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on April 2, 2011
Had my Identity Tablet three days now. Great tablet. Has good capacitive screen with all gestures providing rapid responses. Has the Android Market Place and all apps which I have downloaded work like a charm. Battery lasted about 9 hours with web surfing, game playing, general use. Have not tested time length for running movies but the advertisement says about 4 hours. The tablet feels solid and a little heavy. A little slick feeling for me but nevertheless manageable. Everything, Wifi and Bluetooth, worked well except GPS which could not get a fix on my location. Even though GPS is an advertised feature, I get the impression that perhaps their is no built in antenna since I downloaded several GPS test apps and no satellites were found after several tries. I have found everything else working well. Google maps and Map Quest work well when you type in addresses but no GPS assistance. I installed a 16 gig card to add memory and have songs and other data on it. All work like a charm.
I have played on an Ipad and a Gallaxy Tab and neither is better, in my humble opinion, than this tablet. I would have liked lighted buttons for the menu, sub menu, and back buttons but for half the price of the others who can complain. I would highly recommend this tablet to anyone in the market for a 7inch tablet. Since I have only had this tablet for a few days, I can not vouch for durability but so far it has been great. Also want to mention that is runs well while charging just like my laptop so you can use it at anytime.
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on April 13, 2011
I have one of these Enspert E201 tablets and I can confirm that it has a compass, accelerometer, GPS and data access (via WiFi). I'm including that information because I wasn't 100% sure of any of these features before purchasing the device due to differing reviews and specs from several online sources.

The Google apps are also preloaded (Google Maps, Google Navigation, Gmail, Google search, Latitude, Market, Google Talk, Google Voice Search, etc).

During the week that I've had the tablet, the only problems I've run into are the device crawling if too many files are uploaded via USB (this is a known Android issue - though perhaps only in Froyo, I'm not sure), the sync services do not fail gracefully if WiFi is disabled mid-sync (causing 100% CPU util) and the occasional lockup of the capacitive touch screen.

I've resolved the "too many files uploaded via USB" issue by using ES File Explorer and Rsync Backup for Android to transfer files in bulk. Turning off auto-syncing of my accounts resolved the sync service issue.

The touch screen lockup has only been seen in two games: Stupid Zombies (occasional lockup) and Cordy (always locks up). The display is still active, and the hard buttons continue to function, but I have to power cycle the tablet to get the touch screen working again.

The GPS is actually very good in my experience! You need a pretty clear view of the sky to get the initial 3D lock each time you fire up the GPS (feels like the GPS doesn't store the almanac and/or ephemeris between uses), but afterwards it is very sensitive! After using it with Trapster last night, I brought it into the house without quitting Trapster. While in the basement I noticed the GPS status icon was still showing lock, so I checked the signal with the GPS Test app still showed a weak lock on several satellites!! I have two dedicated GPSs that can't even maintain a lock in my basement!

All in all, I'm VERY happy with this tablet.

I would have given it a 5 out of 5, but the three small issues above prevent me from doing so... but I can't blame this tablet for sure; they may all be problems with Froyo or the applications themselves.
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on January 13, 2012
I've been holding up for the iPad 3 but my itch could no longer wait so when I found this tablet, I decided to get one after reading the reviews. I was sold on the DLNA, capacitive touch screen and GPS features. The GPS doesn't work with the original firmware but after the upgrade, it worked like a charm. I am in my office now and the built-in GPS can pick up satellite signals without any problem. Locking up the GPS signal is not as fast as a SIRF-III GPS, but hey, it works! In my own opinion, the Identity tab is a better deal than the $250 Nook or the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire. Get one and don't forget to upgrade the firmware to the latest version. As of this writing, the latest version is 11090709 downloadable at [...]
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on February 20, 2016
This product wasn't new like described. The factory box was missing the factory seal, which I didn't notice at first, and the back of the tablet was extremely scratched. This was for my son's birthday. Now I have to try and find one to replace it.
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on April 24, 2011
I had hi hopes for this tablet but was so dissapointed. The major problem was that the GPS will not work in USA. I finally found out it is programed to work in Korea where it was manufactured. That caused Google maps to not work properly or for a long list of other apps to not work, including any navigation. I talked to the distributor and he told me he would call back to let me have a time frame of when it might have a fix but he never called back. All he could tell me when we did talk was that they knew of the GPS problem and was working on it but had no idea yet of how to fix it or when it could be fixed. I was told, I most likley would have to sent the tablet with all my personal information back for repair when they finally figured out how to fix it. I then had the microphone stop working, the only thing that got it working was to completely refresh it to factory settings and loose all the apps and settings I had taken days to enter. The wifi is also not "N" it is a "G" and the apps will not move to the expansion chip I installed. Even when it showed that they moved they had not, I removed the chip and read it in my laptop and it was still clean. The camera also will not focus close enough to read bar codes for the many programs that require that. I have returned it to J&R and still waiting for my refund. They were polite on giving a RMA number but it looks like I will get stuck for the $13 plus ruturn shipping. I plan on getting a diffrent tablet even if I have to spend a little more to get one that works properly. There are many other things I did not like, but they seem petty to the more major things I have already listed. To me a camera that cant scan a barcode or a GPS that wont work is a definate deal breaker for me.
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on April 1, 2011
I'm not computer whiz or techno-geek... but, I love, love, LOVE my tablet... my only wish is that I could watch Netflix on it too (I would imagine future version will be able to). Other than that - no complaints. It's super fun, super portable (fits like a dream in my purse and is really light-weight without being flimsy) and is exactly what I wanted (something between a zooped-up cell phone and a laptop...). If you're on the market, you really can't beat the price -- it's been likened to the Galaxy Tab, and so far, I've not been disappointed! :)
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on April 12, 2011
First, it seemed like a pretty good tablet to me. It was my first Android tablet. It has a full sized SD card slot, which I bought a 32 GB full sized card for, and it's got hardware back, home, and menu buttons. I had some problems controlling driving games on this particular tablet, but the screen rotated normally in most apps. The touchscreen was very responsive. I didn't get much time to review it because...

I've been trying to send mine back. Market stopped working and then it went into a reboot loop a couple of days after I got it. It won't finish booting up no matter how much I shutdown, let the battery drain and plug it back in, or try button combinations. Latte rarely checks their email so it's hard to communicate with them to finally get this return done. Their phone number goes to an endless wait message. Espert's USA office is an out of service number. Google Android Support told me they don't support it. I'm guessing there's some kind of misunderstanding between them and Enspert. If you're buying this for the official support, like I did, I hope you have better luck but it wasn't there when I needed it.

Unlike every other electronic device with upgradeable firmware, there's no hard reset, so if your's bricks like mine did, you have to get Latte's attention through email to send it back each time. Maybe you'll get a replacement if they still support it. Latte has responded and mailed a return label to me, so eventually they do respond.

The power button is for sleep. What would normally be a hard reset hole, with a long press on the power button being power off, is a hard reset type hole that does power off instead. What were they thinking? If there was a hard reset, I could solve the problem by myself. At this time there are no internal or SD card ROMs to boot from either.

The Enspert Identity Tab would be a fine low cost tablet in a world where nothing goes wrong.
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on February 24, 2012
I purchased this tablet for my 8 year old and she loves it. We connected to WI-Fi in about 30 secs and immediately started downloading games. She takes it everywhere and even downloaded the bible and takes it to church. We really had no problems until she told me that she wasn't able to go to the Market ( android) and more. I attempted to assist her and it kept telling me about to view certificate and I didn't know what that meant. I called Wintec at 408-856-0609 and immediately was connected to a tech guy who emailed me a fix. He stated I needed to get a 2g SD car to fix the known problem, but I just haven't gotten around it. What I did get around to was purchasing another tablet. Walmart was out of them and so was ebay. I went on Amazon and they had the tablet listed under Enspert. I ordered another one quickly. I have my own now and I love it. It is my friend. I purchased the first tablet after several months of researching them. I knew I wanted one with a capacitive screen instead of a resistive screen. This has it. I didn't really care about the camera, but I wanted a cheap one that did everything. That's what I got. I play games, read, serf the internet. I don't do any work on it because I purchased it for entertainment. Please get one if you can find one. My brother in law has an Ipad and I can do what he can do. Plus, it has the Android market with more free games than I can name. I love it.
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on April 5, 2011
Lattezone shipped the item quickly, received defective unit and seller replaced the unit after shipping the defective unit to them. The unit was over all satisfactory except that GPS function not working. RAM around 314Megs. Internal memory around 1 Gigs. They were not telling the right specs.
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on October 2, 2013
the battary has a short life,but recharges quickly. System will shut down and rebot while in use, and it operates slowly, and freeze up from time.
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