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on August 22, 2013
I was glad to see Entourage maintain its quality over the course of the series and manage to end strong during it's final season. This tale of friendship and fun is very enjoyable and it's great that it's finally been collected into one set and on high definition. What's even better is that this Blu-ray set offers great audio and visual quality and a good selection of extras as well. I would have liked even more extras for a massive set like this, but I'm still pretty happy with what I got. If you enjoyed the show, then I highly recommend you get this set and watch the complete journey with these characters to see their stories from the beginning to the end.

So what can you expect when it comes to the Extras. See below!


Audio Commentaries - There's twenty-one audio commentaries included (basically about three per season) with a rotating cast of speakers that include show creator Doug Ellin, Executive Producer Larry Charles, Mark Wahlberg, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and Jeremy Piven just to name some of them. They share stories and talk about their characters, the inspiration for the show, and make each other laugh.

Behind the Scenes of Entourage - A ten minute talk with Mark Wahlberg and the main cast talking about the characters and the show.

The Mark Wahlberg Sessions - Another extra that features Wahlberg but this one is a little more in depth as it runs over twenty minutes long. Wahlberg talks about the inspiration for the show being his real life friends and how their history turned into the show. We even see some of his real life friends make an appearance.

Vegas Baby, Vegas!- A short look behind the scenes of the cast filming an episode in Las Vegas.

Museum of Television & Radio - At almost an hour long, this extra is the longest and most in depth look into the show with the show's PaleyFest panel going into the details of the show and the characters. Show creator Doug Ellin, the main cast, and Co-Executive Producer Julian Farino appear on the panel. This is my favorite extra in this set and I wish more shows that have done one of these PaleyFest panels would include it as an extra too.

Anatomy of Entourage - A brief behind the scenes look at the season three finale.

US Comedy Arts Festival Panel - Another great panel that runs almost an hour, but this time features Doug Ellin, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, and Jeremy Piven as they discuss the first four seasons of the show.

The Making of Medellin - A brief look at the making of the season four premiere's fake film.

Medellin Trailer - The fake trailer for the fake film Medellin that Vince starred in for the fourth season.

Meet the Newest Member of Entourage - A two minute look at Doug Ellin's progeny Lucas Ellin.

The Celebrity Factor - A list of all of the celebrity cameos that occurred during season five.

Life on Top - A fifteen minute featurette devoted to show how the characters evolved from season to season.

A Day at the Speedway - A very short look at the making of the episode "One Car, Two Car, Red Car, Blue Car".

ONEXONE PSA - This is a very funny fake public service announcement with Vince and Ari in character making a PSA with guest star Matt Damon there to direct it. It's pretty funny!

Inside the Hollywood Highlife - A look at the seventh season of the show and where the characters are in their lives at that point.

The Shades of Sasha Grey - A six minute talk with adult film star Sasha Grey who made a couple of guest appearances on the show. She candidly talks about working in the porn industry.

Hollywood Sunset: A Farewell to Entourage - This extra is a thirty minute retrospective that includes series creator Doug Ellin, writer/executive producer Ally Musika, and actors Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara. They talk about the rough start the show had and how it evolved. Jeremy Piven and Rex Lee also join in and offer their perspectives on the show and their characters. We also get to see some of the cast's auditions and behind the scenes footage. All of this is entertaining but I wish it had been longer especially since this is the only extra from the final season.
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on December 12, 2014
I love this series, but the first box set I ordered had spots here and there that would start to freeze, pixilate, and then either move on or get stuck. This happened several times throughout the various discs. There was one or two spots that you couldn't fast fwd through or even get back to the main menu (total crash). I checked to make sure it wasn't my player, but it did it in the exact same spots on various players. I tried cleaning to no avail. I returned it for a replacement (very easy and fast), but the second set did the exact same thing, except in different spots. Some of the discs were fine, others had little issues, but one had a big chunk of an episode that is unwatchable. Very frustrating that this has happened twice. It makes me wonder if this could be a bootlegged source Amazon is getting these from. I'm paying too much to not get a product that is in perfect condition.
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on January 21, 2015
For those of you who haven't had the chance to watch the entire series of Entourage... My advice to you is WATCH it!!!! It is so well written and keeps you wanting to watch more and more. As for the product that I received, well I've had to return it twice. The DVDs look completely brand new but they play like they have been used or scratched internally. The complete first season played fine but once we got into watching season 2, the discs would start to skip, pause, and the dvd player kept trying to read the disc. So before I sent it back the first time, I played it in every single dvd player in the house including our Xbox 360. The skipping and pausing continued & I also played some of my own dvds to be sure that it wasn't the device they were played on. And as I suspected my dvds played fine, so I know that it wasn't the device they were played on. I received the 2nd order and was able to finish the 2nd season but once we got into the 3rd season, once again the disc started doing the exact same thing as the first order. We really want to keep the box set so I'm giving it another shot and having this second order replaced again. I'm hoping that THIRD TIMES A CHARM. Crossing my fingers.
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on June 23, 2015
Brilliant series, smart packaging, and the blu-ray picture and sound are both stunning.

Having now re-watched the entire series, it's a little hard to believe that this show, which gives a big finger to political correctness and people who have made a cottage industry out of being offended, could have ever been produced let alone shown on a lib/prog/lefty network like HBO in the 21st century.

Some of the seasons have a better flow than others, which is to be expected in a show that ran 8 seasons, but every one of them is great entertainment for those who aren't "offended" by the things young men do, particularly if they're 4 young men from Queens who find themselves suddenly living the fast lifestyle of the Hollywood elite.

This is a fantastic box set. Most of the reviewers giving this set 1 and 2 star reviews complained about problems with the discs not playing. I will tell you that some of the discs in the box set I received were also quirky. Several times I had to reboot the player as many as 4 times to get a particular disc to play, but was eventually able to get them all to play. I've never had this problem with any other blu-ray discs, so I don't think it was my player, so be prepared for some possible annoyances.
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on February 27, 2014
This complete series is bound in a cardboard book with full color promo shots. The pages flip open to reveal half enveloped pages with the discs and episode listings with each disc on the page. Each disc is numbered and lists which number episodes are on each disc. the book feeds into the cover thru the top side, so at first look it looks like a sealed box. I like how it is all packaged together. I'd rate this boxset a 9 out of 10, just because the box is a bit more wider than standard dvd cases, but just as tall. Once i am finished watching thru it the first time, I can put it on display with my other oddsized box sets on my bottom shelf.
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on May 15, 2015
You either love the series or not.. if you DO love it.. then Blu-ray is the way to go.. every visual detail is crisp and the sound is amazing. I bought it just to revisit the series and was not disappointed.
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on February 19, 2013
I am a big fan of entourage, used to own most of the seasons until my boyfriend and I broke up and I gave him custody of the sets. When the complete series box set came out I purchased one for myself. It's compact, takes up less space and comes in a pretty cool box too. I think this would make a great gift set for any Entourage fans, I would have loved it if someone bought it for me as a gift :D
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on January 10, 2016
Purchase from a different seller! I have purchased this item twice and both were defective. I'm extremely disappointed. Both sets of discs skipped on episode 3 of disc1 in multiple DVD players. I read through the reviews and many buyers have experienced this same issue. If I knew I would have this issue I would have never purchased this item--let alone purchased it twice!
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on May 27, 2016
Every disc is glitchy- with freezing and skipping. So disappointed as countless episodes have been missed. This was a lot of money for DVDs that don't work. We didn't start watching until after it was no longer eligible for return (which I didn't know until after).
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on January 3, 2013
The whole series is awesome and having it in one compact box with bonus content for each season is great. If you love Entourage this is a must have.
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