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on February 4, 2011
--- Nice Battery Powered Clock, neat Lighted Dial
I have only been testing and used it for 3 weeks -- Plastic case, nicely finished, good fit, not real heavy clock but still looks like it could take some abuse if it happened to take a fall, certainly it would be OK if it got knocked over on a table, not a problem. When you squeeze the case, you don't feel any flex and as we all now know most clocks have little metal in them today. It looks like an excellent clock and a good value at Amazon. I purchased it to use in my travel trailer while on trips, no 120 AC power required, it's totally battery operated. I don't work for or sell clocks, just wanted to share my views.

--- Lighted Dial
Switchable function for lighted dial:
1--Momentary push button on top of clock - 3 second on and auto off to light dial, always available.
2--Automatic function to turn on dial light when the room darkens and off again when room lightens.
3--Small recessed slider switch on back of clock to turn off only the Auto light function to extend battery life.

Dial light in the auto mode at night does not bother me at all but it's plenty bright and is really nice to view the time if you happen to momentarily wake during the night. Looks like what I would assume to be one LED at about the 7 O'clock position behind the dial that shines across the back and through the dial for illumination. When it comes on in the auto mode it not as bright as when you push the momentary push button to light the dial. It's plenty bright enough at any time. In the auto mode once your eyes have adjusted to the darkness, it's bright enough if you hold your hand in front of the dial, a very dim faint shadow of your hand will appear on the wall across my bedroom. I have checked this out in the morning when I have awakened and it's still dark. If your very light sensitive at night, you may want to only use the momentary push button option. The good part is the dial is well defined and the black numbers stand out well on the white dial which turns green from the back light when the back lighted dial is illuminated.

--- Battery
Uses one C cell --- I have been told expected life is one year, would expect if auto dial lite is never turned off it might be shorter.

--- Quiet Clock Motor
Sweep second hand moves in a quiet, not audible, seaming continuous smooth sweeping motion, not in a one second stepping type that can be a noisy type of movement.

--- Snooze Button -- on top -- when you tap the Snooze Button the dial light will also turn on or brighten for a few seconds.

--- Alarm on/off -- conveniently on right side

--- Alarm Sound
Starts with a slow pleasant, not jarring loud, 2 beeps per second and slowly progress to a faster and faster beep. It seems like it might get louder as the beeps get faster but it may just be due to the faster beeping. I think it works nice, does not jar me awake like my wind up alarm clock.

--- Alarm and Time Adjusting Knobs -- slightly recessed conveniently on the back, easy to use.

--- Clock Dial Size -- about 3 1/8 inches diameter

--- Clock Case Size about 4 1/8 width & height about 4 ½ inches.

Its been about 22 months since I purchased my clock, still working OK. Its been in continuously use running on the same single C cell battery (just went out and checked the battery size) since I purchased it. The clock is used in my travel trailer and sits right next to my head where I sleep. I don't use the all night light feature as I can just reach over and touch the light button on top of the clock if I wake during the night, the light come on for a moment and automatically goes off. The alarm is really nice, comes on very gently and increase in volume the longer its on. It'a a great clock.
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on June 2, 2011
Has easy to read dial- day & night; very large size; all plastic- so, lightweight (not nec. a plus); light is too bright to leave on all night (I do like the sensor feature that allows light to stay on all the time or be turned off), touch light works great, but I find a jarring blast of green light in the darkness too stimulating. Alarm is easy to set and increases in volume the longer it goes off. With earplugs I do hear it, but not right away- and I'm not hard to wake up. Overall, great features for someone who doesn't need a really loud alarm, isn't a sensitive sleeper, and wants large, easy to work alarm. Will keep & move to the guest room.
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VINE VOICEon April 18, 2011
Living in the country, we lose power a lot, so AC-powered alarm clocks simply aren't an option for me. I've used a Variety of 100% battery operated alarm clocks in the past, and this might be my favorite so far. Its simple: an analogue clock face that lights up nicely (but not too brightly) when the button on the top is pressed. The alarm is easy to set, easy to turn on and off, and hard to sleep through.

The tone is almost pleasant (at first) waking you up without a shock ... but it gets steadily louder and faster so it's almost impossible to sleep through.

I haven't used it long enough to rate battery life, but powered by 1 C battery it should last for a quite a while (my old clock ran on two AAA's and lasted almost a year - let's face it, alarm clocks aren't exactly demanding).

My only concern was that the unit is plastic. My cat likes to hockey-puck things off of my bedside table (especially if he wants his breakfast, i.e., almost every morning). That's why my old clock was a metal clock -- the kind with the real bell inside. However, it's survived being knocked to the ground several times so far with no visible damage, so despite a somewhat flimsy feel this clock is pretty sturdy.
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on July 16, 2015
 When I first opened the plastic wrapping I was blown away by the incredibly cheap look and feel of this alarm clock. I quickly got over it, though, because at that price what else did I expect? I purchased this Elgin clock so I wouldn't have to rely on my iPhone as an alarm, and despite its almost cartoonishly cheap quality, it works.

The clock is a little bigger than I was expecting, but it still fits on the window ledge near my bed. You can adjust the illumination level, and I never have any difficulty setting the clock, even in the dark. (Please see attached photos, which will give you an idea of the brightness at night.) The alarm's ascending noise level has never failed to jolt me out of even the deepest sleep. (I attached a short video demonstrating the alarm ring.) And the big snooze button is easy to hit -- even when I'm groggy and disoriented. The clock requires three AA batteries, and unlike some complaints I read about it making a noisy ticking sound, I haven't had any issue with it.

In sum, please know in advance that this is an incredibly cheap clock. But it does work.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on March 18, 2011
Easy to read. Easy to set. Not for the heavy sleeper. The alarm does a gradual buildup in volume. Even at it's loudest it's not very loud. It's plenty for me. My son is a heavy sleeper and the alarm on this clock would be worthless.
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on June 20, 2014
It is not a digital alarm clock. This can be a negative. I was looking for a digital alarm clock but based on the reviews I was not going to be able to find one that I would be happy with. That said I reluctantly ordered this one. The price was good, and the battery life was good, I thought I wanted an electric clock but one year battery life is ok. I was happy from the start. The direction are less then 750 words including the limited warranty and shipping information which accounts for 1/2 the info.

It's a simple analog clock, you use a thumb screw to set the time and the alarm (separate screws). It is accurate enough, unless you need to plan your wake up time to the minute. If you do you may not be happy. It has large snooze button on top so you can use that to adjust you out of bed time.

I bought this clock because my wife likes to keep her clock fast 10-12 minutes, doing math in the morning is not my thing. I like to set my clock to the correct time (and my old 1980's digital clock, started humming and just died). I never use an alarm to wake up unless we are going to the airport or I have a rare early morning meeting I just like to know what time it is, I am a light sleeper. And if we are going to the airport my wife's alarm will usually go off first. Mine will be a more accurate back up (at least the time will be accurate).

I was happy that it takes 3 AA batteries, they are more convenient then "C" or "AAA" and last longer then the latter.

It is silent, I can't hear mine at all, I only new it was running because the second hand was moving. Mine is model number 3675E.

It has a dimmer "pot switch" green glow back light. I took it to a darkened room as soon as I put the batteries in and it worked instantly upon entering the room. By rotating the pot switch I was able to turn the glowing green light off. So if you think you can get an extra few days out of your batteries by turning it off or you just don't want to see the time, you have that option.

The face eliminates to bright blue!! When you press the snooze button, at any time day or night. It is very bright blue and very clear but only lasts as long as the button is depressed. That's ok I may not need the extra brightness the green glow is good enough for me. But it is a nice fetcher, especially if you dime the green glow to the off position.

It is analog so I can't set the alarm more then 12 hours in advance, I can but it will go off.

I think I will be happy with this clock. It looks good, and functions as expected. Just like the wind up clock I had as a kid, but without the glow in the dark hands and hour place marks, or the ticking. Just silent quarts accuracy, and easy to read glow. I love it.

Hope this review was helpful.

One more thing, I just noticed "Timex" does not appear anywhere on the packaging or the clock but does appear under the description of the clock, that I am reviewing. Just saying.
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on May 11, 2017
Probably the least reliable clock I have brought and likely continue to buy. Of the 9 purchased over a 7 year period (all from Amazon), 4 of them have failed. One of them came apart after dropping from my bedstand. Due to flimsy construction, I could not re-assembled it. The most recent failure has inability to set the clock time. But like a masochist, I am attached to this clock for it's overall appeal. It's gradually increasing high pitched alarm volume can be heard several rooms away. The on'off alarm switch is not top located toggle (ambiguousl if on or off) like many clocks, but is a simple on/off (up/down) switch on the side. The clock face is large and easily read although I am extremely near sighted. The absoltue silent movement is another winner. Ergonometrically, this clock is smartly designed. I can say with authority having own nine of these clocks, that the mean time to failure is perhaps 3 or 4 years. Unfortunately, cmpetitors are asleep at the wheel and haven't come up with a
clock that offers the same features as this clock.but with greater reliability.
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on July 18, 2012
Let's start with the negatives, so you won't think I've lied to you when it arrives...

-Cheap feel and materials (though see my note on this below). Button to turn off alarm a bit small.
-Design a bit dated and dull/not exactly hip or cool

-Keeps time
-Battery operated (used for about 8 months so far and haven't had to change the battery)
-Small without being hard to read
-Light sensing auto backlight (adjustable), so can be read the time in the dark when one of your kids wakes you at 3am and you are trying to figure out where you are, what's happening, what time it is, etc. You just roll over and read -- no need to search around blindly for a button.
-Alarm sound pleasant/Loud enough to wake me while quite enough to not wake the entire household.
-Been thrown twice by a toddler (once leading to the clock snapping open at the seam, and both times leading to the batteries going flying) and STILL WORKS! I was even able to snap the watch back together, so looks like new. THIS ALONE MAKES ME LOVE IT.
-GREAT PRICE! So when my toddler finally does break it, I won't feel bad about getting another.
-Has a snooze button which I don't use, but would probably be useful to a lot of people.

We live in a relatively small apartment and have small bedside tables already piled with my kid's hairclips, books, toys, etc. I needed something that didn't take up a huge amount of space, didn't need to be plugged in (since I can't stand cords going every which way, and you never know when an outlet will be in the right place), could be seen in the dark, wouldn't tick, had an alarm, wouldn't be painfully ugly (yes, perhaps not the most important thing, but I do have to look at it every day), and was cheap enough that it didn't kill our budget or make me cry when my son pulled it down and threw it across the room. This one seemed to fit the bill, and so I bought it, thinking that at this price it wouldn't be the end of the world if it broke.

Wish it was a little prettier or came in some fun color, but overall, this is the best alarm clock I have every owned. It serves me well and meets every need I have as both a mom and person with a full-time job (other than my children). It is SO perfectly useful that I get a warm feeling in my heart when I think about this clock. It has survived my kids and been there for me on too many nights to count -- a friendly little glowing green vision in the dark.
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on January 17, 2015
This clock is huge. Did not pay attention to that in the description. It is at least 4"-5" tall. That is not the problem, just a warning I wish I had read. When I got the clock & attempted to put the batteries in, something was loose inside & rattling around. Did not know what it was but thought maybe it was just a small piece of something from the factory process. Everything "seemed" to be working so I decided to keep it. Having it now for less than 2 weeks has proven what the clock really is. The alarm goes off sometimes, and sometimes not. That was it, I need an alarm clock that works! It is going back & lucky for me, it is in the "window" to return. One other negative is it takes 3 A batteries. That is a lot to me but not the reason I am returning. I am slowly learning that sometimes a "good buy" is not really a good buy. You get what you pay for!
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on April 29, 2015
It is fairly large. So it is easy to see from a distance. Its face is always illuminated at night at a low level, which makes it adequately visible without lighting up the room. And it lights up much brighter when you push the snooze button. It is much quieter than a standard one-pulse-per-second battery clock, but it is not a truly silent clock. It makes a very slight buzzing sound that most people probably won't notice except in a very quiet room environment. The alarm on/off slide switch on the side of the clock seems loose, but it works well. I prefer the simple intuitive analog design with simply a time-set dial, an alarm-set dial, an alarm on/off slide switch and a snooze button. I bought this to replace a digital alarm clock that required about ten minutes of studying its programming manual each time I needed to reset the time or alarm. Frustration gone!
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