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on August 18, 2011
Long ago, in a retail store far far away (REI), I bought a rather overpriced, underperforming headlamp by a company I won't name (though their name rhymes with "pretzel"). Then, for about half the price, I discovered this Energizer model and tried it out. I love this lamp! It is brighter, more versatile and offers more illumination options than the other one, and at literally half the price. I use it for night hiking, rock climbing, caving, and even nighttime swimming (no, it is not waterproof, but I do a lot of lake swimming, and since I go after work, it sometimes gets dark on me before I get done swimming across and back, so I just turn this headlamp on the red light setting and place it at my starting point so I can find my way back; works like a charm!). This lamp is a bit on the large side, so people with smaller builds, especially women, may feel a bit like Robocop wearing this thing, but for me (5' 11" 200 lbs) it is not bulky or uncomfortable at all. And they made a great improvement on the new ones: the back cover plate, which must be removed to replace the batteries, is now tethered to the body of the lamp with a little strap. That is GREAT because I once misplaced the back cover on my old one, and without that plate the lamp is basically useless. I now own 4 of these and I love them!
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on December 13, 2014
I'll try to be objective about this Energizer Pro 7, but let me just start by stating that this headlamp is not the best. Not even close. What's wrong, you say?
1. The first thing I noticed is that the beam is not very cleanly focused in one direction. I mean, I have a Black Diamond that will let you produce either a focused beam or an unfocused beam. But even the unfocused beam is in a generally large round shape in front of you. This Energizer thing is all over the place. Most of the light is in front of you, yes, But there are little light traces everywhere and not enough to do any good, but enough to really be distracting. In fact, it even glares in your eyes, if you can believe that from a headlamp strapped to your forehead! And there's a dark stripe in the shape of a big smile right in front of you, undoubtedly from the way the plastic is molded around those 3 protruding plastic lenses. ugh. Annoying to say the least. And it makes it tough to see things clearly because you have to figure out what is in front of you and what is just weird pattern from the headlamp!
2. Again with the unfocused beam. Shine the red light on a wall in front of you and it looks like a skull in the middle with honeycomb patterns all over the wall around it. Annoying when you just want to see something clearly!
3. The adjustment mechanism to tilt the headlamp is badly designed. It's tough to tilt it forward and when you do, it sounds like you're snapping and breaking the plastic. Then, when you've adjusted it to the setting you want, it's loose and flops around a littl at that setting. AND, to top it off, it's way too easy to tilt it back up again and in fact I kept doing it accidentally trying to adjust the thing to the right setting after it flopped it's way to a different setting. UGH! All I can say is, to those of you who give this thing any more than about 2 stars, you are settling for something that is WAY less than outstanding.

So, I thought maybe I was too hard on it and just used to my Black Diamond so I gave it to my wife to use for a while. (We take turns walking the dogs every night.) She said she wants me to buy her a different headlamp because this one sucks! There you have it. 2 independent reviews for the price of 1. And we both agree. Don't waste your money!
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on June 4, 2014
Two major issues -- I find that there is too much spill light down into my eyes - limiting its function (others have remarked that they did not find this to be the case) AND the blasted position ratchet gave out after only a few weeks of use. I've had it for over a year and continue to suffer its shortcomings - I would not recommend this unit to anyone.
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on December 7, 2014
If you love high beams from oncoming traffic... you'll love this thing. This is little more than a device to punish your retinas, and, allow you the opportunity to discover night blindness. I cannot believe any engineer would not be laughing after pushing this luminous marvel to production. Where to start, well, the basic function of the headlamp is to help you see in the dark, WHILE, on your head. This light gets high marks for brightness, however, it should be noted that a disproportional amount of it is projected down into your eyes.The situation is exacerbated if you, as I do, wear glasses. Not only are you treated to the blinding incident ray,( but wait, there's more)...the light also washes across the lens to amplify the discomfort. A simple opaque coating on the bottom of the housing would have done the job quite handily.( Experimentation with black tape etc proved this out.) After 5 minutes, or more, depending on your pain level, you will rip the thing off your head, then spend another 5 minutes waiting for the white spots to dissipate
The switching sequence is maddening. Every time you turn on/off the light, you are forced to go through every combination of lighting available on the device, Red/ High/ Low/ Flashing - enough to make your neighbors raise an eyebrow while your working outside around the house.
For the coup de gras, and, for your functional amusement, the retina rake is designed with a tilt mechanism that is second to none. In other words, none would be twice as good as this. A quick look at the mechanism that hold the assembly at the desired angle, looks like something a child would win at a state fair. It really only has 2 positions, approx 30 degrees from vertical, and, about 45 degrees from center y-axis. Moving from the vertical "home" position is met with a great deal of resistance, and, gradually increasing the force yields a loud CRACK from the mechanism, great, now your at the 30 degree position. More force, another CRACK, your at the next position. Small wonder everyone complains about the mechanism giving out. I see no possible way any plastic could take this repeated abuse and survive. The good new is, RETURNING the light to the home position is easy - FAR TOO EASY. A slight bump, tap, or wiggle will put the device home and allows you the pleasure of going through the cracking sequence again.
All in all, a fail. Did I spend a lot of time on this - yep, however, I find it unforgivable that any manufacturer would put this on the market under the auspice of a functional headlamp. The 50 Lumen model (which I have) is twice the light that I purchased for approximately half the price. While not weather resistant, it suffers none of the maladies this marvel of modern production does.
Save your money.
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on April 9, 2010
This is a very nice head lamp. It is very bright and comfortable to wear. My only complaint is that fact you have to cycle through all modes to turn it off. Not a huge problem but slightly inconvenient.
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on March 7, 2015
This headlamp is trash. Save your money and go elsewhere. Arrived with broken swivel and battery compartment was not properly sealed allowing water or anything to freely enter. Materials are extremely cheap. The light is decently bright. I bought this headlamp to replace a $5 cheapo I bought from china which outperforms energizer in quality and brightness. Energizer shame on you.

EDIT: Folks, go with the Rayovac 120 Lumen indestructible single led headlamp 3xAAA, it is cheaper than the energizer and is an outstanding product for the money, focused beam, incredibly bright, 2 modes full power and power saver, the tilt is very solid and the lamp can detach from the headlamp mount for nice little hand flashlight, and the overall quality is great. Found it at my local home depot. $13 and change. Absolutely recommend.
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on March 5, 2013
Follow up to review May 14th 2013 to the one made below. I had the seller ship me free of charge on the shipping only 2 day which was nice a replacement headlamp as long as I shipped the bad unit I got on my first order which I video taped below the problem. The 2nd unit I received by the seller was GREAT! the head was just a tad snugger or tighter on the swivel of the head lamp. I may have must just got that one of the first batch or original headlamps that have had this problem. I believe that the manufacture has now been aware of the problem and shipping units that no longer have the loose swivel on the headlamp. I have had the unit for 4 months now and still on the same set of batteries that came with it. I have to say its really a bright headlamp! Comparing to any other headlamp you would probably have to spend about 50 bucks to get one brighter than this one. So for 16 bucks this is a bargain. I highly recommend it now that the head lamp angle stays in place. Its comfortable and like I said bright. I took it on a recent overnighter in the woods and everyone was asking "Man what kind of headlamp is that its bright!" I like it because the batteries last a long time and the spot light really can throw a long beam of light a ways away. The multi beam setting is great for close up good lighting as well. The RED lamp is bright enough to easily read a book without disturbing others around you sleeping etc.. I am a picky SOB and this headlamp now has one me over and I am ordering 2 more one for work one for the truck to always have one on hand.

This is nothing against the seller who shipped it quickly to me and did a good job. This is a review of Engergizer company for not doing QC control or watching out for bad runs of their headlamps. I got this headlamp in a timely manner but the headlamp anglator or ratcheting headlamp wont stay in place so the headlamp "Flops" down if you move up and down a bit or say trot down some stairs with it on your head. The position of the lamp wont stay locked in place. I think I just got one bad apple of the bunch and sent it back to the seller to have it replaced. I will update here when I get my 2nd headlamp and see if that lamp is tighter and does not flop down. I am uploading a video of what I am talking about so you can see what I mean. I have to say the headlamp itself is very bright for a 3 AAA light. In my honest opinion its a great value of a light for the price compared to some of the Petzl lights and Diamond lights at far less of a lumen brightness which theirs run about 30 to 50 bucks. 16 bucks for 58 lumens light is a great light in my opinion. Its great for a semi cheap headlamp being this bright and useful without a heavy battery pack at the back of the headband. This is a single headband around the head with the batteries in the headlamp itself which is great if you lay in your tent in bed reading "No bumpy battery pack to lay on" Also when working around the house I tend to be wearing a ball cap or hunters cap so the single headband works great so I dont have to take the hat off. I am just bummed that I had to send it back for a replacement unit due to the flopping headlamp not staying put in the angle you set the angle to. So we will see when I get my 2nd unit and hopefully it was just a bad apple in the bunch.
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on March 12, 2014
I'm not sure how this can be considered "industrial" when there's nothing on the back of the light to absorb movement from walking and also to just hold it still on your hard hat! I opened this product, put it on, and it kept flapping open. Click click click...Not cool. I gave it to my son to read books in bed. That's about what it's good for.
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on October 8, 2014
1 star because the product is poorly designed. Don't get me wrong. I'm not knocking all Energizer headlamps. This one is not what I wanted. The lens covering the leds isn't "flat," so to speak. It has raised nipples where some leds are. Those nipples shed so much light down into my eyes that, I can't see. There's just way too much light bleed. It's like trying to see through fog. I do believe there are other reviews that oblige my opinion.
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on October 19, 2012
About the title, this is not a discrete headlamp! It has 7 LED (2 of them red) and 7 lenses and sitting there on your forehead does look a bit like a shiny set of spider's eyes. Then you turn it on and it is very, very good. Red switches to 3 white with a wide beam. Another click and it is onto a focussed beam. One more and you get all 5 white LED and a wide and long field of view. Impressive, especially for the price in comparison with Petzl et al. Only thought regards the elastic. Feels a bit soft, and the lamp moves a bit when moving with some energy in the step, so might not suit heavy action i.e. might slip. We'll see. We'll? I was so impressed I bought a new one for my wife!
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