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on September 17, 2013
This 4X game is totally awesome. It runs well in Win7 64-bit. I've played these type of games since the original MOO, and this one is AWESOME! I run the game in 1600x900 since my graphics card slows down in 1920x1024. The game looks fabulous.

Endless Space is a turn based space conquest strategy game. Battles play out in real time, but you get to choose a tactics card for the three battle phases - long rang, medium range, and melee. There are also leaders to be hired, and they can either lead a fleet or a colony. The leaders are pretty cool. Buildings can be built on planets but you don't have to place them as in MOO2. All structures affect all planets in a star system. Star systems are linked by star lanes, and the range of fleet movement is very good. There is no espionage and that is just fine for me.

This game has a lot of nice refinements over the old MOO games. Moving fleets, bombarding planets, blockading planets, technology tree rocks, fleet command limits, production, ship design is awesome, wow. There's a bunch of good things about this game.

The enemy AI is also pretty good. They'll fight hard.

Oh, it runs on Steam. The listing does not state that.

Endless Space is a very solid 4X space strategy game. I am very happy I bought this game!
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on January 2, 2013
Okay so firstly, to sum up this game. This game is very similar to turn-based strategy games like Civilization (except in space, which is better) and real-time strategy games like sins of a solar empire. It is one of those games that is inbetween, like Total War for those of you familiar with the series. But, as total war is primarily an rts game, Endless Space is primarily a turn-based game. The quick real-time space battles are very simple instruments added for elegance.

Now, many people accuse the ai of cheating, and it does seem so sometimes, but other times not so much. If you feel the ai is cheating, all you have to do is change up your tactics a little bit and be more random. Out-playing the ai will lead you towards victory even when the ai does cheat. In the real time battles, countering what your enemy does gives you a bonus, but does not neutralize what they do. The ai often has inferior ship designs so when you design your own, you will definitely notice the difference and realize that once you become good at the game, the ai will have to cheat to have any chance of success or even mere survival.

If you are new to the civilization-like turn based strategy genre, then do not play this game, do not buy it. If you are a veteran or casual gamer that really found enjoyment in the civilization franchise then defintely buy this game, play it, and love it. It is a great change of pace and you will find yourself immersed in the game play.

Author's note: There is a slight story line to this game with species backgrounds but that mostly influences victory conditions and is a fun, side-dish to the main action that is of no consequence. There are many elements of the game that are quite amusing and creative that the player will notice immediately (like the difficulty level descriptions). I will also note that there are glitches in the game that will trouble you but I have not run into a single one that cannot be solved with a simple google search. They can also turn into advantages once you know how to deal with them, and prevent accidents. Final note, this game is a steam based game and required steam activation for me, but is no different from Civilization V in this way so be warned. (Steam-hosted games have fewer multiplayer issues +)

Edit: I have not played Masters of Orion
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on October 24, 2013
This is a beautiful game and I absolutely couldn't get enough of it for the first couple of weeks. The tech trees allow for a variety of different play styles and the descriptions of the techs themselves are interested and sometimes even fairly funny. Building your own ships is fun but I didn't particularly care for the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" battle mechanics in which you pick a few cards and hope that your cards trump the other guy's cards. (Technological advancement and smart ship-building obviously helps, but still....)

My main complaint is that it got straight up boring after a few weeks of gorging on the game. It's probably just personal preference and I'm sure some folks would disagree, but I just lost interest. Maybe I'm too used to terrestrial strategy games like Civ.
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on March 22, 2014
I keep wanting to come back to this game because the gameplay is so varied, you get a lot of choices in ship design, and playing with friends is really exciting and fun. It's approximately Civilization in Space, with much better customization of your military, pretty easy management of your territories, and awesome cinematic battle sequences.

My only critique is that the AI is not very cunning and does not step up to the plate with a challenge when you clearly have the upper hand. The AI has no chance against well-built fleets of capital ships, because the AI continues to use medium-sized ships, which are easier to destroy and can be picked off to wear down their fleets and eventually destroy them. If they ran with well-defended capital ships, the battles would be much more interesting, because you could theoretically have battles ending in a draw with no lost ships. Right now it's more of a rush in and blow everything up at long range before they kill you.
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on July 31, 2012
Endless Space is an indie, turn-based, 4x space strategy game focusing on overall strategy over combat and nitpicky micromanaging. This is the super-special edition which grants the in-game soundtrack and points which can be used to vote for product updates; it's a gimmick. There are plenty of in-depth reviews on Youtube and those do more justice than anything I can say here.

I thought I'd really like this game, but even a month after its release it still needs polishing to bring it up to the 8/10 many game reviewers have been awarding; many would disagree with me. In fact, after I publish this review I expect to receive numerous comments expressing outrage at my rating. I think this game has been overrated due to the fact it's an indie game with a relatively small team of developers who happened to make something way above everyone's expectations. It's good, but not great.

Fortunately the developers are treating this as a live game and are making continuous improvements to the game engine based on community recommendations. So far they've fixed some of the glaring problems, such as AI fleet spamming (while at-war with an AI they would create dozens of fleets, leading to endless amounts of combat) and early-game pirate fleet difficulty. I'm not going to say much about this game other than it lacks depth and replayability. There are lots of configuration options when starting a game but there is virtually nothing separating one game from the next aside from the size, shape, and age of the generated galaxy. However, Endless Space is still enjoyable due to its complexity, pleasing graphics, and co-op mode. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the devs will really polish up this game - it still has potential.

Newcomers to the 4x genre should expect a steep learning curve (20+ hours) to gain a handle on the game mechanics.

This is a game protected by Steamworks DRM. All downloads of this game from any site will require you to download and install the Steam client.

9/1/14 Update: I purchased the DLC, which made the game less bad. Like a lot of DLC's these days, there's very little actual content and a lot of general improvements/bug fixes. I almost bumped up my rating to 4 stars, but then I remembered that the game's multiplayer is completely dead and there really isn't any reason to play this game anymore. I mean, multiplayer was the only time when empire-building didn't feel so one-sided (with the AI's usually kicking your butt unless you got lucky in the beginning).
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on January 26, 2013
If you want to play fully controlled Space fleet battle, better play Homeworld or Sins of Solar Empire.

This game has different direction. It's almost perfect improved copy of Galactic Civilization 2 UE.
(...I don't think there will be better game then Gal Civ 2 in space empire management games.)

This one simplified complexity element in Gal Civ. It helps to focus on Space Empire management for player.
and have more unique element too.

Definitely worth to buy, if you are a space addict.
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on April 6, 2013
If you enjoyed Master of Orion, you will enjoy this game. Very well polished and easy to play. Good strategic depth. Tactically the ship battles have enough options to keep things interesting to where I didnt want to click auto battle. Some games like this I find I eventually skip over the tactical side once my empire gets to large. This game seems to have made good pacing choices.
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on January 23, 2013
My knowledge of space 4X prior to Endless Space had been limited to Gal Civ II and Endless Space was a little different but after the initial getting used to it phase wore off I found myself enjoying it, well, endlessly. I would recommend it to any who love turn based strategy and Amplitude Studios - the publishers of the game - not only support it well but have a good forum and a god fanbase. If you choose to buy I hope you enjoy your time in this wonderful game as well!
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on October 17, 2012
Fun Game, but it got a little old after a couple play throughs. I liked the battle cards and watching a battle play out, it was really stable on my system and I didn't have any issues.

I played a multi player game with my friend and it was a long load in the beginning but it was better after the game started
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on December 27, 2012
Fairly good game but very hard to to beat the AI opponents my ships seem lackluster compared to ships of the other races even though I am leading them in Technology and wealth still haven't figured that one out yet..8)
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