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on May 4, 2016
I've had these speakers since 2014, and I am writing a 2 year review. I have them connecting to a Yamaha RXV575 receiver. I bought them because of all the good reviews both professional and non. They're small and compact enough that they disappear into my book shelves.

They sound great, articulate, accurate, warm, balanced, clear (even on high volumes), transparent. The only knock is that I can sometimes push them too hard listening to loud levels which is rare since having a child. When I play good source material, it feels like the musicians are in the room with me.

I grew up with an audiofile dad. I don't think I am an audiophile but I know really great sound and I can't stand low res stuff esp from songs I've heard on better equipment. Its like getting use to 1080p or 4k then seeing 720p or standard. You can tell. These are 1080p and a really good 1080p.
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on January 16, 2014
I have been holding off writing my review as I wanted to break these in and get a feel for what I think.

Installation: Took me a full day, and a few more days of tinkering with sound settings and placement in the living room. It was pretty easy, I bought the recommended banana plug adapters, made wiring a breeze, and I bought the 100ft 16g wire spool as well I recommend slightly longer spool of wire if you have a lot of distance to cover, I ran out thanks to one mistake on my length. I purchased the Atlantic Satellite speaker stands along with this and MAN do they look good in the man cave holding these puppies up!

Recommended hardware:
Atlantic Satellite 77305018 2 Speaker Stands (Black)
VideoSecu 5 Black Deluxe Speaker Mount Brackets for Walls and Ceilings 1XZ
RCA AH16100SR 100 Ft. 16-Gauge Speaker Wire
Mediabridge ULTRA Series Subwoofer Cable (25 Feet) - Dual Shielded
Denon AVR-X1000 5.1 Receiver (bought from crutchfield got a free iphone dock work 300 bucks)
Monoprice 109436 High-Quality Copper Speaker Banana Plugs - 5-Pair

Sound Quality: After getting the placement where I wanted everything and mounted on the walls I tried a Blu-ray movie. I think it was Inception. Holy crap. Action scenes shake the living room and the upstairs of the house, I now know to expect being yelled at for cranking it too loud. Playing Dead Rising 3 on the Xbox one is scary alone because you will hear growling coming from the rear speakers behind you! Trying Call of Duty brought smiles to all my friends faces who pulled the trigger, as base exploded through the room and vibrations from the controller collided together! Yes the sound quality of this set matched with my Denon receiver is astounding! Such a good value, my father gave me flak over the waste of money and how I should buy Bose, well now he has stopped that nonsense and come to appreciate my setup! Win!

Tips: If you go my route with the Denon Receiver, it does NOT have on board wifi. I am sorry about that one I did not know, but I simply threw an Ethernet cable from the box to my pc which is 2 feet away so whenever the PC is running the Denon has the wifi through it. The Apple Airplay is a win! Oh another tip! If you have the Xbox One and need a place to put your Kinect Sensor it is the EXACT same width as your center channel speaker, so I wall mounted my front three speakers and placed the Kinect Sensor ontop of my center channel and its flawless!

CONS: You will spend money. Once you start tinkering you will want to spend more money. Your friends will never leave. You will never go outside. Your family will hate you. Your neighbors will hate you. Your tv speakers will plot to assassinate you, but die from neglect.

I say buy these. I NEVER buy something this expensive without my research, and you can trust me I put weeks and weeks into studying these up from CNET and other reputable reviewers, checked the products that best match up, and spent time getting it right. THIS is what you want.
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on February 8, 2016
I absolutely love it when a "value-play" exceeds my expectations.... by a huge margin. That's the case with the Energy System.
I've had a much more expensive Bose 5.1 System that served me well over the years, but I can say without the smallest of doubts that the Energy Take Classic is a MUCH more vibrant system.
I'm driving these Takes with a mid-range Denon Receiver (same as the Bose). After running the Audyssey Program and any additional "tweaks" to my listening preference, the Takes are superior sounding in every way. I didn't know what I was missing, but happy to have found out.
I'm not out to "Bose-Bash" as I'm very happy with some of their other product (bluetooth) offerings, but I gotta tell you the Take Classic (especially for the $) leave my Bose 5.1 in the dust -- and back in the box.
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on September 30, 2015
I bought these speakers based on the reviews, especially the CNET review that says they're the best budget speaker system they've seen. I also considered the Pioneer SP-PK22BS 5.1 package but that system is too large to fit well in my small TV room, though if you have the space, it's supposed to have even better sound quality.

I really love these speakers. They look nice (though the piano black finish really shows dust if you don't keep it clean) and they sound great. I haven't found anything I dislike about the sound quality and I've turned them up quite loud.

The only slight negative I've found is that the satellites have their mounting hardware on the back, near the top of them. I'm using my two rear satellites with Atlantic Satellite Speaker Stands. The way these stands are designed, I can only mount the satellites upside down. However, it doesn't noticeably affect sound quality and the speaker covers can be easily removed and reattached upside down, so people don't notice that my speakers are upside down. It will be our little secret. The speakers come with stick-on feet, which I didn't attach to my rear satellites. If I had attached them to the bottom before having to flip the speakers upside down, that would be a giveaway. Make sure you know how you'll be mounting the speakers and whether they'll fit right-side up or not, before you attach the feet.

One more thing: The speaker's manual describes how to break in the speakers before turning them up to high volume. I did this and now they sound great when I crank them up. I have no idea whether the break in is necessary, but you should be aware of it and skip it at your own risk.
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on September 5, 2016
I purchased 2 sets of these and I am using one with my tv and another in my home theater. They sound amazing. My home theater rocks. I am using it with onkyo with TX -nr646. I have to keep the volume at 30 otherwise it will bring down my house. my home theater was set up by a theater professional. The home theater guy was amazed by the quality of the sound from these speakers. I am not sure why people are complaining about these speakers. These speakers sound better than klipsch ( tried both klipsch and energy). The quality of sound depends on the acoustic of a room, type of floor, carpet, wall panels and insulation in the walls and furniture.

Only gripe I have about these speakers is the gloss finish which attracts lots of fingerprints (at least the sub, the other speakers are on the wall)
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on March 13, 2017
If you live in an apartment and love surround sound but don't want to pay a ton of money for something that will sound great this is your best bet.

The speakers work beautiful and produce a sound that's incredibly clear and detailed. Similar to what you'd find in extremely expensive speakers but for way less. The only fault this product has is if you plan to put this in a big open space it won't work as well. These guys work great in a smaller space like an apartment or condo, but if you plan to use this in your 1,400 sq ft living room the sound is going to get lost no matter what you do.
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on April 20, 2015
I've had these speakers for a year and have been amazed out how great they were for the price. Movies sprang to life, music sounded great, I couldn't have been happier. Until tonight when the center speaker started rattling! I took off the cover and saw that the center portion of the speaker and separated, it's what was rattling around. See attached picture. I haven't abused these speakers and I don't listen to things "loud". Of course this happened a month out of warranty and there is nothing to be done.
Having read some of the other reviews concerning quality control I'm wondering what will break next...
review image
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on January 19, 2015
Let me start off by saying this is my second time purchasing the Energy Take 5 home theater system. The first time I came across Energy Speakers was in the early/mid 2000's at the now defunct Good Guys Electronics. The sales rep was helping my mom set up a moderate home theater system after her old Sansui broke and we couldn't find a decent repair tech in the area. My mom was convinced to go Bose, as another family member had a system and was impressed by the sound... But the sales guy showed us the difference in the build quality, and were instantly turned off by the Bose. We bought the Take 5 setup with a modest Denon receiver, and have enjoyed it ever since.

Now, when it came time for me to buy my own theater package... I knew exactly who I wanted to listen to first, Energy!

My current system is Now a Denon AVR-S700W, Energy Take 5.1, Monoprice 12 Gauge CL2 rated/pure copper/O2 free wiring, and a home built HTPC.

Now with my Take 5.1 system installed, and broken in... All I can say is WOW, I am so glad I went back to Energy... The sound is amazing. The build quality, as before, is top notch. Overall, its a well balanced system for the size of room I have it in (25x15).

Bottom Line: This is the best value home theater speaker package you can get for under $1000. Just make sure to spend the extra few bucks and run 12 gauge wiring with banana plugs and pins...

Tip: Do not place the sub in a corner and behind furniture... it will amplify the bass to an undesired level and can become "boomy" by making that space into a simulated bass port.
review image
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on January 12, 2014
In moving to our new house, I decided to finally replace a 12 year old set of Kenwood Home Theater in a Box speakers with something a bit more stylish and punchy sounding. The receiver was replaced years ago, but due to financial inertia I kept the old speakers around. My wife was wanting the home theater setup in the living room to look a lot cleaner than it did, so I started looking small. Surprisingly, this set of speakers came up aces in almost everyone's book. They were so well-regarded that a knockoff of them was even making the rounds.

Well, when I first pulled them out of the box, I was impressed by their heft. Despite the small size, you can feel that these speakers are well-built and not paper cones inside of cheap MDF. I attached them to my inexpensive Yamaha receiver, and was immediately impressed by the depth of sound that came out of them compared to my old speakers. The high range was more defined and less muddled, and the subwoofer provided enough punch to rumble the living room. As far as installation goes, I set the front L/R/Center speakers on our TV stand below the screen, and then mounted the satellites on the wall with some inexpensive brackets also purchased here on the same order. I ran the wiring up to the speakers, and have enjoyed clear surround sound ever since.

Some tips for the new purchasers:
1) Make sure to rebalance the audio channel levels from your receiver. These speakers didn't need nearly so much overwhelming center channel as my old speakers did to make the dialog in movies clearly heard.
2) If you're installing on threaded screw brackets, attach the speaker wire and bracket to the speaker, then attach the bracket to the mount. Just easier than trying to attach the wire to a mounted bracket.
3) Covers on, covers off, they sound the same to me. I just went with the option my wife preferred (covers on for a cleaner look)
4) If you're replacing your old speakers, and you have the opportunity to, you might want to replace your old speaker wire while you're at it. Make sure you're running the correct gauge wire for the length desired.
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on December 9, 2015
I'm loving my Energy Take Classic speakers! I got them a couple weeks ago, and I installed them and went through the recommended break in period for them (50 hours of music at normal listening volume). After the break-in, I turned them up a bit. They sound fantastic and I haven't even done the audio calibration on my receiver yet!

I had an old Sony theater-in-a-box 5.1 setup prior to this, but that set was over 10 years old and the receiver was really lagging behind on the technology demanded by today's devices. The combo of these Energy speakers and my new Sony STR-DN860 receiver is an awesome upgrade. I'm still surprised by how much better the new speaker/receiver combo sounds! The bass from the sub woofer literally will rattle my windows if I crank it up! The mid-range and highs from the bookshelf size satellites is crisp and broad. I was doubtful looking at them, because of their size, but these things are great.

I'm no audiphile, so I can't tell you if these things compare to multi-thousand-dollar speaker setups. But I frankly don't care. These sound A LOT better than my old Sony setup, and for the price, I believe the online reviews: this is the best 5.1 speaker set for under $1,000 - - - WELL UNDER.

One side note for those installing the satellite speakers with 1/4" bolts to the back of the speaker. When I first went to mount them, I thought I bought the wrong size screw/mounts because the screws would go in about 2/3rds of a turn and stop - like the threads weren't lined up or were cross-threading. I went and bought other size bolts from the hardware store and nothing fit right. I looked at the manual a dozen times and it said they were 1/4" 28 size. Finally I realized that the socket the bolts go into on the speaker is lined in plastic. This is to deliberately give the bolts a snug fit and to add resistance so they don't vibrate their way out. All I had to do to get the 1/4" 28 bolts to thread correctly was to use a little more force. Normally you don't want to do that because you can strip the bolt or the socket, but in this case you need to do it.
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