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on June 7, 2014
This bluetooth speaker is quite frankly the best portable speaker for the price that I have ever seen. I honestly believe that the sound quality on this speaker is comparable (if maybe a little less capable of hitting lows and more bass-ie notes) to something like the beats pill or even some of what bose offers. It has a superb battery life, is very easy to use and a quick read through the manual will explain anything that may be confusing. Right away, you can tell that there are some powerful magnets in the speaker (due to its weight), and let me tell you, this will completely fill a large room with sound at max volume. The only thing that I question about the speaker is how something this good can be set at this price point. It is the best purchase I have made on amazon in a long time.
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on December 10, 2014
T12 is the best small speaker I've heard; and I compare the T12 with the T16, below

I decided to get a small speaker to listen to Sirius radio streamed through my Galaxy Note 4 in my car. I was temporarily carrying my large Sony speaker but it was too big, and I just resorted to the SuperTooth HD speakerphone clipped to my visor.

My search was for something VERY compact yet with a sound that was 1) loud; 2) as close to excellent as I could muster in a small package, and modest price.

I bought two units from Amazon: the Etekcity T12 and the T16 - both highly rated. I listened back and back, back and forth, (then adding in Costco's BEM small unit to the mix). I tried different kinds of music - vintage radio comedy and drama shows; disco; classical; jazz.

My bottom line: the T12 is EXCEPTIONAL, in managing decent bass, decent volume, a bit of a lush sound, and somewhat of a stereo feel. Compared to my beloved Sony 5 bluetooth speaker, it's about a 7 - not bad when this unit is $35 and the Sony is $125.

T12 vs T16

This is the biggest difference, noticeable when you're playing dance music. There was a significant bass (in the context of a tiny speaker) on the T12 compared to the T16, (and BEM). Impressive.

Although the T16 had a brighter tone than the T12 in treble, it was mostly dominated by a somewhat tinny quality, plus at maximum volume, the thing I disliked most about the T16 was that it had a slightly shrill distortion. I say slight, because I could live with it, it was SLIGHT. The T12 was slightly less bright, but was consistently listenable, never distorted and the lushness made it easier on the ears. It never grated on my ears.

At first I gave the edge to the amazing T16's volume, which is remarkable considering it is such a small footprint. Really impressive. But the T12 is almost as loud, and at moments I thought I wasn't correct, that the T12 was equally loud. So there was no clearcut winner, to my ears.

Obviously the T16 is half the size of the T12 - a very appealing feature. But since I will be using it in the car, and not carrying it around in my backpack, small versus tiny wasn't relevant. But I mention the size because for someone who NEEDS tiny, I would completely recommend the T16 - a totally superior tiny speaker which packs big sound, is loud, and has a bright tone.

For me, the lushness of the sound of the T12, combined with the impressive bass - and it's LOUD, which I wanted in the car to listen to my vintage radio shows as well as music - makes the T12 the choice for me. If I were carrying the speaker around all the time, or wanted to clip it to a bag, and needed something really tiny, I wouldn't hesitate with the T16.
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on May 30, 2014
I really wanted something high quality that would be loud enough for small parties and outdoor areas. I was going to buy the JBL flip, having heard it in a Radioshack and being impressed with the volume. After reading the reviews on this thing, I thought it was worth a try for 30 bucks.

This thing is amazing. The volume, fidelity, and build quality are all pretty amazing for the price point. It's easy to use, and I have had no problems with it whatsoever. I have no complaints.

This is one of those products that someone is going to realize they can charge double for, and the price will go up. Get it now before it does.
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on February 3, 2015
I wrote a review on this speaker and gave it 5 stars before because it had excellent sound. Now I give it 2 stars because it charged right the first time, but the second time it would charge for 15 minutes then the led light would turn off saying the battery is fully charged. When I go to use the speaker again I can only use it for 10 minutes. One thing that don't help is it's a pain to plug in the micro usb into the speaker to charge. So I think there is something damaged inside at the micro usb charging port. It would have been easier if it had a standard charging port instead of a micro usb. This is the first thing that I bought off Amazon that I have to return and I only had the speakers for 8 days. It upsets me because I was looking forward into getting bluetooth speakers. The company did a poor job with the micro usb port when they made it a pain to plug in the cord to charge it. Other than the problem with them charging the sound is excellent and the bass was just right.
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on August 23, 2015
I've been using this for a couple months now, and there are enough annoying issues that I can only give it 2 stars. First, it will only connect to one device via bluetooth. I originally connected my iPhone to it and it works fine with that, mostly (more on this later). I tried to connect several other bluetooth devices to it with no luck (MacBook Air, iPad, MacBook Pro laptop, Samsung phone). You have to plug it in through the aux jack. And even then, it doesn't always work. It will not play any sound with the MacBook Air at all, even hooked up manually. So that's frustrating and pointless.

Another issue is that the battery life is nowhere near what it clams it is. You can get maybe 3 hours out of it, if you're lucky. As for the sound radius, that seems to be fine, although I haven't tested it from beyond about 12 feet.

Sound quality is another disappointment. The sound is not very crisp and clear. There is always a fuzzy roar in the background. I thought maybe I had it too loud, so I've tried lowering the volume to where it's just barely audible, and the white noise is still there. Second, as I mentioned the only device I've managed to sync up via bluetooth is my iPhone. In addition to the fuzzy background noise, it will skip periodically. There is a 1-2 second "blip" in the sound about twice per song, sometimes more often than that.

This was not an expensive device, so I don't feel too badly about it. But it's still very disappointing, especially since I bought it based on so many glowing reviews.
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on May 23, 2015
This little box has fantastic sound and is easy to use. I like that you can connect via Bluetooth or directly thru the supplied audio cable. Only con I can see is that the sound is hard to adjust. If you have it set at where you want but shut the unit off it comes back on at a preset loud sound so then you have to go thru and try to adjust every time to where you want it. I use this to play soft music when I sleep at night so I need the volume to be low. I find myself continually adjusting the volume and it is hard with the small buttons you must hold down to adjust. That is my only complaint so for the price this is a good little unit.
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on February 19, 2015
The sound was very good for a $30 speaker. Unfortunately the micro usb charging port has broken off the circuit board after 6 months of use.
Seems to be a recurring problem with these. Will not buy another.
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on August 13, 2016
I love this little speaker. I use that all the time. I take it with me to the pool, to the bar, and anywhere I might want to hear some music. My friends and I like to sit on the deck area of our favorite local tavern and one of us always brings a Bluetooth speaker. Well, my RoverBeats is by far the best. The size of it isn't tiny, but it's not large either. I stick it in my purse all of the time. It's super easy to set up, connects to Bluetooth easier than any other Bluetooth speaker I've tried to connect to, and the music sounds great. The volume is great. This thing is just all around GREAT. The battery life is impressive too. I love the matte red finish, but if I had known how great of a little Bluetooth speaker this was, I would've purchased it even if it was the most heinous color. But it's not! It's a kind of shiny matte... If that makes any sense haha.
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on February 9, 2017
This little speaker ROCKS! I bought it to replace a T3 that I'd had for 2 years until it just stopped one day and only buzzed. The T12 is definitely user friendly and very cool looking. What an improvement over the older model. I wish my T3 would have died sooner!!
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on May 8, 2016
Having owned the T3 and absolutely loving it, I didn't think twice about buying this speaker. Sure enough, it didn't disappoint. I use mine through bluetooth and have not tried the aux cord, so I don't know if that would make a different in regards to volume. It has a powerful bass but I felt the T3 had a stronger bass. However this double speaker is a bit louder, which is what I wanted.
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