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on July 23, 2010
I took it camping last week and it worked great. Not as bright as a propane lantern, but enough light to do the job. Has 3 brightness levels and supposedly lasts 500 hours on the low setting. Handle balanced so the lens can face downward-awesome, as I didn't even think of that. It was unaffected by the light rain we had and the little bonus flashlight on top is fun for the kids.

I'm almost looking forward to the next power outage which is the main reason I bought it. As an experienced camper and hurricane survivor the combination of ease of use, functionality and longevity is the best I've seen!

Update 10/27/10. Well the power went out. We put the lantern on the kitchen table, ate and had a few beers while
my 5-year old ran around with the other light. I forgot to mention the foldaway hook which is a nice touch.
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on April 9, 2015
I bought one of these a few months ago and after loosing power it worked flawlessly and I purchased another one. At only 8 Lumens, it's not the brightest flashlight out there, but it is enough light to help you find your way in the event of an outage.

-Always ready to go and charged up
-Doesn't heat up when left plugged in
-Night Light feature is great when we have guests in the house and isn't too bright
-Can be plugged in with the light facing up or down
-Plug folds out of the way when using as a flashlight
-Plenty of battery life (mine lasted for over 3 hours)
-Put it where you need light during an outage

-Only 8 Lumens, but it is bright enough to help you get the long-term lighting plan in place (candles, lanterns, bigger flashlights)

This is a great purchase and I may get a third to keep in the garage. I highly recommend.
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on May 11, 2016
- It only takes up one outlet whether facing up or down, and will not block the other outlet.
- The design is sleek and compact, and comfortable to hold as a flashlight. The prongs can be retracted easily.
- Product works as advertised. When not plugged in, turn switch to "on" position to use as flashlight. When plugged in, turn switch to "on" position to use as emergency light which the flashlight will only turn on if there's no power.

- Only one brightness setting.
- Will not function as nightlight but it'll be too bright for that purpose anyways.

Overall this is a great product and well designed. The product I receive matches the current picture on Amazon, which is different than the ones posted from older reviews. I've only used it for a few days but will update post if I find more pros/cons.
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on May 20, 2011
We lose power often here and I bought all four of these to test out. Here is what I found.

Energizer RCL1nm2, 1 LED
Primarily an emergency flashlight. Nightlight is selectable, the unit can function as an emergency light without the nightlight turned on, good function for basements and other areas where you don't need a nightlight all the time.
Ergonomics - comfortable to hold, easy to point. Plug folds into handle, one sliding button (ON - emergency light mode or flashlight when not plugged in, OFF, Nightlight mode), and good cogent instructions.
As an emergency light - functional emergency flashlight, a five foot diameter circle at 30 feet, not very good as an area light. It won't replace a good Fenix, but it's a lot cheaper. Beam points up or down during emergency.
As a nightlight - again the beam points either up or down, light output is lower than when in flashlight mode, but still fairly bright. Not photo controlled, so if it's on it's always on.
Outlet space - excellent use of outlet space, plenty of room to plug in other items. Non-polarized plug so can be plugged in pointing either direction.
Battery is Replaceable (Varta CP300H $4-$10)

G.E. 11281
Nightlight, emergency light. Nightlight is on when the unit is in emergency standby mode, so the only way to disable the nightlight is to disable the emergency light function.
Ergonomics - comfortable to hold, beam is too unfocused to point. Plug folds into handle. One button to turn the emergency mode on and off or the light on and off when not plugged in. Very poor and confusing instructions.
As an emergency light - poor light focus for use as a flashlight, but reasonable area coverage although not very bright. Beam diffuses outward and up or down depending on position.
As a nightlight - reasonable area coverage, photo controlled.
Outlet space - good use of space with one great exception, the photo eye is in the end of the handle that points to the center of the outlet, if you plug a large item into the other outlet, you run the risk of blocking the photo eye and thereby having the nightlight turned on all the time. Non-polarized plug so can be plugged in pointing either direction.
Batteries are NOT replaceable.

Greenlite LED 3 in 1
Nightlight, emergency light. Nightlight is on when the unit is in emergency standby mode, so the only way to disable the nightlight is to disable the emergency light function.
Ergonomics - bulky as a flashlight. Plug folds into handle. One slider switch with On, Off, and nightlight/emergency light mode.
As an emergency light - low power flashlight beam; during emergencies, the nightlight comes to full power which is useful as an area or passageway light.
As a nightlight - reasonable coverage and area, light level changes by photocell but never really shuts off regardless of light level
Outlet space - poor use of space, you may be able to slip a lamp plug by it, but anything larger (such as a three prong extension cord) will not fit or will stress both plugs.
Batteries are NOT replaceable.

Satco 75-046
Nightlight, emergency light. Nightlight on this unit cannot be disabled.
Ergonomics - bulky, one slide switch to turn on and off the flashlight, the nightlight has no control other than the photocell.
Emergency light - Flashlight pointed out of the front so difficult to aim; however, can be set on table and pointed to allow for task lighting. Poor weak beam.
As a nightlight - very good area coverage, photo controlled.
Outlet space, bad, both outlets covered, polarized plug limits orientation.
Batteries are replaceable (Ni-Cad AAA)

For me, I like the fact that the Energizer can still function as an emergency light without having the nightlight turned on. That said; the nightlight for the Energizer is not photo controlled, so when it's on, it's on. It is the best flashlight of the bunch, not a replacement for a regular flashlight, just the best of this bunch. If I had a hallway and wanted it lit for company and in an emergency, and didn't want access to the other plug, I'd probably put the Satco there. The Satco's only saving grace, and the reason I'd pick it over the others with photo controlled nightlights, is because of the replaceable batteries
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on November 9, 2012
We are onto day 12 with no power in NJ after Hurricane Sandy. I had one of these lanterns, along with 3 other lanterns, all different brands. 2 of the other lanterns take 8, that is right, 8 D batteries. And they last about 12 hours. THIS lantern, takes only 4 D batteries, and I have yet to replace any of them. So a few days after Sandy, I went to Amazon, and ordered 3 more of these, paid for the fast shipping, now we have 4. I will throw away the other lanterns. Keep in mind, you can't even find D batteries or lanterns in my area of the Jersey Shore. These lanterns are bright, they are small and light, and the batteries last for a very long time. As a bonus, you can flip the light up and angle it for reading, cooking and washing dishes in the dark (like we are doing in NJ), etc. It is balanced well so you can bend it to many different angles. LOVE THIS LANTERN!!
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on October 23, 2015
Just what I was looking for, to use outdoors in dark rainy weather. Larger than I expected for the price, 9-1/4" tall including handle, 7-1/4" not including handle. I prefer the soft glow this puts out vs. harsh light of naked bulbs in some other LED lanterns. The handle rotates 360° to position the lantern at any angle. There's also a hook that unfolds from the bottom (not shown in description photos) to allow you to hang it upside down, to illuminate a tent or hang from a tree branch. You can tell it is made by a battery company, because they took the effort to design it to use either 3 AA batteries (lighter weight for hiking), or 3 D batteries (longer lasting for camping). The weatherproof switch requires moderate pressure to push through 4 stops: 100% bright, 50% bright, dim amber, and off. The dim amber really looks like a little candle inside the dome. I look forward to using this for after-dark fitness walks this winter. Only con in my opinion is the "bluish" color of light it puts out. (I prefer 2700K LED bulbs for household use, this one looks to me more like 5 or 6000K.)

Photos: one is in full bright mode showing bottom hook deployed, the other in amber mode.
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on September 25, 2012
I got this light for my 6 yr old son. Let me tell you he is hard on flashlights! Likes to see how their insides work and stuff like that. I can't count how many he's been through. Got this one last Christmas, a year ago almost. It still in one piece and recharges and shines bright for a long time. It has been dropped and kicked around a lot but still works. The ONLY problem I found is that the fold out prongs that you plug into the outlet had a little defect. One night he tried to unplug it and the prongs came out of the flashlight and stuck in the outlet. This could pose as a very serious electrical shock danger. The reason this happened is because the flashlight spread apart just a little at the bottom near the prongs allowing for them to be pulled out of the flashlight. I wrapped the end with gorilla tape and it won't happen again, but it is a problem.
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I'm disappointed to find out that this Energizer Weatheready 360 Degree LED Area Lantern does not have any power regulation at all. The LEDs are just driven by the three batteries, through a series resistor. As a result, its power (and hence LED brightness) is highly sensitive to battery voltage.

According to my measurement:
- When powered by three fresh alkaline cells (combined voltage of 4.5V), the lantern consumes 1 Watt of input power at High; 0.5W at Low.
- When powered by three NiMH rechargeable cells (combined voltage of 3.6V), the input power drops to just 0.4W at High; 0.2W at Low. That means the brightness is also cut by half.
(See the "Input Power vs. Battery Voltage" chart for details)

According the package I received, the lantern should produce 160 lumens of light at High mode. I find that hard to believe, because it requires a light efficacy of 160 lumens per watt, which sounds too good to be true. The Amazon description page claims 55 lm at high, 28 lm at Low.

The Amazon description further claims the lantern is "Waterproof to 1 meter". I find that hard to believe, since the lantern body is made of very cheap plastic with rough edges. So I filled my kitchen sink with water, and submerged the lantern in it. To my horror, air bubbles started escaping throughout the lantern: top, bottom and middle. Now there's still some water trapped inside my lantern. I really don't see how Energizer can call this lantern 'Waterproof'.

On the positive side, the LED lantern does work with either three D cells or three AA cells (using the included AA-to-D adapter). So in case of emergency, I can always find some batteries to run it.

Overall, I found this Energizer lantern to be barely acceptable, hence the 3-star rating.
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on January 7, 2016
1 - Lousy functional design; when plugged in to an outlet and used as a nightlight, the beam of light runs along the surface of the wall and does nothing to illuminate the room or floor away from the wall. It SHOULD have been designed so the beam of light flows into the room and not up or alongside the wall.

2 - The tilt-out plug is so weakly secured when tilted out that trying to push the plug into a good socket (tight contact) is a pain in the arse, as the tilt-out has no strength to stay out, and it keeps folding back in... suddenly and jamming your fingers.

3 - Pushing on the closed tilt-out plug to get it to tilt out is uncertain and difficult.

4 - As an "emergency, power-out light," the illumination is inadequately weak, combined with merely falling on the wall.

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on April 17, 2016
I love this little lantern! For emergencies like when the power is out it is wonderful> It is bright enough that it lights my living room/ dining room that is 18'x28' very well. It has a handle that it can be hung if you like and also has a hook on the bottom if it is more convenient to use it that way. It is just a safer way to light that the old coal oil lamps that we use to use years ago. It can be carried from room to room and can safely be left in a child's room with no fear of fire hazard as with candles ,etc. I am very pleased with the brightness and it is a great price for such a nice product to keep for emergency situations. After I bought mine I also ordered another for an elderly lady in my neighborhood who lives alone and she was so pleased with it and was amazed there was such a product on the market that was easy to use and safe.She can keep it near her chair and if the power goes out she has light with a click of a button.
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