preinstalled on it trying to get me to use their backup solution or anything else.

The drive is just that. A drive. A quick drive with a lot of space.

First and foremost I was shocked at how small it was. It is the first portable hard drive I've owned, and I was pleased with the fact that it can fit in the small zip top pocket on my computer backpack that was designed to hold a mouse, and still have room for that mouse. On top of that, if I really needed to, I could stick it in my pocket. It really is that slim.

The build quality is top notch, the case doesnt creak or rattle, its smooth to the touch without being so slick that you'd drop it, and it has nice rubber feet to prevent rattling during drive access when it is sitting on your desk.

The drive itself is very quick, I managed to transfer a 2 gigabyte ISO file to it in under 20 seconds, the drive averaged around 80 MB/s (peaking at about 100MB/s) on a USB3 interface.

If I really *HAD* to nitpick, I'd say that the USB 3.0 cable is a little too rigid, but honestly it doesnt bother me and I like the size of it, despite being only about 1ft long, as it is a perfect size to travel with the drive no matter where I put it.
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on January 11, 2013
I use this 500 GB drive as a Time Machine with my 2012 Macbook Pro (the 15" with Retina display, simply for reference). I have been very happy with every aspect of its functioning: it is quiet, it runs cool, and the transfer speeds are quite fast (I rarely notice that the 'Time Machine clock' is spinning).

As it comes, you need to reformat it for use with a Macintosh computer, but with Disk Utility, this is not a problem, and the drive responds well to being reformatted. I set the drive up with two partitions, one for a drag and drop compatible with Windows, and one for Time Machine. Since the unit is very light, and yet feels safe and sturdy, I've been able to carry it around on occasion with no problems. Of course, it is a portable drive, so this is to be expected!

When I first set the drive up as a Time Machine, it needed to transfer approximately 42 GB of data, which took about 25 minutes. This corresponds to a relatively slow transfer rate (on the order of 25 MB/s or so), but as I've not noticed subsequent incremental backups, I'm very happy with the speeds under my usage conditions. In a test transfer of a 840 MB file to the drag and drop half of the drive, it took 29 seconds, or 29 MB/s, *while the computer was also continuously accessing the drive*, and this is acceptable for my usage patterns.

The cable is sturdy, though a little on the rigid side and the connectors at the end of the cable are both long (an inch or more), which shortens the nominally bendable range of the cable by a couple inches total. I don't have a ton of room on my desk, and so I'm glad that the cable loops easily. The hard drive enclosure is matte on top and glossy on the sides and while buying a HD in part for its 'stylishness' seems silly, I can't say I'm displeased with the way it looks next to my Mac! Being such a small enclosure, the drive is unobtrusive and convenient for smaller workspaces.

All in all, this is a wonderful drive for use as a Time Machine (and for random storage). It works well with a Mac (during and after reformatting), is compact, light, quiet, cool, and fast. I happily recommend it!
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on August 8, 2013
Nowhere in the description it was written that this is going to be a recertified piece!!!
I opened the box and saw a few scratches near the USB port. Saw a few 'oil smudges' on the case. The receipt came with a sticker.... "Warranty void if removed". I matched the numbers, were the same. BUT... The HDD was "Recertified in Malaysia" I am disappointed with the seller....
I haven't checked whether it is working yet, that's why the two stars. Will update after customer service call.
Update: After customer service call.
Returning it. Never wanted a recertified piece.
Kudos to the seller. Good customer service.
Amazon has a problem. The condition of the item is not mentioned on the main page. Amazon should really make an effort to put sellers comments on the first page. If they can put up their name on the first page, they should be able to put the seller comments on there too!
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on August 29, 2013
I actually know almost zip about computers, so when it came time for me to back up the laptop I use for work, I asked my favorite software engineer to recommend a product that would do the trick. This is the one he selected, so I ordered it. When it arrived, it took me 5 minutes to open it and plug it into my USB port. Then it took another minute for me to crank up the Windows Backup Utility (which is a standard thing on your Windows PC) and start the backup process. It took a while to back everything up, but when it was done, I did the same thing for my other laptop which I use for personal stuff, disconnected the drive, and chunked it in the kitchen drawer. So now in the unlikely event that my computer crashes, I'll be able to restore everything in a flash!!! I would definitely recommend this product.
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on May 8, 2014
Have always had good luck with Western Digital drives, and this one is no exception. Small, light, nice-looking, works flawlessly...can't find anything not to like! Oh and am very happy it didn't come with any annoying "disk management" software like other manufacturers often put onto their hard drives or flash drives.

Of course, the price of storage keeps dropping, so several months later I kind of wish I had waited because now I can get 2-3 times as much storage space in the same form factor for the same price.
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on January 12, 2013
I have had this drive for a few months now and it has worked flawlessly. I did weeks of research before buying this particular model. After comparing the best of the best for this price range this drive seems to be one of the most reliable drives, which was my main concern. I was a little annoyed that it is advertised as a 1 TB drive when it really only has 931 GBs that is usable for storage. Where did the 69 GBs go? I can understand a few GBs for software on the drive etc. but 69 GBs is ridiculous. Also the USB cable is pretty short, so it can make it difficult finding a spot for the drive if all of your USB 3.0 ports are in the back of your computer. Beside these issues, I love the drive it is truly plug and play just like a flash drive. I bought this drive mainly because I wanted to make sure that all my digital pictures were safe since all of my cameras are digital and I have two kids so I take allot of pictures. I actually bought two of these drives. One for a backup and the other as the backups backup, excessive you may say but $160 is well worth my piece of mind that I am not going to lose one single picture of my kids growing up. I also use these drives for MP3 files and saving my old college documents. If you are in college or saving very important documents I would not recommend using thumb drives. I had two thumb drives one was the main and the other was a backup. Both became corrupt and yes I ejected them on the computer before removing the thumb drives so that is not why the files became corrupt. After that experience I have never trusted important information on thumb drives. Anyways, I highly recommend this drive to anyone looking for extra storage or preserving their digital media.
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on September 14, 2013
This EHD is a simple plug and play device. You plug it in the first time and it automatically installs all the nessicary drivers for its use, no disk needed. Which is a plus for me since my disk drive doesn't currently work. lol. It has a decent data transfer rate, even with my outdated comp. It's storage capacity is also quite good, considering all the drivers are housed on the device itself. Those don't take up that much room, a mere handful of MB. On a drive that fits a TB of data, that's excellent. The housing also seems to be quite well-made, and it isn't overly large or bulky. This makes the EHD easily portable. Overall, worth the money I paid for it.
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on March 30, 2014
Bought this in December of 2012 as a gift to my oldest daughter although it sold for $30 less at the time.

Since it's a Western Digital Hard Drive I downloaded the Western Digital version of Acronis True Image Backup software which is free on the Western Digital website. Acronis is arguably the best backup software available for Windows based PC's, and if you use a Western Digital hard drive it's free.

I've been using this for a little over a year mainly to archive my daughters' computer. No complaints at all.
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on May 5, 2017
It went bad in 3 months only. Maybe the one I had was in particular. I usually dont expect WD drives to go bad so soon. I have another WD network drive 1TB and its been almost 6-7 years and still working good.
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on July 10, 2013
My next home built computer and all future storage purchases will all be USB 3, the increase in speed is not always huge but it is always great to get the fastest transfers you can if you are a busy computer user like me! Keep in mind when using USB 3 that the write speed is always much lower than the read speed - kinda like your cable internet speeds, which will show a much faster speed that web pages download to your computer, but if you are uploading your speed is much slower. With USB 3 devices the first thing you do when you open the new package is transfer some files to the new hard drive - well, that is "writing" and it will not be performed at the highest possible speed - that's just the reality of USB 3 life. Later on when you try to read that data, and transfer it back to your computer, the speed you will get will be the much faster "read" speed and will be far more impressive, and then you will smile!
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