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on July 18, 2011
I bought the goal zero solar panel a while back for backpacking and it was good if I was stopped at camp and could put it in direct light, but while hiking and having it draped over my backpack it would actually kill my phone because it would get light and turn the screen on to confirm that it's charging and if I went into a shadow of a tree it would turn my phone's screen on to show that it stopped charging. I could have just turned the phone off I guess, but I like to be able to use it to take pictures so I like having it on or else I have to wait ages for it to boot up. The guide 10 device is perfect because I can charge it on the go now with or without my solar panel, I can either have these things already charged up or let the solar panel charge them, and I don't have to worry about tree shadows when hiking through the forests because the turning off and on of the power supply won't affect the AA's negatively other than it can't get the charge in the shadows, but it doesn't kill them to go through shadows like it does my iphone. I can charge my phone at night now too which might not sound all that necessary because you're camping and don't need a phone and don't have reception anyways, but if you're going solo having some movies loaded up on your phone or ipod or whatever can be nice when going to bed.
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on October 19, 2011
The order didn't take long to arrive and it came in good shape. However, as other reviewers have noted, there was no AAA insert even though the packaging clearly stated that it was supposed to be in the kit. I can't complain yet as the shipping timeframe has not expired and allow me to tell Amazon that it is missing. As far as the operation of the charger, it does seem to charge my iPhone 4 so at least that works. More to follow once the company gets back to me on the missing insert.

UPDATE: I contacted Goal Zero and they promptly send me the AAA insert immediately. Great support from the company. I have used this charger often and it is excellent. I can usually charge my iPhone 1-2 times before I have to recharge this battery pack. I can do that from AC, but it will also recharge from the Goal Zero solar panels, which is a plus. I would change my rating to 5 out of 5 stars. Great product.
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on September 22, 2011
We purchased the Nomad 7 solar panel from Goal0 at Costco and decided to give the Guide 10 usb charger a try. Like another reviewer we didn't get the aaa adapter. I called Goal0 and spoke to a girl there who explained that the previous adapters didn't fit right and that they'd send us a new updated one. She took our name and address and we got the adapter in the mail. Although we haven't had a chance to really use the charger yet like the solar panel, I thought I'd post initial thoughts. The batteries came charged and were able to charge our cell phone and the light worked fine. I find that cover is somewhat hard to open and the batteries are hard to pull out. Also you have to pay attention to put in the aaa adapter correctly i.e. line up + to +. I'll post an update if I have any problems with it. Goal0 needs to hire some more enthusiastic sales and customer service reps. While they got the job done it was very wanting of the enthusiasm you'd expect.
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on June 16, 2013
Size is excellent. ability to carry a second set of NIMH batteries for it is great. My only real complaint in the design is their decision to use a mini-usb input to charge the guide 10 with instead of the increasingly more popular micro-USB.
I have owned my Guide 10 for less than a month. This past week, the Guide 10 stopped providing USB power. (light remained green, batteries were fully charged which I verified by placing them in another NIMH charger I own & they immediately displayed charged) The flashlight still works & it will still charge batteries, but that's about it.
Due to the size & function of the Guide 10, I am probably going to order another in hopes the failure was a fluke, but I am skeptical & am willing to bet I'm going to be disappointed in it's life span again.

I have attempted to contact Goal Zero to see if they will warranty the device, but so far have not heard back 3 days later.
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on February 22, 2012
I like the functionality and idea of the Guide 10. The shortcomings are that it never seems to fully charge the batteries despite what the meter says as you can turn the power on and off right after a full charge (AC plug in not solar) and then plug back in again and will show often the batteries at half charge, so either it's not charging or the meter itself isn't accurate. Not something you want in the back country but it still has value in idea if not so much in performance should the bugs get worked out. I'd also like to see the new standard thin mini-usb plugin instead of the first gen angled socket so I don't have to carry multiple chords for my phone, charger etc.

As for the supplier, I was disappointed in that the item appeared to be tinkered with as two of the zip ties holding it in place were cut and there was no AAA coupling included so now I have to find a replacement there. Apparently I bought a used and not new item as advertised. In retrospect that could be why the batteries don't fully charge. Ce la Vie. I've still much optimism for the potential of this product though will purchase from a more reputable dealer next time. Can't wait to try out the 350 with inverter and the 120 kit.
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on August 25, 2011
This does what I bought it for - charging my iPhone 4 when I'm not going to be sitting next to a power outlet.

Out of curiosity, I tried charging my iPhone 4 without charging the batteries (whatever was left from the factory and shipping). It took about 2.5 hours to charge my iPhone 4 from about 23% to 100%. I tried to charge it, again, the next day, and there didn't seem to be hardly any juice left in the rechargable batteries, which was fine. I went ahead and charged the batteries, for the first time.

I haven't tried charging the batteries all the way up and charging my iPhone 4 when it is fully drained. But, I will try to update the review once I get around to that. Although, it may be a while before my iPhone 4 is fully drained, now that I have this device with me.

I also look forward to buying the 7m solar panel to go with it, although I don't have any plans of being totally "off the grid" in the near future. :)

I was pleased to find that it happily charges my iPhone 4 while I had the device charging. I suppose that's appropriate, though, since that's more practical when using a solar panel.
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on December 19, 2012
this product is okay, but compared to other rechargable battery packs, it just doesnt stand up to the challenge. its a great product, you just need to understand the limitations. i recommend the guide 10 PLUS. it performs as expected. maybe this guide 10 i bought is defective. either way, it works for trackphones as expected. just not smart phones, they take alot of power. nickel metal hydride batteries are touchy even now with the advancements of technology. if you buy this product, the batteries wont last as long as you want them too. i recommend ENELOOP nmih batteries. very good quality.
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on December 17, 2013
I took this overseas a few times to places where I was not certain I would have power and it worked well to charge my phone, IPOD touch, and speakers. It worked well.

I have been on a sail boat in the middle of the ocean and lost the engine and generator. A solar charger worked well then. I saw this product and bought it to have a small solar charger to bring with me on trips, camping, and fishing. It has worked well in all conditions (as long as there is direct sunlight).
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on September 16, 2011
I actually have the Goal0 19007 Guide 10 Adventure Kit and purchased an extra Guide 10 power pack. The idea is that I can have one fully charged at all times while the other one is charging. It charges my Blackberry in no time and still has enough juice to charge my friends iPhone 4. I've also used it to charge my Bluetooth device. It has a built in LED light is a good flashlight to use in a pinch. The LED light is rated to run 20+ hrs on a full charge. I also use the it with the Goal0 14101 Luna Light which plugs into the packs USB port. Charging it with the solar panels in full direct sun takes approximately 1.5-2.0 hrs. In a computer USB port, it takes close to 6 hrs. This is a very handy device that I never leave home without it or hike without it.
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on May 24, 2013
the one I received was the oldest one that had a recall on it, at one time. but I didn't think this was actually it. but, when I got it. found out that it was and it doesn't even power my phone which I thought it would. the new ones says the name in the recess of its case and other than that little marker the one I bought is only a great little flashlight can recharge your AA batteriesbased on time because the green light doesn't ever come on I had it plugged in for three days.
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