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on January 4, 2013
This is NOT my genre. I resisted watching this series despite constant begging from multiple family members and friends. Having the week off around Christmas, I thought... what the heck. I have Amazon Prime, so watching the series was free!

Let me tell you... I watched TWO SEASONS IN THREE DAYS and I am suffering from major withdrawl today! This series sort of treads water for the first two episodes but by number 3 it dives deep and remains there. I was a terrible parent for the last three days while I hid myself in my bedroom with my kindle fire HD and watched this compulsively. WOW. LOVE IT.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 18, 2017
Downton Abbey, Season 3 is a pale, pathetic shadow of the glorious first two seasons.

I knew we were in trouble very early in the first episode, with Mary's little tantrum the night before her wedding. The whole scene was so superficial and weakly written, and completely lacking the quality that made Downton so famous.

Even Robert goes downhill this season. His once brilliant dialogues are now just whiny bickering. The never ending Ivy/Alfred/Jimmy saga is pure torture to watch. The prison scenes are highly implausible, and I don't even want to think about the season ending. It was so flimsy and superficial, as if it was written at the very last moment.

The one highlight of this season is Tom Branson. Allen Leech was excellent in the first two seasons, but he truly shines in Season 3. His character saves the entire season with his outstanding performance.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon January 6, 2013
Worth every cent in price, every minute in time. A powerful period costume drama (some call a Soap) with historical excellence upstaged by perfection in acting. It's the "Roots" of historical family drama for the 21st century. You'll drool your champagne over locations, costumes, props, and sets.
AND IT'S TO CONTINUE FOR A 4th SEASON. The biggest question is not will it maintain the UK and US growing following, but will it contain Matthew Crowley (Dan Stevens). But he's at least back doing his best and wedding Mary (Michelle Dockery) and will take over the realm of Downton Abbey, even though Earl Robert (Hugh Bonneville) has bungled the finances, always a plot among the early English wealthy families.

Yes, much of the former cast is back, joined with the American upstart actress Shirley MacLaine playing Cora's (Elizabeth McGovern) American mother. With this huge star going against the impeccable delivery of lines from Dowager Violet (Maggie Smith), the excitement and cast excellence remains. Combined, these 2 drive a thread of sharp-spark delight through this third series. She's welcomed by cast and viewers. Past issues, like imprisonment, the Bates, Anna & John, also continues in romance/tragedy form.
Although the UK gets first peeks, it is America that is driving worldwide success. It will continue in some form, and at the peak of seductive drama.

To Downton Abbey fans, it is just "family" being viewed.

The 1920 English lifestyle of the aristocrat and their home staff has never been presented better since Upstairs, Downstairs. Only time will tell if Downton Abbey fans will drive this series beyond the regal success of U,D. I suspect they will. It's powerful writing coming from the pen of Julian Fellowes, and perhaps will end only at his decision. The writing behind the Abbey is as deliciously alluring toward characters as Catherine Cookson's work. Already the public demands more, I and my wife included. She nearly wore out season 2 DVDs and will do likewise to Season 3. We'll order Season 4 as soon as the listing appears.

Not a rental. It's a MUST OWN. Place it on the all-time classic shelf.
Do you own season's 1&2? Downton Abbey Seasons 1 & 2 Limited Edition Set - Original UK Version
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on February 28, 2016
The Downton Abbey series is the best television I have ever watched. Amazing historical accuracy, meticulously researched, stunningly recreated, even down to the placement of the spoons on the dinner table. The costuming is unbelievable, absolutely amazing. The castle used in the filming is awesome, and the plots within the series are so well done that the viewer gets caught up in them immediately, laughing at the humor, being joyful at their triumphs, and devastated at their misfortunes. Absolutely the best series ever produced. In this season (and season 2) , the war years were sensitively presented yet the horror of the trenches came across along with the terrible aftermath, both to the soldiers who came home and to the European economy.
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on January 11, 2017
What more can I say about Downton Abbey? Downtown is one of the finest series ever put before the world. I say the world because it is seen in over 200 countries. The other awesome thing about it is both men and women like it! Usually it's just the girls; but, it is so well done, so well written, so well presented, so detailed, with the antique cars, the clothes, unbelievable fashions, the hair, the attitudes, the mannerisms, the history, true history, you will love it! Start at Season 1 and watch each one. Do not miss an episode! You'll be bummed when it's over, but you'll enjoy it while it's on! 😆 💐
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on June 29, 2016
Downton Abbey, the House of Sudden Changes, is a remarkable period piece series with interesting characters as their fortunes rise and fall against a world I have never known. It's a world where one dresses and gets ready for the next meal, which is a theatrical production that must go off precisely and within narrow limits of respectability.

The production is brisk, each scene moving fluidly. It must have cost a fortune to make with period cars and clothes. To film many short scenes must be expensive and lavish.

Maggie Smith must have had twenty great one-liners worked into her contract to do the show, and the writers oblige. At first, she is portrayed as a Oscar Wilde sort of wit, with of course none of Wilde's side effects, but later she does rise to do some very nice things showing her value in spite of her haughty position.

My favorite is Mary, who can be cool with a promise of warmth. It is that promise, never fully delivered, that keeps her character going for me. Cora, her American mother, is a lovely woman. Robert the father can be okay at times but has a pompous, oddly irrelevant side to he.

The servants steel the show. Thomas is a perfectly hideous creature, a difficult role to play well. Anna is forever seeing the good in her Mr bates, and does it without any trace of Pollyanna.

We are very happy that Amazon includes this in our Prime subscription; otherwise, we probably would not have wanted to lavish money on the series. Had we done so, we would have been pleased with our purchase.
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on January 11, 2017
I truly enjoyed this TV series. It is very well made and love the time frame and issues that were front and center back then. I will watch this again and I have told many others about this TV series and hope they too watch it.

I am adding more to this review. I wish this were the types of shows I were offered to see all the time. This would make me love Amazon. I have watched all Seasons through twice. Sometimes when I find nothing else I want to watch, I think of watching this again. I'm sure I will again in the near future. This is the best of Television!
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on January 22, 2013
It's rare to find a TV series these days that is not running on stupidity, crudeness or shock factor or with any originality. When most new series are scripted fake reality shows with over dramatic people, this series has in every episodes, class, laughs, plotting characters against other characters, love, family drama, family support and there is a way about things that everyone just knows, and yet there are those who challenge it and those who show the silver linings in the very things challenged. It's got the English way of things, but yet is understandable for us Americans and it is a wonderful look at a simpler way of life and gives great insights into what the first use of modern things must have been like. Though it was in the earlier seasons, seeing the staff use the phone when it is installed for the first time and talk about electricity being installed and the cars and yet a buggy alongside them. I do suggest watching it in HD, and if you watch it on PBS they put the large logos on the screen the entire time of which is a bit annoying and cheesy, but it seems far more real in the HD not just because of the clarity, but I think the film ratio must be for wide screen TVs in HD as the non HD PBS channel skewed the view. The PBS HD channel and the HD streaming has the right film ratio for wide screen TVs.
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on April 9, 2017
I do not even know how to describe this level of awesome; however, I will try. :-) It is a classic that I will enjoy watching throughout the rest of my life whenever I'm in the mood for British entertainment. It was absolutely wonderful from beginning to end. I live in the United States in the state of Arkansas. I am about as far removed from the setting of this series as one could possibly get, but it touched me down to my soul and I LOVED it! If you have not seen Downton Abbey, you have not lived.
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on May 30, 2014
I can not say enough about the DOWNTON ABBEY Season 3 THE UK VERSION. I did a marathon viewing over a 3 weekend period to catch up on all the parts of the story I had missed. I am so very glad that I not only did Season I and 2, but finally did Season 3 as I got hooked on the US version at the beginning of Season 4. I am now able to see what happened and to follow how each person became such a reality to me, like getting to know and old friend all over again. I cried , laughed, but was in awe of the costuming that occurred over the course of time. I made new friends, and got to see why these people become who they were. I must say that Dame Maggie, has become my ideal perception of a Dowager who really has a way with words. They all, are amazing but the UK version, was better than the few older ones that I had viewed. Oh how I am so in awe of what is to come...
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