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on January 29, 2016
I thought the movie was entertaining in its own way. Besides being a knockoff of different movies I enjoyed it as a rental. What I did not enjoy was listening to his daughter whine and act like a baby. I understand she lost her mother (would not wish that on anyone) and that she was moved to another country. However, when the person that is trying to keep you alive, especially if that person is a parent with some skills, maybe showing a little more respect and a little less indignation might be on the agenda. I am tired of watching movies that show kids acting and talking to adults, especially their parents, in any type of fashion as if that is acceptable. (Spoiler Alert) Really, in the middle of a get-away, I am going to drive recklessly, fast as hell down a narrow street almost killing us both because I want my daddy to tell me who that bad, bad lady is... right now!!! Come on!!! Yeah, with killers breathing down our necks, now is the time for teenage angst and rebellion. Again, enjoyed the rental, but, please, no more movies with smart mouth kids on the run with their parents from assassins. Leave the kid(s) with the grandparents, uncle, aunt or somebody!!! Now I have to watch some Jason Bourne movies to get that particular madness out of my head.
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on August 18, 2015
Have you ever tripped over a video that you'd never heard of that turns out to be really REALLY good? Well, this is one of those. The acting is what makes this underrated flick one of the best Unknowns I've ever seen. The action and suspense is fantastic. It unfolds quickly and then the fight is on; non-stop chaos and mayhem right up to a very satisfying ending. I haven't seen Eckhart in very many pictures, and I had no idea he could play the lead like he does in this one. And in the trivia, I saw where the young lady that plays his daughter is a natural born actor; Liana Liberato was lauded as being very natural and convincing in her delivery, which is quite obvious in the video. Here's a short summary, NO SPOILERS.

Ben, an ex-CIA operator tries to retire from a long and terrible run in the intelligence biz and reconnect with his daughter after missing out on practically her entire childhood. The cost of serving our country as a covert agent has left his daughter with abandonment issues. He cannot tell her why he was an absentee father. He can't tell her the horrific things that he was called on to do. But, he is determined to be the good father that he would have been had circumstances been different. So, trying to be a good father, he takes a "dream job" in Brussels as a specialist in digital security. The daughter (Liberato) is furious at being uprooted from her life and leaving all of her friends behind to be dragged off and be with her estranged father. Not a very smooth start for the father daughter bonding AT ALL. Then one morning everything changes. The "dream job" turns out to be a fake, a cover for an international conspiracy, and all of Ben's co-workers are murdered. Someone was using Ben to Learn; to learn how to circumnavigate high end security. He doesn't have clue what's happening, and only his training form his former life as an "Operator" (no one calls them spies or assassins anymore) gives Ben the ability to see what's coming, and barely slip out of a well laid plan to cover the whole thing up. Barely...Ben escapes with his traumatized daughter, and he relies on all of his training to begin to flee for their lives as Ben tries desperately to figure out what the Heck happened. As Ben and his daughter stay barley manage to stay a step ahead. Who are these people!? why are they after him!? And assuredly, the most alarming thing is, who would stoop so low as to hurt his daughter just to get at him.
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on February 4, 2016
Good escape movie. I found the daughter role to be super annoying almost to the point where I wish she'd stuck to her schedule and actually gone home that night. (If you haven't seen the movie, I'll catch you up: had she gone home that night, she'd be daid. Yes, I spelled that right. Say it allowed. Rhymes with "said'.) That's it. That's my full review, other than I enjoyed it and wish that I was as fit, smart, and good looking as the male lead, but I guess that is what he's paid for. Me? I am paid to live a cubical life and, sometimes, with a free moment or two, I'll shoot off a review of sorts. Should Hollywood ever need a pastey white out of shape guy with an eight head to star in a film of senseless intrigue, I'll be ready. But fair warning: I sweat a s***load and will never look as good as anyone in this movie no matter how much time I spend in Makeup. Sheet, man. If Harry Freaking Potter was there with his wand and yelled "Makeup-TORRIOUS!" at the top of his lungs and pointed the wand my way, there might be a big explosion, sure, but I'd end up looking more like Carrot Top than Brad Pit. C'est la vie. This movie is a worthwhile way to spend your time if you want to get away from someone at home who is yelling at you. Good times.
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on April 21, 2017
Well acted and cast, this is a decent live action film of an anime, but some of the changes they made in the last few scenes I really don't like. I wish they would have stayed closer to the source material. Still, if you've never seen the anime this would be an enjoyable watch and a solid movie.
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on September 17, 2015
Caution: This review will contain one spoiler: Pretty good movie. Entertaining and the acting is fine. You will like this movie if you watch it. You might not love it. It's not an original plot by any means but Definitely better than most. And has a good pace to it. I rate it as a watch. There is one point that didn't quite work. See spoiler below ooooor watch for yourself. I actually would give this a 3.5 star but I guess you can't do that.

THIS IS THE PERT WHERE I GIVE YOU A SPOILER, SO DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW. That being said you can actually figure this part out from the trailer, so not actually a big deal. He used to work for the CIA. There I said it. Can't take it back now. ....Anyways yeah he used to work for the CIA and is trained to kill people. So how he doesn't instantly know he's been screwed over in his new civilian job is beyond me. Going to his job one day to find it empty and everyone is dead, yet he still has this attitude of huh, what, I don't understand this must be a mistake. Instead of instantly saying "Ah crap! Time to turn back to the old me and get these guys" It's like he forgot that 6mos. ago he was a traind govt. spy.

Anyways, I know it doesn't sound like it but it's still pretty good. Especially for a free prime movie.
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on October 28, 2015
I frankly only noticed Erased because of the blatant attempt to evoke "Taken", but no regrets about passing an afternoon with this somewhat generic action pic. On a dramatic level this film is certainly no "must see", but Aaron Eckhart gives us a good and charismatic performance as the action hero, and the production quality on the action level is very good.

SPOILERS MAY FOLLOW! The following just delves a little into criticism. The performance of the daughter, Amy, was quite all right, but the scripting of this part was often a bore. Yes, we can enjoy empathizing with the true qualities of the father daughter roles, but in this type of fiction I probably wanted a little less common of a teenage girl. Does anyone else remember the Walmart family night feature films? Amy would have been right at home in one of those "family value" plots, touching upon the self assured side, the pouty, the know it all, and the "deal with me as I step on the gas pedal which would in reality kill us in haste" scene.

SPOILERS DO FOLLOW! If there was a breaking point in the dramatic aspect, for me it was in that escape from the hotel garage CIA shootout confrontation. In the earlier vehicle escape scene I felt real concern for who may or may not be killed or maimed, but this time as Amy sped down the avenue, after a moment each long passing second my interest waned. This was not Jason Bourne skillfully dodging collision, but Amy on the drag strip defying dad way beyond the likely survivability no more than if she had been texting on the freeway. And if we forgive the extension of that little scene, what happens next? Let's take a break from adrenaline and survival instinct and sit in the car and have this out for a moment, never mind that we straight lined away from a crack CIA kill team a little way down the road amid a hail of gunfire. lol, still a pretty fun action flick.
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on August 31, 2015
the difference here is the style. So its a little shorter then jason bourne on action; but in a way that is critical, realistic. It pictures the reality of what it means to be set up. Not understanding the narrative of the situation, but understanding the need to hunt out, and find a solution, a resolution. Is the daughter a tack on? Absolutely. Does it pay off? Certainly. Other considerations for this movie are not so much on tacky elements, so much as highlighting highly professional and elusive criminal syndicates.

A few tactics were over-hung for "heroes" but this movie for me personified a lot of the fear related to the circumstances. You're riding the line of somewhere between crazy idiot and mastermind. Revealing secrets in products and highlighting genuine circumstances of corporate neglect [in some elements] onto more or less complete corporate betrayal. The super-human element stands out for hero, as always. But that said, the scenarios he plays out of are very "real" in a "what would you do?" kind of way.

I think the notion of erased/burned was a bit forced on the title, but only because forewarning spoiler: [look away!] cia inside job [k you can look back]

For a corporate espionage, and betrayal film there was little investment to care. Not in a lack of the depth of the characters on screen, but the lack of characters that were off. There's always a fourth wall kinda character, and that more or less in parts onto this film an ever convenient taint of daddy slept with other women in the air.

Kill a couple hours, you're going to anyway. :p I'd say worth it, but I threw in the towel on expectations at Dad can't work a laundry machine but can figure out how to dissolve sophsticated department of justice lock mechanisms.

... I swear I still enjoyed the movie!
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on December 2, 2015
Surprisingly good movie overall.

It had a flavor just about half-way between two different Liam Neeson films: the pace and one-man-against-the-world action from "Taken" and the lost identity of "Unknown." So, I saw it as somewhat derivative. However, the movie business is nothing, if not derivative, and any new shading cast on the same old story is often enough to make a good movie, and this is a good one.

I didn't expect much when I started the movie rolling on my desktop. The descriptive blurb screamed "direct to video" to anyone who cared to read it. The plot is, of course, unlikely and requires a pretty hefty suspension of disbelief. The character cliches of a tough but vulnerable, slightly shady but heart-of-gold, spy come in from the cold, corrupt CIA agents and black-hearted, nearly impossibly evil corporate psychopaths are all there for the movie's writers to work with.

On the positive side, the plot flows very smoothly, the writing is adequate, the acting is above average, the cinematography good, the unlikely McGuffen is easy to understand, and the background environment is a little different than most other European locations. Altogether a good effort to put together an amusing and fast paced action movie to waste away an hour or two on a cold and rainy Autumn night.
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Three and a half MYSTERIOUS Stars! "Erased" is a European-based spy drama that rushes headlong through Belgium cities and other places. The opening scene is a daring robbery and transfer of the stolen items. Then the scene switches to Aaron Eckhart's character who is leading a normal life as a dad of a teenage daughter and an engineer. But without warning, parts of his identity are wiped out and other disappearances take place as the true creepy plot begins to unfold. His daughter is also drawn into the caper. And the central question is "why is all of this is taking place" once the great reveal occurs? But, at least, this is not yet another 'run of the mill' "save the world from the bad guys as the clock counts down" plot, although there are lots of shoot outs and it gets gory at times. Beyond this, the acting is very good, but the overall plot could have been better. Starring Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight, Battle LA), Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace, Oblivion), Liana Liberato, Yassine Fadel, Garrick Hagon, David Bark-Jones, and Ronnie Commissaris. Directed by Philipp Stolzl. Definitely Recommended for spy genre buffs. Three and a half INTRIGUING Stars. (Amazon Instant Video. E-Motion/Expatriat Films. Rated R. Color. CC. X-Ray. Time-1:44:34.)
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on January 24, 2016
Its sort of like Jason Bourne meets 'The Net' (the so-so Sandra Bullock movie from years back) anyway, due to how far hacking has evolved over the years---its a bit more believable than 'The Net'.
I gave it 4 stars as the action was pretty good---I would have given it 5 stars, but the plot prevented it. The story goes that Aaron Eckhart's character is an ex-CIA agent who was clueless about the dubious dealings of the company he's been working at for the past few years. Now, I have a hard time buying this...if this guy was as well trained as say, a Jason Bourne type, how could he NOT notice stuff about his co-workers?? I mean in 'The Bourne Identity' Jason had the mother-of-all brain-wipes after he was shot in the opening scene---and he spotted little things like a guy at the counter could handle himself in a fight & a bunch of other little things about total strangers.
Yes, I realize this isn't 'The Bourne Identity' but it was the closest movie to compare this one to.
As I said, the action is pretty good---not TOO hoaky as these movies can go. If you can get past the obvious plot hole I mentioned above---its a fairly decent popcorn & chill movie.
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