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on September 10, 2008
This fog machine is good for a small production or party use. I used it to simulate a volcano eruption with excellent effect. Here are some of the answers to questions I had before I bought the machine. Hope this will help you:
1. The size of the machine is 8.5" x 6" x 6"
2. There is a bottle in the back where you pour the fog juice in
3. On the right side, there is a slot, so you can see the level of the liquid
4. On the left side, on top is the plug in for the remote control; below that is the fuse; and on the bottom is the power cable.
5. The power cable is 6' long
6. The remote control has a 10' long cable. On the remote control, there is a light on top with an on/off switch on the bottom.
7. According to the specs, the container in the fog machine can hold 1 pint of juice.
8. To create fog, fill the tank with juice, plug in the machine, in about 4 minutes the light on the remote control will light up, signaling the machine is hot enough to use. Press and hold the spring loaded on/off switch will release fog from the nozzle.
9. When the juice is heated up, you can release 40 seconds of fog before it need to reheat the element again, which takes about 3 minutes.
10. I have filled half the tank with juice, it lasted me for a good hour of use.

Note: Some people complained that this machine plugged up after couple of use. Try this: dump out the juice and fill it with water. Heat up the machine again and press the button until steam comes out. This will clean the nozzle of juice and it will be ready for the next use.
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on January 21, 2018
This is a great smoke machine for a small area. It operates quietly and creates a medium amount of smoke compared to other machines in the same price range. It can tend to leak, and it’s a good idea to follow the directions about cleaning it, or the fog will become diminished. I burned one up by leaving it plugged in for several days straight.
This is better constructed than the ones I’ve gotten at the Halloween store. Definitely up for several seasons of service if well cared for.
I found another brand I like better because it produces more fog and for a longer duration for around the same price.
I like the Swamp Juice fog, as it lingers and builds up.
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on January 11, 2014
The machine is great - It's factory supplied juice is the problem.

THIS MACHINE GETS THE JOB DONE - (probably a little too well - more on that later) ...I use fog for movie production/photography and needed to replace my old unit. While researching the pros / cons and Q & A forum on this unit I noted that the most common complaint from buyers was the lack of fog this unit (and ones like it) produce - Then I came across a tip from a buyer to skip the supplied "Fog Juice" and go with "Froggy's Fog" juice - I checked out the various optional fog juice available and bought a 1 gallon jug of "Bog Fog" to go with the new unit.

I was not prepared, let alone expecting such great results - It clouded out my 1400 SQ foot house within 30 seconds - Chaos and comedy ensued as it set off smoke detectors in the back of the house and reduced visibility to about 2 feet in daylight interior. I wasn't the only one who noticed: I had the windows open as well as my front door with the screen closed and the combination of the dense fog pouring from the windows/front door along with blaring smoke detectors drew the attention of concerned passerby and neighbors who thought my house was on fire.

After reassuring all concerned parties that I was simply evaluating and testing my new fog machine, the looks of concern turned to skepticism and the general consensus was that I was a moron ... Be that as it may, I am now also a happy moron too as well as a satisfied consumer. After the excitement died down and the neighbors wondered and dwindled (as well as my fear that I would soon hear sirens and fire trucks looming in the distance) I did another test with Bog Fog in my old Hurricane machine - (this time outdoors) and achieved the same results -

I researched the compatibility or problems/issues with using different brands of juice in this unit and there doesn't seem to be a lot of issues reported - I'm not saying that problems or failures can't result but as long as you use a water based juice and clean and maintain the unit proper it should work fine. Naturally it seems the mfg wants you to buy their juice instead of a competitors, but sorry, the included fog juice is mediocre at best.

Great for filming/photos/parties/special effects - Anything you want fogged out. Depending on your needs/use you might want to consider a different type of juice - (See note below)

NOTE: Since I use fog for film and photography, a thick dense and lingering fog juice made primarily for those applications is ideal - The fog is thick and extremely dense and LINGERS - This could pose a problem for small indoor gigs with lots of guests - They are a variety of juices available, as I can't say I'd recommend using such a dense long lasting fog for party ambiance.

Buy the unit - It works great, is holding up fine and produces excellent fog. Cheaply priced but durable. For those that own one and are not too impressed, try using a different fog juice instead.
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on October 3, 2017
I bought two last season, ran them for hallowen night and then cleaned them and put them away with the other foggers. this year, they dont work. they are the only ones not to work, and some of my fog machines are over 10 yrs old. its not a clog, its just dead.
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VINE VOICEon October 15, 2012
Disclaimer: I only used it once because I didn't want to use up all the fluid before Halloween or set off all the smoke detectors, so I can't yet comment on long-term aspects... but...

The first thing that (pleasantly) surprised me was the overall quality. This unit was about 50% larger than I expected, and of pretty substantial build quality. As with all inexpensive fog machines, you have to understand that it will take several minutes to warm up, and it will NOT spew forth endless amounts of smoke, it has to re-heat after a good long burst. The second pleasant surprise was how well it actually worked. Once it heated up and I pressed the button (wired remote included) it quickly filled my large kitchen and living room with a big cloud. My daughter called upstairs to Mom "Dad's cooking again!" and she came down the stairs and thought the house was on fire. Okay, it was funny at the time.

I can't wait for Halloween and the real long-term test of this very nice little unit. Strongly recommended so far! So glad I didn't buy the half-size unit at the local hardware store (for the same price). I'm sure this one works much better.
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on December 1, 2013
Fun product for parties. I didn't realize it only kicks out fog when you press the button. The cord for the fog release control is long so that is handy but I wish there was a setting that it would 'ooze' smoke or kick it out now and then without me having to control it. Also, you can only push the button 4-5 times then (I'm guessing) it has to heat up more fog. This 're-charge' only takes maybe 30-60 seconds so no huge deal but thought I would mention it. Other than that I'm very satisfied. We used the fog solution sample that came with it and it lasted our entire party (about 4-5 hours) so the large jug refill will last a long time. The fog does have a slight chemical smell but it's not overwhelming. The unit itself is small enough to hide in a corner, we actually put it under our 'DJ' stand so you can't really see exactly where the fog is coming from so that is fun. This is our first fog machine so I don't have anything to compare it to, but for the price, I think it's a good deal.
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on October 27, 2014
Item was packaged well and setup was easy. We used this fog machine for our yearly Halloween party and I wanted it to help our laser lights look better. It did a decent job. I used the fog juice that came with the unit but also bought a bottle of juice made by another manufacturer. I don't know if it was the fog juice or the machine but it did not seem to produce very thick fog. I was fairly satisfied with the machine but would like to have seen a thicker fog come out. This unit doesn't work on a timer but does come with a wired remote control so you have to push the button in order for it to produce. You hold the button down after the unit has heated up and it starts fogging. You can hold button down for about a minute until it stops in order to re-heat. It then takes about 2-3 minutes for the unit to be ready. Overall I'm ok with the machine. Maybe the higher priced units work longer with more fog production but as for this unit, I give it 3 stars.
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on October 14, 2014
The fog works based on temperature in the room, so if it's a heated room, the fog will just fill the space like smoke.

You have play with hot/cold in order to direct where the fog will sit and how dense it will be. Which is why it probably works best outdoors in the Fall. It hugs ground.

I found that if I use it while watching a scary movie projected on a screen, the fog picks up any lights.
So flashlights and headlights seem to realistically beam across the room.
Titles also jump off the screen.
I watched Sleepy Hollow the other night and it was so cool!

Doesn't take too long to activate but to fill most spaces you have run it a few times. Surprising how long the fog lingers.
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on December 17, 2017
Junk. Did not work. Produced very little fog for a fraction of a second. Do not purchase if you are wanting it for a cemetery prop, sucks. My cemetery went without fog this year.
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on July 10, 2013
I bought this fog machine and used it for maybe 5 or 6 house parties to increase the effects of various dance/party lights and lasers. For the price, it really is hard to find better deal. The pump on mine just broke and even though the unit only lasted for, say, 15 hours of party time, I'm considering buying the same one again.

Anyway, at first I was using Froggy's Swamp Juice in it, but even though reviews of that stuff say it doesn't smell bad, it does have a distinct odor which I wouldn't really call pleasant. I've read that you can make your own fog juice just using water soluble vegetable glycerine and distilled water. I did that at a ratio of 1:15 and it worked very well. No odor, but perhaps the ratio was too diluted for any sort of dense fog. It was more of a dense haze which I think was a little more appreciated than a room full of dense fog.

I'm not sure if the pump broke because I used a home-made recipe or not. Between uses, I would clean it out by running distilled water mixed with distilled white vinegar through it. At this price point, my guess is that the pump in this unit doesn't cost more than $5 and that it will just be a matter of time before it fails. But at $30, just buy another one.
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