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VINE VOICEon August 19, 2014
I was never a big Elvis fan. Having grown up on classic rock I had to laugh when I heard him referred to as the king of rock and roll. I was turned off by the outfits which I thought were hokey and the music didn't engage me. I bought this on a whim because it was a new blu-ray release and in 5.1. This film has instilled in me a great deal of respect for both Elvis the man and the artist.

I popped the disc in planning to preview only ten minutes or so, but I could not stop watching.

The guy is extraordinarily captivating and mesmerizing. You begin by getting a behind the scenes look at several rehearsal sessions. There are a few spontaneous moments and idle banter which make you feel like a fly on the wall. Later you are at the desert venue before the show where you can feel the build-up to what is coming. Nerves appear on edge as other celebrities and the Vegas crowd begin to assemble with all of their late 60's era fashion and hairstyles. Elvis's interactions both with those around him and his audience are simply rare and electrifying (I never thought I would see anyone kiss more women in public than Richard Dawson). It's easy to see here why he had achieved the level of success that he did in his time, captured the hearts of so many and has become an enduring legend.

The audio here is fabulous with a quality more like a studio recording than a live concert. There is so much energy in the performance and it comes right through. If you crank it up you are right there in the audience. The video quality is equally amazing. The discs are packed within a quality book style case with premium glossy photos within. As a new fan, I think I am entitled to say that I think Elvis would have been proud of this release.
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on August 18, 2014
What a treat it is to finally have this amazing concert film captured on High Definition Blu-ray with 1080 visual quality and Dts Lossless sound, which enables the audio portion to virtually match the master recording without losing quality or depth when played on the proper HD television and Blu-ray machine.

This is Elvis Presley at his absolute prime in Las Vegas at the largest casino showroom in the world, The Showroom Internationale. Elvis is in amazing shape and looks and sounds fantastic as months of Karate and the previous two month long engagements at the International have put him in the best physical shape of his life. He has the bronze of a greek god and the moves of a tiger on stage.

His setlist for the Nash-Vegas crowds is staggering in its scope, range and diversity. Is there another singer in the world that could pull of singing Bridge Over Troubled Water, Just Pretend, The Wonder of You, You've Lost That Loving Feeling, You Don't Have To Say You Love Me, One Night and Suspicious Minds with such virtuosity and ease? Watch the King in amazement as he puts his own amazing choreography with Karate moves to Polk Salad Annie, Patch It Up ( co-written by the late great Eddie Rabbit) and Suspicious Minds.

Elvis Thats The Way It Is also captures Elvis in candid rehearsal scenes and you will see how there is no doubt he is in charge of the arrangements and the band. Elvis wanted to capture the full sound and range of the American Popular music he had exposed himself to his entire life including opera, country, soul, gospel, pop and rhythm and blues. No other artist in history has ever so successfully captured such a diverse repertoire in studio and in a live concert setting and at such a high artistic level.
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on October 23, 2017
When I first saw this as a theater release I made note of this exciting backstage close-up look of this Memphis legend rehearsal followed by his first year of live concerts of the King (this acts as one evening)of rock n roll that enthralled the Vegas strip at that time. The split-screen camera work made the front-row look of Elvis from all sides so personal. Having seen all the live concerts of rock n roll groups from the 50s on, I knew this would be in the top 2 (the other: The T.A.M.I. Show in black and white) After seeing this again years later I realize beyond a doubt that this is tops in excitement. It shows Presley in his most exciting, athletic condition with his voice in top flight before he tossed aside his early rock nuggets like "Little Sister" and "One Night with you" for schmaltzy middle-of-the-road fare. You are also treated to rehearsals of songs that don't make it to the night's set list like the surprising Bee Gees "Words," which shows how shrewd Elvis was about songs. A heart-breaking scene occurs during "Love Me Tender" when Elvis walks into the audience boldly accepting the affection of his female admirers without missing a line, extending that moment that probably could only occur for a few shows without considerable risk, extending that ballad longer. I think more than anything that single bold act of his showed that Elvis gave more to his fans than they could possibly give him in his short life that would end in less than 7 remaining years. The inter-cutting shots of audience members' reaction to Elvis was even more revealing. Middle-aged moms became teenagers again and adoring girls longed to be grown ups under his charm in just 4 minute snatches. To possess this concert is to have Elvis unchained from his tame movie persona exhibiting all his raw talent, exciting persona and undimmed power to enjoy over and over.
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on October 3, 2016
Interesting take on Elvis on tour. I was 16 at the time and not a huge Elvis fan, being more interested in the rock groups that had become popular at the time, but this show really opened my eyes on Elvis' popularity, star quality, and sheer talent. He was simply the best. I've read several books about his life and know that this was the time he was excited about getting away from the movies he hated making and the songs he had to sing in the movies (which he mainly hated). When he finally was free from his contract he was able to choose songs he wanted to sing, that were interesting to him and it was said in the books that this was a happy time for him. Sadly, he became bored being holed up in the hotel and having to do the same show over and over and turned once again to drugs. A year or two after this he totally became addicted to many just to survive.
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on August 23, 2015
This will probably serve as the go-to doc for fans and students of Elvis, and there's no shortage of goodies, here. Elvis treats his band members and singers like family, and it's obvious he was loved by both. The Vegas footage is priceless, especially the rehearsals in the convention rooms. Ultimately, it's sad when the viewer realizes there'll ever be another entertainer like Elvis, and those who were lucky enough to be part of his inner circle share their memories and love for Elvis on this doc.
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on May 26, 2017
This is by far the best Elvis concert movie I have ever seen. Originally The 1968 comeback special was my favorite and Elvis was great in that one and I borrow my son's deluxe edition whenever I can. But Elvis in That's the Way it is -is so AWESOME I must have watched it everyday for 2 weeks ITS THAT GOOD-you won't be disappointed. Wish I could find other Elvis concert type movies from 1970.
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on December 29, 2017
A Classic that I remember well from my childhood. I caught it on television a few times over the years. There are some stellar performances on here and great behind the scenes footage. This was Elvis's penultimate movie performance and the first of his non-studio movie releases. This was Elvis at his 1970's best. The song list includes some lesser-known gems such as Patch It Up, I Just Can't Help Believin', his version of Sweet Caroline, and "Vegas" versions of some of his better-known hits such as Mystery Train, That's Alright, Love Me Tender, Hound Dog, Heartbreak Hotel, Suspicious Minds, and All Shook Up.
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on February 16, 2016
Elvis at his Best! The movie is a mix of behind the scenes, showing Elvis learning and rehearsing the songs and joking around with the Guys in his back up band and back up singers. Then there is Elvis on stage in his first Vegas show. To say that he was Super on stage would be an understatement. He commands the stage and audience like nobody's business. It is no wonder he is THE KING. Rent or buy this film, you will enjoy it even if you are not a big time Elvis fan. :-)
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on April 6, 2017
Great behind the scenes footage of Elvis's 1970 Las Vegas comeback. Excellent rehersal footage and seeing the banter between Elvis and his band was delightful. A great period of time during Elvis's career. The concert footage is somewhat poorly shot, but the song selection is outstanding.
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on June 10, 2014
Obviously I am a fan. We were lucky enough to see Elvis at the International Hotel in January of 1970, the same year as this concert.
As a life long fan, I was impressed by his delivery. There were always a lot of naysayers around that criticized him as a phony. You
know, enhanced by various technical devices. Watching this concert was quite frankly, better than being there. When a concert is well
done, you get a much closer look than in person, ( we were in the balcony. ) Yes Ringo was in the audience and people swooned,
but I couldn't see him, he was up close, of course. Elvis could deliver a song like no other, that was true then, and still, no one can
touch him to this day. Like so many singers today, they are trying to recapture that magic, that originality, but it is still, imitation.
This is a treasure. Now if only the estate would re-issue the 68 Comeback Special, extended edition, and the Hawaiian concert for
all of us to enjoy, at an affordable price.
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