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on February 27, 2017
Seems pretty accurate. Not perfect but on average it's pretty close when I compare with a range finder. Funny enough, it picks up good shots more accurately then bad... Which probably explains some people's complaints (figure out what I am implying).
My kids use it a ton and it's has helped them rise to the top in US Kids golf... And DCP.
Customer service has been great. Had to send it back for repair (son shanked a ball into it) and we could not have asked for better service.
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on May 17, 2017
I made the decision to purchase this unit based on the feedback from a friend you has used his for the past 2 years and swears by its accuracy. y unit was delivered mid April and I eagerly went straight to my home range to try it out. I was grossly disappointed.

After multiple attempts of adjusting distance and angles from the ball, even using a tape measure to calibrate the suggested 14" out, 14" forward position, the distance measurements have been significantly inconsistent and flat out wrong. Regardless of solid or mishits, measurements were all over the place. An example.....a well struck 4 iron showed less distance than my gap wedge.

Also, the bluetooth capability does not work well at all.....I have not been able to get the unit to record and hold the swing measurement data effectively after multiple attempts and repeated add/delete of the device on my Samsung Note 5.

I suspect that the quality assurance process for the building of these units has high variability. That would explain why some people swear by it, while others think it does not work as advertised.

I will be reaching out to the company to see if there is anything that can be done.....will provide more feedback on the customer service then..

*******Post Customer Support feedback**************
A few days after posting my initial feedback, I received an email from the Tech Support Director. He offered to connect with me to walk thru the issues to determine the problem and recommend a fix. Prior to receiving his email, I spent some time reviewing a number of YouTube videos of people using the product and noted that they all appeared to have the monitor positioned further forward than the 14" recommended in the material. I told him that I would try that first before connecting with him on resolving. He indicated that what may have been happening with me previously, was the monitor was picking up my clubhead vs. the ball, hence the spurious results.

It took me a few weeks, but I was able to try the monitor again hitting into a net, and after placing it further away (at least 2 ft out and up), the results were significantly better and more consistent. My next step is to take it to an open driving range to confirm distances, but at this point, I can more assuredly say that the monitor is at least 3 stars. I will upgrade after I get the opportunity to use it at an open driving range and confirm its accuracy.
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on January 27, 2014
Did I have trouble hooking it up to the Samsung S III ? YES, What did I do about it...actually it was really simple... I deleted the app from my Samsung S III then I googled for help, since I am not the most gadgeted wizard person on the planet I then called the Ernest Sports Phone number on the back of the Quick Start Guide and told them my problem. Guess what the kind lady did, she patched me through to a customer service rep who called me back in an hour or so and walked me through the steps right there and then. She even waited on the line while I had to pee, and once we set it up she still waited on line while I lowered my garage golf net and pulled out my turf mat to "Test It Out".... I was so impressed I hit about 5 shots with an iron to hear my Samsung S III telling me with each swing how far I had hit the ball and register it on the app for me to visibly see on my phone app for the ES12!!! I was so excited, then I picked up the phone, told her it worked, we checked a couple other cool functions, and then we talked golf for 5 minutes afterward, then she told me if I EVER had any other issues with my ES12 to please call and ask for her, and she would GLADLY help me with any FUTURE ISSUES.....
Anyone who says they can't get their Samsung Galaxy S III to work with the ES12 portable launch monitor hasn't followed the directions to the letter. If they have and it still fails, the last direction on the back page has a PHONE NUMBER to call to get HELP!!! You don't spend all that money for no customer support, you have it, and it's GREAT!!! The Launch Monitor was the talk at the driving range when I pulled it out and suddenly this voice is telling me my distance on every single shot.... I spent double the time I usually do there just explaining what I had, and what it does! Most golfers were amazed! After years of not being in the game (Which I had dearly missed) I had taken it up again in 2013 avidly and even got my beautiful wife to start playing and I don't think she even realized the spark it put back into our romance, we LOVE GOLF TOGETHER as well as separately and it's each of our favorite hobbies and sports whether together or separate. Thanks ES12, you will help me get back to my late 80's early 90's form a lot faster!!! Awesome Product!!! I also have some other great GOLF TRAINING equipment from SKLZ.......Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer & also their Power Wedge & Smash Bag.... These 4 items will help you tremendously, also get yourself a Golf Net for basement/Garage to hang, and one for the yard, and some practice balls. You can use the ES12 with it as well. AWESOME PRODUCT!!! You won't believe how awesome it will be for your game!
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on July 11, 2017
I paired the unit with my Moto X Android phone, no problem, and opened the app to start whacking away in my backyard golf net. The results with my i4, i5, i7, 4 hybrid and driver were more or less what I expected. The only issue I had was unable to connect my phone to the unit and BT headset at the same time... after each hit a voice announced the yardage on the speakerphone. I tried turning the BT headset off/on but to no avail. I'll keep fiddling with it and update in a few days....
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on March 12, 2013
Before I bought the ES12 ($250) I researched about every launch monitor and swing analyzer under $400. I wanted a device that provided accurate results, make the range more fun, and could improve my game. My goal is to improve my accuracy with different wedges from 20-140 yards and be able to use with a net during the winter. The ES12 was the only device I found that supposedly measured ball speed accurately for an affordable price and had pretty good reviews.

Ease of Use and Droid App: Setup is pretty easy. You just place the unit 12-14 inches over and 12-14 inches ahead of where you are hitting. There are only two buttons; Power and Club Selection. You just select the club on the device before you start hitting. All clubs are preloaded w/o the ability to edit. You can also use Bluetooth to link it to the free app that will record all of your hits. After each hit the unit displays ball speed and then distance. If you have the app linked it will speak the distance in a creepy computer voice. The app is very easy to use and keeps track of up to 2000 swings.

Results and Accuracy from range session: I've hit about 150 balls with the unit now and I must say the results are quite impressive. You do have to have the ball in the right area though as if you are to close to the ES12 it will pick up your club too and give you a much lower yardage. This was an easy fix though. I was at a range that had just got new range balls and was able to use the flags and my Bushnell to compare against my ES12 output. There was still snow on the range so I was not able to compare against my Bushnell over 120 yards. However I do know my yardages with my clubs and each club was pretty much dead on. If I hit it fat or miss hit it the results showed on the device. If I smoked it it was right on (I really don't need the device for full shots but wanted to check each club for accuracy). I don't think there was one strike that I questioned the results from the ES12. Going in I was concerned on the accuracy for short shots but this is where I was really impressed. From 30 yard pitches to full pitching wedges the unit was almost exact for carry distance. There was a flag 61 yards out and when I hit a shot at it I mentally knew the yardage from where it landed. I then looked at the device and it confirmed the exact yardage as well as confirmed it with my Bushnell just to be sure. I will say I was still skeptical after my research and didn't expect these results; especially with very short shots.

Who it is best for: To be honest, if your a lower handicap its more of just a fun gadget. You probably know your yardages and 3/4 shots. But for mid to high handicaps and us northerners the ES12 is great. I can now go into my backyard or basement and hit wedges into net and practice different shots. This is where it can really add to my game. And if you go to a range that is poorly marked or not at all this is perfect. You may get more out of this than spending $250 on a new driver. Plus the app keeps all the data and show each clubs average and range from shortest to longest.

Pros: Accurate, easy to use, free app that saves all data through Bluetooth.

Cons: Bluetooth can be a little finicky as it wouldn't pair a couple times (may be user error, when I connected it stayed connected for the whole range session), you cannot edit the lofts of clubs though I didn't notice an affect and all my irons are strong lofts (rocketbladez). The engineer from ES said a few degrees of loft have minimal affect and ball speed is the main factor.

TL/DR: Easy to use. Great initial results for all clubs and distances. Very happy with purchase.
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on January 18, 2013
I've had this product for about a month now and I have very mixed feelings about it's performance. Obviously, you will disappointed if you are expecting the ES12 to perform like the launch monitors you see at Roger Dunn or Golfsmith, but if all you want is an fairly accurate estimation of ball speed and distance based on launch angle, then this is the instrument for you. Doppler radar merely measures the speed of an object, so to measure distance, you need to add launch angle to the equation, which is input as your iron selection. This is estimation is only accurate to a few degrees, depending on whether or not the angle of the face of your iron is equal to the angle that is default to the machine. For example, I use a 62 degree Lob Wedge. The average Lob Wedge is 60 degrees, so my calculated distance will be off because my launch angle is 2 degrees lower (or higher, depending on how you look at it). Granted, at that distance, 2 degrees may be negligible, but a few yards in either direction could make a huge difference. Further, this calculation does not take in account of forward press, or ballooning backspin, so again, distances will be off.

With that in mind, I recommend this product for the high handicappers, like 18+, who hit standard shots and just want to dial in their iron game. I suppose low handicappers don't need something like this, because they already know their game. I've hit fades and draws using this product, and I am not 100% sure, but I think that the reporting is pretty accurate, because the ball speeds are different, meaning draws are reporting a higher ball speed than fades.

You pretty much have to hit off matts and not grass for two reasons. First, the flying divot interferes with the readings. Second, after 4 or 5 divots, and moving the ball to fresh grass, you'll have to move the ES12 because its placement in relation to the ball is specific. I found this to be very counterproductive.

As for hitting driver, you can set the ES12 for either carry distance or total distance (including an estimated roll). I've hit duck hooks and slices that still reported the same as if I were hitting it straight, so accuracy is in question here. On the bright side, when you hit it straight, you can use the ball speed to calculate your clubhead speed, which is according to USGA is 68 clubhead speed/100 ball speed.

I think if you hit a bunch of balls with different irons using the ES12, you will have a pretty good idea at where your game is at. Now go practice putting.
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on June 30, 2014
I had high hopes that this gadget would help me to gap my clubs. I took it to the range on two occasions under perfect conditions and both times were a huge disappointment. The yardage the ES12 reports is consistently under the actual yardage. I have a Bushnell Rangefinder that is extremely accurate with which I could check the yardage. Since this gizmo measures ball speed - period - it depends on standard lofts of the club you input into it to come up with a distance. I would hit a 4, 5 and 6 iron that all registered about 115-120 MPH in speed ( I'm a senior )The ES12 was reporting yardages that were all relatively the same. I could plainly see that I hit the ball 165yds (carry distance, not roll) and the ES12 was saying 140 yards. I expected to much and got what I deserved. Its on its way back for a credit.
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on March 18, 2015
It displayed around 60 yards short than actual distance. The manufacturer said that this monitor is not appropriate to range balls, and the calculations will be accurate if the balls are brand new. Because the main usage of this kind of device is to be used in driving ranges, I just returned it.

update: I can't still complete the return because the seller does not respond.
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on September 18, 2013
When I first got the ES12 I took it right out to the driving net I built in my garage.

First thing I learned was I was about 10-15 yrds short on my carry distances from what I think I hit my clubs. After letting go of my pride and accepting the distances I was getting I started hitting a lot more greens ;-p

Second thing the ES12 did for me was allow me to work on my swing and try out a few things to increase clubhead speed. With the feedback I was getting I was able to pick up 15-20 yrds of carry on every club (30 on my driver :-). So now I am hitting further than I ever had before.

Third... I have never been able to work on my wedge distances at the range to know how far I carry each at Full,3/4,1/2 swing. Way more consistent with my wedges now.

My wife was a real skeptic when I asked for this for my birthday. Now she uses it all the time too.

Fun toy but a real handicap dropper for me as well. Started out around an 10 and I would say I am a solid 6 now.

More than a half year of use on the ES12 and still thrilled. My distance gains are here to stay and I have been able to diagnose where my swing goes wrong if I am a little off. My sons have been using the sensor as well and they love using it.

My only complaints about the product is the software for the iphone. I really wish there was a better way to switch between users on the same phone. Also... having to name each session is a pain. I find myself just typing in jiberish and hitting enter every time.

Also... I'd say you only get about 4-500 shots before having to switch the 9V battery out. (if you start getting crazy results and the BATT text is on the sensor then its time to switch batteries)

Still a solid 5 stars even 6 months later.
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on February 18, 2017
I like the es12 a lot I use it every time I practice. There is a problem with the ipad software that I found a work around. I have an ongoing support with Ernest sports, they want to resolve the software issue, we'll see.
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