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on July 8, 2013
I bought this for my astronomy club that uses it for presentations to public, schools, scouts. I had previous experience with a couple of older models. This one really is dramatically improved in several ways. Ability to use with HDMI of course as well as USB and SVGA connections. While previous projectors also had keystone corrections, this version adds an additional feature that lets you tilt the image side to side which is a neat feature. The remote has a few tricks of its own...the best is you can turn on a pointer on the screen to point out things. You can leave your red dot pointer home. It is 2800 lumens and plenty bright and does not need a long cool off period before completely shutting down. The 3CCD is one of the factors that give much better color perfomance and the lens is sharper than I remember on older projectors. The USB ability to use flash drives, etc. may not be completely useable for your purposes as it only works with some image types and not Power Point. This last is expected as you really need to use a tablet or laptop with PP or its free reader. I wasn't expecting this to have a speaker but it does although of course not going to fill a large room. It is OK for very small groups.

It comes with a nylon case for the projector and a small amount of room is provided in the case for some cords but it is on the small side...would have likd a bit larger case to hold more of the cables but his isn't a big deal. We take good care of our equipment but it might be worthwhile getting a heavier duty hard case for transportation if you are a "road warrior" type of user. I recommend Pelican brand cases.

Bottom line for a computer projector is the image quality. We need very high image quality to show our astronomical images at there best...this one does it. It is HD at 740p which is sufficient for our purposes. At this point no one makes a 1080p HD projector at this price and quality point. I figure that will be the model upgrade down the road but hopefully it will keep the form factor of this model and not the bloated home theater projectors that cost a LOT more money. The auto keystone adjustment and level control are convenient...makes for a fast setup. This one has been in use now for about 2 years and is ofen used outdoors at dusk to project astronomy presetations on the side of our observatory. Even at dusk it is more than bright enough to be seen clearly. There are some newer models that incorporate wireless but I have seen reviews that mention these are not that great as only a limited number of file types will work with them. Frankly you are better off using a wired connection.
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on September 26, 2012
This projector was purchased for use by our service club to make presentations at our weekly meetings. I spent some time with it going through the menus and getting familiar with it so that I can provide "tech support" to various presenters who may or may not be club members. The first thing that I noticed is that this projector has no trouble identifying and connecting to the video source, whether it be HDMI, VGA, or USB. (How many times have you been to a presentation that started with, "Well it was working a little while ago!" while everyone sits and looks at a screen that says "searching ... searching ...".) In addition, it is possible to connect multiple video sources and easily switch among them with the remote. Speaking of the remote, you can aim it at the front of the projector, the back, or bounce the signal off the screen. Speaking of the screen, this projector supports normal, inverted (for ceiling mount), reverse (for rear projection) and reverse inverted modes. I like the fact that it can do a slide show directly from a USB thumb drive, although be advised that the only file format supported for that function is JPG. That's not a severe limitation, however, since PowerPoint can export an entire presentation as a series of JPG images. One issue that you must be aware of is that the projector reads files exactly like any other (dumb) computer. So, if you number your image files, it will read them in the following order: 1, 10, 100, 101, 102, ... 2, 20, 200 .... The fix for this is to use a scheme such as 001, 002 ... 010, 011, ... 100, etc. No big deal, just confusing at first.

Overall we are very pleased with this projector. It has good brightness and good color. We have not made use of the internal speaker except for a brief test, but I believe it will be adequate for our group, which runs about 20 to 30 people.
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on March 9, 2013
This is a very bright projector with a high (although not razor sharp) resolution a great selection of inputs. It is very bright in moderately lit rooms and works well with the lights on. All of the features are accessible via the top panel as well as the remote (light colored for dark rooms).

For presentations, this is a great projector. For showing videos, however, you need to go with HDMI as the USB and VGI can't keep up, resulting in a steady rate of dropped frames (I'm guessing the result is a throughput of roughly 12 frames per second). Technically, I'm not sure why, as a USB or VGI monitor has no such issues. I also notice that the audio noticeably precedes the video when connected via USB or VGI.

The keystone controls are not optical, but digital, stepping up and down rather than a smooth shift, but the adjustments are fine enough to handle things. I did notice a slight amount of pincushioning (image edges that bulge in or out), which I could not totally fix. The image can also be zoomed out and in, for accommodating different room sizes.

The connections on the unit cover most of the bases but it does not have a HDMI pass-through (not really to be expected in this price range) and it is lacking an audio out jack, which would be useful for connecting the unit to a sound system in some situations. The small built-in speaker is understandably a bit tinny and centers on the slightly upper midrange but is very clear and is good enough for groups of a couple of dozen.

The unit supports a thumb drive for the playing of a sequence of images. It does a good job, but this is obviously for bare bones presentations only. One reviewer was very miffed that this projector doesn't play PPT presentations from a thumb drive. That's because this is not a $649 computer but a $649 projector. Connect your laptop of you can play whatever kind of presentation you want.

As for practical use, It is easy to set up. Standby / wake can be controlled by sliding the built-in lens cover. It only takes a few seconds to cool down before disconnecting, which is convenient if an audience suddenly takes an active dislike to your presentation. Because of the high lumens rating, the unit understandably gets hot but not that much more than a high-perfomance laptop. If you toss it in the included case, you definitely need to insert it with the lens and ventilation port at the top.

The included case includes an outside pocket with barely enough room for the included cables, a sewn-in shoulder strap and a simple saddlebag flap and is provided more as a courtesy than a practical case. If you intend to take this unit around town or on trips and if you need to carry a long cable or extension cord you would need to get a decent padded case with additional storage.

Overall, I am satisfied with the projector and to date I have used it in rooms as large as 200 seats right down to a small living room. I travel in roughly a 500 mile diameter area and the projector has been holding up very well. Road warriors would do well to include another $150 or so in the budget for a spare bulb assembly.

I counted off a star because of the USB frame dropping and the less than razor sharp resolution but I am satisfied with the purchase.
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on January 12, 2012
Quick review:
- Display: Even with my room lights on, the display is visible, though clearly less than ideal. It's very bright and crisp in dim rooms, total darkness not required. Also, I LOVE the throw ratio, adjustable zoom, and quick corner feature. You can projector onto a wall at all sorts of odd angles and still get a perfectly square image, though the overthrow of light is a bit distracting.
- Fan noise: The projector still gets hot, and the air blowing out of the fans is quite warm, but the noise from the fans themselves are not terribly loud. If you plan on using the speaker in the projector, it might be an issue. However, if you have speakers of any sort, then they should easily drown out the fan noise.
- Speaker: Handy to have, but useless if you plan on using this for movies or games. The lack of an audio out is annoying, and the reason I knocked off a star.
- Inputs: HDMI, VGA, Composite. Lack of component is disappointing, but HDMI is much easier to deal with anyway. Note that they projector does NOT come with an HDMI cable.
- Extras: The included carrying case is handy. The remote is pretty nice, though I wish the power would operate the lens cover as well.
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on February 27, 2012
I bought this to use in my home gym while running on the treadmill. I used the VideoSecu Universal LCD/DLP Projector Vaulted Ceiling Mount Bracket Black with 25.6" extension pole PJ2B 1C9 to easily mount it from the ceiling and hooked it to the Onkyo HT-S3400 5.1-Channel Home Theater System. The video goes directly to the projector by way of HDMI from the Sony DVP-SR500H 1080p Upscaling DVD Player and the sound goes straight to the Onkyo. I hooked up the Wii the same way except with a VGA cable to the projector. I got the whole system here and it works great together. The sound covers the noise from the treadmill and the picture is bright enough to see on the 80 inch gray screen (for better contrast) even with the lights on or the blinds open. My wife uses the Wii fitness and loves it on the big screen. The picture quality is good for both movies and video games and the gray screen added to the contrast and makes the blacks blacker. I run it on the economy mode which uses less power and is less bright but still plenty bright because I'm only 18 feet from the screen. I don't think you can beat the picture quality for the price and even if you spent twice as much I think you would be hard pressed to tell the difference without both of them showing side by side. If you wanted to improve this system I would spend the extra money on the sound. This is good for what I use it for but there is a much bigger difference in sound quality than picture quality between this one and the one in my home theater.
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on January 3, 2013
i only had the projector for a day and i never owned a projector before, i think it could of used an audio out, like other reviewers say. it had a good set of features for what i was willing to spend. i will probably need to invest in a screen now. the support is very good. they give you a 800 # that is open for 12 hours a day, on the first call i selected 4 for a projector and i got a message to call the non 800 # and the call hung up. i selected another choice like "document scanner" (1) and got put through right away without any hold time to a epson customer support person. all he did was ask me for my model number. the manual could be better. my lamp hours was stuck at 0 hours after watching the projector and there was nothing in the manual about it. and the support person told me that i had to have the projector powered on for 10 hours for the lamp hour counter to start. this could of been in the manual. i thought it was because i didn't install the CD or connect the projector to the usb port. the features are pretty basic. if you want to use usb media you only get slideshows. it won't play video files like the newer models. this one was rated 200 lumans brighter then another epson projector i was looking at, the 1761W. i really wanted the 1761w because it was wireless, but this one was brighter. i didn't see a difference between normal and eco modes, so i kept it on eco. the menu section that eco is under "power consumption" made it hard to find. you figure it would be logical to put it under "lamp setting".

the projector only asks for your power on password if it is unplugged. this detail isn't in the manual. powering it on from standby and it won't prompt you for your password. the remote control makes you use both hands to enter the password. one to hold down the NUM Key and the other hand to enter your PIN. if you have big hands it is kind of crowded. there was no num lock on the remote control
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on January 2, 2014
I've been enjoying this for just over a year now mostly for the PC free slide show ability. The image quality is awesome and can be readily viewed without the total darkness required of by older (non-digital) slide projectors. I use Eco mode exclusively. In a fully lit room you might need the brighter setting. I love the portability and ease up setup. I also use it at work for presentations. There are only a few image formats that are viewable from a flash drive, so one must prepare the presentation in the correct format. Also use a consistant numbering system (eg:001filename) to keep your slideshow in the order you want it, otherwise it may sort the images in a different order than intended. I wish the case was better padded and provided a little more room for cords in a more secure pleated pocket instead of the flat pocket fastened by a spot of velcro. Also, the instant shutdown is a bit misleading. This thing is HOT after running for a while and takes 10 minutes or more to cool down enough that I feel comfortable putting it in the case. I wish the fan would keep running for a few minutes after you turn it off. Overall a great unit with a few nit-picky complaints.
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on September 10, 2013
The Epson EX7210 Projector performs well under wide variety of conditions. I have used mine from the high Andes to the Amazon rain forest, on converted and inverted current to solar panel power and it functioned normally. If there was any shade it cast a good picture. Six months is not a long tract history but with “normal” care it has been trouble free. Time will tell.

Amazon’s documentation is minimal for “gougie” third world border officials. Draw up your own sales document and get it notarized and you’ll get by.
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on December 18, 2013
We've had the unit in our modest theater for (6) months and love it. We have it projecting onto a (painted) wall screen about ~7' x 3.5'. It STILL has a brilliant High Def picture. It has been great for family movies, watching games - or even just TV. Friends and family are amazed.

- 2,800 Lumens enables us to watch in HD during the day in a room with (3) windows [plastic blinds]
- Intuitive menus to flip the screen, etc during set-up upside down on the ceiling brackets.
- Auto detects different signals from the cable box - i.e. auto adjusts screen if you happen to be on a non-HD channel
- Allows for several inputs including HDMI from HD Cable box
- Even has computer VGA cable input - so the kids can project videos from Youtube and Vevo

Compared to our old NEC VT580 (now used for backyard screenings) this is a HUGE upgrade at a reasonable price. 1/3 the cost of the really high end units. BEST VALUE.
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on March 18, 2013
I have used this in several places now and the picture quality is reasonable. I have had it projected on a 10 foot screen (white plastic tarp actually) and during the day it was kind of hard to see. One it got dark, it worked ok. It is not a hi-res, but I didn't expect it to be. The fan is a bit loud so be prepared if you are going to use it to watch movies. Also the built in speakers are not too loud. If you use HDMI, this could be an issue since the sound will be cut-off and sent only to the HDMI cable when you use it (a bit of a bummer).
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