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on December 6, 2011
It seems that every time this software is updated, minor changes are made that aren't necessarily good ones. For instance, in Crosswords, the clues aren't numbered, so it's hard to tell where you should be within the puzzle itself. And even though the clue you're on is highlighted, the contrast between the background and the "highlight" is barely noticeable, which I found hard on my eyes. In Word Search, previous versions crossed out a word after it was found, but that's not so with this newer version. I play Pachisi a lot, and that's one game that had different glitches in two of the previous versions. Those bugs have been worked out, which makes the game much more enjoyable now. I occasionally play a few of the other games, and everything seems to be the same with those.
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on February 12, 2012
I enjoy playing chess on this along with Solitaire.
I left off one star because one of the features doesn't work.
You are supposed to win the "prize" of being able to modify your
persona, a little face that represents yourself, an avatar,
with more variety of clothing and accessories if you win a game,
and this feature didn't work much to my disappointment.
I had chosen as my "prize" some new music to listen to while I played
and it didn't work. It wouldn't allow me to click on my prize. :(
Silly I know but still....
Anyway this is a good general purpose game set for people who just want the basics.
I recently got a new Asus laptop which came with this as a tryout version and enjoyed it so much I decided to buy this.
When I can't sleep late at night I play chess. The variety of
"opponents" is a fun feature. I'm not much of a game player,
but this is nice to have.
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on January 21, 2012
I upgraded from 2008 to 2012 version because of a problem with Pachisi (difficult to position pieces). I'm happy to say the problem is now fixed. The 2012 version has less games than the 2008 version (Bump 'em, Hangman, Sudoku are among the ones that are gone). It did come with a new game called KOC (King of Cheap) Solitaire, which you install separately. It is a really strange game that I will not be playing. I am running this on Windows 7 with no problems.
review image
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on October 10, 2014
If you own previous Hoyle games, I would NOT recommend buying this. This version has many of the games on the previous CD-Rom. There are a few new games which I do like, but for the most part, the games on this version are also on the previous version, so save your money. Also, I have not figured out how to access the menu once I am playing a game, so I have to quit the game then restart. If you like board games, the previous version does not have a lot of them included.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 29, 2014
I got this as an update to a previous version of Hoyle Puzzle&Board games. It seamlessly installed the new version with its separate icon but, to my surprise, looked into the old version and extracted my characters and names, including myself. The games themselves, as other reviewers have noted, are fewer than before. On the other hand, the games look a little crisper and work slightly better. However, the flaws in some games, such as chess, were not corrected. [The games will stop unnecessarily for some reasons.]

The game programming is wildly varied. Gin rummy is skewed, the deals stacked so that you cannot win at the expert level unless you're a miraculous player. I'm quite good but only win at a lower level. Conversely, chess is written so that anyone can at least breakeven even at the expert level. Once you understand the game, in fact, you cannot lose...

Here's a little help for you in re chess: if you play at expert level, which you should (it's not expert to say the least), it will not let you take back a move. For learning purposes, that's a flaw. HOWEVER, do this: goto settings and change the play level to a lower level (i.e. other than expert). Then UNDO the move. Then go back to settings and go back to EXPERT. You'll have your game but with undo, something the game didn't come with...
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on September 9, 2014
I was unable to get it properly installed. The "King of Cheap Games Solitaire" program which is attached to it did install on the computer, played and would not close. The display on my surface tablet shrunk down to less than a quarter of the screen size, and became non-functional. I ended up having to restore my computer to factory state so that I could un-install it. I can't prove that the King of Cheap Games is what caused the meltdown, but the problem happened immediately when that K of C program opened on my computer, and I see that others have had problems with it, also. Unfortunately, I did not read the reviews before downloading the game...beware.

If you have a computer that will allow you to load from a CD, I would highly recommend the games. We have the games on CD and have played them for many years and really enjoy them. The disc we own does not have the King of Cheap Solitaire game on it, but it is several years old, so I can't speak to the current disc.
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on May 11, 2014
I'm old enough to remember DOS. This a package written 20 years ago to recognize a mouse...but just barely. Woohoo! The instructions and/or menus make no sense in 2014, let alone 2012 when this piece of garbage was presented. If you are totally desperate to put a suite of games on your PC, then have at it. Just understand that the interface sucks. I gave it two stars because the engines behind the games seem pretty good. And their approach to "documentation" is fairly consistent. Which means it is consistent in its lame-osity. (I just made that up) There is one generic help function, not game-by-game help. Bottom line is I'm almost 65 and I played games like this as a kid. Yeesh.

Update: Upgraded to Win 10 and Hoyle requires an OLD version of C++ to function. Animated games, like Battleship, don't work anymore. Yeesh ... again.
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on August 27, 2017
Not the same as the old games. We used to have a version with way more games than this!
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on February 5, 2014
I bought the 2010 copy of this game collection but lost the disk in a move. I finally decided to buy the 2012 version when I got a new computer. It's a good collection of games, but I was disappointed that one of my favorite games, "Star Collector" is no longer part of the collection, even though it is listed in the help and instructions manual in the software. I also noticed the collection of games on this 2012 version is quite a bit smaller than the previous 2010 disk.

The games are great and I am glad to have most of my favorites back on my new computer. That will teach me to lose my disks LOL.
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on December 2, 2012
My older version of Hoyle's Puzzle Games was lost when I upgraded my computer so I bought this one. There doesn't seem to be any game changes but it appears to be copied with some new purple colored windows - ugly in my own opinion - but other changes are detrimental to playing the games. Wordox has a timer, showing the decreasing seconds left on one's turn and they have put it right over the top 3 rows where one might want to insert a word. Ridiculously wrought decision. There is a longer lag time on Rummy Squares when you complete your turn. Your character continues to flash even after your turn is over - again a copy with some overlay on top as opposed to intergrated into the game. It works - It definitely is NOT PRETTY.
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