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on May 31, 2012
I bought the Elite Image CD label because of the great price. Then, I discovered my old CD stomper version 1 didn't have the template for the labels. So, I searched the Internet and I discovered Avery Design Pro 5 software from their website. I downloaded the software for free. I discovered the Avery template # 8694 was the same as the Elite CD label. So, I've been using that software with the CD labels.
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Top Contributor: Bakingon June 5, 2011
I ran out of DVD labels one day and had to run to Office Max to finish my project. $28 for 40 labels (their brand) was the lowest price available. I needed them, so I bought them, came home and finished my project, then browsed Amazon to compare cost.
$9 for 100 of these labels ??!! ($3 for labels + $6 for shipping) Are you kidding?
They arrived quickly and look, feel and seem exactly the same as the ones from Office Max.
My projects consist of burning DVDs and CDs for light, occasional use so the quality of these labels are just fine for me.
I have read articles suggesting that paper labels do not hold up over time on DVDs because DVDs are subject to high heat while being played (CDs are okay). I have not encountered this problem, however I am not using the same DVDs over and over and over again.
Whether or not to use a label at all is another complete discussion, but if you're looking to purchase labels, why pay more than necessary?
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on October 9, 2013
Here's the deal, the item listed: Elite Image CD/DVD Laser/Ink Jet Labels 26072 100 Matte Face Labels - is an awesome product! I have tried many different labels for my business and I love the quality of these labels the best. I have ordered these labels from Amazon before and have had no problem.

However, this go round, the product was offered from a different seller, Universal Labels. When I received the product I discovered it wasn't what was described AT ALL. Elite Image labels come in a blue/white light cardboard box - these came shrink wrapped. Elite Image labels have the word "label" printed on the back side in blue and have black arrows and wording on the front- these labels had no writing, at all. Elite Image labels are pure white - these labels had a yellow cast. And the texture and thickness was not the same either. I don't like being duped. It's obvious these aren't the same labels and it would appear the seller gets a discount for ordering some generic label in bulk and repackages them.

The seller did respond timely to my request to return the item for a refund, but I would have to pay the shipping again??? Not cool being that this wasn't the item I ordered in the first place. Make sure you're getting what you actually ordered and paid for anytime you order online!
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on October 26, 2013
I tried a dual review a few years ago and got away with it. I'll try again.

I just finished a project making 4 copies each of 15 years of Christmas videos from tape onto DVD. Each DVD needed its own label.

First of all, the Elite Image CD/DVD labels have been flawless. One of the complaints I read about them is they do not ship in a box. This is a problem? These come out of the package flat, no curling. There have been no printer jams (an old POS HP inkjet). They just crank on through, then easily come off the sheet for application to the DVD. I do get a slight bit of curling depending on how I remove them from the sheet, but if I'm careful, they come off cleanly and essentially flat. What else can I say? These do what they are supposed to do. I initially tried using the Avery template and Microsoft Word. Yeah, it worked, but was also a pain. It turned out to be much easier to do a template on a drawing program, paste in the image I wanted (a frame from the video) and add a title. Send it to the printer and move on to the next one.

Once the labels are printed, some method is needed to apply them to the disks. I suppose some have the dexterity to apply them directly to the disk. I certainly don't. I tried a couple of times and gave up trying to achieve consistent results. Enter the Avery CD/DVD Label Applicator. Yeah, I get it- it is a little more expensive than other units. But for me it was the perfect choice. Slap a label on it, slap a disk on the label and move on. Slick, sweet, consistent. Again, all it does is what it is supposed to do- hold the label and the disk in the proper orientation to each other.

I have no reservations whatsoever about recommending both of these products.
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on December 28, 2013
This was my first purchase of non-Avery labels. They work well using the Avery template in MSWord. I have a pre-Intel Mac and can no longer use the online Avery design pages due to software incompatibility. They were not in a cardboard envelope, just 50 sheets sealed in clear plastic. I reused my Avery envelope to hold them. They don't have the helper guides for positioning the label on the disc as do the Avery labels. That isn't a problem if you use the Avery label application tool or something similar. However, I have noticed that these labels slide over the guide on the applicator more easily than the Avery labels. That little bit of extra clearance causes the label to be applied slightly off center. I have three additional criticisms: First, these sheets are completely blank, no guides or outlines to indicate the top of the sheet or where the labels are located on the sheet. Second, the type in the spine labels was positioned slightly above center. Third, these labels seem to be thinner than the Avery labels. On discs that had been labeled using a black Sharpie, the markings showed through the label. I never noticed that problem with the Avery labels. I think these are acceptable problems considering the much lower price.
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on April 4, 2014
I ordered this product by order number in a box as shown on Amazon. But when I received it via U.S. Postal Service, all I got was loose sheets of labels with a very basic packing slip, and no box or product information or item number. I have no idea if what I received was what I ordered because there was no box. Beware! What you see will not be what you get!
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on May 15, 2017
They hold ink well and haven't come-off in the tape player. Keeping my fingers crossed they stay adhered.
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on October 17, 2011
These labels were over $20 at my local office supply store. I can't believe how inexpensive they were and its the same exact quality. I fed them into multiple printers and they aligned properly and fed easily using the Avery template.

Well worth the purchase.
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I purchased these labels for our society produced DVDs, which was lot less than the more expensive Avery labels. I saved over 70% on these labels, which met my expectations on quick ink drying, color, adhesiveness, and usability with Avery's label software. I used these labels quickly and decided to purchase the 300 quantity with the same vendor. Overall, very happy with the product and cost.
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on April 4, 2012
Some might be concerned that inexpensive labels are a little thin. I tested it against Avery 28669 matte white CD labels, and there is no discernable difference. Both use the same Avery template 5931, both seem to have the same opacity (being able to see through the paper to the CD/DVD beneath), and take ink the same way.
The Avery costs about $5 plus tax for 16 CD/DVD labels. This was just over $9 for 100 labels (plus spine labels), and it was delivered to my door. That includes shipping, and delivery to my door was fast -- I ordered on Saturday and had it on Tuesday. This is what I will buy in the future, and I will recommend to everyone.
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