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on January 4, 2013
Although the battery lasts a long time on the UV-5RA, this car adapter lets the user keep the radio "on," whenever you go somewhere. In our cars, the cigar lighter/accessory socket turns off when you shut off the ignition. In my case, that means I can keep the radio clipped to the passenger seat belt and when I start up, so does the radio, preset to the frequency where I left it.

The coiled cord could be a little longer, that's why the rating is down a star. The wire that they use is not very flexible, so it takes a good pull on the coil to get to a comfortable length. This might put stress the cord at the radio end, and could potentially pull out the plug from the car's accessory receptacle if it's nearly out of reach. There are extension cables but they are bulky and not worth the trouble.

Fit and finish are both good, matching the color of the radio's housing, and sliding correctly into the radio's battery compartment with no slop or uneven dimensions.

The red LED power indicator on the car end is very bright, and at night you may want to turn it away from the driver's position to avoid mistaking it for an unfastened seatbelt light, the parking brake indicator, or any other idiot lights that happen to be near the cigarette lighter.
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on November 22, 2013
Before I plugged this into my UV-5R I wanted to make sure it worked correctly... so I hooked it up to a 12V DC power supply and measured the voltage output at the terminals at the top end of the eliminator. Surprisingly I got 8.01V. A fully charged battery puts out about 7.95V, so the eliminator output is spot on.

The cigarette lighter end is nice and sturdy and includes a tip replaceable fuse. The cigarette plug uses two contacts for the negative connection, and both provide a good firm "spring" hold.
This should hold the plug securely in the the socket. Only one of the negative spring connectors is electrically active. The other connector on the plug isn't hooked up to anything, so it just provides extra holding power.

The coiled cable is a bit on the short side. It would have been nice if it had another foot+ of length. If your cigarette lighter socket is within arms reach, you will probably be happy. Don't expect to plug this in the front of the car and use the radio in the back seat. Also the "coil" effect of the cable is fairly "un-springy". I suspect as it is stretched out over time it will not want to spring back. Overall it seems like a decent product.
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on October 21, 2013
It is not engineered to deliver the current required to run your Baofang radio - it does not have a current limiting resistor and the regulator over heats and shuts down. I bought 2 of these and a friend who has an engineering degree is redesigning the circuit so it will be a usable adapter. When using the adapter it will transmit fine for about 15 seconds, then you start to notice your display backlight going away an then the display goes dead and then you get a signal report back from the party you were talking to and they report your SN ratio as going into the toilet and eventual unreadability - STEER CLEAR!!! I'd give it zero stars if I could!
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on March 23, 2013
If you plan to use your BaoFeng UV-5R in you vehicle (seems likely for a handheld), you should have a way to preserve the rechargeable battery. Be aware that this unit replaces the battery; it doesn't recharge it. It strangely enough has the contact pads on it that the battery has, but they are, as far as I can tell, purely cosmetic. They have no function. The cord plugs into the cigarette lighter/accessory outlet and the other end replaces the battery on the handheld. So, the good:

1. It works.
2. It's inexpensive.

The not so good:

The cord is short and very tightly coiled. As a result it is a struggle to pick up the handheld and talk into it. If you use the handheld's earpiece/microphone, that mitigates the problem. A longer, less tightly coiled cord would be better.
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on June 20, 2013
I have this, an sma->PL259 adapter and a magmount antenna in my car and it's a setup that works really well. Yeah, I have to swap out the battery for this but it comes out really easy with the button at the top and the belt clip can stay mounted, you just need to open it up. Also screw on the external antenna before attaching the battery if you want to go that route, I find spinning the radio works well.

The radio itself isn't the best for car use but it works well enough. It's nice and small so it doesn't get in the way, I just need to find a good way to mount it.
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on May 23, 2014
I use this adapter to power my Baofeng Uv5R in my car and it works like a charm. I connect it to a mag-mount antenna, and I found that on 4 watts I was able to hit a repeater more than 45 miles away. While I'd love to permanently mount a mobile ham radio in my car some day, this is a great alternative for so much less money.

I've been using this for more than 8 months and I'm exceptionally pleased with its performance, compatibility with the UV5R, and durability. I highly recommend this adapter from Etekcity.
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on February 14, 2013
Works fine to power radio but the cable is too short to reach from lighter plug to where you need to put the radio. It pulls one way, the mike pulls the other and the antenna line another. Is there a mount for these radios that can hold 2 of the 3 lines in place ? The mikes clip to your collar so that needs to be free to move. Sure beats running battery all the time whilebin the car.
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on April 4, 2013
HAD the cord been longer I would have given 5 stars. (although I expected that because of previous reviews, so no surprise)
Funtions and fits perfectly.....
and no overheating. I will either use a extension cable or splice a longer or different cord
onto the battery elimininator to make it longer.

shipping was perfect.packaging was perfect....

UPDATE since I read the review that the cord would be short I should not ding the seller.Thus the upgrade to 5 stars.
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on May 21, 2013
I like the fact that I can tuck my batteries in the console and save them for when I am out walking around. I keep my UV-5R mounted in the car, and have a spare in the console with the batteries. Cheap solution for a good product that does what it says it does. This in combination with a nice external antenna (and an adapter cable for the sma connector), along with the external speaker / mic makes a cheap car mount mobile, although only 5 watts.
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on March 17, 2013
I wanted a dual band radio to carry with me and use when I'm away from my mobile rig or my shack, like when I'm at work or out walking. my car had gone into the shop and had been there a while awaiting parts so using this device allowed me to have radio in the rental car I was using without killing the battery of the UV-5R.
The price was really good and if you use a baofeng handheld radio its very helpful
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