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on May 31, 2017
I purchased this printer in 2012. Everything I am about to tell you is the truth, though it might sound like a comic skit. It is for real. First off when it first arrived, I was in need of a printer then, I run a business where I ship from home. After setting it up, the cord kept falling out. I tried tape, that did not work. I settled on super glue. I just did not have the time to send it back and wait for a replacement and thought if that was the only problem I could deal with it. So, my cord has been super glued in to the back from the beginning.

Next, about 2 years ago, the top most lid slid off sideways. I spent a very frustrating day trying to figure out why it just decided to slide off and how to put it back where it belonged. By the time I gave up, my teeth were gritted and I was calling it not so nice names. I wound up taping it back on with packing tape. It has been taped on since then.

Yesterday the back tray feeder fell off. I was sitting here waiting for something to finish printing and the back just fell off. I tried all manner of ways to get it back on, but it shed the support tray like a mean and nasty snake shedding it's skin. I know there are nice snakes, but this printer is not like one of those. I had to finish printing by standing there holding the paper on each side and helping feed it in gently. I really wanted to choke it with the paper, just shove it right in there and watch it's lights start flashing in panic. But I did not. I stood there and fed in the paper looking down at my packing tape taped printer with the glob of old super glue on the cord.

As the title says, I do not recommend this printer. It is decrepit. I do not like it.
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on November 1, 2013
After almost 6 years of use, my Workforce 500 died so I bought this printer as a replacement. I didn't have mega bucks to spend so I tried to pick something affordable and that seemed to match the 500. The first thing that struck me was that this printer is flimsier--made of thinner plastic, much cheaper-looking, too. It prints well and scans well (I use the Preview option on my Mac to scan from this printer) but it is a lot noisier than my old 500 and the paper feed is very noisy and rough. It just sucks the paper in so fast. I worry that this might turn into paper jams later. Also, while the footprint (with paper trays folded) is smaller, when I extend the paper tray (that the printed paper comes out on), it actually takes up more space than the 500. So I would say it's okay and does the job, but I think I will miss the 500.

Addendum: Now that I've had this printer for awhile, I need to add that it guzzles ink. I am not printing more than usual--but I've had to buy several sets of cartridges since I got this printer. I've been using the standard capacity Epson cartridges, and am going to try the XL (extra large capacity) cartridges for this printer next. I hope there is some improvement, otherwise I am going to shop for a replacement printer. Buying ink so often will break the bank for me.
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on February 10, 2015
This printer was the biggest waste of space and time I have ever purchased from Amazon. I only wish to save all of you poor souls from having to go through the same experience. The printer overall looks great and the print quality is fine. So basic needs are met. Until you actually expect the wireless function to work after it goes to sleep. If the printer goes to sleep, so does the wireless connection, preventing you from actually printing anything. If you wake it up, there is a small chance that the wireless connection will reestablish itself, allowing you to use the printer as it is functionally designed to operate. I finally gave up and made up my mind to send this baby back to Amazon where I'm sure it will end up back in the hands of the good people at Epson who will probably just repackage it up and put it back in line to be purchased. Off it goes.

But oh, the irony. To return something to Amazon, you need to ACTUALLY PRINT A RETURN LABEL. It was almost as though this device had some sort of notion that it was headed someplace bad, and it simply refused to print the return label. One phone call into the Amazon customer service center later, despite its resistance to the idea of being repackaged and headed the same direction it came, it was sitting on the front porch, sans return label.

I only write this, dear Amazon friend, to prevent you from making the same mistake I did in purchasing this device. The wireless function was the main reason it went back, but in my short period of ownership, I did encounter a series of other challenges:

- Ridiculously and almost impossibly expensive and low volume print cartridges
- Fax function operated at circa 1992 speeds, and failed consistently at page 19/20. Twice.
- Above mentioned fax function also seems to chew up pages in the document feeder just for fun
- The Epson software that ships with this device installed no less than 9 different applications on my PC, most seemingly associated with the ever important fax function
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on April 17, 2016
this epson in particular, was replaced by no less than 5 times. sure the epson tech support is nice and friendly. finally i have had enough and today i threw out every Epson printer in my office and in my home. I junked nine printers in all - mostly 3640, one 2540 and two 410. should have done this long ago! i am finally liberated!!! never again! someone smart once said, that those that forget the past are condemned to repeat it. I am writing this review as a note to myself. My experience is thus: if you want an expensive scanner, then Epson is for you! if you want to spend a fortune on ink, then Epson is for you. If you want error messages and paper jams, then Epson is for you. However, if you want a printer that works and does, then Epson printers are not for you. be warned! at least for me, Epson is history.
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VINE VOICEon February 16, 2014
I was a bit nervous about this printer because it had so many features and was wireless and the price was really low. So, I was worried that it would be a piece of junk when I got it. It's not. It's built as well as any other desktop printer that you might buy unless you buy a $1,000 laser printer.

This product was packaged well, not broken pieces, all the parts necessary, nothing missing. Then the set up came. I put it up, plugged in the power and then turned it on and waited to see how hard the connection to our wireless system would be. It found the Wireless system, synced nicely and was ready to go.

I then turned on the computer and it found the printer on our Wireless network and when I selected it the software downloaded onto the computer and it was ready to work. The first print went quickly and the quality was great.

I do a lot of printing and soon had to put in a new ink cartridge. That process was simple, quick and no mess. The printer let me know that I needed more ink (black), it also gave me an option to continue printing black by using the color cartridges to blend a black (I don't recommend this because of the cost of color ink, but it is a nice feature).

I had someone show up with their laptop and they needed to print something. They signed on our network and found the printer and it started printing as quickly as I would have wanted, they were happy, I was happy and the printer hummed along.

I then tried printing from my iPad. That went smoothly and I was again happy. Then I tried printing from my iPhone and that worked smoothly as well.

So, the price of the product is great, the print quality is great and the setup is seamless, simple and quick.

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on December 31, 2014
So far, all is perfect!!
Love the features, especially that this printer has a physical network LAN port, not just a WiFi connection to your home network.
If your printer is within reach of your router you should always purchase a printer that has a LAN port, it is always connected, and no delays when printing.
Another big plus is how the paper is fed. Most people would not consider this either.
Printers that have the paper tray on the bottom can be troublesome for a couple reasons.
#1 bottom feed printers need to curl the paper to print on the opposite side.
#2 bottom fee printer have difficulty with cardstock due to the curling of the paper.
#3 bottom feed printers are very picky with the paper line-up, the stack of paper needs to be perfectly square, back feed printers are more forgiving.
It really is amazing the amount of features you get for $80....
LAN port
USB Port
Auto Duplexing
It's a "Real FAX Machine" with a phone line in and a phone line out
Copying is easy as possible and fast as heck
Small footprint
Separate ink cartridges (Black / Cyan / Magenta / Yellow)
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on December 6, 2015
used it maybe 10 times then the unit stopped printing, tried everything unit copies fine just won't print from any other source. Called epson they were unable to determin the issue, unit is out of warranty. I used it until the first set of ink ran out then i went to store to replace and the unit no longer prints... soooo.. ya its a piece of s***.

disposal unit just worka as a scanner now. prints blank sheets. Takes about a week to get it to work. And if you don't use it for longer than 6 days it stops working again. $90 piece of s***
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on October 28, 2013
I ordered this for work as I do a lot of printing, scanning, faxing and copying. I subtract a star for a couple of reasons: although it says it's "wireless", you cannot scan without connecting either a USB cable or flashdrive. So I guess it is wireless, but you have to plug something in to scan to a computer. And there is a "scan to cloud" thing which sounds like it's wireless but I didn't even want to try that as I would have to create an account for that. So technically this is just my opinion and not a fact.....don't hate me. ;)

The other reason I deduct a star is for the usage of ink. Holy moly!! This thing is an ink guzzler, especially color! I don't use it a lot for printing color but I'm guessing that a few pictures were printed and it's already out. It won't let you print in color until you replace it. So be prepared to have a stock pile of color ink if you plan on printing in color a lot.

Other than that, it is fine and has been doing a pretty good job.
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on April 2, 2017
I would rate this pos less than one star. I would give it the middle finger and in fact I just did. I had enough of it eating paper or spitting out blank sheets and occasionally it would print the last portion only to be crooked and the scanner.... I would be better off closoing my eyes and sketching. Yes I tried everything to get it work properly and I finally yanked it off the shelf took it out back and heaved it over the fence. Then I picked it up and smashed it like Pete Townshend. After that I picked it up again and smashed every little piece of epson crap that was left. I will never ever purchase another epson product. EVER. I even feel bad for the garbage it has to sit next to,
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on February 3, 2014
It can do EVERYTHING and it is so compact! I can print to it from any device (tablet, phone, computer, laptop, etc) from anywhere (home, school, shopping, etc) via Google Cloud print. I can print to it from my iPhone or my friends iPad when we are on the same WiFi via AirPrint. It does double sided printing, you can scan multiple pages with the push of one button (instead of having to switch out and hand load pages each time manually), you can scan pages directly to a usb drive instead of your computer. It is amazing! Plus it wasn't expensive at all and generic ink cartridges are dirt cheap!

The generic ink was $16 for 10 of the high yield cartridges which is amazing considering that for just one Epson brand black high yield cartridge is $30 on Amazon.com (sometimes you have to install or reinstall generic cartridges a couple of times before they work but for a 95% savings it's worth the mild inconvenience)

UPDATE: I've had this printer for 2 years now and it still works great! I used it daily while I was in nursing school and now I have it set up for random wireless printing. My whole family uses it. I see this one has bad reviews now but it has always done a great job for me.
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