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on May 25, 2016
I must apologize to Epica and Perella's for lashing out with a harsh review of this product without giving the seller or the the manufacturer a heads up before I wrote a scathing review. I really blasted these poor guys. I ordered this device because it DOES NOT NEED BATTERIES. Crank the dynamo, or leave it in the DIRECT sunshine, and you have a flashlight or radio that will work for hours, and (most importantly) you can pick up the emergency and weather broadcast frequency. It's not a good idea to go camping in a dead zone where cell phone reception is unreliable or, more likely, the battery runs down on the phone. Either way, a timely forecast could prevent a disaster. The dynamo CAN crank out enough juice to PARTIALLY charge a device like a cellphone; JUST enough power to make an emergency call if you can find a signal. It will not FULLY charge a phone or tablet. It is a radio, not a pocket sized nuclear reactor. For me, it was exactly what I was looking for. It arrived just in time for the three day weekend. I was ready to go.
BUT HERE IS WHERE I OWE AN APOLOGY: The afternoon before we left for the lake, I was getting things together, so t took the S-charger radio out of the box to pack it. That is when I noticed that the factory static plastic that protects the solar screen and controls looked tattered. I peeled away the plastic to find that the solar lens was SCRATCHED! And then I see there are two cords but NO adapters. I checked the label again; yes, there were supposed to be adapters in the box. There were pieces missing! Honestly, I probably would have let the scratches go, but the charging cord was designed to work with the adapters. In other words, you HAD to have those adapters. Without them I would not be charging anything, part way, or any other way. So I believed that I had received either a rebuild, or a returen that just got put back into circulation. Some companies sell 'Open Box Products'. I was very disappointed! I have been tricked before. So, I marched right to my keypad and expressed my disappointment in a review... I am a reviewer. It is my duty. Here's what Epica did:

My review could not have been posted for more than a few hours when I started getting frantic e-mails. Epica and Perella's were falling all over each other trying to find out why I had just sucker punched them! What was wrong!? And, what can they do to rectify my problem!?.....Well, that was my first clue that I may have jumped to conclusions. The seller obviously was as upset as I was! They had no idea how that package got sent to me in that condition. After a flurry of emails they said they would be sending a new one immediately! No arguments. No excuses. The seller didn't even care HOW, or WHY it was sent out that way, they were only concerned with getting me a NEW one. I believe they were sincere, because if they weren't they would not have contacted me at all. So, I took that first review down. I felt kind of bad for not contacting them first before reacting. So, I will give them good feedback, and here is the review that should have been posted in the first place. The dynamo radio flashlight is a good product. And the seller is honest.
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on October 22, 2013
In 10 minutes or so, the device charged an iPhone 5s from 70% up to 80% after charging the device from wall power for 2 hours.
Brought a Samsung Android phone back from completely dead battery to be able to use it for a bit (didn't charge the unit completely for that test).
Hand cranking for 5 minutes gives 10 minutes or so of radio with volume at default level.
Small solar panel doesn't do much - I suppose it'll keep the internal battery topped off, but won't really charge the unit in a day.
Flashlight works, as bright as expected (not terribly bright, but enough to get you by), the beam is a bit narrower than I'd like but very useable. The flashlight takes up very little power - it'll run for a good while on any bit of charge.
Radio works alright, easy enough to use, but the antenna isn't very good - nice and compact, but doesn't receive well by itself. I used it in the Rocky Mountains (5 miles north of Empire, CO) and held the metal antenna of the device against the metal antenna of my truck to get a NOAA weather report. I also stuck the tip of the antenna in my mouth and that got good reception too (disclaimer: don't put things in your mouth).
Speaker works fine - small speaker gives a tinny sound, which is to be expected - better than I expected though.
Headphone jack works great!
Wish the plastic carabiner style clip was much more durable and on the other side. Its location makes the device either sit up funny when strapped to a backpack/hanging from a belt loop, or sit with the solar panel facing against what it's hooked to.
Wish there was a small compartment for the charging cords/usb plugs.
Wish it had an internal battery level indicator so I'd know how much cranking/solar/wall charge to use.

I'd definitely buy it again (am thinking of picking a few up as gifts). With the few little complaints I have, this seems to be a pretty durable and versatile unit. It's very compact and lightweight and does a good deal of work for a reasonable price.
(Will update if necessary)
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on November 24, 2017
This radio has a limited shelf life. If you intend to use it as an emergency radio, as it's advertised, and store it for any period of time, it will not work after a while. It only has a one year warranty. Epica does not back their products. The ad on Amazon reads: "OUR “THERE WHEN YOU NEED IT” GUARANTEE: Epica makes products that last ... and last. But if for any reason your Epica product doesn’t make you happy, reach out and you’ll receive our 100% refund or replacement." Here is the response I received after contacting them outside of the warranty period:

"Unfortunately, this unit is no longer covered under the one year warranty. We apologize for this inconvenience."

I advise you to spend your money elsewhere for a higher quality product.
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on November 27, 2015
UPDATE: Now that the power is back on after Seattle's first windstorm power outrage of the annual windstorm month of November, this would not last even five minutes with either the light or radio. I'd have to crank 300+ times every five to ten minutes or it would die on me. Not a very reliable emergency product that is supposed to work during such occasions. There is not even a lightning adapter for the ubiquitous iPhone so it's useless for the charge on iPhones as well.

Pass on this, search for a more reliable product that works.

I love this emergency radio. I bought it several weeks ago in anticipation of the Seattle windstorm month of November and have used it twice already in back-to-back windstorm power outages. The flashlight puts out a nice, bright light, much nicer than I expected.

Only thing I don't care for is the radio dial is hard to see as the little light is not bright enough to read the stations, and the position of all the operating buttons on the side are constantly being hit as you crank the radio accidently turning the flashlight, radio, etc., off and on.
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on September 17, 2014
Good little "all in one" emergency solution. The AM/FM/weather band reception is good. The antenna extends and can be turned/angled at the base. The display is a simple digital display and has a small light (like on an old wristwatch) to illuminate the dial if necessary. The flashlight is bright enough to see by, but is not a super bright light with narrow focus. So this is fine for seeing in the dark, but not ideal as a signaling device. The solar panel and handcrank generator combo is one of two reasons I really bought this...options to keep this thing charged in an emergency where batteries might not be readily available is a big plus. The other big reason is because of the charge/charging port. You can plug your phone into this to get a charge off it...not a big charge, just a little. But in an emergency situation, even if I had to sit and crank the generator every few minutes,I would be glad I could fully charge my phone off this given enough time and patience.

When the weather is good I'll probably hardly ever use it. But when the storms roll in I'll be glad to know it's there. Good deal!
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on October 30, 2016
EDITED REVIEW: I bought this for the usual reasons, heading into the winter when power outages are more common. The first unit I got didn't hold a charge, so when I wrote a review saying as much, the company promptly got in touch and offered to send me a replacement. They did and I'm happy to say this one holds a charge very well and is working perfectly. I can't really speak to the solar power since I charged it through the connector to start, but everything seems fine and I'm VERY happy with the product and the customer service.
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on May 10, 2017
Got this on Amazon Lightning deal for $14 bucks and well worth the price. First the pluses , great multi-functionality the radio is loud and clear and easy to function.The flash light is bright with minimal cranking ,good sturdy carry handle and easy solar charging. Now the few critiques , trying to crank without hitting your hand is difficult. I suggest Epica put a fold out handle on the other side to alleviate this problem. Secondly the LED to the radio tuner read out is a little dim even in low light. And last but not least it needs a storage compartment for the telephone charging cord. These are minor flaws and would probably be of little concern in an actual emergency. All in all a great product for the price.
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on February 4, 2016
This is a must for am emergency kit. Expected bad snowstorm and got it, all 32". Expected power outages but did not happen. Ordered this in advance and delivered in two days as promised. Prime is wonderful and never lets me down. Product is better than expected, although I did not need it for that encounter, but there will be others. AM and FM reception is decent, but NOAA is patchy on volume. Tinny sound but clear and nothing unexpected considering it's size. Flashlight is bright and with no batteries required I use it to fix autos and household appliances. Both my grandchildren (3) and my wife love the small portable radio that you can take anywhere with no worry. Time to dance. Good product and worth it.
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on September 7, 2014
This is a terrific emergency radio! After research of several different brands, the Epica was my choice due to its compactness and the ability to have a solid hand crank for operation as well as a solar alternative. I bought it as a gift for my son who loves to sail and thought it might come in handy when out on the lake or in preparation to plan a day of sailing. We experience tornados in Wisconsin as well as damaging winds along with severe thunderstorms. Often our weather experts are not able to predict how swiftly the storms can be upon us- - -this radio provides a clear and compact solution! Do not hesitate to buy it- - -my son felt it was very durable (and i think the price was a definite plus). Quality, value and great service from the shipper. . . . .
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on October 26, 2015
I bought this after a tornado passed through our area and realized that we need a dependable emergency radio. I like the Epica Solar Hand Crank radio because it can be charged by three methods-crank, solar and USB. The radio quality is not all that great but in an emergency, who needs stereo sound? The radio has a handy spring-loaded clip on one end that you can use to hang it on something or on your belt. What I did not like is that the initial charging needs to be done with the provided USB cable. I tried to charge with the solar panel for a few days in the sun and a few minutes with the hand crank and neither gave enough charge to operate the radio longer than one minute. After that USB charge, I leave the unit near a window in the afternoon sun and it keeps it charged to operate as specified.
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