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on March 5, 2017
I bought these upon the recommendation of David Gilmour. They are great! They bend wonderfully and hold their tune. The sound is good. I have a Yamaha APX 900 which is what I would call a shallow body acoustic/electric guitar. I use it mainly for practice and composing. Previous to this I used Elixir light mediums which are good strings but don't have much of a mid-range. I can play softly with these and also get very exuberant. I like the way they hold a note. I don't play much lead, mostly rhythm, but the little lead I do sounds much better. These take much less pressure to make a note and barre chords are the easiest they have ever been.
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on August 11, 2016
I have tried almost every brand of string on my solid cedar top Seagull acoustic electric. The Godin PB's that came on the guItar were terriible! I removed them and put on a set of Martin life span PB on it and the sound was worse!! I could not believe it. They always sounded great on my Washburn acoustic (sitka spruce solid top) I stumbled on to a blog where a guy had almost the same problem and a fellow told him to use 80/20 strings not PB on cedar top guitars. So I went to Amazon and after about an hour of looking I decided to try these Earthwood light 80/20's. I promise you ... it sounded like a totally different guitar. The highs were clear and sweet and the lows were smooth and punchy.The dull muddy tones were gone. They stay in tune very well and last a good while if you wash your hands before you play and wipe down afterwards. These strings work for me on that particular guitar. I like the sound on my spruce top too but some may find the sound tinny. If you have a cedar top or even a lower end guitar that sounds too dark with phosphor bronze strings,try a set these 80/20's!
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on January 11, 2016
I'm a long time musician, and a long time user of Ernie Ball Strings (on electric guitars). Unfortunately, I can't endorse these strings, even though they sound great and the light gauge saves my fingers. The problem is that they break, in my humble opinion, excessively easily. I put a set on and broke a g string within 2 days of moderate use. It snapped near the saddle, so I didn't think much of it. I replaced the set, and within a few more days I noticed that the wrapping on the g string was broken and becoming unraveled near my third fret. I bought 7 sets, so I still have 5 more sets to go through, but honestly I'll probably go back to elixirs when these are gone, since they seem to last longer.

I purchased these strings on 12/19. It' now 1/18, and I've broken 3 strings from 3 different packs.
At this point, I really hate these strings.
review image
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on August 11, 2017
In over 2 decades as a professional musician of both session and stage, I have never before been so disappointed in a set of strings. At first I was really pleased with the packaging,Ernie Ball knocked it out of the park with that. Protection from the elements and aesthetically pleasing. Upon winding my first string(I always start with string 6,Low E) I thought that the strings felt, dryer,less smooth,corroded even,different than the Martin's and Elixer strings I usually buy.I really can't place it, it felt unfamiliar, different than other 80/20 strings. All of the wound strings went really well, then I put the B on, wound it just as I have for the past 20 years, but it simply seemed like it refused to want to get close to tuning, actually felt like I had to wind it much tighter than normal to get to B. The E was slightly better. With an upcoming gig I had to play much longer to "dial" it in, but it was rich at first. I let the guitar set for a bit while I grabbed dinner. A half an hour later I went to practice and the guitar was allowed to acclimate. Upon returning from dinner the A,G and B were way out of tune,as I dialed in my A, the B string snapped at the timing head. I've never had this happen this early with so little playing time on the strings. Thankfully(I thought) I ordered a three pack. Got a new string on dialed in and practiced all night without problem. The next evening I went to practice again, the strings were pretty flat sounding and did not want to dial in again. Eventually I got it dialed but could not even come close to replicating the previous night's tone plus they kept going out of tune.These strings were dead. After a half hour working on a song(fingerstyle,no picks) I had to return, both the A and high E broke. I replaced them with the remaining ones in the opened set. The next morning I awoke to my B string broken. This has never before happened. With an immediate gig and no local music shop open,I immediately changed out the strings with a lighter gauge set of Martin's I have for my telecaster. Not only did they stay in tune, they felt normal to my fingers and did not break or go dead overnight.
I've used Ernie Ball Slinky's often for recording and gigs,both bass and guitar,never a problem. Never this much of a problem with other brand strings. Perhaps I got a bad lot. I've checked out my guitar,neck is fine,frets fine and my tuning heads are fine with the other strings, so I really don't suspect that was the cause. All I can really say is that I am highly unsatisfied with this purchase. I took a gamble based off of all of the rave reviews and lost.
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on July 30, 2016
These are great acoustic strings. They're zingy and bright early on but not spikey, brittle or harsh. Right from the first tuning the low strings reveal nice round bass tones from thumb Travis-Picked lines. Strums are airy and open with drop D tuning sound especially deep and sonorous with these strings.

The acoustic I put these on is an older Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500. About 10 years old, the solid mahogany back & sides and solid spruce top have opened up and the whole guitar is resonant and full. I played a good 2 to 3 hours on these over 2 days and the break in so beautifully. The high end eases back, not so strident & metallic and takes on a cystal clarity with supporting mids and audible harmonics. You have to mute adjoining strings when tuning because any open strings will sympathetically ring out harmonics. They are that responsive. The Martin strings I changed to these were only 2 weeks old and frankly never, even first strum, sounded as good as these Ernie Balls.

People debate how long you should go before changing acoustic (and electric for that matter) strings. I personally think changing strings every gig or every session is overkill. You'll hear from roadies of famous touring guitarists (McCartney's band, Chili Peppers, Clapton, Foo Fighters) that they change strings every gig. That may be easy to do when you're making $45,000 for a two hour show. Playing the blues club for beer & wings might be a tougher proposition to pull off.

I feel unless you sweat very acidic sweat, which I've heard of, changing strings should only be done when you first notice they just dont feel, sound or tune right. The life of a string does alter the sound profile over time, but I like a set of worn in strings on rhythm guitar and straight strumming acoustics. If the wrapped strings get gunk in them or the unwrapped strings are turning black then change them. I use Finger Ease before I play which makes the back of the neck nice and fast and the strings get slick and fast without feeling coated or sounding muted. The spray helps prolong strings in my view and at under $5 here at Amazon I feel its like a mandatory guitar case item.

Try these and many others and you'll find "your" strings. I've been playing for 20+ years so lots of trial and error has guided me to my preferences. The Martin strings on my acoustic before these were put on to try, I still like to check things out, but more than likely I go back to my favorites. These Earthwoods, especially the way the Ernie Ball acoustic .11's don't feel too slinky like some other brands "Extra Light" or .11 gauge packs can be. I love Fender 3550 Bullets .09's for my Strat & electrics but just got some Ernie Ball Cobalts to try...at $5 here on Amazon trying different brands occasionally to experiment won't break you. Just give them a good 2 to 3 weeks of solid playing before issuing your final verdict. All just my opinion of course, be cool...
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on November 24, 2013
Guitar strings....like all things in the guitar gear and gadget world every player is going to have a very strong opinion about one thing or another. I'm no different, but I won't bore you with a zealot like preference story of how my 30+ years of playing means anything to anyone.

Bottom line----great strings. Responsive, good vibration in the upper register even on the bass side with the low E, clear, and on my acoustic guitars they sound very chimey, if not almost bell like.

The strings also produce, at least to my ears, a well balanced tone across the lows, mids, and highs of the spectrum. My primary acoustics sound great with these strings, but my solid body acoustic piezo guitars sound great too. These gauges from 13 - 56 work well for me in my style of fingerpicking and percussive techniques. The tension is just right for me in that.

If you're a beginner, keep in mind that a lot of the sound is going to be dependant on your guitar set-up, the various wood combinations, and the way you play. Everybody has their own touch too, so don't think a new set of strings will be a miracle aid to your playing. I've been wishing for that my entire career!

For the more seasoned, from one player to another----give these strings a shot. I think they're pretty good. I can say I found a new favorite acoustic string. I'll be sticking with these for a while.
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on March 29, 2015
"Really Fast Shipping". I ordered these on Friday evening, they arrived on Sunday morning. So anyway, I MUST prefix this by stating that Earthwood strings are my favorite string. But these are not like the med-light or light guage strings. I bought these specifically because I cannot stand the D'Adario "True Medium" strings. Those really lose the new strings sound rapidly. I bought those for alternate tunings such as Open C, which is C-G-C-G-C-E. With light strings, the neck will start "twerking" a bit and leave action less than desired, and strings really loose, with possibility of fret buzz on the heavier strings. These and the D'Adario strings will be taught at lower tunings so that playability does not suffer. Generally I play the lighter Earhwood strings and love the "Chimey" sound that they deliver. Unfortunately, these thicker strings do not deliver that bright, sparkly sound that the lighter gauge do, but they DO keep the neck straight and sound "OK", but I will need to research better sounding guitar. Currently I have these on a Japanese '73 Guild Madeira, but may need to find another guitar. These are far to "Warm" sounding for my liking, but am hoping that they hold up for a while versus the D'Adario.
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on June 2, 2016
Usually putting on new strings is kind of a 'meh' experience. Okay, they're new, they sound better than the old rusty ones (I always wait way too long to change strings), but otherwise, they're just strings. Not much difference. In fact, I often used to find new strings sounded a bit weird and twangy until I broke them in. Not these. This was the first time I can remember putting on new strings and actually going, "Oh, wow - these sound amazing!" They really did just sound great right out of the gate. They stayed tuned from the get-go, as well. Tuned it the first time, and have been playing the heck out of them for days, and haven't had to adjust the tuning at all. And one big plus to me, especially with a 12 string, is that they felt - I don't know the technical term for this, but they felt 'soft' on my fingers, as in easy to play, easy to bounce around on, none of that harsh pressure on my fingertips. I'm really impressed with these and don't think I'll ever put any other strings on my 12 string again. I've been playing guitar (always 12 strings) for over 30 years.
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on December 2, 2016
Tried these, but the low A broke within 45 minutes of practice playing on my 12 string acoustic just after re-string. It snapped over the saddle, something that I've never had for a low wirewound string. I've had the high G break near end of life, but never had a string go out when brand new. Compared to D'Addario Extra Lights I normally use, they are heavier gauge, the sound is bright and quite metallic, maybe a bit more body to the sound than the D'Addario's, and not bad in my opinion. But they are coming straight back off. Can't afford to risk a string going at the next gig. Back to the D'Addario strings for me.
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on January 28, 2018
I usually buy D'Addario but tried these because Ernie Ball offers slightly different gauges. Had a string break when I was putting it on the guitar and, since I've played for 30+ years, I'm pretty sure it wasn't operator error. Complained to Ernie Ball and got no response at all. I'll be using another brand in the future.

UPDATE: Well, it took over a month to get a reply, but I got an e-mail from Ernie Ball yesterday saying they were sending a new set of strings. They're not timely but at least they responded appropriately, so my one-star review has been updated.
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