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on November 27, 2012
 Pulling the spiral slicer out of the box, it was immediately apparent how sturdy the product was. It's made with heavy plastic and very sharp blades (on the attachment slides). There are thick suction cups on each corner that firmly grasp your countertop, making it near impossible to slide when using. I'd honestly never used a machine quite like this in my kitchen before, and found it pretty fool-proof. It was very easy to use, and functioned perfectly. This would be a perfect machine for someone trying to mix things up in the kitchen, OR for someone that's looking for an alternative type of pasta noodles. As you can see in my video, the zucchini slices into thin, even strands and tastes VERY similar to spaghetti noodles! I also demonstrated cucumber slices as well as curly potato fries! I hope you guys enjoy my video, and I'd definitely purchase from this company again!
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on April 21, 2016
It's okay, and has the same capabilities and features as other Vegetable slicers that cost twice as much.

However, as someone that's slowly building her culinary tools, this one took quite a bit to get used to, and "claims" for this thing are a bit grander that how it performs (example: potatoes should be boiled before you try to slice them).

This particular slice slides around, despite having suction feet.

I could never get it to slice an apple, it kept slipping and the product itself weighs less than most of the hefty, healthy orchard apples I get from local produce.

If you only slice vegetables occassionally, or make zucchini pasta every few weeks, it's not bad. But I wouldn't bother with this thing if you plan on constantly eating paleo/healthy.
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on July 29, 2013
I did give it 2 stars. The handle could/should be stronger. If I was to put the full force needed while I was doing a potato, it would have broken. Instead I gripped closer to the center using my fingers and palm, not using the spinny handle at all. Also, one of the suction cup feet broke off after first use and one of the blades is very difficult to get out of its storage slot (I just left it in during washing). I am handy at fixing things and a longer thinner screw solved the problem. All that being said, I have had the desired results from the rest of the device. Before buying this I examined pictures and reviews for 3 different spiral slicers that all appeared similar. I deduced that they are all the same item, just advertised with different brand names. The reviews reveal that the devices have no name on them anywhere. Mine didn't . They are the only choices other than spending a great deal more money, which I was not prepared to do.
Be prepared to handle this gently and you will get the desired results.
I do wish they would go up a notch on the grade of plastic for the handle and would be the difference between 2 stars and 5. I hope they read this and if they improve the quality I will happily get another or return this one for exchange.
I hate the trouble of returning things. Since I know it is a quality issue , a replacement would not solve that issue. I really needed something like this, I am just going to work with it.
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on November 23, 2014
So for the price this is a good item. I've used it probably 30 times in less than 2 months and still sharp and no cracks.
That said it is plastic. Zucchini and soft things are great. When I get into anything firmer like a carrot I need to hold it right at the butt of the handle or it wobbles and bends a lot. If I hold it normal it feels like it will break. Also the blades for the pasta style cuts are off. The middle one is twice as big as the rest. I feel if the added just 1 more prong (the 2 closest ones are different) that it would fix this problem. Especially with carrots which aren't particularly wide to begin with. But for larger things like zucchini I just discard the wide middle one and it's fine. The suction cups work really well if I damp the surface first. It's easy to clean. Little storage area in the bottom is nice, but could use a clip to keep the extras from sliding out when moving it.
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on February 5, 2016
EDIT: Two stars added - After seeing my review, Epica offered to send me a replacement unit, which I accepted. So far so good, but I'm being extra gentle with the handle.

Received this item Nov. 30. Today, February 5th, just 4 days after Amazon's 60-day return window closed, the handle cracked off. (See photo) The plastic is so cheap, brittle, and thin that there is no way this slicer could last for very long. I used it maybe 10 times before it failed. The price is cheap for a reason, so don't buy if you want something that will last!

Amazon refuses to make an exception to their 60-day return policy, even though I'm only 4 days beyond it. Thanks for nothing, Amazon.
review image
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on September 24, 2013
I was really excited to get this slicer. Thinking I scored a sweet deal as it was the exact same product but cheaper than the Paderno one, I pulled it out of the box, ran it through the dishwasher and started using it. I should have realized when I had problems keeping veggies on the handle it was defective. But I didn't. With several problems, I sliced up a sweet potato and 2 zucchini, then started julienning a beet. That's when the handle broke. I'm very disappointed at how flimsy this is! Back to Amazon it goes, with me re-evaluating whether or not I really need this type of gadget in my life.
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on April 16, 2014
The first time I used this, it worked wonderfully. A friend who was over for dinner wanted to take a picture of the salad it looked so beautiful. I tossed the slicer box into the garage by the trash. This kitchen gadget was a keeper.

I cleaned the spiral slicer with a soft brush and soap. I rinsed the blades in warm soapy water. It cleaned easily, and I put it away. Awesome.

The next day I pulled it out to use it again, and the vegetables would only slice, not noodle. I looked at the noodling blades and noticed that a number of them were bent in, almost closed. I carefully bent them out to make them the same angle as the unbent blades. Yet, from this time forward, I could not get the machine to noodle, just slice. I tried a number of times and different veggies, but they just sliced. What happened? I could get over the blades bending, after all they are very thin and I didn't pay a crazy-high price, but when they are re-angled, they should work again, right?

I loved what it did, but after one use, it didn't work. If it worked as well as it did the first time, it would be a magnificent kitchen tool. As it is, it is a shadow of something magnificent. When I get home today, I am hoping the box didn't get trashed. If I still have it, I'll request a return. If not, at least I found out that I liked this type of slicer. A lesson learned, I guess.

I looked at all of the "cloned" styles of the same machine from different companies and decided not to take a chance on any of them. I ordered a more expensive model spiral slicer today, a Benriner, with a different style of blade. I am hoping for the best.
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on April 18, 2013
Okay, so it's all plastic except for the blades. It works as advertised, and cleans up easily. I really didn't see any need to use the suction cups, but they seem to grip my Formica counter top just fine. If you can't get it to grip your counter top, you can always grab a small polished floor tile from Home Depot or a small piece of glass would work too. Suction cups don't work on porous materials-- it's not rocket science folks. This is a decent, functional machine. I seriously doubt it's going to last 5 years. There is a nice Japanese model for about $60 if you want something made out of steel. I'm actually leaning towards that model as I want something that slices a little finer noodles, and will last longer.
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on October 22, 2014
I love this thing, but does it have to break immediately? I've bought about four of them now, same story with each. They break pretty much right out of the box, there is no way to sharpen blades, and did I mention they break quickly? Love the veggie curls but with all that packaging and plastic that's going straight to the landfill, I just can't justify another purchase of this product. It's really poorly made.
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on May 16, 2016
I've enjoyed using this little device but there are many times where I'm afraid the plastic is going to snap into two. I've also found it difficult to get the vegetable to stay on while using. For the most part it works well. Some vegetables work better than others. My favorite has been Butternut Squash. I love to use it in place of regular noodles when making spaghetti or chicken fettuccine. The surprising part for me was that my daughter loved it too! She really didn't mind that we had vegetable noodles instead of regular ones. She even loves making the veggie noodles for me! This has become a fun way to make our meal together.
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