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on July 25, 2012
I found this game highly addictive and never boring. These graphics show you an entire new world while still being fluid, full and rich. The story was an elaborate sci fi mystery thriller filled with just enough details. The mystery part was a little predictable but without ruining the game. Tons of locations, lots of mini games and takes about 3 to 5 hours to finish in one sitting.
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I played this app on a Kindle Fire HD. I enjoyed the app as it makes you think and the graphics were good as well as the story line. I liked the app a lot but I didn't give it 5 stars for two reasons. One was the find the hidden object games did not have a zoom feature and some of the items were very hard to find as the items were small and colored to match the background scenery. The second was that the app went to a black screen 4 times on my Kindle Fire HD near the end of the game. I had to get the home button to work or turn off the Kindle and then back on and touch the game icon to get the app going again. It wasn't hard to do but just a waste of time. This problem should be fixed.

I rated the app at 4 stars as I enjoyed it and I found it entertaining. If those two items I listed above were fixed it could have been a 5 star.
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on July 7, 2012
I had a lot of fun with this game! Hidden objects and many mini puzzles! There were only a couple of this mini puzzles that I just couldn't complete, but there was a skip option so I didn't get stuck. Great hints when I needed them. This is one I will play again! Great story line. I'm glad I gave Big Fish a second chance after the problems with "The Witches Prison"
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on September 20, 2012
wonderful graphics in this multi-level mystery game. your character wakes up and has to discover who she is - this is accomplished by exploring a very detailed world full of mini-games that upon solving, advance the game. there are hidden object games, puzzle games (mostly logical - you have to work out the solution - note: some I found very difficult, but the harder one's give you the option of skipping (I'd rather have a hint though)). other games are solved by using clues gained by solving prior puzzles - but don't worry about losing those clues, everything is saved in a journal - maps, clues, diary, everything. and most of the time you do get a hint button if you get stuck.

oh, this game end kind of abruptly - setting you up for the sequel - Empress 2 - Song of the Blue Whale. so even though you may solve the entire game, the story continues...

is it worth $2.99? Sure it is - if you like this type of game, you'll really like this one.
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on May 18, 2015
this game sets out to disappoint both HO and adventure gamers. the HO puzzles are lackluster and too small to see on kindle screen for there is no zoom function. you end up just tapping randomly just slow enough to avoid the penalty in order to just hope to get an object found as you cant see what anything is. literally, you just cant make out what the items are.

the adventure aspect of the game is TOTALLY ruined by arrows and magnifers and freaking sparkles pointing to every hotspot exit and item. WITHOUT you even asking for it. so basically the game tells you exactly where to go where to click and what to do every step of the way. there is no option to turn off these annoying hints.

the journal also insists on strobing and flashing for every new action. to clear the strobe you have to open the dumb thing up. so take two steps...strobe flash clear...two steps more...strobe flash clear...repeat and so on.

The good bits:
graphics are very nice and the setting is novel. I give points to the devs for making original puzzles out of the usual sort, match solve variety employed extensively by this company. The story was intriguing as well. they made every effort to make a different kind of point and click game and would have pulled it off if they had enabled zoom for HO, and gave the option to turn off the constant hints and hand holding.

I would be pissed if I had paid for it but it was free app for the day.
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on December 18, 2014
I'm a big fan of the game genre, and purchased this one based on the user reviews, and the fact that it was on sale. However, this game was a pretty big disappointment. First, I will say, the graphics are beautiful, and the story is predictable, but entertaining. Unfortunately, those are the only pros. The cons:
* There was no difficulty selection, so it basically led you by the hand.
* Hints were absolutely USELESS in the HOGs. They literally did nothing. The only time you could use are hint was when you were stuck for what to do next. Problem is- these hidden object games could not be enlarged on the screen, and relied WAY too heavily on blending colors. So, it made me cringe every time an HOG came up.
* The HOGs used words ALL the time. I like a mix of words, pictures and silhouettes.
* Not enough "find what fits here". It was mostly "this code will be written in your notebook to use... right over there."
* All the other puzzles are spoonfed to you (solve the puzzle, earn a key to open the lock that's right there on the zoomed screen). Some of them were challenging, but not enough.
* It seemed like they knew it was too short, so they had you go back through to find the same things you'd already found.
* Way too short- solved it in about 2 hrs. Definitely not worth full price.
Bottom line- I don't see me purchasing the sequels unless I get REALLY desperate. It might be a good entry into the genre for a beginner, but is definitely NOT for an experienced player.
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on September 19, 2012
I've played many Hidden Object games; several of them produced by Big Fish. With Big Fish Games, I've learned to take a "hit & miss" approach with their apps in this genre. In other words: I never know if their newest HO game will be awesome & worth my time & money or if it'll be a complete & total flop. Sadly, this is an unfortunate truth about Big Fish, therefore, I rely heavily on the reviews of those who have already played the game.

When I saw that Empress of the Deep had an average 4 ½ star rating with a majority of good reviews included, I took a chance & bought it. I want to thank those who had given their HONEST & DETAILED feedback on this game!

Although I did find the game to be much shorter, (It took me only 4hrs to complete.) in comparison to other games of this genre with the same quality & price; I still very much enjoyed the game & was not at all disappointed with my purchase.

The High Definition graphics were colorful, sharp & clear; very pleasing to the eye. I found most of the mini games as well as the hidden objects scenes to be quite challenging. The hidden objects were done differently than what I'm accustomed to seeing, making it a bit more challenging to find the objects. I would have preferred a zoom option for this however, as poor as my eyesight is, I was able to locate all the objects without using the hint option too often or blindly tapping around my screen; hoping to hit an object.

My only other minor complaint would be how you need to go all the way back to certain scenes that I thought I had already finished. You'll definitely need to use your map! Even with a map, I still got lost a few times. Then again, it could just be me. I was never very good at following a map. lol

Overall, this Hidden Object game is one of Big Fish's VERY BEST! Some of their games in this genre have been mediocre but, for Empress of the Deep? It is not the case! This one was very well done with great audio, visual affects & graphics. The story line isn't too shabby either. Be forewarned however, this app is only Part One of Empress II. In the final scene, you'll be left with a " be continued..." I liked this app enough that I've decided to download Part II as well. :-)

So, if you're looking for another HO game and/or have been hesitating on whether or not to buy this one, I highly recommend checking this one out! I personally feel it's worth the $1.99 download! =D
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on January 21, 2013
This is one of the very best mystery games out there for Kindle Fire HD 8.9", resplendent with HO scenes, clues and tools you can earn by solving puzzles and finding hidden objects to help you with your mission. Of this genre, this is one of the very best for any price. It is mesmerizing in graphic elements, atmosphere, and foreboding storyline. It played flawlessly and it took me about 5 hours, but I'm not in it for the speed...I love to linger and look at all the beautiful graphics and incredible details. The hints and games are great and there is also a journal and strategy guide to help you if you get stuck. The hos are zoom-able and gorgeous and so interesting in their content. This is the first game that I actually couldn't work some of the puzzles!!! Don't worry; you can skip them. There is a little more running around than normal in this game, but the graphics are so good that I loved looking at each venue as I passed.

I want to just say that I really, really thank and appreciate Big Fish for creating this game to play on KFHD and I wish there were so many more! I wish folks would take that fact into consideration when reviewing some of these games and being hypercritical of small flaws...This one has NONE and I would have paid a lot more for it. I hope many, many more people buy it and write Big Fish Entertainment to ask for more! Loved this experience; it is so much fun. I have bought Empress of the Deep II abd can't wait to start!
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on July 15, 2016
Bought and played this game last year. Have since upgraded to lollipop. Reinstalled to play again but it won't open. Developers should release an update to make app compatible with new devices.
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on November 30, 2012
and why was it NOT awesome you ask? The answer is so simple and yet so important .....can you say NO ZOOM?! I cannot understand why any game that has hidden object sequences would not have a zoom in feature. On a small device like a phone would be a sad joke. On the Kindle fire it is mostly just poking until you hit it by accident or using hints. The REST of this game is overwhelming great! even well worth playing but....
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