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on September 24, 2009
We have a Baby Bjorn (Original) as well as an Ergo baby carrier. I think both have their advantages and disadvantages, which I will try to explain below.

We purchased the Ergo carrier before our daughter was born based on the recommendation of a friend. However, we found that she could not sit in it comfortably at first. Before your baby can straddle your torso (until about 4 months/15 lbs), you have to put both legs on one side. I watched the instructional DVD several times and tried to place her into the carrier as comfortably as possible, but she did not like it at all. It didn't look comfortable either with her back twisted and body squished. This is when we decided to try the original Baby Bjorn carrier.

Our daughter loved being in the Bjorn (facing in or out). This carrier is easy to put on and take off and quite compact. However, it was not very comfortable for me (especially as she got heavier) since it put a lot of pressure on my back and shoulders. The fact that there is no waist belt and little padding on the shoulder straps probably contributes to this. The newer Baby Bjorn Active carrier with lumbar support may alleviate some of these problems. I haven't tried this product though, so I'm not speaking from personal experience). We used the Bjorn until she turned 4 months (about 15 lbs).

I was so relieved when she could finally fit into the Ergo properly (with one leg on each side). It is so much easier on my back and shoulders. With the Bjorn, I could maybe last 15 minutes (at 15 lbs). With the Ergo, I can comfortably go for an hour or two (at almost 20 lbs now). I go grocery shopping and on longer walks this way. She seems very comfortable in it now. She's happy whenever I put her in it and will even go to sleep in it. (Sometimes, this is the only way I can get her to sleep). It looks a lot more comfortable than the Bjorn since she's sitting in it as opposed to being suspended from her crotch. I also don't have any trouble nursing discretely in the Ergo.

Around 6 months I also began carrying her on my back in the Ergo, which was even easier on my back. I have found this to be really convenient when doing things around the house such as vacuuming, doing laundry, cooking etc. It's also nice for outdoor activities like apple picking, strawberry picking, hiking etc. I find these activities somewhat more difficult when carrying a baby in front. While it is easy to put your baby in the front carrying position by yourself, it takes some practice to wear your baby on your back. At first, I needed somebody to help me get her situated on my back, but now I can easily do it by myself. Some may not like the fact that you cannot face your baby outward in the Ergo (and some babies may not like facing inward). This has not been a problem for us. While our daughter loved facing outward in the Bjorn, she did not object to facing inward in the Ergo. Rather than being pressed up against me, she's sitting in it, so she can still look at things to the sides. One more thing about the Ergo - I would recommend purchasing the sucking pads (ERGO Sucking Pads - Cream). Our daughter loves sucking on the straps and it's just much more convenient to wash the sucking pads rather than the whole carrier.

In summary, I think that both, the Bjorn as well as the Ergo, are good carriers, each with some drawbacks. The Bjorn is wonderful for a newborn up to about 12-15 lbs. Being able to have your baby facing in or out is a nice feature. Because of the strain on your back however, I would not recommend using this carrier with older/heavier babies. The Ergo is great for babies starting at around 15 lbs or when they are able to wrap their legs around you. It is much easier on your back and being able to carry your baby on your back can be convenient. For us, the Ergo was not very useful before our daughter turned 4 months as she was not comfortable with her legs on one side, but this probably depends on the baby.

I would rate the Bjorn 3 stars (because it's so hard on your back and we could only use it for a few months) and the Ergo 4 stars (because we couldn't use it with our newborn). My recommendation would be to get one of each if you can. We bought a gently used Bjorn for less than $10, and I have seen a lot of these on Ebay as well as Craigslist. Maybe you could even borrow one from a friend. It just seems like a lot of money to spend on something you aren't going to use for very long. However, I loved carrying my newborn around in it, so I wouldn't have wanted to do without it.

UPDATE July 2011:
We went on a trip overseas and I was able to carry my 25 lb toddler on my back at 6 months pregnant for about an hour at a time if she got tired.

UPDATE January 2013:
Loved using the Ergo for baby #2 as well. He didn't want/need to be carried around as much as his sister (around the house), but it was still nice to have for grocery shopping and when we were out and about. I actually didn't use the Bjorn at all this time, so I think I'm going to get rid of it at this point. Instead, I got a moby Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Baby Carrier, Black and a k'tan Baby K'tan Baby Carrier, Black, Small. I mainly used the k'tan from 0-4 months (it's similar to the moby, but "pre-wrapped" so you're not dealing with 5 feet of fabric), then switched to the Ergo. I loved having a soft carrier for my newborn! So my NEW RECOMMENDATION would be to get a soft carrier for the first few months and the Ergo. The moby is nice if several people need to use it since it is one-size. I personally found the k'tan more convenient, but it is sized, so another caregiver may not be able to use it.
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on September 7, 2015
Not too hard on my back and is fairly easy to use. I never really got the hang of buckling it when I carried my newborn in the front, so I needed help. My son ran really hot as an infant, though, and although comfortable, he would always sweat so much in it and got heat rash. If my son had a cooler body temperature and didn't sweat so much, it would have been great. I recommend it if you really want to baby wear, but don't buy more than one until you see if your child gets too hot in it.
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on August 24, 2013
Friends had suggested me to get this, but the price was just out of our budget. When the baby turns 8 months old, we moved to a 2nd floor apartment. Gosh, it was so much work for me to carry the baby with all the grocery, diaper bag, and other baby stuff upstairs. I often have to run from car to our apartment couple times. And I could not leave the baby itself upstairs or in the car, because they are too far from each other (bad design for these apartment complex.) Anyways, I finally bought this carrier. This is the best thing ever that I bought for me and the baby. It does worth all the dime I spent. Now I carry her up and down stairs with both hands open to carry other stuff. And she is happy in there.

In May I took my baby for a international flight. I really thank God that I did buy this. It's so helpful. I had to carry her behind, so I can bend down and pull my suitcases in the airport. I even go to the bathroom with her on my back or in the front. I cannot imaging to flight with the baby without this Urgo Baby carrier. I am a small person ( 90lb lady). This carrier really saved my life. I am sure it will be a big help to a lot of moms.

The design is really good. Here are what I like about it:

- It basically lift the weight with your hip bones, not just your shoulders. So your shoulders get to relax and not that sour by the end of the day. Plus free up your both hands for other things.

- very easy to adjust. It fits all sizes ppl. Me and my husband shared one. My sisters, my mom, and sister in law all used this carrier when they watch the baby for me. They were all amazed how this is designed.

- It has 3 ways to carry the baby. I mostly let the baby be in front of me, but I move her behind so I can do more lifting work. It can also carry the baby on the side, but I've never tried.

- Very easy to wash. It's made with thick cloth. I just throw it into the washing machine. I've done it so many times, because I feed my baby in there. Well, it's simpler sometimes when you are outside, and she is not willing to sit on the high chair.

- It's comfortable for the baby and the mom. The material is thick enough so my shoulders are not uncomfortable, and the baby's tight are not squeezed.

- It has a pocket that I put my cell phone and credit cards, when I run into the store without the stroller.

Just watch out for fake Urgo baby tho. I wanted to buy a used one, but there are so many fake ones. I finally bought a new one just in case it did not work out and I need to do a return. And again, no regards, but only wishing I bought it earlier.
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on August 31, 2010
I recently ordered this to hold my almost 6 month old son. He is already 20 lbs. & my Baby Bjorn is definitely not working anymore. My clavicles feel like they are about to snap in half when I carry him in it. I was worried that he might not like the Ergo b/c he is used to facing out in the Bjorn. Doesn't seem to be a problem.

I have read in a few of the reviews on Amazon that people think this carrier is just too tricky to use. I don't agree at all. It does look a little intimidating right out of the box. Lots of straps & hooks going on... But - once you read the manual that comes with it you should be fine. I admit that I did watch an instructional video on youtube to make sure I was using it correctly on my hip. Very helpful.

My son seems to enjoy being in this carrier. Even though he faces me (while carried in front) he seems to enjoy it. I have to say that I like the option of wearing him on my hip. I have both my hands free, he can still see my face & he's not directly in front of me to obstruct my view in any way. I haven't tried the backpack way of carrying him yet. I will probably need my husband to help me with that before I feel comfortable doing it alone. But wearing my son in front or on my hip I have been able to easily do by myself.

One more point - I think purchasing the sucking pads is a good idea. My son loves to chew on mostly everything at this time. They washed up nicely & are a lot easier to clean than the entire carrier. They are soft & abosorbent.

I recommend this carrier to anyone who feels like their Baby Bjorn is just too uncomfortable to wear anymore. Or better yet - skip the Baby Bjorn altogether & just buy this one first!
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on February 5, 2016
This carrier saved my sanity. I used it with my newborn baby and my 4 year old child in an air port. It's comfortable on my 5 foot tall frame and my husband's 6 foot tall one. I'm thankful to have had this when using a stroller was just not an option.
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on January 24, 2013
This is the only carrier I've used and I love it so much I tell other people to get this one. I've this carrier through several states on trail hikes and on cave tours (guides ones with paths/stairs). You do need to have the heart2heart insert for babies under 6 months, but I found that it was great to have one carrier to use from infant up to now 2+. I do have a baby sling (one of the SAFE ones, and used properly) but once my daughter was past the newborn stage I preferred the Ergo style carry. I prefer the tummy to tummy position (other carriers have the baby facing out). My daughter loved it because when we went on hikes (and I mean MILES of hikes, some more than 2 mlies at a time) she could see my face and I could talk and tickle and interact with her while we were walking. When it was nap time she just laid her head on my chest like she does at home and was perfectly comfortable.
This carrier is so comfortable that i have never had shoulder or back pain on any trip, even with my now 30 lb daughter. I haven't used it in the piggy back position very much because even though my daughter is older she still prefers tummy to tummy, but when I have its been comfortable that way too. I also like that my daughter sits into the sling, instead of being held by a sling around the pelvis, so it seems to be very comfortable for her.
I can get it on and my daughter into it by myself, though it is much easier if you have someone to assist and get the straps adjusted, especially the first time. My husband (who used to work for a sporting goods store that sold active carriers for children) says the key to the carrier being so comfortable is that the wide belt across the hips keeps that keeps the weight sitting there and not all hanging off your shoulders.
The only issue I've had with the carrier is that because the lower belt does go around the hips, when I squat to pick something up the belt rides up and I have to readjust it when I stand back up. Not a big issue since I mostly use this carrier while walking, but something to note. I wouldn't use this carrier in a task where I was constantly going to be getting up and down or bending over ( now that she's bigger simply because the extra weight on the back in that position). Stairs are not an issue, only when I'm squatting to get something off the ground.
As I said, I recommend this carrier to everyone who asks or who mentions wanting a carrier. It is the most comfortable way I've found to carry my daughter and I'm going to miss it when she finally grows out of it.
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on April 27, 2013
after reading the reviews of people receiving fake Ergo Baby carriers, I was a bit skeptical buying one from Amazon. still, I decided to take my chances. I purchased the carrier from Think Fast Toys, and I received a REAL Ergo on the scheduled time of delivery AND for an amazing price. I was very pleased with the product and the arrival time. I actually received the newer version of the Galaxy Grey carrier which includes the new orange logo. It came in a newer square box instead of the older rectangular box. I have nothing negative to say about this product or the seller. I will definitely order from them again in the future.
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on March 2, 2012
We have a bjorn-style carrier, a pocket sling, and an ergo baby.

The bjorn-style carrier was not usable for a newborn. It's simply too big, and his legs wouldn't go through the leg holes comfortably. Once he got bigger, he liked riding around in it, and watching where we were going. But once he got BIGGER, carrying him in it was painful. And I worried about the "dangling" effect on his crotch and hip development. But mostly it was just my back that was killing me. To be fair, we didn't have a Bjorn, and it's possible that the actual Bjorn carrier is better designed for comfort and for newborn use.

The pocket sling had sporadic use. My husband would not wear it (it IS purple and flowered, I guess...) and my son HATED it at first. However, once he was big enough to be worn on my hip rather than IN the sling, he loved it. Since it rolled into a tiny bundle, the sling became my go-to carrier during this period. However, it was definitely not a hands free solution, and the sling shoulder ached after repeated use.

The ergo baby is the most versatile, most comfortable carrier for me, my husband, and my son. We got it after he was too old for the infant insert, but I've seen moms cuddling their newborns in the ergo (with newborn insert) and I wish so much we had it to use when he was tiny. When we first started using it he was still a little too small for his legs to fit comfortably around my husband (who isn't huge) but we were able to do use it with him straddling my husband's hip. As he got older, we used it constantly, especially living in the city. It's so convenient for public transport, rainy days, and any situation where you want the full use of both arms. It's comfortable for all day use.

The one drawback is that it can get HOT, but that happens any time you wear your baby. You can also get the ergo baby sport, which is supposed to be cooler, but doesn't feature the nifty little pocket where you can store keys, a diaper and some wipes (good bye, diaper bag!).

UPDATED: We just had our second baby and I've learned that not all babies love being snuggled in the ergo, to my dismay. Since we already gave away the Bjorn style carrier, I am now using a moby wrap for the three month old until he is big enough for the Ergo. I think his main discomfort with it is that he gets tired of holding his head up constantly and can't settle into a comfortable position. The wrap provides more butt support so that he doesn't just end up slouched over with his knees crunched up.
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on September 23, 2013
I know a handful of people who raved about the ergo - but I wasn't too sure I would love it as much. I tried the moby and the baby bjorn. The moby was fine for the first 2-3 months when my little one was tiny and liked to snuggle down and sleep a lot (well - that is when I could get it to wrap correctly!). The Baby Bjorn killed my back regardless of the "back support" that was built into it and I would only last 15-20 minutes wearing it. I finally caved and ordered the Ergo when it was on sale on here - as soon as I got it I put it on and immediately loved it. I was surprised how much of the baby's weight sat on my hips instead of my back/shoulders. I am looking forward to putting my daughter in it more often and having more time left with my hands free!
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on September 19, 2013
The sale on September 17th dropped this carrier significantly in price. It was still sold by Amazon, not a third party. I received it and contacted Ergobaby to verify validity, as several things were a little 'off' about the packaging. This verification included seven pictures of the carrier. They verified that it was counterfeit and not a genuine Ergobaby carrier, which could potentially be unsafe.

They did confirm that Amazon was supposed to be an authorized retailer and that they will look into the issue.
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