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on February 15, 2013
I ordered two of these kits for my husband's and my new cameras (Nikon CoolPix P510). I'll review each item in the kit separately.

Battery & Charger - Handy to have, and both work as they should. The European plug is a nice addition, but I personally don't have a use for it. The battery is not a Nikon OEM battery, but for the price, I already expected it to be a third party product.

Tripod - It's a Vivitar brand, which is a brand nearly everyone has heard of, but the tripod is pretty flimsy. As long as you don't extend the lower poles, it's adequate, but those lower poles are very thin. It wouldn't take much to bend or break them.

Case - It's a sufficient size for our camera with plenty of space and pockets for small items. The strap seems sturdy. However, on one of the cases we received, the zipper is messed up. There are two pulls that unzip the zipper to the main compartment, and one of the pulls "skips" and doesn't close the zipper properly in one area. I just moved that pull to the back and will use the other pull instead. It's a little annoying, but it's not worth the trouble to exchange it. The case feels like it's nicely-padded and the adjustable interior divider helps customize it for different cameras. I've got my camera in it, along with the cleaning kit and cloth, the battery, charger, and car charger, and if I wanted to, there is probably room to put two cans of soda in the main compartment (not that I would do that - LOL! - but that's approximately how much space is left).

Screen Protectors - Not thrilled with these. You have to cut them to size, and they're difficult to put on. It's virtually impossible to remove all the bubbles. The cardboard "squeegie" that's included actually scratched the screen protector. I had slightly better results using my debit card to push some of the bubbles out. Many bubbles remain, though. It's VERY noticeable when the camera is off, but when the screen is lit up, it's not as noticeable. There are 3 screen protectors in the package, so if the application isn't semi-acceptable the first time, you can try again. I found it helpful to SLIGHTLY snip the corners at a 45 degree angle to round them off a bit, so that they don't snag on anything as easily (just enough to trim down the pointy corners).

Cleaning Cloth and Kit - Seem to be adequate.

Card Reader - I haven't used it since my computer has a card reader already built in. Nice to have it, though.

Mini USB Cable - Haven't used it yet, but it seems sturdy enough.

In summary, I feel that it was an okay kit for the money. If the case's zipper wasn't messed up, and if the screen protectors and tripod were improved, I would've given the kit 5 stars.
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on December 29, 2011
I ordered the accessory kit at the same time that I ordered my P500, particularly for the AC/DC charger, extra battery, and camera case. I especially wanted this charger, since it does not require use of the camera: the battery itself snaps into the charging unit. The charger that comes with the camera plugs into the camera and charges the battery while it is still in the camera. The charger in the accessory kit also comes with a plug that fits into a car's cigarette lighter, as well as an adapter for European plugs! All of these items fit nicely into the case that came with the accessory kit, along with the camera itself, the original charger, its cable, and the extra battery.

I decided to try out a screen protector as well, though it took several tries to get it right (good thing they provide a few in the package!). The tripod will certainly come in handy at some point: it is surprisingly sturdy for how small and light it is. And it even has a built in level! I haven't tried the card reader yet, since I have a slot on my computer. The card reader is not shaped like the one in the picture, however. The one that was included is made by Vivitar and is very tiny and rectangular, shaped like a flash drive (the card slot is on the side).

Service was great--delivery was quick and everything was packaged securely. I certainly would order from Butterfly Photo again without reservation.
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on July 25, 2016
This kit is a great deal, the Nikon COOLPIX P530 I purchased only came with a USB battery charger and wall adapter for charging the battery while it is still in the camera , so I was looking for a wall charger that you take the battery out of the camera and snap it in the wall charger, And this kit has that kind of wall charger and also comes with an extra battery and numerous other useful items such as the tripod and the very high quality case, extra USB cable and lens cleaner. all for a bargain price . I highly recommend this kit
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on June 3, 2013
You get what you pay for. This set includes a lot of accessories for a very good price - just don't expect top quality from any of the accessories. We bought it because we were heading for a 2 week vacation and didn't have time to shop around for the best deal on the top recommended accessories individually. The spare battery and the charger worked great, which was the most important part to us. The screen protector and cleaning wipes are a nice bonus, and so is the tripod, which doesn't look like the best out there, but we don't really need one so wouldn't have spent the money on one anyways - so it's kind of nice to have this as an option.

We were disappointed with the case. In addition to the spare batter & charger this is the main reason we purchased the kit. One zipper never worked properly, and by the end of the two weeks neither did the second one. We had to stash the un-closable case into one of our carry-on bags and hope for the best.

All in all - this is a solid deal if you're in a pinch. It covers all the bases of what you might need with your camera. But you get what you pay for. Now that we have more time i think we'll look for a more durable and dependable case.
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on December 25, 2012
The bag is nice, not over sized but has enough room to place the camera along with a few cables, adapters, charger, cleaning clothes..ect.

The strap is long enough to be comfortable and not turn the bag into a camera purse.

The bag also has a nice padded little divider inside so the camera is able to sit in the bag without bouncing around and bumping into any of your accessory's you also have inside the main compartment, the divider is removable if for some reason you don't want it it just velcros into the sides of the bag.

The tripod is good enough for taking stable shots with slower shutter speeds but it is not a PRO level tripod too flimsy for any sort of hardcore use, But made will enough you can trust your camera on it safely as long as you made sure the clamps are down and everything is properly tightened, Not sure how it handles high winds yet as it is pretty light weight so be cautious.

Being lightweight isn't really a knock on the tripod though cause this would have it's uses if your out and about maybe running a trail and want to have a tripod on you just in-case or at your final destination you want it to take some pics, it compacts nice into a little bag you can carry around anywhere.
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on April 25, 2017
Great deal for the price! You get much more product for the price then you would if you just went out and bought each item
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on October 10, 2012
Wall/Car Charger
Extra Battery
Case that fits it all
HDMI Cable (braided!!)
Card reader (although it's not the one in the picture)

Cheap construction of tri-pod. A absolutely terrible tri-pod honestly. Throwing away.
Screen protectors aren't made for camera - they're the universal cut-to-size and don't even stick all the way on without bubbles.
Microfibers cloths are horrible. They leave little fibers everywhere unlike actual microfiber cloths with leave no fibers behind.
Arrived 5 days later than the estimated longest shipping date- missed the birthday!!!

Overall It's worth it for the charger, batteries, HDMI cable, and the case. You get what you pay for, but everything other than the former items listed are junk and might as well be thrown away. Don't expect it to arrive on time, they ship late and take forever.
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on March 5, 2012
Fast shipping although I should have know from the price that the tripod was going to be a little flimsy, the nice thing about it though is it a lot more compact and lighter than the tripod I currently own. I will not be using it for stand alone pictures with the timer but it will come in handy when I want to take some scenery shots, I think I will stick to my bulkier tripod for shots I am using the camera timer for. Case is nice lots of room for extra storage. The charger is nice too it comes with a free European adapter and the car charger, not that I plan to travel to Europe anytime soon but you never know. The card reader and mini HDMI cable are a nice addition too. All in all for the money it is a great package.Essential Accessory Kit For Nikon COOLPIX P100 P500 P510 Digital Camera Includes Extended (1100 Mah) Replacement Nikon EN-EL5 Battery + AC/DC Charger + USB 2.0 Card Reader + Case + Mini HDMI Cable + Full Tripod w/ Case + LCD Screen Protectors + More
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on May 27, 2013
I received my kit on May 15 but waited until I had some time to use it before reviewing it. For my P510. the case works wonderfully. There is plenty of room for the camera, charger and extra battery in the main compartment. I even had plenty of room for my cell phone. The charger worked very well, charging the battery in less than two hours. It may have charged the battery in under an hour as advertised, but I didn't check it for two hours, so I can only verify it was done by then. I haven't tried the tripod yet as I already have one from a previous camera, but I like that this one is smaller and it might be something to consider if I am going on a long hike and don't want to carry the bigger one. The kit was definitely worth the money spent.
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on May 1, 2017
Great deal. And recommend. I got more items and got less compared to bestbuy
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