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on August 2, 2012
I've only tried this on zucchini and raw beats to make skinny noodles. Zucchini is a breeze. Raw beets are harder. When you use the amount of force required to push as your turning, the feet don't stay put so it's a bit difficult. Clean up is very easy.

It did not come with any instructions. There was no paper insert explaining anything. There are photos on the outside of the box, though, that pretty much makes it obvious so I didn't think that much of it until my sister purchased the World Cuisine tri-blade slicer. It was only a few dollars more yet had so many more favorable reviews. I think if i could do it over again, i would have ordered that one instead.

Here's my list of differences (see photos):
1. the World Cuisine came with instructions.
2. the World Cuisine had the blades covered in plastic
3. the New & Essential had screws that looked stripped
4. the blades on the New & Essential do not look as well mounted

It seems to me that the New & Essential used the same factory molds for the plastics, but somehow is just a tad shoddier. OR...I just got a refurb that was not properly identified as such.

In terms of workmanship, i can't really complain because it works as I had expected. If not the World Cuisine model you should opt for the Benriner Cook Helper Slicer because pushing downward would be easier than counting on suction feet to stay clamped I think.
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on June 10, 2012
I was looking for a "Spirooli" alternative, and found this one as well as a seemingly identical one by World Cuisine (which, by the way, has great reviews). I chose this one because the day I ordered, the price and shipping worked out cheaper. I've used it a few times to make zucchini "pasta", and it works great! Yes, it's mostly plastic, but that is not at all detrimental to the performance. My inner child has great fun making those looong strips of noodles, but since they're easier to work with a bit shorter, I cut them to size as they're coming out.

I press down the suction cups beside a cutting board to catch the zucchini "pasta". If the slicer moves around while I'm spinning the handle, I use my free hand to hold the base steady, while moving the tray handle along with the thumb of that same hand. Very simple. The core that is left over isn't necessarily waste, I either snack on what's left, or add it to the freezer baggie of veggie scraps I keep to use for chicken stock.

I can't imagine being any level of handy in the kitchen, and having a difficult time operating the slicer. Just make flat ends on whatever you're cutting, center one end onto the little tube/protrusion that holds the veggie above the blade, slide the rotating handle til the little spikes make contact with the other end, and spin. Not so complicated. Even if it were complicated, the awesome results would make the effort worthwhile.

If you let it sit after you use it, it will obviously be difficult to clean once everything dries on. I rinse everything off right away, and that makes clean-up nice and easy.
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on October 14, 2014
I have another brand that looks identical in the photos, and bought this for a gift thinking it was a better price for the same product. Looking at them side by side, the difference is very clear; the other brand has a smooth, sharp blade and cranks easily. This one has a lower quality blade with visible bumps and pits, and the hand crank takes much more effort to turn, even with nothing in it. It cut zucchini fine, but could not get through potatoes without serious effort. If you are looking to use it for softer vegetables like zucchini or cucumber, this should be fine, but potatoes, carrots, or beets will be too much for it.

The best analogy I can think of is Lego vs. Megablocks. The serve the same purpose, but Legos are of noticeably better quality and therefore easier to use. If you would be happy with the quality of Megablocks and wouldn't consider the extra money worth it for Legos, then this product is probably appropriate. I always considered Legos worth the extra money, so this will have to go back.

On the bright side, the return process was very easy, so I would give high marks to the seller for convenience and service, and would be very willing to buy from them again.
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on March 27, 2013
This came with really crappy directions - like directions printed off on a copier with a bad toner issue! There was one piece of paper stuck in the package that was barely readable - and had very little useful information. Very cheap! Seriously, how hard is it to proofread what you send to customers - even if doing this on the cheap.

There are three blades, and it would have been nice to see in writing what each does - nothing was provided so trial and error I found out what they do. Not all vegetables/fruits slice so well, so if someone is looking for a spiral slicer - keep looking as I know there were others on the market when I chose this one. Also, no cleanup information was provided. I doubt that this is dishwasher-safe as the plastic doesn't feel like it would withstand a dishwasher. The tool is also awkward, and not a smooth experience slicing the vegetables. It did okay on zucchini and cucumber, but didn't do well at all for carrots and apples. I haven't tried all veggies/fruits, but I'm feeling a strong case of buyers remorse.

Move on - don't waste your money on this one - I'm sure there is a better product out there.
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VINE VOICEon July 28, 2014
I have been looking for a spiral type of cutter for doing zucchini, carrots, potatoes etc. and I am happy with this machine. I couldn't figure out how to remove and install the blades, didn't know it was so easy! There is a handle at the top on the back that you just lift the blade up and out and then just slide in a new blade. To make it easier for everyone the blade lifts at the back but you take hold of the blade at the very front where the blade sits. Don't lift the cup area on the back, move forward in front of the cup area and then lift. The slicing blade is already in the machine and two blades that slide out are on the side of the Spiralizer and they are: Shredding blade and chipping blade. It is very easy to use but it is plastic and so don't use force or it might break. It should last a long time. I hope this helps.
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on January 10, 2016
I bought this spiralizer to replace one of the handheld models, and chose it mostly for the price, as I was shopping on a budget at the time. I received it in early April 2015, and would say I used it moderately, 3-5 times a month -- mostly for fairly soft vegetables like zucchini and yellow squash, and bell peppers. Within a few uses, the plastic on the blade inserts began to crack off near the handles, but it didn't prohibit their use. It was easy enough to take apart and clean.

A few nights ago, I spiralized one peeled potato (a Yukon Gold, which are not particularly hard) and was halfway through one peeled turnip, when the inside of the crank handle stripped and would no longer turn when faced with any resistance. After less than a year of use, I suppose I did get my money out of it, but for my next spiralizer I will definitely put forth the extra money for something of a higher quality.
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on December 30, 2015
I don't know what everyone is ranting and raving about. This is definitely NOT a product I would recommend. I wasn't expecting much for the price, but I thought at the very least it would work.

Did I receive a different product than everyone else- or...? First off- the vegetables won't stay pinned to the pronged tool of the spiralizer... They fall off every time. Second, even if I can somehow miraculously get it to stick, the vegetable will not match up with the blades in order to slice.

Maybe I'm doing it wrong (even though it seems to simple to mess up). I would check the instructions, but they are in black and white blotted ink illustrations that are very difficult to follow. I work in tech. I'm all about problem solving- but even I can't figure this thing out.

Don't spend your money. Not worth a penny.
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on September 3, 2015
I am a bit disappointed in my spiralizer, I wanted to make some scalloped potatoes the day I got it and the way it works is that a center of the processed food item goes into this tube shaped core while you crank it. Your item feeds out at the same speed slices and and the core of the veggie, the core is so high up in the slicer that what ever you just sliced gets stuck between the core and the corner. There is not enough room for the sliced things to fall down without getting packed into the corner. There could be an easy fix for this, but as it is, it just chops the slices and you will end up with all kinds of sizes of chopped up and torn slices.
Also there should be a way to clamp it down to your work surface, the slicer is too hard to operate with just two hands, one pushing the veggie forward, one cranking and I guess if you are flexible enough you can try to keep it in place with your feet. I am really hoping the other parts will be more useable.
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on April 2, 2015
I mean, it works. That's about the extent of the 3-stars.
The handle came off after we had only used it a few times; one of the pieces of plastic around the handle looked like it was cheaply joined to the hole holding the handle on, so it fell off. The washer thing that we had to join to the handle was rusted after only washing it maybe 3 times. I haven't used it since we rejoined the handle but something tells me that was the first of many times it will have to be put back on. Oh, and when that happens, it's definitely a two-man job to get that baby back on there due to the awkwardness of the handle. My girlfriend held it while I aggressively shoved it on with a pair of needle nose pliers.
Finally, the suction cups on the feet are pretty picky on what they can suction on to. They're fine with my granite counter tops but don't like my girlfriend's linoleum counters so whenever we use it at her place it turns into a two-man job just to use the damn thing.

TL;DR: You need a sidekick to operate this thing, but it works.
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on June 13, 2014
it will make nice looking garnish and spiral fries, it's really big so storage is an issue for someone who doesn't want to display this ugly gadget on the countertop.

storage again is an issue, while 3 blades come with it, 2 store away and one is left exposed in the ready to use area, i can see someone grabbing this or even having the "spikes" poke you (with this, just at least put the straight razor on when not using).

again i got it for easy garnish, while i can do the same tiring job with a super sharp pearing knife... why? this ugly gadget does it in literally 20s

you do have to finagle with it for hearty items like potatoes and apples.
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