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on May 23, 2015
This light is very functional. It has two settings, both of which are bright (LEDs are bright). I typically wear this while running at night to see and for others to see me.

My only complaint is that its not super comfortable. To be fair, the strap has to hold a light and battery snug to your forehead. There's no getting around that, so its not going to lower the score.
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on March 2, 2016
This headlamp is great!
I do a lot of crafting that requires small, even tiny stitches or other close-up work.
The headlamp allows me to see my work and not make the mistakes that frustrate me.
It has the ability to change the angle of the light, and the unit also has a two-level light (high and low power).
It is super-simple to change the angle of the headlamp and the light level. A switch on top off the unit controls the light level, and the pivot is just a quick, one handed adjustment of the lamp.
The pivot feature allows for any angle you would wish, not just one extra position.
I put off buying this light, but I'm so glad I did! My crafting and other activities which require good lighting are just so much easier now.
In addition, we have dogs, and a very woodsy back yard. At night this light makes it easier to find them at, and kind of fun to see the deer with, and to freak out the raccoons and possums!
I wish I hadn't waited, I have had such a good experience with it.
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Easy on and off make this a winner in my opinion. I have so many headlamps that require a constant pushing of the button switch to toggle through the series of light intensity. This lightweight gem is a simple push one way for low...middle position for off ...and a push the other way for high output. Simple and easy to use...comfortable to wear and batteries last a long time.
Great headlamp for the price and highly recommended.
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on October 8, 2017
To be perfectly honest with you this might be one of the best purchases I have made. I'm very happy with this product and would highly recommend it to anyone. Very well construction and could also make a great gift!!!
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Both headlamps work as they should. Should come in handy on camping, hiking or any event where I need a light on and need to use both hands. Easy to operate and install batteries. I bought two and am happy with them. The light is bright enough to light up a 15ft square area without any difficulty.
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on February 20, 2015
I bought this for hiking at night, and I've been very happy. Batteries last a long time, and the light is bright. Small enough to toss in my pack and leave it there all the time, even when I know I won't be out in the dark. And it was a great price.

I had a minor issue hiking with a friend who has a brighter headlamp than I do, which made my light disappear into his shadows. If you regularly hike with others I suggest trying to get lights of similar brightness with each other.

Also during certain parts of the year when small flying insects were more common I sometimes found my face swarmed with small moths. Yes, LEDs do attract insects. I had to occasionally switch it to the red light to alleviate the buzzing, and then I wanted the red light to be a little brighter. Where I live that was only occasionally an issue during the summer, and I mostly hike at night during the winter when the days are shorter anyway, but it's something to consider.
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on February 25, 2014
Approximately 10 years ago I purchased this same product & I experienced excellent results, however, this newer version is cheap.

I can not recommend this headlamp anymore; it has become cheaper than I could have ever imagined.

Why 2 stars for this product?
Because the on/off switch on this headlamp is very loose; it does not take much pressure to turn the lights on when it is not desired, such as when the headlamp is in your pocket and not is use. The headlamp turns on very easily, too easy, in my opinion & therefore a waste of battery life. When I desire red light very little pressure moves the on button to the white light; a big no no for the hunters out there! The headlamp I purchased about 10 years ago requires more pressure for the on/off switch movement.

I'd rather spend more money & buy a better quality product since the rate I am going thru batteries this headlamp is becoming costly.
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on August 17, 2013
A friend of mine had one of these and said she was able to read books during the last hurricane blackout by wearing it. I bought it for that reason and also find it is great to use while I am using my laptop. The room light and nearby lamp is too hot to use in hot weather but the light from the laptop screen is not bright enough to light up the keyboard, so I wear this and it is perfect. Only problem is it is a bit heavy and if the headband is not adjusted just right it slides down and presses on my reading glasses. After a bit my glasses are digging into my nose. So just wish it was a bit lighter in weight. THE other problem occured when I wore it into my kitchen last week (to get a cup of coffee) and saw how dirty my countertop and backsplash REALLY was in this bright light. So now I wear it to clean the kitchen and bath as well. Great price and came with 3 batteries. Going to get a second for the hubby. Would be good to keep in the car for any possible nighttime car troubles. Like a hands free flashlight.
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on March 27, 2017
This is a great headlight. I am using this in the field and it's brighter than many other headlights and I love that I can adjust the light direction. This was a great buy for me!
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on March 25, 2014
I wore this when I was hiking at night with my buddy.
This Pro 3 LED is very bright, and uses only 2 AAA batteries, which makes it pretty light.
I was worried if it would slip out of my forehead, but it turned out very comfortable to wear even with glasses. It never slipped.
The light is pretty bright and shines pretty far, it was perfect to wear at night because now I had both hands in control for hiking.
(before I was using a lamp and one of my hands had to be "occupied")
You can adjust the angle of the light (up and down), which turned out very useful for me because I didn't have to bend my neck down to shine the floor.
Red light function was great too when I didn't want it to be too bright. Red light was very useful when we hiked at full moon and we had enough moon light to walk without much difficulty. With using red light during that time was perfect because red light didn't bother my eye-sights at night.
Overall, I'm very satisfied with my purchase. I don't regret buying little more expensive version of Energizer headlamp because that cuts off usage-time (battery life).
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