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on August 3, 2016

Since rechargeable battles have an enviromental impact with disposal, you want to buy the ones that work the best and lasting the longest. The best rechargable battery I have used (and I have been using rechargeable batteries for over a decade), are NIMH. THese batteries have the greatest advantages and the few disadvantages (as detailed below).

My choce is base on 3 basic principles: Capacity, performance and self-discharge rate.

Capacity is measure in mAh - think of this as the gas tank in your car. The higher the mAh, the bigger the "tank" and the longer the battery will work.

Performance is a measure of ability to last in energy guzzling devices such as gaming consoles and digital cameras. Performance of NIMH batteries is nearly double that of the usuable disposable alkaline battery. This is similar to the need for high-octane gas in high performance cars.

Self-discharge rate is how fast a fully charged battery loses its power ("leaky" gas tank). There are 2 types of NIMH batteries, LSD (low self-dischage) and non LSD. he LSD NIMH batteries will retain 75% of their charge for a year or longer. Non-LSD NIMH batteries lose about 15% of their charge in a month. Since I mostly use rechargeable batteries is "battery eating devices" and rarely store my batteries for more than a month, I use the non-LSD version.

so now you have the information to look at the different paramenter of NIMH batteries and determine the best value for your battery usage.

In my own experience, many LSD NIMH batteries have not performed as well as regular NIMH batteries. So I prefer the regular NIMH type. Brand is also important. I find energizer brand to be high quality, long lasting and reasonable priced.
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on January 9, 2016
these rechargeable batteries are great, they have helped cut down the cost and use of regular batteries. I use them in 2 l.e.d. lattern lights that I leave on all day long for my dogs while I'm at work ( I know that sounds ridiculous but I hate the thought of my dogs being home in the dark lol). The batteries last 2 days before they have to be recharged, and I recharge them in the energizer recharger. I have had these batteries for about 6 months now and they still hold their charge and have not lost the ability to supply power to those lanterns for over 8 hours x 2 days yet.
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on January 27, 2017
Great batteries that are ready right out of the box, NO CHARGE required like most rechargeable batteries. Been using them for many years and they are great dependable batteries.I would get a GOOD high end charger though because theirs isn't all that great and isn't smart like some others you can purchase here on amazon. Look for Nitecore D2 smart Charger or they probably have a newer one by now.
or see here: Nitecore D2 smart Charger 2015 version with LCD display For Li-ion, IMR Rechargeable Batteries Bundle with Ac and 12V DC Car power cords, 2 EdisonBright AA to D type Battery Converters

That charger will charge all kinds of batteries too not just AA. Don't take the chance on using Energizers chargers if you plan on charging your batteries quite a bit.
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on March 29, 2017
I can rarely find rechargeable batteries in store anymore. We don't have a lot of electronics for our children (we're Montessori-based parents), but it's frustrating when we do go to use something with batteries and the batteries die quickly or are already dead. I don't know what took my so long to think about ordering them online since I have trouble finding these in stores. But I'm glad I did! I haven't had to buy batteries in many years, thanks to the rechargeable ones that I've built up. More children = more batteries now! lol They hold the charge great. I'll never go back to disposable batteries again. Waste of money for the disposable ones!
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on June 16, 2017
Haven't tried rechargeable batteries for over 20 years due to the lack of power and short battery life that was synonymous with rechargeable. I felt like there was a resurgence of rechargeable batteries on the shelves in stores in the last few years so decided to try again. Nope, they haven't changed a bit.

I tested the batteries with identical LED candles, that require 2 D cell batteries, set to a timer to run for the same amount of time. The rechargeable lasted less than a week. I recharged the rechargeable D cells, swapped which candle got the rechargeables and tested again, with the same week-old standard batteries. Again, less than a week from the rechargeables. The standard batteries are still going, now past their third week.

I've got a handful of these candles around the house but it was pricey to keep them going on a regular basis. I was hoping the rechargeable would mean I could let them use the timer like they're supposed to and I could enjoy them every night instead of just on special days when I felt like turning them all on. But, the rechargeable batteries won't even make it through two weekends without a charge.
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on March 27, 2014
I purchased this 8 count because I was tired of using regular AA batteries all the time. I have 2300 mAh rechargeable batteries and they last only a little longer than these do. I have yet to see the limit of when they stop taking charges, or don't hold a charge for long. Solid batteries though.
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on June 17, 2017
UPDATE: I contacted Amazon customer service and their response was exceptional. I increased my rating 2 stars. These batteries do have a use, just not for anything requiring much power.

THESE ARE AA BATTERIES IN A D-CELL CASE! Pay attention to the amp-hour rating, true D-cells are between 10,000 mAh (NiMh) to 17,000 mAh (alkaline). These are only 2500 mAh. My first clue was how lightweight they were. D-CELL batteries are so much bigger because they have much more capacity. If you don't mind changing the battery 10 times more frequently, then by all means, buy these. But you would still be better off buying an empty D-cell case specifically for inserting AA. At least you have more flexibility to use the AA.

Oh, one more thing - as I learned, this item is NON-RETURNABLE. I bought 12 for a specific purpose $100 down the drain. Yes, the battery technically works but poorly because it is NOT a true D-cell battery.

If I read the other negative reviews I would have been alerted. Most folks have no idea what the mAh rating means. I didn't catch it - shame on me I guess. I trusted that Energizer was a trustworthy brand.
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on March 12, 2016
Great batteries! BE WARNED: when you first use these in your device out of the package they don't last as long as regular unrechargable batteries (about 2 hours less) but after you've used them and charged them up in your recharger THEY LAST 2-4 HOURS longer (4 hours longer in my case). This is the reason I gave them 5 stars and consider them great batteries!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon January 23, 2017
These batteries are great and are not that expensive. I bought them for my Xbox controller and they last me for a long time.

This is all I use. I never buy regular batteries (for my Xbox controllers) anymore because these batteries will last a long time. The only reason I gave them 4 stars is because:
- On the new package, it also advertises "Charge up to 250 more times". But that's compared to previous generation (2500mAh) cells, which has a lifespan of only 250 cycles. Most brand LSD cells are rated for 500 cycles. Sanyo Eneloop is even higher at 1000 cycles.

For the regular batteries, I would recommend Amazon one, or if you have a Costco membership - the Kirkland.
review image
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on March 27, 2017
I bought this not realizing it has a MUCH lower capacity than other rechargeable D batteries. They feel light and hollow - feels almost like an AA battery in a larger housing. I'm only giving it 3 stars because
A) It works fine, just low capacity, and
B) Partially my fault for not paying attention to the mAh rating. But they do not make it obvious which to me seems intentional.
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