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on September 8, 2011
Being a day sleeper, I really needed a clock that would display military time because I sometimes wake up disoriented, wondering if it is 2am or 2pm! Anyway, this seemed like a good buy, even though it isnt a clock radio, but I wasnt as concerned about the alarm as I was about the 24hr clock.

I absolutely LOVE all the different colors. I am *very* sensitive to extra light in the room - even the light from my Wii remote charger in the living room can bother my sleep in the bedroom - so I was concerned about the brightness of this clock as other reviewers stated it was very bright. Thankfully, it not only isnt too bright, but all the extra color choices helped me to figure out which one was the least bright, but still readable.

Also, I could read the time from any angle - which is great because my bed is lower than my nightstand.

It is small as some have said, but I have a small nightstand and my clock has to share it with a lamp, a sound machine, remotes for fans, etc; so I am grateful it is small.

Keep in mind, as with other clocks that have a battery back-up -- the battery (1 AAA) doesnt keep the clock on & lit up when unplugged so much as it simply saves the time on the clock so it doesnt revert back to a blinking 12:00.

The lid on the top seemed odd at first, but it isnt cumbersome, nor does it hinder my being able to use the clock.

Setting the time/date/alarm is a little frustrating for me -- the sliding button that allows you to set the time/date/alarm is very small for my large fingers, so that was tricky. Also, the buttons for actually changing the time/date/alarm are a little slow to respond. I could hold them down to go fast, but once I got close and wanted to move hour/min/day by hour/min/day, the buttons dont respond very quickly so I sometimes hit the buttons 3-4 times to move one hour/min/day. Weird.

The alarm seemed to escalate in sound - and it definitely escalated in number of beeps - every 5-10 seconds it would start to beep faster and faster. It didnt seem extremely loud, but then again, I am a light sleeper, so any sound at all would be enough to wake me.

All-in-all, I love this little clock and am so glad to have found something with military time that I actually like and can use! I added some pics to help others see what they're buying - hope they help.
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VINE VOICEon August 3, 2009
This is just the ticket for me. I don't care for clock radios. Life is too short to wake up to a top 40 station played through a two inch speaker every morning. Give me a simple alarm clock.

This tiny Elgin is just the thing. It takes little room on the nightstand. The controls are covered by a plastic lid that presses on the snooze button when pushed. That makes it impossible to accidently change the time while you're half asleep. It also means that almost the entire top of the clock is the snooze buton. Yes, the lid is flimsy, but it's only vulnerable to damage while it's open, so it should be fine.

This is a handsome little clock. What doesn't show well in the photos is that the display is sunk deep down into the face of the clock. This makes a nice 3-D effect and produces a nice glow around the bezel. The silver finish looks good next to my nickel bedside lamp.

I dismissed the selectable color display as a novelty. I did have fun playing with it for 5 minutes then lost interest just as I thought I would. You can individually turn on the red, green and blue backlights to make 8 different colors including white and black (off). I discovered that I do enjoy changing the color occasionally, just for variety. My sleep partner is sensitive to specular light at night, so being able to turn the display off has come in handy too.

Two gripes: There is one master slide switch for setting the time, setting the alarm time, setting the date and turning the alarm on and off. With so many positions on one stiff slide switch, it's easy to miss the position you want. My other gripe is that if you hit snooze more than a couple times, the clock will give up on you and let you sleep. If you're a frequent snoozer, beware!

Still, rarely do I get something I like so well this cheap.
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on October 27, 2012
I'm happy with this clock but it required some modifications out of the box.

I do like that the clock has seconds and the date on it. I have it in the mudroom and its very useful in the morning to be reminded of that (I usually have no idea). Also the seconds are useful to use as visual timer. Some of the colors are pretty dim but I've found that the white setting (blue, green and red combined) is the brightest and easiest to read. Its a very small clock though and if you need glasses its probably not a good choice for the bedside.

My main issues are that some of the color combinations aren't very bright and that its difficult to read from different angles. You really need to be straight on with it to be able to see it clearly and the transparent plastic lens over the face just makes it worse. It tends to distort the numbers like a cheap magnifying glass and works much better if you unscrew the clock and take it out. I have my clock at eye level but it was designed work better at viewing from above like on a nightstand. So I also added an adjusting foot (two screws in the bottom back) so I could lift it up. As such its a 4 star product. But since I had to make the changes I'm only giving it 3.
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on December 9, 2013
The display is extremely bright, no matter what color combination you dial up. Also, the number of times you can hit snooze is limited to two times. After that, the alarm won't go off again.

The display is bright. BRIGHT!! So bright that it's hard to sleep if you're used to sleeping in a dark room. If you're used to sleeping with a flash light shining in your face, maybe this won't seem so bright to you. For a device that is supposed to be used while you are asleep, this seems like a major design flaw.

Secondly, what genius came up with the idea to limit the number of times you can hit snooze?!? Sometimes I hit snooze two or three times before I'm more than half awake. Sometimes I hit snooze ten times; sometimes I get up on the first ring. My point is, why does my alarm clock have to dictate how many times I can press snooze? Of all the things in the world to put a cap on, why the number of snoozes on my freaking alarm clock? Are there a finite number of snoozes in the universe and I'm just not aware? Have I been wasting precious snoozes all these years, and this little, bright alarm clock has taken it upon itself to ration the snoozes out? Really, who decided this?

Also, this alarm clock shows the seconds ticking away. As long as I'm complaining, do we really need to see that? I need a clock to wake me up and let me know what time it is when I look up in the middle of the night. The hour and the minutes are plenty, I don't need to know the time down to the exact second. And I'm not using my bedroom clock as a stopwatch to time stuff. The seconds display turns this little unit nto some kind of death clock: I can only imagine lying awake some night with insomnia, watching the seconds of my life tick away, one by one, gone forever.

Bottom line, do yourself a favor and don't buy this depressing, stingy, lighthouse of a clock.
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on November 19, 2012
I have owned this clock for over 2.5 years now. And I like everything about it except for the fact that it runs fast and has to be reset every few months. Being that the primary purpose of a clock is to keep time accurately, I have to rate this one low. I really like the ability to change the color. The battery backup is great. If only it would just keep the bloody time! Maybe it has been improved in the past 2.5 years, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Color : I was really looking forward to the blue setting, but I found the contrast on that setting was not sufficient for me to see it from various angles from across the room. I have settled on the red setting, though that is typical for many clocks, because it is most visible.

Brightness: this clock is in my living room, so too bright/not bright is not an issue (other than the color/contrast issue mentioned above)

Battery backup: works great and is appreciated when our power blips.

Alarm clock: no idea, I have never bothered with it as it is in my living room.

Clock accuracy: FAIL! I suppose it could be worse, it gets ahead about 30 seconds a month. Every few months I set it behind a minute or two, so it take longer to get far ahead of time. Still, this is really annoying.
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on August 21, 2013
This is a small, 24-hour clock that plugs into the wall. It continues to run using a AAA battery when unplugged. All buttons including the snooze button are blocked by a simple flap, so you can't simply slap the clock to shut it off. The alarm is decently loud with a beep that steadily increases in tempo. Although I love all of these features, the alarm shuts off after being snoozed three times. I would have preferred an alarm that would never shut off due to having the snooze button pressed.

The buttons seem a bit unresponsive for some reason, but they register a held down button quickly, so I'm not bugged by that as much. It is mainly an issue to change the alarm because setting the alarm involves pushing the slider to the the 2nd to the left position and turning on the alarm involves pushing the slider to the 2nd to the right position. Shutting off the alarm is the rightmost position. I wish the last two positions were switched.

Finally, there were a few comments about not being able to see what the clock says at certain angles. I don't have that problem. Maybe it's because of my choice of colors, lighting, and/or position? I use the same green-blue (cyan) combo shown in the screenshot, keep my room lit with sunlight, and keep my clock at waist-level on my desk. I suppose it is because I almost always look *down* at my alarm clock that there is no problem.

EDIT: I was wrong about slapping the alarm to snooze it. Apparently the flap is made to just rest on the snooze button, so you can press on the flap itself to press the snooze button. Pretty nifty.
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on May 8, 2015
I bought this clock to replace an old iHome that had been taking up far too much space on my bedside table, as I didn't use the iHome for music anymore and only needed an alarm clock. This alarm clock certainly does that; it takes up hardly any space on the table. It is easy to program, including the colors. I appreciate that the cover that closes over the buttons means that there is absolutely no way that you can hit anything other than snooze in the morning--this gets rid of the problem of accidentally hitting off and then not being woken back up five minutes later like expected.

However, it is slightly annoying that in order to actually turn the alarm off you have to flip over the cover and toggle a switch to the alarm off position, as opposed to there being a second button you could use to temporarily turn off the alarm just for that morning. This means that you must remember to flip the switch back to the alarm on position in preparation for the next morning, as opposed to it just automatically staying on. It is a painless process and you can simply toggle the switch from on to off to back on again when you are woken up in the morning, but because I was used to my alarm automatically staying on across the days, this is one reason I lowered my rating from five stars to four. The other reason is that the alarm is not as loud as I would like.
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on January 25, 2014
I agree with the reviewer who said that this was the perfect little clock for the second nightstand/other side of the bed. Easy to read numerals, simple to set up. Some people think it is too bright, but by switching through the color options I found that the red color is not too bright at all (at least for me). I like the other color options, too, but will admit that I didn't want the clock to be too bright, so I am using it on the red setting. It is quite small and doesn't take up much space on my nightstand, which I also like. I can't speak for the alarm, as that is not why I bought it. Just wanted to be able to see the time from my side of the bed ;) Very cute clock; works for me.
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on January 24, 2015
I bought this for my 13-year-old son to use to wake up in the morning and he likes it well enough. The ability to change the colors is really cool, though it took me a minute to figure out how to do that part. Actually, he figured it out first. Lol. He likes that he just needs to touch the top of the clock to use the snooze, but he wishes it let him snooze longer than 2 rounds. I think it's okay because it forces him to be responsible and not lay there forever (lest he get grounded from the computer later in the day).

The slider to turn the alarm on and off is tight and so is opening the top flap, so you really need two hands to operate it and that's a little annoying. It's very small (about 3 1/2" by 3 1/2") so it doesn't take up much space, which is good since he already has a mini-stereo and lamp on his nightstand, but that makes it really lightweight. The cord kind of leads the clock around because of this. Thankfully, we have it sitting between the lamp and a speaker so it can't go very far. If the lamp wasn't there to hold it in place and if there wasn't a wall behind it, it would probably end up on the floor quite often. I think the seconds counter would be distracting while sleeping, but he hasn't complained about it.

The first day my son used it, the loudness of the alarm really startled him. I told him that was a good reason to catch it before it reached its crescendo since it starts out quieter and then builds up. :P
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on November 17, 2013
The seven different colors are a whimsical feature that I still like.
However, the purpose of an alarm is to wake me up and it doesn't do that well. The alarm will buzz three times and that's it. If you're a heavy sleeper and have difficulty waking, like me, you're out of luck.
In addition, it will alarm for ONE minute before stopping.

SO...picture this in the morning of a heavy sleeper:
The alarm goes off. I'm too warm/tired to get out of bed and go across the room to touch the buzzer (I have several alarm clock and the cell phone to wake me in the morning). I endure the awful sound for a minute and it stops. It then repeats two more times at eight minute intervals.
And then I can go back to sleep.
Not a great feature if you're a heavy sleeper.

BUT, if you're not, as I said in my original review, it's cute and small and is electric.

Had been using my cell phone alarm to wake up, but am such a heavy sleeper that I needed a back-up. I wanted a clock that was digital, no radio (unnecessary for me), inexpensive, and plugged in to a socket (don't want to use batteries and worry about the morning where I need to wake up and the batteries die). This was it.
As described, there are seven display colors to choose from. This feature is still fun for me after a month. Am a super sensitive sleeper at night (need a white noise machine) and do not find the display to be too bright at all.
Basic skills to program it - I had read a few reviews that alluded to the fact that it was a little difficult. I don't know why - it's super easy.
It's tiny - cute - so it doesn't take up much room.
Though not necessary, I think it's fun that it displays the date (though it is not THAT high-tech - I still had to change the time on it the weekend of Daylight Saving Time).
Worth the money and I completely recommend it.
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