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on May 21, 2017
My review is strictly for the audio portion of this book - not the book itself. I read books at home, but I enjoy listening to them in my truck while driving, so I purchased the audio for this novel. I'm astonished and beyond annoyed that Kilborn actually allowed this book to be read by someone with a fake accent with an insanely terrible combination of Cajun/North Carolina delivery. Absolutely atrocious. I only listened to around 45 minutes or so & I couldn't handle it anymore. I was literally laughing at the horrible accent during scenes that were supposed to be climactic and scary. Why? Seriously, why would you have it read this way? I have nothing against accents - I'm from Texas and we have our fair share of accents and accents from anyone in the world are enlightening to hear, but this particular accent was so obviously faked that it ruined the book for me. When a character has a thought, the "thought" is read in a perfectly normal voice, but then the narration will continue and the Cajun/North Carolina accent continues and it is comical. When he is stressing certain situations, the voice inflection will falter into a childish sounding tone - as though a 4 year old is trying to portray his angst at not getting candy in a store. The enunciation of occasional words sounds like nails diligently clawing at a chalk board. I would much prefer the sound of a fork scraping a plate than to listen to his particular cadence awkwardly trying to audibly portray a scene of terror. I will never again purchase the audio format for a book without listening to a sample.
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on October 15, 2015
Jack Kilborn/J.A. Konrath is right at the top of my list of best thriller/horror authors. He's right up there with Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and other greats; except Jack Kilborn's novels are jam packed with more gore and more extreme terror in the first 10 pages than many other scary stories hold within the entire book!

Every book I read from the J.A. Konrath/Jack Kilborn "series" of 6 books is better than the last; and "Endurance" was no different! It was full of craziness and chaos literally from page one, and it didn't slow down until the last word was read. I think the scariest part of this book was the fact that this really could happen! And that is terrifying!!! There are small towns in the middle of no where all over this country (and maybe even all over the world!).

Great read! I can't wait to see where the next story leads me.
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on January 14, 2016
While this was a somewhat typical slasher-type novel, it became a really good one because of the (mostly) likable characters and the sometimes humorous moments. It begins with Maria, a competitor in the Iron Woman Triathlon becoming trapped inside the Rushmore Inn, a very out of the way bed and breakfast that looks as if presidential memorabilia has been vomited all over it. Fast forward to one year later where we meet Deb, an amputee triathlete, Mal, a reporter, Kelly, a typical almost-teen, Letty, her mom, and Florence, her grandmother who, as it turns out, is not your average granny at all. The characters are rounded out by Felix, Maria's fiancee who has been unceasingly searching for her for the past year and Cam, Maria's brother. What ensues is a gore-fest of epic proportions as we meet Eleanor Roosevelt, the proprietor of the B & B and her god-awful progeny.

No doubt, this book was extremely gory and grisly and the bad guys were so, so disgusting, but Kilborn did a great job offsetting the darker moments with humor and I honestly shed a tear or two during the more emotional scenes. The characters' unceasing will to survive completely entranced me.

I listened to the audiobook version of this novel and Christopher Lane is absolutely awesome!! There were tons of characters in this book and he nailed every. Single. One. I cannot say enough about his talent.
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After reading Jack Kilborn's (J.A. Konrath) "Trapped", I was hooked on this author's writing and his ability to evoke abject terror in the reader. "Endurance: A Novel of Terror" is no exception. It is a novel not to be read at night; when alone; or when in unfamiliar environs. It is a novel you may be unable to stop reading, in spite of your best intention to do so. You will feel emotions similar to ones you might feel if you are watching a horrific accident about to happen, yet are unable to look away. Morbid curiosity, if nothing else, propels the reader forward.

When their hotel reservations seem to have been lost, a series of men and women are directed to the remote Rushmore Inn and "disappear". Current participants in a women's triathlon, a sports journalist, and the fiancé of one of the missing women are the latest missing persons. Sightings of strange creatures, blown tires, and uneasy sensations of being watched once they check in are common. The menacing Rushmore Inn's proprietress, is an evil and sadistic a villainous; her offspring, every bit as depraved as their mother, are willing participants and pawns in her horrible schemes.

Throughout "Endurance", Kilborn creates plausible situations that go horribly awry. His "normal" characters are relatable; their emotions realistic; and their reactions, under the circumstances, understandable. Further, their courage and fortitude is often the one uplifting factor within the terrible, violent scenarios. The women protagonists are, for the most part, courageous survivors. They act selflessly when others are in danger; they will fight against seemingly insurmountable odds. His villains are gruesome deviants and misfits, products of unnatural experiments or of hereditary anomalies. Kilborn's writing and this series, in particular, are not for every reader.

Jack Kilborn has a vividly wicked, very unusual imagination that results in horrible scenes throughout very bloody novels. However, readers with strong stomachs and the ability to look beyond the surface horrors may find "Endurance" a worthwhile read.
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Read this a month or two ago and remains fresh even today. Loved the strong, female paraplegic protagonist set against the bizarre bluebloods that may have crossbred just a little too often. Plot was way over the top yet kept your interest throughout which are the trademarks of any Konrath/Kilborn terror novel. Would make for a good B-horror film like "Return of the Living Dead" which makes it ok in my book and thus author remains on my reading list for the foreseeable future.
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on June 26, 2012 its not actual the prequel ,but I was making a point. I've read MANY Stephen King books. As well as Dean Koontz. However I've never written a review for a book until now. This was a terrifically horrifying story-telling at its best. Not for the faint of heart. This book is very graphic and gruesome and dare to go where many horror stories fail to go. I found myself sucked in and cringing as I went page after page. Enough detail is giving to the characters for you to care about them without being drowned by back-story. I found myself becoming invested as the female characters showed grit and toughness. I appreciate a solid story that offers up an intense presentation that allows your imagination to run. This story doesn't disappoint. There are a few writing flaws. I have no idea how one particular character is able to 'ENDURE' what he goes through. I know a few people have written a bad review for their own reasons. All I know is I love a good scary story. This one deffinately did it for me. But what do I know....I'm nobody. I just love to read and this is my opinion.
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on June 27, 2013
Contrary to the opinion of other reviewers, I did not find this book too scary. Something about the way that it was written, even though the acts described are horrific, terrible violent crimes, failed to elicit intense fearful emotion in me. That said, this is a terrific, well-plotted and fast-paced read. I started reading the sample for Kindle and had to, the same day, buy the book and read the rest of it in one sitting. The front half was my favorite part of the book, the latter half was less emotional/less terrifying for me (even though that is where the bulk of the horror/splatter action is). I suppose I enjoyed suspense and threat, in the reading, significantly more than horrifying, relentless violent action that made up most of the book. The main plot and the sophisticated sub-plots, along with excellent characterization, description, setting and action, made this book well worth the purchase price. The book has an air of camp about it, and doesn't describe things in the most sensorial way. There is a lack of color, texture, sound and so on, in the prose--especially in the latter half of the book--so it wasn't an ambient read for me. The author primarily relies on action and dialogue to move the story and plot forward. Perhaps that's why it didn't terrify me, entirely. The characters emotions and sensorial experience weren't described in great depth in the latter half of the book. When I read I like to vicariously feel character. I did feel sorry for West Virginia, the locale, and the tired old back woods mutant rednecks trope. Get me right, the book is still a great genre read. I particularly enjoyed the sub-plot where a main character must face/re-experience a failure from the past in order to survive in the present. The author very skillfully handled an ensemble piece with many protagonists and antagonists. Highly recommended--happy reading~*
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on July 11, 2013
Jack Kilborn is a good writer, but this book reads like a draft rather than a polished product. Be prepared for missing words, typos, homonym difficulties (reign instead of rein, etc.), some awkward constructions, and so forth. Nevertheless, the story moves right along in a sustained creepy fashion, with some welcome humor sprinkled in. Most of the characters are drawn well enough that the reader cares what happens to them (although a few, like Sue, whip on and off so quickly that readers have little time to work up much sympathy). The theme is far from original but horror fans are unlikely to find that objectionable. The ending is satisfying.

The author does a great job introducing what will be difficult words for many readers by building in good description (example: bifurcation) so that there's no need to look the word up. Still, one paragraph sticks in my mind: he introduces a dozen words most readers will find confusing and nothing in the text gives much of a clue. In some places the author's knowledge makes for compelling reading; in others, I couldn't help wishing he'd done a little more research to make the text more believable.

For die-hard fans, the faults won't matter too much (especially if they read mostly ebooks, which all too often read like drafts instead of well-crafted, polished works). Kilborn is a good enough writer that this is a shame. Working through the book again to fix the most glaring problems would allow readers to enjoy the creepiness and fast pace without tripping.
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on February 8, 2014
Unrelenting horror with a solid cast of characters are the staples of "Endurance". Author Jack Kilborn (as terrific as ever) spins a yarn that will reach the soul of even the most jaded horror genre' fans. In this novel, Kilborn creates a story created on some unfortunate participants in an Iron Woman Triathlon competition. A small group of these women find themselves having to secure lodging at the out-of-the-way Rushmore Inn because all the hotel rooms at the site of the competition are booked.

The bad thing about the Rushmore Inn is that once you check in, you check out in a much different way that expected. You see, the Rushmore Inn is populated by the worst collection of psychos, miscreants, and mutants that one will every find in a single book. This group is headed up by the biggest, baddest mama of them all, Eleanor Roosevelt. No, not THAT one, but rather a delusional sociopath who believes that her lineage goes back to royal blood and she's going to do everything in her power to keep her sadistic brood (all named for different US President - hence Rushmore Inn) alive.

Kilborn creates a harsh, imaginative, brutality graphic novel that's sprinkled with a little humor. Not for the faint-of-heart, but definitely memorable, readers who are fans of Bryan Smith, Edward Lee, Jack Ketchum, and Kealan Patrick Burke should absolutely LOVE "Endurance".
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on February 9, 2013
I am quite picky about the books I read that fall under the horror genre. I need for there to be a strong plot, and preferably a good sub-plot or two, along with well created characters that we (the average people) can relate to, and something very creepy, yet relatable, for me to even get into the book, never mind actually enjoying it... a lot of expectations, I know. For example, taking an every day fear that many may have, such as the idea of camping in a flimsy tent, in the middle of nowhere, and thinking you hear footsteps, or see a shadow, just outside of the tent in the middle of the night. Wondering if it is just the normal sounds of the forest or a psychopath with a machete waiting to kidnap, rape, murder me, or even worse, whatever that may be seeing as how the depravities of the human mind never seem to cease. Am I the only who has these kind of thoughts, or have I just watched one too many Friday the 13th movies? Regardless, for me to really get totally lost in a horror book and truly find myself lost in it to the point of being incapable of putting it down, or find myself tapping my foot as I bite on my lower lip in apprehension of what will happen next, I need the story line to hit the nerve of an inner fear that has at some point crossed mt mind. "Endurance" did this almost from the very first couple pages, and maintained that pace right thru up to the very last page! I bought it at about 11pm figuring I would start reading it as a way to relax and go to sleep, seeing as how I always read every evening to relax myself into going to sleep, but tonight was an exception... the more I read the more awake and tension filled I became! My right foot was tapping non-stop with the mounting tensions as I chewed my lower lip raw not able to put the book down for even a single second as the characters and tale continued to unfold with each page I turned. I cannot remember the last time a horror book (or even movie) had me this wrapped up in it potentially since I read my very first horror novel (John Saul's "Suffer the Children") back when I was twelve, and even then I don't think I was as invested in the victims of that book as I was in the victims of the crazies in this novel! I read a few reviews that said there was a lot of gratuitous gore in this story, but I personally felt that while there was violence and gore, I never found it to be any more than what seemed absolutely necessary for the situations that arose. I also loved the humanity of the victims, from those too weak to carry on, to those who would rather die fighting than just curl up and die, without any of them being superhuman, along with a few truly unexpected twists. It is now just over 6 hours since I first picked up this book and began reading and I figured I might as well write a review of it seeing as how I am never gonna fall asleep anytime soon! Between my mind racing a thousand miles an hour over the story I just finished, my heart still pumping too fast as a result of the incredibly written storyline, and knowing that if I did close my eyes and by some chance should fall asleep knowing that my dreams would quickly turned to nightmares of being chased until I woke up either in a cold sweat or on the verge of screaming, I have turned on the lamp, am deeply relieved that I have lived in my house for over 14 years and know every square inch of it as a result of doing a lot of renovations, and am just waiting for my nerves to calm down after the jangling they have been given as a result of reading this novel! I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a fabulously written suspense filled story that will scare the absolute hell out of them! This author reminds me very much of many of the greats who have been writing horror for many years such as John Saul, Stephen King, and Dean Koontz, just to name a few! This is the first of this author's writings that I have read but it will definitely not be the last seeing as I have just downloaded the other two horror novels I was able to find by this writer between finishing reading "Endurance" and writing this review... however in the future I will wait until I have a free day to just relax when I next read one of this author's books so that I am not up all night long if like this one I find the next novels as all encompassing and absolutely terrifying! Plus I will have the comfort of daylight if the other novels are anywhere near as horrifying and suspense filled as "Endurance" has been... A well earned 5 stars go to this novel, and the author who wrote it, and a very high recommendation to read this book, if you dare, but keep the light on!
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