Customer Reviews: Elvira's Movie Macabre: Scared to Death / Tormented
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on August 26, 2011
Just in time for Halloween is this great Double Feature DVD featuring two great episodes of "Elvira's Movie Macabre".

"Scared To Death", personally, is my favorite episode from the entire First Season of 2010/2011's "Movie Macabre"

It is Elvira's Halloween Special!

Join Elvira as other way to say it...kidnaps, 'Martha Stewart', and ships her in to help with her Halloween Celebration. 'Martha', as one might expect, is not too pleased by this unexpected journey.

Elvira shows us her exclusive "Pumpkin Holder" (not what you think....not exactly), as well as sharing her recipe for a Halloween punch that packs a PUNCH. It'll make you dizzy.

Elvira also terrifies two kids by changing their Halloween costumes from being fairly kid friendly to so kid friendly.
Rumor is, the kids are still in therapy.

As if that isnt cool enough, we get to watch, with Elvira, yet another Halloween icon, Bela Lugosi (Dracula), in COLOR!

Lugosi stars in "Scared To Death", a movie about a woman who speaks from the AfterLife and exposes the suspicious circumstances of her death.

Also included on the DVD is the movie "Tormented". Ok, so this guy has a past with this pretty woman, but he wants to marry ANOTHER pretty woman (He's a bimbo), and when the woman that he doesnt want to marry, finds herself hanging off of a lighthouse railing, the man isnt too fast to help her. Bombs Away!

The man thinks "Great news! Now I can marry the woman I want to marry". Think again.
The woman who fell to her watery death comes back as a ghost and makes the man's life a nightmare. (Marriage would have done the same I joke around alot).

Anyway, the movie is fairly entertaining, but Elvira steals the show with her witty skits and comments.

If I were a kid, instead of a chocolate bar in my Trick or Treat bag, I'd rather have this fantastic DVD.

The DVD, "Scared To Death" especially, is the perfect Halloween DVD.

Pumpkins. Elvira. Bela Lugosi. Halloween Punch. Martha Stewart (not really)

This is Halloween Heaven.
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on November 25, 2011
This is great DVD for anyone who was a fan of Elvira's TV show. It's better than ever and without commercials!!
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Note: 3 Star rating reflects the selection of films (neither particularly hit the right note of fun for my taste), not for Elvira.

Horror hostess Elvira (aka Cassandra Peterson) revisits her roots with the revival of her syndicated series Elvira's Movie Macabre. In this program, our buxom hostess introduces various bad movie treasures while keeping up a snarky commentary about what is going on. It's cheesy, filled with double entendres, and just plain silly--but that's the point. Elvira is present on all commercial breaks enacting up some sort of shenanigans, but also literally pops up within the film to enhance the experience. Obviously, the joke is that the films she is screening are supposed to be terrible--but not all bad movies are created equal. The series, in general, is a must-see treat for lovers of the absurd, but some of the movies definitely make more of an impact than others.

In this double feature, the DVD set ignites with a couple of slow burn oddities in which crimes of the past come back to haunt our lead characters in "Scared to Death" and "Tormented."

Scared to Death: (1 1/2 stars for movie, 4 stars for cult appeal, Elvira's shtick is that she's preparing for a Halloween bash with an unlikely accomplice/victim). Despite the amusing presence of Bela Lugosi in this 1947 dud, I'm not quite sure what to make of this one. Lacking any common sense or real sense of fright, its title becomes almost an in-joke of itself. As the movie opens, we are confronted with a woman's corpse. She has died of unexplained causes, and before you know it--her aura (in a patently ridiculous narrative device) starts relating the events leading up to her death. I cringed every time the movie awkwardly cut to the dead woman's narration! What she serves up is a mystery that is secondary to the slapstick shenanigans of a houseful of bumbling suspects. Part comedy, but no real horror, the tone of the movie veers all over the place. When a mysterious mask hovers at the window repeatedly, the music indicates suspense--but none is forthcoming. When the solution rolls around, I didn't much care. Still I got a few laughs--both intentional and not.

Tormented: (2 stars for the movie, 3 1/2 stars for cult appeal, Elvira's shtick is she's paralyzed). I hoped for the best in this tale of murder and vengeance as I had heard some fairly nice things about 1960's "Tormented." What might have been a devastating psychological horror story, however, is hampered by a lack of character development or viewer involvement. Delightfully cheesy effects almost save the day, but the movie is far too somber and moody for its own good. This only really works if you care about the characters, and here--you have no reason to. Richard Carlson plays the lead whose dalliance on the eve of his wedding goes awry, and he is haunted by the event for the remainder of the picture. If you like floating heads and magic footprints, this might provide a few frights (more likely unintentional giggles)--but the movie never gets close enough to its subject. Carlson's relationship with his future niece provide some nice moments, including an incredibly dark sequence that might have saved the movie had it continued to its logical conclusion--but something just always kept me wanting more. KGHarris, 12/11.
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on September 16, 2011
I saw these on THIS tv network a few weeksago so aparently these are being released not long after they air.too bad they arent being done in widescreen hd with surround. It would be nice if they released them on blu ray they could put several on one disc.If anyone who knows someone involved with the production of her show it would be nice if they pass these recomendations on to them.
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on September 15, 2013
She is good in every movie, that she Interviews!
Both were not as Suspenseful!
Both were dragged out too long.
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