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on February 24, 2015
Pros: Easy Installation - Runs smoothly - Excellent Graphics - New board locations and player pieces might be a nice change for some people - Computer A.I. is competent on normal and hard settings - ability to save games is awesome - custom rules available

Cons: only 4 players - no option to turn off the annoying squad car (but you can mouse click it away) - no option to speed up the game (for example the money transfer animation and the passing go animation) - trading menu is tiny - cant input dollar amount while trading, you have to click up and down arrows (this is because the money system has changed to be in the millions and all the lower denominations are gone)

Biggest Con - the music - throughout the entire game there is only ONE tune playing - no variation at all - just the same repetitive song. The greatest thing about the 1995 Westwood version was the fact that there was an amazing soundtrack! 18 songs, themed to match the roaring 20s feeling that we associate with monopoly. That's why I rank this version a 3/5 - yes it has all the basics Monopoly needs but take my advice, mute the game and play your own music in the background.
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on April 20, 2014
I was considering giving this a 5-star rating, but it is not quite that. It is better than 3 stars. And it appears to be much better than other computer Monopoly renditions.


The presentation is very polished. The colors, artwork, and detail are beautiful, reminding me of the physical board game. The game designers seemed to have put effort into accurately portraying the physical board game.

The game flows smoothly, over all. Messages and buttons clearly communicate an action or function. It balances automation and player input. Rules can be customized.


The music and sounds are repetitive and can get annoying, but the game has internal volume controls.

As other reviewers have noted, the game does seem to favor the AI's and dice rolls seem non-random.

Installing on Vista

The publisher, Encore, has instructions on how to install on Vista. I also installed it by booting Windows in "Safe Mode" and turning on the Administrator function on the .exe file.

After this "clean" installation, boot Windows in normal mode to play. (You do need to insert the CD.)
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on May 26, 2015
For some reason, this game brings up a virus alert with Norton Anti Virus, I configured Norton to ignore, but then it brought up a more severe alert regarding this software. I'm fairly certain that this alert is bogus, but due number of issues with virus's these days, decided to uninstall this game. Other than that, I liked the game and wish they would resolve their issues with Norton.
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on October 22, 2010
I received my Monopoly game from CDROMUSA on the fifth day so I was impressed by the free yet fast service. It was the actual World Edition, contrary to other reviewers comments. I'm running Vista and IE8 and the only problem in installation was no auto-install screen popup. After I put in the disk, I had to double-click the install file on the disk to run the installation, which just took minutes. The game has a small foot-print for resources which I like.

Great looking graphics and awesome sound effects. I do miss my horse icon which isn't included, but there are lots of other icons. The games plays well, but I found two defects which need correcting. First, the game has no turn counter and the turns set in the custom setup aren't reflected in the actual game. I set the turn counter at 400 which allowed me to play for about 45 min. The other problem is that you must reset the custom setttings each time you play, even though you saved them. Apparantly it only saves them for that game which sucks.

I played against three computer players with them on the Tycoon setting. Bad idea, I found, as it's almost impossible to trade with them. I'm suggest you use the Entrepreneur level which should resemble the play on Pogo.

The game boots up fast and I haven't found any clashes with any of my other programs. I do suggest that you upgrade your DirectX program (video graphics Micorsoft software) to the lastest level by visiting [...] and install the lastest version, which is 11. The program requires at least version 10. Ohter than what I mentioned, I'm pretty impressed with the game. Once you get used to a few quirks, you'll find it much better than what Pogo has.
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on September 20, 2011
I think I would have better odds in Las Vegas. While the game itself is excellent on many levels, the prime one is to win. It seems that the advantage goes to the Computer 70% of the time. When I have an entire row of hotels, the computer dice rolls in favor of passing the line - 5 TIMES A GAME - 6 GAMES IN A ROW. A curious and suspicious situation. I call FOUL!! When I get thrown in Jail 3 times in a row and the computer lands on Chance and Community Chest collecting nothing but $$$, I have to ask - is this a fair game??? So I play again, because I WANT TO BE FAIR in opinion. And two games later, it happens again.
The frequency of "not fair" rounds and "computer advantage" rolls has most certainly put a bad taste in my mouth about this game and I would NOT recommend it to any advanced Monopoly players. for beginners who don't know they are getting cheated, have fun, after all it's Monopoly.
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on November 11, 2011
This a straight, no frills rendition of the popular board game. It has three different opponent levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The basic difference between them is the first two will make trades easier than the advanced character will. In fact, playing with a mix of levels (as I sometimes do) can be annoying, because the beginner character will always give away property for only a small profit.

To top that, by default the game is set to play all of the graphic 'bells and whistles' for every move - the dog wags its tail, the police actually come out of the jail to take characters away. You can change these things, but even then some of these unnecessary frills can't be removed.

However, the game itself is well done, and the graphics are top notch. They've really done nothing to "enhance" the game itself - which is just the way I like it.
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on September 1, 2017
Just some background music instead of a male voice presiding over the games, makes me feel not too excited to play.
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on September 26, 2011
I like to play monopoly. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of similar minded friends, so, I purchased this software. The CD disk must be in your computer drive in order to play. The visual implementation is excellent. It has 3 levels. I haven't played against the lowest level. The second level can be defeated regularly by a competent player. More recently I've been playing against the highest level. At this level, you must have have a high frustration level, because it seems your competitor (the computer/game designer) has most of the luck--especially at the beginning of the game. Still, it is fun to play, especially if you win when the odds are stacked against you.

For the price, this software is hard to beat.

UPDATE: I've stopped playing this software game--it just got too frustrating to see your computer opponent generating 20-40 times as much money as you when you have the best properties & monopolies (not acquired via trades). Of course, the computer has 3, even 4, "Railroads" and, while the computer opponent rarely lands on your properties w/ houses, you repeated land on his "railroads" and "utilities." It's really a joke to see how unfair the game is to the human player. What the implementation needs is a fair and visible display of the dice roll--you can't even see the computer's roll. You only know it's roll, if you can call it a roll, when it moves to its new location! Boring. I've reduced my rating to 2 stars (it probably should be 1 star,) because, for the 7 bucks it costs, you will probably get your money's worth before giving up on the game.
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on December 27, 2012
I thought this was different then the one packaged with the 'Red' background on carton which was the original version. All they did was change the game playing pieces, real estate and cash amounts to reflect 'todays' value in the real world. The only reason I ordered it was for some odd reason we could not play in 'full screen' anymore with the 'Red' version, even after updating the video drivers for the Vista machine it's on. What occurs during the game, the graphics become jerky. Ran fine for a year or so. The 'Red' version, btw, works fine on XP still. And this version doesn't run correctly in 'full screen' either on the Vista machine or on a Windows 7 machine. I even tried changing how it's run to XP on the Vista or Win 7, that didn't correct problem either.
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on February 18, 2012
The game is like classic Monopoly except the property names, currency values and tokens are updated. The board game is fun but the pc version is better because you don't have to be the banker and you can complete a game in 1-2 hours depending on the custom settings that you choose (like starting currency amount). On the negative side, I agree with the other reviews that often it seems like the AI (other players) cheat a bit. For instance, I might land on Free Parking twice in a game while AI players land on it 5 times and it seems like the other players can accumulate wealth quicker. Still you can win often enough to keep it challanginging and fun. I have one pc with XP on it and the other with Windows 7 32 bit version and they both work ok. When property is traded between players the pc freezes up for about a minute sometimes. If you can live with these glitches it's a good game.
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