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on November 6, 2011
Having just begun my Masters in Integrated Marketing at New York University, I decided to purchase this book to complement my existing coursework in the program. Businesses are constantly evolving, and the ones that are long lived are those that are sensitive to their environment, as they managed to react in a timely fashion and respond to the conditions of society around them. How do companies respond to social media, the mobile web and new media all around us in this digital era? How do C Level Executives incorporate social media into their organization?

This is what Brian Solis does best throughout his book. He breaks down the most complex concepts to the simplest ideas for you to understand. Brian takes you through a journey on how the internet in the digital age has changed the culture of consumerism and the way information is processed and exchanged. As Brian says in one of his chapters, "Brands Are No Longer Created, They're Co-Created". The entire world is now on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs etc. and it's about time companies understand the significant change of behavior and use these findings to their advantage. In this book, Brian helps us to understand the behavior patterns that are emerging from the new generation of consumers and where the social and mobile web is headed.

This book took me some time to read and digest due to its rich and detailed content. However the real life stories and current business examples (Zappos, Virgin America, Starbucks. etc) makes the time spent on the book even more worth while as they are relevant and forward thinking. Brian does a good job by providing useful charts and info graphs throughout the book, but what I personally feel he does best is by providing a summary at the end of each chapter in bullet points and this reinforces the concepts covered in each chapter. The use of color in the book also helped captivate my attention while reading.

Overall this book has exceeded my expectations and has given me a boost to succeed in my graduate program and career ahead. It covers the areas in sales and marketing to customer service and product development to leadership and culture. It is a must read for those interested in how businesses are changing and the future of customer engagement. I would highly recommend this book not only to marketers but also to entrepreneurs and managers in other industries. Senior to junior executives that want to get a jump start against the competition will also find this useful.
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on November 19, 2011
There is a problem with the electronic version of the book on iPhones if you use the black background and white text. On many pages the first sentence was cut off making it difficult to join the dots or know the pearls of wisdom being offered. It was very frustrating. The publishers did mention they are looking into it.


Apart from that - this book is a must read for every business big and small. I am scared for big businesses out there who are stuck in rigid ways of operating and thinking. They're in for a surprise. But I am just as scared for my little business who has to follow the recommendations to ensure long term sustainability. There is so much that has to happen and it is extremely overwhelming for a 2 man business less than 3 years old. That being said, least we are forewarned and can start designing our customer experiences around their needs.

The book is information overload - I mirror the sentiments above, it's a long read - but an important one. And we can't say we weren't warned now. I do think it offers golden opportunities for software developers out there to build the tools we need to manage social business in future. If you have one, please by all means tell me about it.

Comprehensive research, well written, mostly practical, helpful real world examples, often scary.

I made copious notes throughout the book and believe I will buy the hard copy due to the reading issues I had, and because the book needs to become an operating manual we need to refer to often.

Read this book if you own a business.
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on October 28, 2011
It is fairly unusual for me to take a week to read a book, but the new book by Brian Solis is one of those books you need to take nice and slow to get all the nuances in it. I think personally that this is Brian Solis at his best, this is him at his peak performance, and as his skill as a writer. The book is that good, with very good stories and homilies to help sink home what he is saying. In many ways social media has transformed us all into highly connected people, with quality online relationships, and new ways of getting information into the hands of consumers.

I like the way that people are broken out into various types, from passive people who consume but take no action, to spammers, observers, trolls, and the perpetually whiny that live with us every day. The internet is a macrocosm of who we are as a society. If anything we are building the very first universal global society with its own culture, standards and morality. Everyone is invited in, people, companies, government, military, and the occasional passerby. Brian captures that in all its detail, with guide posts and road maps to how these work, and how these fail. The birth of the first global society tied together in all its functions and all its glory is going to be an interesting birth, and we are fortunate enough to be here at this time, helping, hindering, and changing to accommodate the growth and formation of that society.

There are so many things that stand out about this book from my own personal observation of the classroom and my students, to the interactions I see at large gatherings of people that this book was easy enough to bring home and make comparisons to my own real and online life. Brian hits all the major things I have seen on the D-list on the internet, and in my own interactions with both online and in person realities.

This is why this book rocks, this is why I get this, I see this every day in the school room and in my own life. Go into any Starbucks, most are connected in one way or another to the internet. Go into my classroom and you will see students fact checking me, using the internet for support, and engaging with their friends when the other students are catching up to the quicker students. He hits this one on the head, rather than haves and have not's, we are in the era of are you connected. While the book will not transform my life and make me a multi-zillionaire, what it does do is validate my own experience on line and in person. What he sees I have seen, what he has experience I have experienced, we all live here in one way or another, and the most impoverished person is the one without connections, contacts, or a visible online life.

While he really does not go into the downsides of a public life, that is also just fine. We are just starting out, and observations matter at this point. Welcome to the global society, we are all here in one way or another, what we do with it matters. How companies intersect with the new global society matters, how people intersect with companies, authority, schools, and others matters. Brian captures that beautifully, making this the most important book you should read this year if you are interested in how the world of online and offline are intermixed, and valuable to those who chose to live life that way.

Rating this 5 of 5 stars, as a must read for anyone who is interested in what changes we have to make to accommodate and be successful in the world's first global culture.
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on September 4, 2012
The End of Business as Usual is a one of kind insight into how the evolution of technology is transforming how businesses connect with customers and how customers get informed. It sheds light on how the future of business will be driven from means by which information is shared/retained by customers. My favorite- chapter 13, discusses how brands are No Longer Created, They're Co-Created. This excerpt is phenomenally enlightening: "the distance between a connected customer and a brand is measured by that engagement. The distance between connected customer sand their peers is measured by shared experiences." People are expressing themselves online through shared experiences and social interactions (Like, share, retweet, favorite etc.) and this book discusses the importance of generating positively memorable experiences because in today's connected world customers define the value and equity of a brand with their social circles online and off. Technology has changed the game for brands. The only thing inevitable is change and is why Brian's discusses throughout the book the theme of Digital Darwinism: the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology evolve faster than the ability to exploit it. Businesses and brands must not focus on shiny new objects in tech space but rather focus on tools that provide value to the customer and the business.

The End of Business as Usual explains how companies will be forced to stop treating customers as segments and start treating them as important individuals, because we all have an audiences of audiences with audiences. Thus, social resonance of a shared experience can be powerful and everlasting. Imagine what type of impact a memorable experience (good or bad) can have on your brand image if it spreads socially online and effects countless groups of peoples future experiences. There is growing interest for individuals to share experiences with their social graph as it is human nature and a growing trend for people to express themselves by sharing their customer experiences online. A customer may be physically walking into a store alone, but if they have a smartphone, they are never walking in alone. Mobile technology equips customers with networks of people & information too. Savvy, connected customers, as Brian calls them, have created their own systems to share their experiences utilizing data & opinions online. Mobile technology opens up opportunity to a new era of loyalty and reward programs based on experiences waiting to be disrupted as described in the book. The End of Business As Usual has greatly inspired our startup team at Yappem(tm) because it articulates the movement of smartphones and mobile devices instantly connecting shared experiences from the real world to online friends. Everyone on our startup team has their own copy of the book. Mine literally looks like 10 highlighters threw up all over it. So many different chapters, pages, sentences and words triggered creative ideas for me personally that I feel so grateful to Brian for his excellent writing & research. So much, that I felt the need to write my first Amazon review ever. Regardless, I want to emphasize that this is my favorite and most useful book I have read in the last 10 years as it shines a spotlight on emerging trends of mobile, social technologies and how customers are using these technologies based on their evolving behaviors, needs & expectations with businesses.

Both negative and positive shared experiences matter to a business, and they should matter to yours today. Bill Gates famously said, "your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning." The book further elaborates on the importance for businesses to design products and services that create meaningful and shareable experiences. The economy is in a difficult time right now with extremely high employment rates, and I strongly dislike reading about the collapse of companies like Blockbuster, Circuit City, Borders among others. I hope those involved in business pick up this book and check out the emerging trends that are coming our way or are already here today!

The book inspires creative thinking that will pay future dividends in many ways because as Albert Einstein put it "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." Creating, harnessing and highlighting shared experiences is the future of business and as Charles Darwin quote (that Brian included in book) goes " it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change." Do not let your business or brand avoid the moment that is the consumer revolution. Pick up a few copies of The End of Business as Usual today and prepare for it!

Special thanks to Brian for being an awesome writer and charismatic speaker who I had pleasure to meet at the Pivot Conference in NY (which I strongly suggest checking out this year) and at a Genesys event in Chicago. I want to iterate that I am very thankful for your writings Brian, as they have greatly inspired me and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Which I hope includes more books to come because you will have a loyal reader in this one. Thanks! Keep rocking it.

Dave (@DSox)
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on August 6, 2012
I just finished reading THE END OF BUSINESS AS USUAL and my mind is going crazy, in a good way!
The book is just a perfect explanation of how and where marketing and customers are moving. Everything is changing and everything will change even more because... it is the first time in the history customers are connected and want to be heard. Daily, about anything: books, hotels, restaurants, TV shows, you name it! This, literally changes everything.

I read the book on Kindle for iPad and as I was reading I realized I kept highlighting so many parts of the book I could't believe it!
Solis has really opened my eyes. Big time! I am starting a new business in Spain after reading the book. I had some doubts about it but now I am 100% sure. All businesses will be social one way or the other, so I am starting a "business socializer" boutique in Spain.
Thanks Brian. Awesome job.
Take care,
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on August 7, 2012
Every business owner needs to read this book, whether you are using social media or not. If you truly want to know where the consumer market is going and how your brand can survive in this space, this book will more than inform you on those trends. It will provide you with a deeper understanding about consumer behaviors, and how your brand can strategically soar into the digital revolution with confidence. Brian is a master wordsmith, and this book is filled with "ah ha" moments that will inspire and motivate you to think differently. As a social media professional who is in the "trenches" of social media on a daily basis, this book equips me with the language to explain and justify what I inherently know and see everyday. If there is one book you are looking to add to your business or social media library, this book should be top of your list.
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on January 10, 2012
This is the epitome of a very current marketing academic book that is eminently practical. This does not make it an easy read because Brian is concise and direct in his analysis and expects the reader to do some work as well. The book is full of aha moments, and my Kindle highlights are legion. This is the book for you if you are a current practicing marketer and or academic. I especially appreciated that Brian was able to skillfully weave the entire marketing skill set into all aspects of the company. If you want to learn and earn in this space, you will need to read this book. Full disclosure- I bought this book and it is on all my Kindles.
Check out his terrific blog [...]
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on August 7, 2012
Brian Solis is the social media expert's expert. This book is full of social philosophy, strategies, trends, foresights, tips, tactics and solutions for your social media and digital marketing.

The End of Business as Usual is so relevant in today's digital world. Local business reviews, product reviews, ratings, opinions, sentiment... and many more of these come into play into today's marketing planning.

Use this book as a guide to get your business where it needs to be in the social sphere.

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on June 19, 2016
I had to use this book for a class and it has been serving it s purpose and was effective to applications of the world we live in during a digital era. Good read
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on August 23, 2012
@briansolus & #endofbusiness was possibly most inspiring read ever. Nowhere else have I seen a better integration of emerging trends, behaviors & technology - to demonstrate the need for change & innovation both now & in the future. The research, case studies, evidence & methods to overcome Digital Darwinism are wide reaching & empowering. You know when you read a great book - you constantly refer to it, and then closely follow the author as a voice of influence & reason. Must read.
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