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on August 31, 2011
This is as good as it gets for CFL bulbs. I don't know if it's the glass enclosure or the bulb itself, but you can barely tell that this is a CFL when you look at it compared to the other incandescent bulbs that are still on my ceiling. GE really does a good job of taking the complaints about CFL bulbs (too bright, too cold, etc.) and making them go away. That said, it is still a CFL. When I first turned it on it took a second or two to warm up. But it wasn't that noticeable, and in the dark my eyes could use the time to adjust anyway. With Amazon Prime's free shipping, it will be even easier for me to grab these one at a time as I need them to replace my original bulbs, and it's great that I'll be able to use one-fourth the energy with something nearly as good.

Among GE R30 floodlight CFL bulbs, this is the one you want if you want the shortest warm-up time. It's not dimmable, but for recessed lights attached to regular switches, it does its job well. If you want something dimmable, check out the 21710. If you want to go even greener, check out the 47478. It's not dimmable, but it uses half the mercury and lasts about 50 percent longer.
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I am very pleased with these lights. I have 8 in recessed lights in my kitchen in the R30 size and three in over the sink R20 size. The light output is great. The difference between these daylight bulbs and regular CFL floods is off the charts. Our kitchen looks so much better when rendered in full high quality daylight bulbs.

Consumer reports had an interesting article last month on bulbs. One of the points they made was that many bulbs have a long warm up period. These bulbs fall into that category. They can take almost a full minute to gain full light output. The other point that they made was that if you want your CFL's to last you should NOT turn them off if you are returning to the room in roughly 15 minutes. The rapid on off cycling will diminish the life expectancy of the bulb... and based upon my experience with CFLs I believe them.

I also bought two of these to use with my Alvin lights that I use on my drafting/art table. The pure light they render is wonderful.

I do not know how long they will last...... I will try and update this review when and if any of them go dead. The main point for me was that 1. I got them at a good price. 2. Shipping was free 3. The light output has changed the look of both my kitchen and work area in such a positive fashion that it is a win/win proposition.
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on May 21, 2017
I bought several of these a little over two years ago because of the GE and Reveal brands. In the past I had bought GE Reveal CFL bulbs and the color was noticeably better than other CFL bulbs I had, so I went with GE Reveal for my new LED bulbs. Well, most of them would just flip off for a few minutes, then flip back on. Putting them into different fixtures made no difference yet meanwhile other brand bulbs did just fine in these fixtures. After a frustrating time, I just threw away the bulbs which flickered that way. Today the last bulb just died (less than 3 years into a 30-year bulb). It was the only one that never flickered. But I am now finally rid of all of these bulbs. The color was fine, however.
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on May 21, 2012
We recently moved into a condominium built by someone absolutely in love with can lights--literally dozens of them throughout the three floors of the unit with a 65W incandescent bulb in each and every one on move-in. We initially replaced the incandescent bulbs with these compact fluorescents, GE 13-Watt Energy SmartTM 60 Watt Replacement - 2 Packs of 8 Bulbs - 16 Total Bulbs, and while we were very satisfied with how quickly they turned on, the color temperature, and the amount of light emitted, we didn't like the look of spiral CFL bulbs sticking out of the cans. We then bought these floodlight CFL bulbs to get the same light output and color temperature but in floodlight form. While they put out great light, it takes an extremely long time--often 60-90 seconds--for them to warm to full output; we joke that we have to turn on our lights and walk away for a few minutes so that they can "boot up." While the first generation of CFL bulbs behaved like this, CFL technology has advanced to the point where this is now absolutely unacceptable. For the cost premium (almost 500% more expensive per bulb vs. the spirals we initially installed), we expected much, much better and will not be purchasing these again when and if they burn out.
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on November 16, 2016
Received a number of these and ordered more to keep on the shelf, waiting for the incandescent bulbs to burn out. Overall, the bulbs look great. They are plenty bright and hard to distinguish from the old ones. Unfortunately, two of the bulbs that I received do not work and I'm well beyond the return period. I strongly suggest that buyers test them all (I know, seems tedious) when you receive them.

UPDATE: Contacted Amazon and even though I'm months over the return period, they offered me a refund for the two bulbs that did not work. Five stars.
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on July 3, 2012
It's worth starting out the review stating that these lights take a couple minutes to fully warm up. They shouldn't be used in a bathroom or any other room that you need quick access to lighting. You should know that going in. I would add that I've used them in my living room and office and it hasn't bothered me at all. Usually once the lights go on in those rooms they stay on for awhile.

As for performance, I was surprised at just how close these mimic traditional floodlights. I'd be surprised if you could tell a difference once they've warmed up. The rest of the benefits you probably already know about. It will lower your electric bill and it does help keep rooms cooler as the bulb doesn't emit as much heat. This is particularly nice in the Summer if you want to save a little extra on the AC bill.

Overall, I'd highly recommend these to anyone who has a room that the lights are typically not going on or off a lot. A living room or home office works for me, and I'll probably get around to swapping out the lights in my kitchen at some point too. I'd stay away from using these in the bathroom or hallways, but otherwise they are a great and cost effective addition to the home.
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on May 20, 2017
very happy with these bulbs...can't seem to find them anywhere in our neck of the woods...brightness matches the bulbs we've had in our house the past 11+ years that haven't burnt out which is the majority of our recessed lights...hope these last as long...
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on December 8, 2012
Overall I like these bulbs. I bought them to replace the flood style incandescent track lighting bulbs in the house. (They come on in the morning and are on most of the day) They are just as bright and they give off a more bright white than warm white color. My only complaint is the warm up time, they take anywhere from 30 seconds to 90 seconds to get to full brightness depending on the room temperature. (30 seconds when it is 78 to 80 degrees and 90 when it is 65-70degrees) I am hoping that this does not indicate a shorter life bulb with the huge discrepancy in warm up times.

I admit I bought these based on the reviews and the price as opposed to spending double for really high end bulbs where warm up is near instant.

-1 star for the warm up fluctuations, but otherwise I am completely happy with my purchase of these bulbs.

On a side note: I have been slowly replacing all the bulbs in my home with CFL (if I need 60 watt or more equivalent and LED if less than that (I still feel 60+ watt LED bulbs are a bit overpriced for the wattage) I do notice a slight difference in my average electric bill when swapping out lights, and my bills do seem to shrink when changes are made, I feel these bulbs do pay for themselves if they last 12 months.
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on July 27, 2013
I am an artist and have trouble in my studio with lighting because light bulbs are too yellow. These solved the problem. They are like natural daylight! They do take just a slight delay to come on...about a second...no big deal. And, they take about a minute to become completely bright. Again, no biggie. Regular light bulbs are hot and these are cool and will last much, much longer...so a saving on replacing lightbulbs...and a saving on electricity because they use less energy, and because they dont put out heat...saving on the cooling bill too!

They fit the can lights in my ceiling, and they look like a regular light bulb. I like them so much, I am going to order more for the kitchen and den!

If you are worried about disposing of flourescent bulbs when they go out, Lowes and Home Depot have a drop off box for them and will dispose of them safely.
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on October 27, 2013
I've installed several of these to replace traditional bulbs in track lights. I have Lightolier electronic dimming switches and these are among the few CFL bulbs that work with electronic dimmer switches -- regardless of whether or not you actually want to dim them.

At full setting the light is very natural, and with their casing you can hardly distinguish them from the original incandescent lights.

The dimming setting is disappointing as it only has one setting that is about 80%. And, as noted in another comment, they do have a faint flicker when in the dimmed setting but it is barely noticeable and I haven't found it at all troublesome.

(Note - the newer LED lights have continuous dimming at about twice the price with purportedly longer life. However, the one I bought from FEIT has major flickering until it warms up a bit so I'm sticking with these).

I've used them for several years (just purchased some more) and they last well. All-in-all they are a good product and a nice way to get CFLs if you have electronic switches.

One caution - the electronics at the base of the bulb make the neck significantly fatter than a normal bulb. My 20 year old Lightolier track lights have a shaped casing that narrows at the base and has a little wiring board on the inside. In about a quarter of my track lights it was just narrow enough to prevent the bulb from screwing in sufficiently to make contact so the light doesn't go on. I've been able to fix the problem by pulling out (i.e. raising) the spring contact at the bottom a bit with the hook edge of a paint can opener (with the track light removed of course!).

There are also screw-in bulb extenders you can buy that are easy to install. However, these will cause end of the light to stick out a little.
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